Poll: Americans Support Immigration, Free Trade At Record Levels

60% of Americans are now favorable toward immigration, and the public is split 37% to 37% on freedom of trade.
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    A new WSJ/NBC poll is showing a significant shift in the American public’s attitude toward immigration and free trade, showing record levels of support for both. 60% of Americans are now favorable toward immigration, and the public is split 37% to 37% on freedom of trade.

    The shifts are both significant, and both opposite to the position of President Trump, which is fueling speculation that the record numbers reflect opponents of Trump increasingly taking up positions in contradiction to his, and a backlash against his efforts to seriously curtail both.

    President Trump made immigration and trade key aspects of his campaign, and since taking office has tried repeatedly to ban immigration from multiple countries, while pushing an attempt to build a massive border wall on the Mexican border. In the meantime, he has talked up opposition to trade deals, presenting trade as in opposition to jobs.

    The poll showed some of the shift even stronger along party lines, with support for free trade spiking among Democrats, while it actually fell slightly among Republicans. On the other hand, pro-immigration positions grew roughly at the same rate for both parties, while surging most among independents.

    What this all will mean for the Trump administration, in the long run, is unclear, but hostility to all things foreign was a bread and butter issue for the president in 2016, and are probably too deeply seated in his policy and branding to really back away from.

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    • James Wherry

      Which is a COMPLETE and UTTER contradiction: Bring us more people and export our jobs overseas.

      Illegal aliens are simply the ground troops sent in to “Kill off the Survivors” and take what few jobs could not be safely exported out of our nation to poverty-stricken nations with people willing to work for slave wages.


    • navre12

      Sadly what this poll demonstrates to me is that the Globalist and business elites through their well thought out mis directions and propaganda through the MSM and politicians are accomplishing what they desire….
      A One World Market which is a euphemism for one big, “Company Store”. And immigration? every politician who is in the pockets of business wants to continue illegal immigration; Trump is no different. Illegal immigration brings in cheap labor and at very cheap costs to employers and businesses. This of course is at the expense of livable wages and Unions. All politicians regardless of affiliation attempt to maintain illegal immigration flows into the USA.

      The Trump impenetrable Mexican wall is a meaningless gesture because it will never happen since business does not want it to succeed. Business supports illegal immigration.

      Example..President George Jr spoke about the need to curb illegal immigration but then he instructed the US Border Patrol that when trucks and cars queue up for more than 30 minutes,at any border crossing, that they must waive through all vehicles without inspection or the questioning of the passengers. All that the Border Patrol was allowed to do is ask for identification from the driver and then waive them through..

      • James Wherry

        Don’t be fooled by these polls, navre12: people are waking up to what the Corporate Elites have done to us, exporting our jobs to countries with slave wages while the American shareholders reap the benefits.

        It’s just like Google: the Corporate Elite willingly give the keys to China to permit China to spy on its dissidents so the American Corporate Elites can keep living in the good old USA with our freedoms, while pocketing extra cash – and fighting every time the US government asks for the same access!

      • James Wherry

        Navre: please provide proof of your last paragraph. I’m not aware that any vehicles were waived through without inspection. IF that’s true, then Yes: I would be VERY angry, indeed. First I’ve ever heard of this.