Rand Paul To Force Vote On Massive Saudi Arms Deal, Warns Sales Would Drag US Into Yemen War By
Sen. Paul argued that increasing US armament of the Saudis would mean deeper US involvement in the Saudi invasion of Yemen. That of course is something many in the Trump Administration want at any rate, so for them that is seen as
Iran Slams Manchester Terrorists, Calls For Comprehensive Approach To End Terror By
Referring to Trump's recent coziness with Saudi Arabia, Iran's FM stated: "Artificial alliances would not stop the expansion of cancerous terrorism in the world."
US Arms Manufacturers Stocks Soar To Record Highs Following Saudi Weapons Deal By
Lockheed Martin is the biggest “winner,” of the deal, with some $28 billion in weapons and equipment out of the initial $110 billion going to the weapons manufacturer.
In Saudi Speech, Trump Declares Absolute War Between Good and Evil By
Trump's comfort with transitioning his general hostility into one directed at all things Iran did not go unnoticed.
Israeli Justice Minister Slams White House Map Of Israel As Ignorant By
Israeli Justice Minister Ayelet slammed U.S. ignorance and vowed to ensure Palestinians never get a state.
Palestinians Drop All Preconditions For Peace Talks With Israel By
The move away from preconditions put the ball squarely in Israel’s court
Former FBI Director Mueller Named Special Counsel For Russia Election Probe By
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has appointed former FBI Director Robert Mueller as special counsel to oversee the federal investigation into the allegations Russia attempted to influence the 2016 US presidential election.
New US Airstrikes Kill 30 Civilians Near Iraq, Syria Border By
This is the latest in a growing number of US strikes around Syria which have killed civilians, with reports of at least 87 civilians killed in the last five days from US and coalition strikes.
White House Finalizing $100 Billion Arms Deal For Saudi Arabia, Israel By
White House officials said the move would be good for the economy, and insisted that building Saudi Arabia’s already substantial military was “essential” because of regional problems.
Trump Warns New South Korea President Against Dialogue With North Korea By
President Moon is likely to pursue diplomacy with or without America’s blessing, particularly with both China and Russia endorsing a diplomatic tack that the US sees as contrary to their own ambitions.