Over 5 Million Nigerians Urge Government to Reject Monsanto Crops

Non-profits representing teachers, farmers, artists, environmentalists, and others oppose Monsanto’s efforts to bring GMO crops to Nigeria.

An activist displays a banner reading 'No GMO's X' during an action where Greenpeace quarantines illegal Genetically Engineered (GE) crops. Wearing safety equipment to protect against contamination, they are isolating, cutting and securing the top of the GE maize plants, the part that contains the pollen. In the previous week, Greenpeace took samples from the field to a certified laboratory for analysis. The results confirm the maize being grown in these fields is a patented Monsanto GE maize type, MON810.

Monsanto is poised to begin planting genetically modified varieties of corn and cotton in Nigeria, provoking the outrage of millions. In response to the biotech behemoth's application for the release and marketing of the GMO crops in the West African nation, 100 non-profits representing over 5 million Nigerians on Monday presented the government

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Portland To Sue Monsanto For Contaminating Waterway With PCBs

Monsanto manufactured over 1 billion pounds of PCBs and the company’s own documents show they continued to sell the man-made chemicals after becoming aware of the dangers to both humans as well as the environment, according to Reeve.

A scene from the March Against Monsanto in Denver, CO. (Photo: MAM)

The city council in Portland, Oregon has unanimously voted to authorize a lawsuit against Monsanto for contaminating its waterways with cancer-causing chemicals. Six other West Coast cities are also suing the bio-agricultural corporation in federal court. City Attorney Tracy Reeve claims that Portland has already spent a significant amount of

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World’s Largest Country, Russia, Bans GMO Food Crops

Victories are to be celebrated and for the future of healthy life on our planet we all can celebrate a beautiful victory. The world’s largest nation, the Russian Federation, whose landmass spans Eurasia from the Baltic and Ukraine on the west to Vladivostock and the Pacific on her east, has formally declared all commercial planting of Genetically Modified Organisms, GMOs, to be prohibited.

A farmer holds Monsanto's Round-Up Ready Soy Bean seeds at his family farm. (AP Photo / Dan Gill)

The issue has been subject of a heated debate for some months inside Russia. In February 2014, just days prior to the US-orchestrated coup d’etat in Ukraine, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev created a national research project to obtain scientific information so the Government and Duma might make a decision on GMOs in Russia. Now a definitive

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Monsanto Halts Its Bid to Buy Rival Syngenta—For Now

A clash of agribiz titans takes a breather.

Mother Jones -- After four months of hot pursuit, genetically modified seed/pesticide giant Monsanto formally ended its bid to buy rival Syngenta Wednesday—at least for now. Earlier in the week, Monsanto had sweetened its offer for the Swiss agrochemical behemoth—most famous for its controversial atrazine herbicide and neonicotinoid pesticides—to

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India’s Government Increasingly Embraces GMOs Despite High Rate Of Farmer Suicides

Among the controversial GM foods entering the Indian market is a genetically-modified replacement for mustard seed which requires the use of a potentially toxic herbicide.

India Protest

DELHI, India --- India’s government once opposed GMO crops but is now opening its doors to Monsanto and other international agriculture giants, despite widespread suffering and even suicide among farmers that feel pressured into buying their products. As recently as 2010, India was known for its anti-GMO policies. Writing for Nature in May,

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New Yorkers Wage Urgent Battle For GMO Label Law

Industry groups spending millions to kill a bill likely to create a “domino effect” in the northeast

According to a recent poll, approximately 93% of all Americans support GMO labeling. (Photo: CT Senate Democrats/ cc/ Flickr)

Campaigners for a bill to label foods made with genetically modified organisms (or GMOs) in New York are racing against the clock this week as they rally for a vote before state lawmakers on Thursday adjourn for the year. In what has emerged as a pivotal battle in the state-by-state labeling fight, outside industry groups have spent millions to

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