ISIL Takes Advantage Of US Attack On Syrian Base To Storm Western Palmyra By
Syrians believe ISIL will continue to take advantage of the U.S. attack on the Syrian Air Force by launching more offensives in the coming days.
America’s Drums of War: White House Issues War Threat Against Iran By
Israel, Washington’s closest ally in the Middle East, is armed to the teeth with the aid and assistance of the United States, and has built its own substantial nuclear arsenal. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who bitterly opposed the 2015 nuclear agreement,
Leaked Deutsche Bank Speech Shows Clinton Asking Wall Street To Police Itself, Supporting US Pivot To Asia By
Clinton’s October 2014 speech to Deutsche Bank was leaked as part of WikiLeaks’ archive of John Podesta’s Gmail account, revealing more of the nominee’s agenda for the financial sector and global affairs.
Wikileaks: Clinton Foundation’s ‘Pay-To-Play’ With Ukraine Oligarch To Show Support For Coup By
The Duran — Wikileaks has just released another 1,135 John Podesta emails, bringing the total to 43,104 with seven days left until the November 8th US elections. The latest release shows more Clinton Foundation pay-to-play arrangements, but not with Morocco kings
WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails Highlight Strong Ties Between DOJ & Clinton Campaign By
‘Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail,’ wrote John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chair, in a 2008 email about an assistant attorney general at the Department of Justice who is now overseeing the FBI’s investigation of Clinton’s emails.
US Admits Use of Depleted Uranium in Syria By
Between the strikes on the two dates, 5,100 rounds of 30mm DU ammunition were used by A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft. This equates to 1,524kg of DU. CENTCOM said that the ammunition was selected because of the “nature of the targets”.
Police Already Made 2016 Deadlier Than 2015 By The End Of June By
Mental illness was a known factor in almost a quarter of cases in which people were fatally shot by police so far this year, according to The Washington Post’s Pulitzer Prize-winning Fatal Force project.
WikiLeaks’ Assange Accuses Google & Facebook Of Influencing Brexit Vote By
Now in his 5th year of political asylum at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London, the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union could allow Assange to step out from what the UN has deemed ‘arbitrary detention.’
Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg: Out Of The Ordinary Actions By Ordinary People Can Stop Wars By
“It ain’t that hard to get people to torture,” Ellsberg lamented, but sometimes they’ll also work together to create change for the better.
Unaoil Scandal: Leaks Reveal How Multi-nationals From Rolls-Royce to Halliburton Bribe World’s Governments By
A massive leak of confidential documents has for the first time exposed the true extent of corruption within the oil industry, implicating dozens of leading companies, bureaucrats and politicians in a sophisticated global web of bribery and graft.