New Facial Recognition Software Predicts You’re a Criminal Based on your Face

The latest technological development appears to be an updated, “algorithmic phrenology,” repackaging a dangerous idea for the 21st century, all the more noteworthy because they are trying to sell it to law enforcement as an unbiased tool helping society.

facial recognition Feature photo

A team from the University of Harrisburg, PA, has developed automated computer facial recognition software that they claim can predict with 80 percent accuracy and “no racial bias” whether a person is likely going to be a criminal, purely by looking at a picture of them. “By automating the identification of potential threats without bias, our aim

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Microsoft Should Stop Funding Israeli Spying on Palestinians

Through its venture capital arm M12, Microsoft has reportedly invested $78 million in the Israeli startup company that “uses facial recognition to surveil Palestinians throughout the West Bank

Microsoft Israel Feature photo

The act of Palestinian activists covering their faces during anti-Israeli occupation rallies is an old practice that spans decades. The masking of the face, often by Kufyias - traditional Palestinian scarves that grew to symbolize Palestinian resistance - is far from being a fashion statement. Instead, it is a survival technique, without it,

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Amazon Facial Rekognition App Sets Off Alarm Bells

Jeff Bezos’ ties to the national security state through Amazon Web Services are formidable, but the triple-digit billionaire’s furnishing of surveillance tools to the police state are no less disturbing.

Amazon | Rekognition

SEATTLE -- Amazon is lobbying the public with proposed guidelines for lawmakers to adopt when crafting legislation around the use of facial-recognition technology. Amazon’s own software, Rekognition, has been put to the test by rights groups such as the ACLU, who have come to troubling conclusions about racial bias and threats to civil

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Tech Company Refuses to Sell Facial Recognition Software to the Government

The CEO of a company that makes facial recognition software has publicly stated that his company will not sell to law enforcement or governments.


In recent months controversies have erupted over various tech companies contracting with the various law enforcement and military agencies. At Google, employees publicly expressed their distaste for the company’s contract to provide the U.S. Department of Defense with Artificial Intelligence technology. The frustration was so high that some Google

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FBI Facial Recognition Technology Has ‘No Limits,’ Congressional Hearing Reveals

Law enforcement has access to photos of 50 percent of all adult Americans without their knowledge or consent.


If Congress doesn't take legislative action, the FBI's vast and growing facial recognition database could someday soon allow the government to track Americans' "every move" in a breathtaking, nationwide violation of the Fourth Amendment. That was the takeaway of a scathing hearing in the Congressional Oversight Committee on the FBI's use of

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VIDEO: Big Brother 3.0: FBI Launches Facial Recognition Program

The FBI calls system “fully operational” despite one-fifth false positive rate.


The Federal Bureau of Investigation announced on Monday that its facial recognition software, Next Generation Identification (NGI), is "fully operational," cementing the launch of a program that civil rights groups warn could risk turning innocent civilians into criminal suspects. "The IPS facial recognition service will provide the nation’s law

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