Do ‘National Security Letters’ Violate The 1st Amendment? By
National security letters are so wrought with potential for abuse that EFF describes them as “one of the most frightening and invasive” facets of the PATRIOT Act.
Veterans Returning To Standing Rock As Fight Against DAPL Continues By
A group of veterans is promising to return to Standing Rock after local law enforcement raided a newly created resistance camp and arrested 76 water protectors who continue to oppose the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.
Houston’s Hosting The Super Bowl & A Growing Human Trafficking Industry By
Human trafficking gets a lot of buzz around the Super Bowl, as officials and reporters warn about a spike in prostitution. But there’s little data to support this, and those fighting human trafficking warn that it distracts from the issue plaguing cities year-round.
Iowa Pipeline Bursts Days After Trump Approves DAPL Construction By
This is not the first time Magellan has dealt with spills from pipelines. The U.S. Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently settled federal charges against Magellan related to three previous spills.
Judge Orders DOJ To Release Files On Secret Spying Program Project Hemisphere By
Proponents of digital privacy and government transparency scored a victory on Thursday as a federal judge ordered the Department of Justice to provide files related to a secret telephone spying program. 
Houston Police Force Homeless To Throw Away Donated Food, Blankets By
The Houston Police Department targeted a group of homeless advocates who were attempting to hand out hot food and gifts to the homeless.
Dakota Access Pipeline Builders Threaten To Continue Construction After Gov’t Refuses Key Permit By
Energy Transfer Partners, the builder behind the Dakota Access pipeline, vows to continue construction under the administration of President-elect Donald Trump. ‘Nothing [the Obama administration] has done today changes that in any way,’ according to a Sunday statement.
FBI Sued Over Mass Gathering Of Biometric Data By
The FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) system is made up of fingerprints, iris scans, faceprints, and other facial recognition data.
Riot Police Fire Water Cannon, Rubber Bullets At Unarmed Water Protectors By
Police have once again used violent tactics on water protectors as the fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline continues into late November.
The Standing Rock Struggle To Secure Clean Water: A Photo Essay By
As the nation's focus turns to the outcome of the presidential election, activists in Standing Rock continue their struggle to secure access to clean water. MintPress reporter Derrick Broze is on the ground in North Dakota covering efforts by activists to halt construction