The Real Threat Is ‘Telling The Truth’: Abby Martin Responds To Accusations Of Influencing Election 2016

‘What this report is really is saying is that telling the truth, reporting on issues that affect Americans and the communities is the threat,’ Abby Martin said in response to accusations that her reporting influenced the U.S. election.
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    Journalist Abby Martin is the latest to fall victim to accusations of Russian collusion to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.Journalist Abby Martin is the latest to fall victim to accusations of Russian collusion to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

    Journalist Abby Martin is the latest to fall victim to accusations of Russian collusion to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.

    AUSTIN, Texas — On Monday, journalist Abby Martin dismissed accusations that she colluded with the Russian government to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

    Martin is the latest independent journalist to fall victim to a new “Red Scare” that seeks to shift the blame for the Democratic Party’s political problems onto Russia.

    On Friday, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence published a declassified version of “Background to ‘Assessing Russian Activities and Intentions in Recent US Elections’: The Analytic Process and Cyber Incident Attribution,” a report which purports to document Russia’s alleged interference in the election.

    Despite the report’s technical-sounding title, a sizable portion of the document is concerned not with cyber attacks, but with unfavorable coverage of the U.S. government and American politics broadcast on RT, the Russian state-owned news network that has been a target of repeated U.S. government threats. The report specifically highlights Martin’s show, “Breaking the Set,” which ran on RT from September of 2012 until February of 2015, and another RT program called “Truthseeker” for being “overwhelmingly focused on criticism of US and Western governments as well as the promotion of radical discontent.”

    In Monday’s interview, Martin appeared alongside Anya Parampil, a host at RT America who worked as a producer on “Breaking the Set.” Martin defended the accuracy and importance of her work as a journalist, suggesting RT was actually targeted for critical investigative journalism that cast Washington in an unfavorable light. Martin continued:

    “People are suffering, that’s real. They’re telling me that these people tuning into the news and seeing, maybe, a report on their reality is what cost the election? Come on! This is insane!”

    She added: “What this report really is saying, Anya, is that telling the truth, reporting on issues that affect Americans and their communities, is the threat.”

    On the same day the government report was released, The New York Times acknowledged that the document provided little evidence to support its claims. “The declassified report contained no information about how the agencies had collected their data or had come to their conclusions,” wrote David Sanger, the Times’ national security correspondent.

    However, the Times published a follow-up report on Saturday which focused specifically on RT. Although later corrected by the Times, the article by Russell Goldman, senior staff editor at the paper’s international desk, initially claimed that Martin had quit RT while live on the air after the Russian military began its annexation of Crimea.

    While Martin did make headlines for criticizing Russia on the air in March of 2014, her program continued until the following year, when she departed to work on longer forms of investigative journalism. Her current program, “Empire Files,” which began airing on teleSUR English in August of 2015, focuses on exactly this type of long-form reporting.

    On Sunday, Martin responded to the Times article in a post on Media Roots, a citizen journalism blog that she founded in 2009. She wrote:

    “The glaring fact is that I spoke out about the actions of Putin, Russia and RT’s coverage of it on air, and not only was I not fired, but I still had the prime time opinion show on the network for another year.

    That begs the question to the NY Times: if RT is simply a Kremlin mouthpiece, how was I allowed to do this and still be featured prominently on the network?”

    In her Monday appearance on RT, Martin told Parampil that government propaganda targeting alternative media is especially dangerous given President-elect Donald Trump’s frequent threats against journalists and freedom of the press.

    “Likening [my reporting] to treason, to being a traitor, to being un-American and unpatriotic, and when you have these words thrown around in a climate of such hysteria … I think that this is extremely, extremely dangerous rhetoric,” Martin warned.

    Watch  Abby Martin respond to the ODNI report during an interview with RT America:

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    • Abe Martin

      Thank you Mint and Abbey Martin for telling the truth that so many of us who are not zombies of the crooked status quo know and value the very few like Abbey left, to do the real investigative journalism and reporting. This gives me more background and evidence of why she was targeted and harassed by the police state while she was attending the DNC last summer. The details in what occurred and how she was treated was enough to draw my own theory however now having read this makes it really evident that she was in deed on the demo hit list.

    • Snowonweb

      Abby still the cutest, Abby still the best

    • Bobs_Vendetta

      Americans who believe in freedom and the Bill of Rights must rise to defend the independent news media. But not only that. People should read it, watch it, comment upon it. share it on social media, and do not watch the corporate mass media. Keep independent journalism alive. By doing that we are, in fact, keeping journalism alive.

    • One of the absolute strongest and ethical journalists in the world today. I congratulate Mint Press for acknowledging and giving platform to her.

    • W. Roberts

      The babe of babes — the most ethical of journalists among the few who exist today. It is excellent Mintpressnews gives her platform to tell we readers like it is. Power to the People.

    • nekroluma

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      • Imagine if those who made poisons that kill People were made to taste their own poisons?

    • Steve Neubeck

      Abby is the latest.Perhaps the.most well known is. Glenn Greenwald which the Clinton people dubbed a leader. of the “alt-right”?!

    • Kevin N

      It is abundantly clear that the truth is under real threat in the US by politicians and establishment media like CNN, Fox, NTTimes, WashPost, MSNBC, Salon etc who are little more the corporate propaganda machines. What the establishment (media/politicians) don’t like, they will suppress, lie about or simply divert attention from. We saw this with the wall street marches years back, even the huge Bernie Sanders rallies (and Nadar in 2000), which were buried by the media. US citizens who stand up for their rights and want to be heard are unwelcome in our Oligarchy. Thanks God for social media channels, which are harder for them to control.

      • TeeJae

        Check out Lee Camp, too. He’s like the Jon Stewart of RT America (without the corporate media limitations).

      • Julie Sipes

        This past election season I saw plenty of coverage of Bernie Sanders and his rallies, as well as Donald Trump.

    • David Carr

      Abby Martin should stand for President. I think she would get extraordinary support and have an excellent chance of winning. I would also urge Abby and the Empire Files to do a documentary on the livestock industry.

      • Trooper


      • TeeJae

        If she were to become president she’d be silenced. No, she’s much more effective (getting out the truth and opening people’s eyes) right where she is.

      • We should make Martin President Gabbard and VP Sanders Press Secretary in 2021.

    • Douglas Jack

      What MSM, government & corporate shills are really complaining about is that; ‘Alternative media is already capturing the mainstream’, simply by telling the truth. The next step for alternative media is to go ‘dialectic’ by arranging ‘debates’ online. Human mind organizes much of its data, information storage & system through contrast & comparing differences between choices. Hence the most watched media is ‘debates’ (French ‘de’ = ‘undo’ + ‘bate’ = ‘the-fight’) more than sports, soap-operas, game-shows, news etc.

      We must digitally implement FIVE PUBLIC MEDIA PARTICIPATION POLICIES:
      1) Online debate processes in the comment section with Both-sided, equal-time, recorded & published debate as a regular news format. Comment sections can include hot-links to debating formats in equal-time (eg. on Skype) or equal-character. Both-Sides-Now is a simplified process.
      2) Online Petition-Processes by which the public can gather interest for their issues, call for debates & receive coverage according to the market created. Hot-links provide links where readers, viewers or listeners can start petitions. Debates & Petitions are a ‘hot’ marketing tool for audience.
      3) Financing integrated multi-media contributions through online interactive Block-chain accounts for all readers, writers, publishers, researchers, programmers etc. There can be yearly, monthly, daily fees for those who choose this subscription method. Others can pay by the article read. Others can earn their subscription through contributing online research, comments, involvement in debate, writing articles, making audio &/or video shows, participation in surveys, inviting contact-lists etc. Participation is a sign of quality which readers seek to verify news sources, which also drives audience.
      4) Multistakeholder Participatory organization for: Founders, Workers, Suppliers & Consumers. Each stakeholder is given means to contribute their natural gifts with equivalence accounting for its value to the community corporation / information-enterprise.
      5) ‘Community’ organization. We must move beyond the present colonial detached ‘exogenous’ (Latin ‘other-generated’) ‘institutional’ forms of ’cause’ or ‘objective’ organization over to inclusive, welcoming, intergenerational, inter-disciplinary ‘indigenous’ (L ‘self-generating’) ‘cultural’ ‘livelihood’ or ‘subjective’ organization. To bring such cultural centres of organized teams together we need the traditions of proximity, privacy & intimacy provided in intentional multihome-dwelling-complexes. 70% of the world’s population live in multihomes with an average of 32 dwellings or 100 people. Multihome is the heritage of all humanity’s worldwide ‘indigenous’ ancestors. We live together but don’t understand how to organize collaboratively & collectively. We must start with our diverse complementary strengths, Catalogued, Mapped & Accounted for. ‘Do-we-know-who-we-are-?’ provides an inclusive welcoming Community Economy format.

      • kreskin

        ” What MSM, government & corporate shills are really complaining about is that; ‘Alternative media is already capturing the mainstream’, simply by telling the truth. ” EXACTLY right , Doug . Liars and propagandists don’t much care for the truth tellers.

        Same thing with this administration and the so called intelligence agencies , complaining about RT news , people should ask themselves , if the truth is on this government’s side then what are they afraid of ?

        • TeeJae

          Great question!

      • TheRedMantis

        Great Strategy. These debates could begin immediately. I propose a 12 Debate, 12 Week, 1 per week. 2 hours per debate. 1 policy per week. 4 parties represented.

        • Douglas Jack

          RedMantis, RE: “These debates could begin immediately”. Yes! I’m always surprised how little attention is paid to the essential importance of public ownership of the media, which informs us in what is supposed to be a democracy. People are easily mislead in disagreements over ‘content’ when its having accessible ‘process’ such as debate, petition & participatory ownership, which we should be focused upon. Given the reluctance of most MSM & social Media to provide access, this means that we should begin debate among our own social & economic situations described below under accessibility.
          Windsor, Rothschild & Vatican-aristocrat trillionaire Oligarchs who have effective ownership of the Finance-Media-Education-Military-Industrial-Legislative-Complex, know that control of media is a major factor in their absolute command & control of the planet. They strategically execute full control of Mainstream-media & are making inroads (boulevards) into social-media. Yet if we ignore their media & pay attention to our own relationships, then they will eventually disappear from lack of funding.
          RE: “12 Debate, 12 Week, 1 per week. 2 hours per debate”. 2 hours provides for a good exchange of substantial information. Yes we need ‘more’ but let’s consider debating at every social & economic level of society, in every relationship. We need more what Socrates called ‘Dialectic-rights’ or our indigenous ancestors call ‘Council-Process’. Its more about the right for anyone to formally raise & have both-sided treatment of issues among family, multihome dwelling-complexes, neighbourhoods, cities, workplaces, schools & institutionally, whether privately or publicly. Mohandas Gandhi called this ‘Satyagraha’ (Hindi ‘truth-search’) as an integral part of India’s ‘Swadeshi’ (H. ‘indigenous’ aka ‘self-sufficiency’) & ‘Swaraj’ (H. ‘self-rule’) movement & achievement. We culturally really need millions of ‘debates’ of varying lengths. The key to debate is economic implementation afterwards. We need to each & collectively, manifest or ‘Become the change’ in mutual-aid & economic-democracy where we live & work.

    • dale ruff

      Abby, whom I watched every day, asks how can RT be a Kremlin mouthpiece when it allowed me to criticize Russia?

      Answer: all propaganda is made of many truths and then a Big lie.

      Answer: Limited hang out.

      • kreskin

        Are Tom Hartman and ED Schultz Russian propagandists / Kremlin mouthpieces too ?

        • dale ruff

          Hartmann’s show is syndicated so it hasn’t changed.Schultz now works for RT, and yes, he has changed. I have been a long time RT fan but since Trump, it is just a propaganda hangout.

          • LAZT


            • dale ruff

              Do you think it is bullshit to confirm that
              RT is promoting Trump? Do you think it is bullshit when a news media takes sides in an election? I suggest that you are full of that which comes out of your mouth.

              • LAZT

                Yes I do Dale. If you want to really understand how Trump got elected ask MSM who gave him more coverage than any other sources. People that follow MSM and celebrities are easily led to believe anything. They are incapable of research through other sources as it’s easier to be ‘told’ what to think. They are the most dangerous of citizens because they are so brainwashed. Their fear is real and they don’t want to see truth because it means that they would have to act and respond against the very establishment that they have been led to believe are their ‘protectors’. It is terrifying knowing that the very people that pretend to defend are the perpetrators of the greatest evil and crimes this world has ever seen.

                • dale ruff

                  I document how the Comey disclosure effected 40 million people who told the A+ rated ABC poll that “they were less likely to vote for Clinton” as a result. All it took was 51,000 votes turned around in the 3 swing states to have Clinton win the Electoral vote. That is only 1 in 800 who said they were less inclined to actually change their vote in those states.

                  I document this in my opednew article Hacks/Schmacks: the FBi elected Trump. Take a look and find evidence to refute both the FBI disclosure and the poll results. ABC poll was one of few, a week before the election, to show Trump winning (See my article Are you Ready for President Trump?). 538 rates polls on historical accuracy and lack of bias: ABC is A+, at the top.

                  Opinion, sminion: look at the evidence. Opinion is bullshit; evidence is gold.

                  • LAZT

                    ABC, NBC, CBC, CBS, CNN, FOX, …..all MSM narrative. Don’t put any faith in anything that they have to say, report or prove. I will have to agree to disagree with you. Anyone who pays any attention to mainstream media is too far gone. FBI, CIA, UN, Homeland Security are all working for the same agenda, and it isn’t the people’s rights and freedoms. The corruption is complete. Wikileaks and independent, qualified news sources are the only acceptable resource for truth.

                    • dale ruff

                      Why do you assume I do. I have a world class education on poly sci with focus on propaganda. Wikileaks is now part of the collusion.

                      • LAZT

                        You are laughably an obvious ‘set the record troll’. Bye, bye truth denier.

        • dale ruff

          I didn’t say Abby, whom I admire, is a Kremlin mouthpiece but she was tolerated to give the impression that RT was not propaganda. The best propaganda allows a limited hang out, or a semblance of objectivity as cover for the overall propaganda strategy. Since Trump came on the scene, RT has changed radically to a campaign for Trump, ignoring his lies, his fraud, and the fascists he has surrounded himself with. I used to be a big fan of RT, but today, it is worse than the US corporate media propaganda machine. This does not impugn Martin but suggests that 1) she was used to provide cover for a deeper mission, which required a semblance of fair and balanced and 2) RT has changed. That’s the way I, a former huge fan of RT, see it. It has become the Russian propaganda tool to elect and defend Trump. Tragic. The dud yelling bullshit is saying he doesn’t agree with me, but I am telling you what I see. The bullshit is RT defending Trump.

    • Susan Lindauer

      Abby Martin has been a champion of whistleblowers like me, giving us a rare and precious media forum for educating our fellow Americans! Whistleblowers like myself have paid steep prices for truth-saying. In this world where the corporate media censors us by silence, Abby Martin is a Hero!

      • dale ruff

        I agree, but RT has changed.

        • Andrew Pate

          Can you blame RT after Hitlary accused Russia of every crime in the book with no creditable evidence.
          Just watch CNN after Trump called them the Fake news company.

          • Julie Sipes

            I find it insane to defend Russia and Putin the way many of you are. How does it feel now to learn that the far-Right in America is now allied with Russia and Assange?

            Re: HRC and RT, Hillary spoke-out against Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine/Crimea. Was that “imagined”? Furthermore, there is no real equivalency between RT’s response to Clinton vs CNN’s to Trump.

            The irony is that in boycotting the Democratic Presidential nominee of HRC – “Hitlery”, as you call her – you enabled the election of the truer fascist-dictator in Trump. (I believe the far-Left has outsmarted themselves on this one…)

            My husband and I have long remarked that the more extreme either side gets – the Left or the Right – they will become like the other. In other words, there’s essentially no difference between the two. Extremism is the problem.

            • Andrew Pate

              First of all it was not Russia that attacked Ukraine that is part of your media’s Fake News that you believe. How many tanks crossed the water to enter Crimea etc did you see? The US has just sent hundreds of Tanks to Poland from Germany which was shipped from the US and I have seen them and I bet you have too? How many Tanks and soldiers did you see on a ship being transported to Crimea?
              Russia never attacked Ukraine in the Eastern part of Ukraine. Ukraine sent tanks to the eastern parts of Ukraine that did not want Victoria’s Nulands Expensive cookies to kill any Ukrainian who did not want to be part of the US/EU imposed coup.
              Also you have never seen any pictures of Russian soldiers entering eastern Ukraine supported by any fighter jets etc. So why would Russia send troops to be slaughtered in a war without any aircraft which are more sophisticated than Ukraine’s old Russian planes?
              So yes Hillary did imagine it just like you and so many others have been led by the FAKE news Media.
              I am not an American and to be honest I did not support either candidate but since the Democratic party fully supported Hillary and rigged the primaries so that Bernie could not win which the wikileaks emails showed and the fact that the Media never even covered Bernie’s part as a candidate and only focussed more on Trump and Hillary and now you are all crying because Trump got elected and the whole establishment are in dissaray and bringing in all the BS that Russia somehow convinced millions of Americans to vote for Trump because the CIA & FBI says that it is highly probable that Russia interfered in US elections and the NSA says it is 50% convinced of Russian interference with no proof because of security reasons are unable to put ant real facts on the table. Therefore just saying so is all the evidence we need these days just like Obama said Russia shot down MH17 the same day again with no facts. But saying so makes so these days.
              But I do agree with your last comment there is no difference between the two and extremism is the problem and will have to see how Trump fills his job as president and he makes more sense to me to avoid a war with Russia but then he wants a war with Iran or China. I think most of the world wants peace not war but the warmongers in the US and Britain prefer threats with any country they dislike as if they rule by the power of the gun instead of some good old diplomacy like Russia has done in Syria after the West supported the head choppers who supposedly flew planes into buildings in 2001.

              • LAZT

                People that follow MSM and celebrities are easily led to believe anything. They are incapable of research through other sources as it’s easier to be ‘told’ what to think. They are the most dangerous of citizens because they are so brainwashed. Their fear is real and they don’t want to see truth because it means that they would have to act and respond against the very establishment that they have been led to believe are their ‘protectors’. It is terrifying knowing that the very people that pretend to defend are the perpetrators of the greatest evil and crimes this world has ever seen.

            • LAZT

              Stay asleep

      • dale ruff

        I agree but since she left RT, it has changed. It has become a propaganda organ for Trump. Anyone who denies RT is promoting Trump has not been watch.