This image taken from undated amateur video posted on the Internet shows NBC chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel, center, with NBC Turkey reporter Aziz Akyavas, left, and NBC photographer John Kooistra, right, after they were taken hostage in Syria. More than a dozen heavily armed gunmen kidnapped and held Engel and several colleagues for five days inside Syria, keeping them blindfolded and tied up before they finally escaped unharmed during a firefight between their captors and anti-regime rebels, Engel claimed, but later admitted it was actually the rebels who carried out the kidnapping.

New Details On Syrian Kidnapping Of Richard Engel Reveal Rebel ‘False Flag’

New evidence has emerged about the 2012 kidnapping of Richard Engel and his NBC News team that reveals how, like a later chemical weapons attack, it was a false flag designed to encourage war with Assad.