Foreign Affairs
Trump Administration Sends Conflicting Messages On Russia
A month after inauguration, the future of US-Russian relations are a lot less clear, with top Trump Administration figures sending wildly conflicting messages on their intentions.
Amid Charges Of Corruption, Netanyahu Steps Down As Israel’s Communications Minister
Israeli PM appoints temporary stand-in after police questioned him on claims he negotiated favourable coverage with a newspaper owner.
Secretary Of State Rex Tillerson Pushes Russia To Soften Syrian Stance
Tillerson's statements came following his first joint talks with countries that oppose Assad, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey, France and Britain.
What Wikileaks Reveals About America’s Role In Ecuador’s Elections
In the final days of Ecuador's presidential campaign, WikiLeaks republishes U.S. diplomatic cables related to the three major candidates.
Trump Throws Palestinian Future Into Doubt By Wavering On Two-State Solution
US president says he would be 'happy' with one-state solution, indicating move away from US commitment to Palestine state in West Bank.
11 Women Killed In Saudi Airstike On Yemeni Funeral Home
Last year, coalition airstrikes hit a funeral hall in the capital Sanaa, killing 140 mourners, including children, and wounded over 600 others.
The Context Of Trump’s Vile Aggression Against Venezuela
The announcement of sanctions against Venezuela's vice president conveniently left out some revealing, and self-incriminating, details.
Canada’s Liberal Party Moves To Cancel $178 Million In Unpaid Student Loans
Last year, the government wrote off 33,967 loans totalling $176 million.
CIA Chief Holds Secret Meeting With Palestinian President Ahead Of Netanyahu Visist
Palestinian officials said Abbas briefed Pompeo on Palestinian positions ahead of Wednesday's White House talks between President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.
What You Need To Know About CETA: The Newly Approved EU-Canada Trade Deal
The main purpose of CETA isn’t tariff elimination, which is at an all time low, its regulatory cooperation.