Foreign Affairs
Study Links Bangladeshi Children’s Deaths To Pesticide
The death of 13 children in Bangladesh has been linked to the use of a pesticide known as Endosulfan.
Amnesty International Condemns Repeated Israeli Raids On Hospital
Israeli soldiers and police stormed a Palestinian hospital twice over the past week, in some cases preventing doctors from providing emergency medical care to critically injured patients, says Amnesty International.
Under US Pressure, Britain University Bans Students From Cuba
The Open University states their new policy that bans applications from Cuban students has been adopted to avoid repercussions from the U.S.
Rabbi Among Five Americans Banned From Israel Over Support Of Boycott Movement
The Israeli Knesset passed a law in March that prohibits entry into the country for those that have expressed support for the BDS movement.
Concerned Filipino Mark Lopez On His Open Letter To US Congress
The open letter to the US Congress penned by Mark Lopez of Philippines has gone viral across social media and major outlets covering both Philippine and American politics. In this exclusive interview, Lopez told The Duran that if not for the power of social-media, Rodrigo Duterte may have meet the same fate as Muammar Gadaffi, Saddam Hussein, or Manuel Noriega
Following UAE, Mossad Meeting – Libyan Rebels Receive Israeli Weapons
Libyan General Haftar has reportedly been receiving Israeli military aid following meetings with Israeli intelligence that were mediated by the United Arab Emirates.
As UK Effectively Bans Onshore Wind Power, Study Shows It’s True Promise
Despite the dramatic cost gains made in recent years, onshore wind is no longer in the running for subsidies following a decision made after the UK's Conservatives won the 2015 general election.
Bolivia’s President Declares ‘Total Independence’ From World Bank And IMF
"These organizations dictated the economic fate of Bolivia and the world. Today we can say that we have total independence of them."
Free Speech Or Terror TV? Al Jazeera’s Support For ISIS And Al Qaeda
The western media has been pumping “support free speech” in its defense of Al Jazeera English but almost completely blind when it comes to its promotion of “Terror TV”.
Watch: Former UN Weapons Inspector Weighs In On Syria WMD Claims
Former Marine intelligence officer and UN Chief Weapons Inspector for Iraq, Scott Ritter weighs in on Syria, Russia & The White Helmets.