Saudi-Qatar Standoff Pushes Gaza Toward Uneasy Reconciliation By
Longstanding rivalries between Gulf powers are pushing the Palestinian Authority to tighten Israel’s closure of the Gaza Strip, even as Egypt takes unexpected steps to ease it. Meanwhile, Gaza’s Hamas movement is seeking reconciliation
U.S. Military’s Anti-Terror Efforts In The Philippines Fueling Human Rights Violations By
U.S. forces have teamed up with the Philippines’ military to combat terrorist groups in the country, ostensibly to bring about peace. But numerous human rights violations have sprung up in their wake and some believe that the U.S.’ ultimate goal may be to oust President
Amid AIPAC Protests, Two Alleged JDL Members Charged With Assaulting Protesters By
Two alleged members of the extremist Jewish Defense League have been charged with attacking protesters at last weekend’s AIPAC conference in Washington, D.C. The attacks mark the group’s most violent public incident in years.
Trump’s Military Budget Won’t Pass – But It Might Not Have To By
Analysts agree that Trump’s military-heavy budget “is dead on arrival,” but the effects of its proposal may still be significant. The proposal has already stoked concerns about possible cuts to valuable domestic programs, as well as lined the pockets of defense contractors.
Israeli Comptroller Report Reveals 2014 Gaza Massacre Was A War Of Choice By
A new report issued by Israel’s state comptroller provides disturbing new details surrounding the country’s 2014 attack on Gaza.
Fordham University Employs Bizarre Tactics To Curb Student Activism By
Following previous efforts to block SJP, Fordham's Dean of students insisted that University policy required he meet alone, behind a closed door, with a student representing the group, with a white noise machine turned on.
US Intelligence Apparatus Seems ‘Hellbent’ On Escalating Tensions With Russia By
‘Improvement is possible,’ one activist tells MintPress, but ‘it's going to be a real challenge to push back effectively against the whipped-up hostility toward Russia.’
Has Trump Killed The Two-State Solution? By
Israelis, Palestinians & Americans weigh the prospects of a two-state solution under President Donald Trump.
Fordham University’s Ban On Palestinian Rights Group Sets Dangerous Precedent By
‘As far as we're aware, this is the first time a college has summarily banned a group supporting Palestinian rights before students even held their first meeting,’ an attorney representing those hoping to establish a Students for Justice in Palestine group at Fordham
Protesters & Police Go Full Force At DC Protests Of Trump Inauguration By
The weekend’s protests marked the largest demonstration against a presidential inauguration for at least a generation, as well as the biggest political mobilization in US history.