Let’s Face It: Western-Backed Radical Islamists Are Dangerous By
The refugee debate is mistakenly framed in terms of “compassion” versus “self-interest.” The left screams “can’t we help these poor innocent people” and the right screams “they might be dangerous.” They both avoid
Blasphemy From The White House: What’s Behind Trump’s Big Mouth? By
Trump’s blasphemous words, while in no way backed up with policy changes, may actually serve to reinforce the status quo he contradicts.
Syria, Linda Sarsour & The New Left & New Right By
The concepts of “Left & Right” are being reworked in the face of a global crisis. The 21st century is new political terrain and the old rules are being rewritten.
Disarming ISIS Enemies, The Folly Of US “Arms Control” In Syria By
You don’t have to be an expert military strategist to know that cutting off the weapons supply of one side in a war almost always benefits the other.
China’s Strategy In Its ‘War On Terror’: Jobs Not Drones By
The Chinese government is employing a unique strategy to reduce the threat of terrorism in its historically unstable Tibet and Xinjiang autonomous regions. By providing new jobs and better housing, the government has managed to quell the threat of separatism.
Executive Orders & Airport Protests: Trump Clashes With The CIA By
What is actually going on? The answers from both sides of the political spectrum are loaded with emotion and lacking truthful content.
Would America’s First Populists Even Recognize Trump’s Brand Of Populism? By
Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump frequently appealed to ‘the people’ and vowed to help them take back their power. But how has populism moved so far from its roots in the left as to be useful as a strategy for today’s ultra-right wing?
The Last Days Of Obama: Napoleonic Maneuvers At The Security Council By
Like Napoleon’s strategy in Egypt, efforts to portray Obama as sympathizer with Muslims and Arabs have backfired.
An Open Letter To The J20 Protesters By
An open letter to the J20 protesters by Political analyst and MintPress contributor Caleb Maupin.
Reviewing 2016: Unresolved Problems, American Individualism In Crisis By
The changing political stage and rising instability shows a desperation on the part millions who are dissatisfied. The widely acknowledged problems facing the country are simply not being addressed.