ISIL Takes Advantage Of US Attack On Syrian Base To Storm Western Palmyra

Syrians believe ISIL will continue to take advantage of the U.S. attack on the Syrian Air Force by launching more offensives in the coming days.
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    BEIRUT, LEBANON (9:40 A.M.) – Not long after the U.S. attacked the Shayrat Airbase in eastern Homs, the Islamic State (ISIL) launched two separate attacks on the Syrian Arab Army’s (SAA) defenses in the Palmyra.

    Beginning with Al-Furqalas, the Islamic State attacked the Syrian Army’s checkpoints outside the village, resulting in a fierce battle that lasted for approximately two hours on Friday.

    The Islamic State was hoping to capitalize on the absence of the Syrian Air Force in east Homs; however, the terrorist group’s offensive was eventually repelled by sunrise and Homs-Palmyra Road secured.

    ISIL will continue to take advantage of the U.S. attack on the Syrian Air Force by launching more offensives in the coming days.

    This article was originally published by Al-Masdar News. 

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    • tapatio

      Did ISIL “take advantage” of the US attack or DID ISIL COORDINATE WITH US FORCES???

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    • Chris Aldridge

      It takes a special talent to make Syria worse than it was.

    • There are many stories of covert CIA and Saudi support for ISIL. During the Obama administration the US rarely attacked ISIL. When the Trump administration started, Trump was in open conflict with the CIA and the Pentagon began making war on ISIL. Now that the CIA seems to have Trump on a leash, it will be interesting to see if the US attacks on ISIL and/or al Qaeda in Syria cease. Both groups were supposedly tweeting yesterday in support of the missile attacks. Many internet observers believe that the US coordinated with al Qaeda in Syria to blame the poison gas release on the Syria government rather than their affiliates.

      • Keen

        ISIS was created by Israel and its puppets,US and UK.
        Look at the facts and it becomes clear ISIS is a jewish tool.

        ISIS originates from Syrian rebels financed by Israel and its minions.
        Enemies of ISIS are exactly the same as Israel’s: Syria, Iran, Palestine…
        Israel continuously attacks its neighbors, accusing them for terrorism. Here we have pure terrorism, yet Israel is not interested.
        ISIS only attacks arabs and european targets, never israel, strange for supposedly jew-hating arabs.

        Not only Israel and ISIS don’t attack each other, ISIS receives all kinds of help from Israel. ISIS soldiers are treated in Israeli hospitals, they get financial and logistic aid as well.

        US, who claims to attack ISIS, having the biggest, best equipped army in the world, did less to ISIS in years than Russia within months.

        And, although hard to prove, there are number of intelligence agents, confirmed by Edward Snowden, stating that ISIS leader is an israeli agent named Simon Elliot known as Al-Baghdadi.

        • James Wherry

          ISIL was created and funded by Iran and Syria to kill Americans.

          This is simply “blowback” and it couldn’t happen to uglier people.

          • Keen

            Jewish muppet with another dose of jewish lies.

            • tapatio

              Wherry is a “Christian” Zionist minion of the Jews.

              • Keen

                He has nothing to do with Christianity. He is a jew posing as a Christian, just like other hasbara trolls.

                • tapatio

                  Well, for that part, I took his word. The background check didn’t mention religion. You’re certainly right in that he has nothing to do with Christianity – whatever he may believe or claim.

          • tapatio

            James Wherry’s definition of “ugly” is anyone who doesn’t bow to Wherry’s Jewish masters. Wherry is a self-professed “Christian” Zionist.

          • Eric Foley

            oh FFS.

    • tapatio

      Hopefully, Syria and Russia will wipe out these terrorist attackers.