German Officials: Claims of Russian Invasion of Ukraine Are American Propaganda

More recent claims of 50-plus Russian tanks crossing the border were similarly untrue, with European officials say the only evidence was for a handful of ramshackle armored vehicles crossing the border, and likely not military in origin.
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    German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a news conference with President of Mongolia Elbegdorj Tsakhia after a meeting at the chancellery in Berlin, Tuesday, March 3, 2015.German Chancellor Angela Merkel attends a news conference with President of Mongolia Elbegdorj Tsakhia after a meeting in Berlin, Tuesday, March 3, 2015.

    US officials regularly claim ceasefire violations in Ukraine, and Russian invasions that “no one questions.” Though such allegations have long gotten a pass in the US media, the German government is expressing increased annoyance over what it is calling “dangerous propaganda” meant to sabotage the ceasefire.

    The US claims, officials say, are often wildly inaccurate or unconfirmed. When US officials were hyping “40,000” Russian troops at the border and an imminent invasion, EU intelligence showed only 20,000 troops, and that no invasion was likely.

    More recent claims of 50-plus Russian tanks crossing the border were similarly untrue, with European officials say the only evidence was for a handful of ramshackle armored vehicles crossing the border, and likely not military in origin.

    US officials downplayed the disagreement, saying that “precise numbers” weren’t relevant, and that there is “no doubt” Russia is supporting the rebels. This may finally be the explanation, however, for how US claims of huge Russian military presences never come with any pictures of any Russian troops.

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    • Sam Seller

      The US of Israel’s army are a pack of retarded dogs. The problem is that they have control over the public attention, and in order to make a statement that people will hear, I would need to be able to wrest that assault rifle out of little doggie’s paw.

      I recently calculated that the Israeli-American surge in Iraq cost every peasant, man woman and child, in the USA about 3k/year, USD. In return Israel wiped out one more of its targets on its path to a final solution for the Arabian people and a new Eretz Yisrael order in the Middle East.

      • Dubiousmack

        We are not the US of Israel, if we were Iran would have been a glass parking lot 20 years ago.

        • Sam Seller

          Point awarded. Don’t step on a land mine near an oil rig. Yon tov, yon tov. Halliburton, Halliburton.

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    • no source at all?

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    • akos nagy

      I hope this will shed some light on this matter

      Open letter for You

      A short story

      Dear Friends,

      our planet, our civilization, our freedom is in danger. Some of you
      already know this, most of you just started to awaken. The time has
      come, when we should act united against a great evil. I will try to
      explain the whole story as quickly and easily as possible, although
      the subject is big and very complicated. If you think this is just
      another conspiracy theory or a self proclaimed Jesus try to save the
      world, better stop reading now, because this is just not for you and
      you will be upset. BUT, if you feel it, see it, sense it, that
      something is not right keep reading, you might find some information
      along the line which you didn’t know or at least interesting. I’m
      sure there are plenty of YOU who already know few of this, otherwise
      wouldn’t be so many protests around the world. Lots of you protests
      for lots of causes, but the problem is you protest against the
      symptoms not the illness. I know it is hard to figure it out what is
      the fundamental problem, which cause all of our problems, but believe
      me there is a common ground. I will try to explain, this illness.
      Based on the last 20 years observation and research from my part. You
      might even be interested who I might be, but if everything goes right
      you will never find out. Simply because I’m YOU, I’m a Muslim, I’m a
      Christian, I’m a Hindu and I’m a Jew, I’m homosexual and I’m hetero,
      I’m Black, white, yellow, red and everything between. I’m rich and
      I’m poor, I’m YOU and YOU are Me. Hence there is no conflict just the

      So where can we start?

      If history thought us anything, that we are repeating the same
      mistakes all over again. But what if these are not mistakes, but very
      sophisticated ways to achieve the same goal. Slavery, or to not to
      use such a scary word suppressing of freedom. You might ask how is
      that possible in our most advanced and modern democratic world? And
      you are right. It took approximately 300 years of careful planning
      but hallelujah we got there. Another few months and they will sign if
      they haven’t yet the Trans-Atlantic and Trans-Pacific Partnership
      which gives ultimate power to the corporations even over governments.

      Not too late to stop reading.

      How did we got here?

      Us, the modern westerners, it started sometime in the medieval ages.
      Those who wanted to keep their gold or silver safe gave it to the
      goldsmiths. In return they have received a note for their deposit.
      After a while these notes were excepted in transactions working like
      modern money. The goldsmiths finally realised that people usually
      would not redeem all their notes at the same time or withdraw their
      gold or silver, so they started to invest these reserves in interest-
      bearing loans and bills. This generated a very good income for the
      goldsmiths. So they became the first bankers and fractional-reserve
      banking was
      born. Not as simple as this but I don’t want to bore YOU with the
      nasty details. If you interested any further, do your own research
      and I encourage everybody to do so.

      next important step for our story was in the 1760s when Mayer Amschel
      established his banking business and lay down the foundation of the
      modern banking system with the help of a very old Chinese invention
      from the 10th
      century. So what is the Chinese connection?

      century was very busy for China, they had a visionary Emperor who
      managed to establish China the wealthiest and most modern country
      that time, also almost bankrupted it. He finished the Great Wall,
      built the Forbidden City, built canals and a fleet which was the
      biggest at that time and managed to discover basically the whole
      world. The Americas, North pole, South Pole, Australia well before
      the Europeans. How did he achieve that? With a little trick which
      came handy for the Rothschilds
      later on.

      established a type of “money” which was used widely since 1000AD.
      The trick was it did not have real value because it wasn’t backed by
      gold or silver or anything real value, but it was decreed as legal
      tender by the Emperor. Legal tender means that there is a law
      requiring everyone to accept this money in the pain of fine or
      imprisonment or even death. The people must except this money because
      of the aforementioned reasons and also because they don’t have
      choice. They call this nowadays FIAT

      So it required a little tinkering to make a completely foolproof and
      easy system to generate an unimaginable wealth for the select few
      combining the two systems. The beauty of it, is so simple it’s almost
      painful. If you are working in finance you are probably think what a
      bull, because when you were in Uni it was so complicated and
      everything in finance is so so difficult to understand for the
      masses. In a way you are right because if you overcomplicate things
      people won’t even bother to understand it. The core concept is, this
      is a fantastically designed theft. Period. No wonder in the US it
      took 3 trial and 250 years to establish it. The public rejected the
      idea twice, with the help of Abraham Lincoln in one case, but what
      happened with poor fellow? Wouldn’t be surprised if few years on
      somebody will find out the connection and will prove that he was
      assassinated because he opposed this system. But let us move on a

      The year is 1913. Early this year US senate introduced the income tax
      to pay the interest after the government borrowing, later this year
      the Congress signed the deal with the Federal Reserve Bank, they are
      the only central bank who could supply the government with currency.
      Biggest mistake in modern history. Why YOU might ask? The answer is
      not so complicated and amazingly clever. They just signed over the
      world to them.

      only in the name. But with this little word the common men will think
      it is a government organization. But it’s not. It is a private
      corporation who aims for profit. And profit only.

      owns it? Some say it is a hybrid government organization ,but it’s
      not. Morgan group, Rockefeller Group, Warburg Group and surprisingly
      the Rothschild

      OK. But you may ask that, why is this bad for us? It does work and
      everything is hunky-dory. Is it?

      So, where the problem lies?

      The problem is ,since 1913 US always at war and it’s allies as well.
      But why? Because since the Bank makes profit on supplying the
      government with money, its main interest is to supply the government
      as much money as possible. What is the most expensive thing to
      maintain? War. To prepare, to maintain and after help to rebuild. And
      in the sideline after you rebuild the place you set up the new and
      loyal central bank as well, who operates the same way and owned by
      the same people. And they’ve developed a fantastic skill set to start
      various wars for various reasons. Of course always in the name of

      with WWI, which have served a very important purpose. That time in
      Europe there were two very powerful empire. The Ottoman and the
      Austro-Hungarian Empire, which were strong enough to block if wanted
      the implementation of this new central banking system. But after the
      war both of them were dismantled. WWII had a different purpose,
      establish a new country and give a fantastic new control tool for use
      and prevent certain criticism while making extremely lots of money. I
      was always wondering how come Adolf Hitler choose Eva Braun? Or Eva
      Braun choose Adolf Hitler? Is it a coincidence? In banking and
      politics there is no such thing. Who gave the money to Hitler in the
      first place? Which Banks?

      You can find the answers in libraries, internet and just try to think

      So this is still OK, but this won’t effect us. You might say. But
      really that is what you think?

      Let’s go a bit further. After with the help of the Marshall aid,
      Europe was rebuilt so as Japan the first stronghold for the central
      bank in the Far East. US needed more wars for the bankers, so they
      created some more. It was very convenient, Communism was in full
      blast so they didn’t really need to create enemies, that was already
      sorted. As I see it the same people invented Communism who invented
      Capitalism/Democracy for testing purposes. Communism didn’t work
      because it was an obvious oppression. People want the illusion of
      freedom and they didn’t have it. Capitalism/Democracy therefore the
      best ever invented slavery, because you actually think that you are
      free. And until you are not going to question the system or don’t
      think too much you are “free”. You go to school, you go to work,
      you buy more or less everything on credit, you let yourself robbed
      every now and then by a credit crunch. And you work and work and work
      and slowly , slowly surrender every right you had. With a little help
      of course. By the way credit crunch also a fantastic tool to
      centralise wealth and resources, basically bringing everyone under
      one big umbrella. Banks, media, food industry and everything between.

      let’s go back to history. The strange thing with these wars that
      almost every one of them was not-winnable or not-meant-to-win war.
      But after the last few pages probably you are not really surprised.

      is a very important date emerge from the abyss of confusion. 1963.
      Something happened which required a tremendous amount of courage and
      sacrifice. John F. Kennedy. June 4th
      executive order 11110. He stripped the Federal Reserve Bank the right
      to supply the government with money, in the same time he wanted to
      finish Vietnam war. These two acts in the same time would have
      finished off the F.R.B. He even printed new notes -collectors items
      now-, using the government’s silver reserves. And we all know what
      happened next. A statement, that is why it was so public. It was a
      statement for every wannabe presidents to not to question or dare to
      change this system. Straight after this, Johnson reinstated the deal.
      Although until today no US president amended, repealed or superseded
      this executive order with any subsequent one. Plainly speaking this
      is still valid. Which means the last almost 60 years of financial
      activity including wars based on lies, are illegal. This is a crime.
      Not to mention the people who were assassinated. Gandhi, JFK, MLK,
      Malcolm X, John Lennon, Bobby Kennedy etc. The common factor is all
      of them told us to love each other, respect each other and NO WAR.
      And the way how they were killed is strangely follow a pattern. So
      you really think everything is cool?

      It is time for a break, but don’t despair not long now.

      important date. I think you might have guessed it right. Yes 9/11.
      Now this is when WWIII started. This is the last big war. The only
      thing, it is against everybody. And the battlefield is all around
      us. It is even in your home see it or not. It is against the 99%.
      You say this is against the evil Muslims. I say no. But why? First of
      all think logically. As paranoid nation as the US how is that
      possible that this could have happened? I could understand the first
      plane, but the others? How the towers have collapsed… And in the
      middle of the panic the American people willingly surrendered most of
      their rights. Also after this event they just created the best ever
      invented enemy. Terrorists. Basically endless amount of invisible
      threat who you can fight till the end of time. And today maybe the
      Muslims, but tomorrow can be anyone. You, You or You. Just because
      you don’t agree with Monsanto, or you don’t agree that shortly you
      need to pay for you basic right, water. So from now on anybody can be
      a terrorist. Last year Obama had a speech he said he will bring war
      on terror back home. And remember just one thing one’s terrorist is
      someone else’s freedom fighter. Well, good luck.

      So now it’s time for a summary.

      You still think everything is all right? And it will not effect us?

      And this is just the peak of the iceberg. This system is working.
      Deceit, diversion, lots of lies and even more diversion. They keep
      you on the edge. Ebola, Ukraine, Aids, inflation (another type of
      tax, invisible kind) and lots of war and lots of terrorists. But you
      are free. Do you feel free? Or are you going to wait until the police
      is in your house for no particular reason or you loose everything in
      another artificial credit crunch. Or you will get another cancer
      because of the GMO crap you put into your body. In the last 114 years
      an estimated 216000000 died because of wars. People are dying every
      day of starvation, lack of clean water. And all of this man made. Do
      you really want them get away with this? Without this dirty money
      there is no poverty, no hunger, no stress, no inequality. It is time
      for a change. Money is a very old, and primitive way of dealing with
      each other. Money is the reason why we destroying the planet. Let me
      ask you a question. What are we going to do after there is no fresh
      water, no real food, no trees to clean our air?What are we going to
      buy with all of that rubbish? Can we eat it? Can we drink it? Can it
      clean the air? And the solution is there, but we are not using it
      because it’s not profitable enough. And they call it good business? I
      call it an extremely primitive way of thinking. If you want to live
      on the rubble of our planet, where going to the forest is just a
      fading dream, drinking a glass of real water is unimaginable and
      eating proper food is the past, don’t do anything. Sit on your sofa,
      watch telly and get fat. And don’t forget you leave this planet to
      your children. Do you want them suffer?

      And the beauty of this you can still suffer in your lifetime. So get
      up and do something about it. Research, pull yourself together and go
      out to the street. Protest until you being heard. Protest until you
      change yourself and the system. Get rid of you credit even if it’s
      hard. Stand up for yourself. And start sharing. Share your resources,
      share your services. You will be amazed. With this we can reduce the
      need for money, we can eliminate the use of money in the long run.
      And we can live a better life, where people are doing what they like,
      what they are best at. Imagine the possibilities. How far we humans
      could go. Together… with the planet.

      I don’t expect YOU to believe this. I expect , YOU to do your own
      research thoroughly and I expect YOU to make up your mind. The
      direction is here, we just need to unite and act until it’s not

      remember, remember the 5th
      of november… SEE you on the streets 05/11/2015

      This is the end???? or a new beginning???? It’s up to YOU, it’s up
      to US…

      Yours sincerely: YOU

    • Roger Wee

      Hope the EU would to WAKE UP FAST! America intention to solve several problems with one stone.
      1, Break up relationship NATO with Russia.
      2. Break up close economic ties with EU & Russia
      3. Weaken EU economy !
      All these to strengthen US Dollars and herding scared European Investors to move their funds to USA for safe harbour. Look at Dow Jones at 18,000+ points

      • Andyj

        Not to forget who is helping Syria and Iran from the Zionist and the Wahhabi menaces.

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    • Nill Nilsen

      Doesn’t this remind you of Nazi’s in 1938? Protection the Sudeten Germans from Czechs.
      “It is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. Nor had I ever wished that after the appalling first World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America.” – Adolf Hitler, April, 1945.

      • blueskyonrainydays

        Only this time it is between nuclear equipped nations, but I do believe it is only posturing as the only thing left driving the US economy is the military industrial complex.Without the guns of war the economy of the US would fall apart.This is the sad situation that we are in.The only way out of this is for the masses of the people of the world to wake up to these facts and demand an end to madness of war posturing.
        There are other means of restructuring economies in the works .The old ways are gone and can never be brought back.

        • carlos

          In my country, when someone speaks so much truth and frankness, we say: “you can be in silence for 100 years”, because what you have said will suffice for the rest of your life. Well said. The whole world can see it clearly. European leaders are just puppets. They should be freaking out because they know, better than anyone, the misery of war. Noone has to tell them.

          • blueskyonrainydays

            Thank you for your kind words Carlos.Once one knows one cannot unknow .
            One race the human race .

        • Jim Hutchinson

          I agree and disagree at the same time. World peace is a wonderful thought, however we in America have too many warmongers that are lining their pockets at the expense of our people. They don’t care how many lives are lost on both sides of the fence because they want to keep their power and money. The answer is not a NWO if that is what you were implying. The old ways are in fact going to have to go but other than what i see in Putin I don’t have the answer. I think that when BRICS Banking system goes into effect later this year the USA is going down the toilet.

          • blueskyonrainydays

            The NWO order that you point out Jim,is planned to be run by the same people that are destroying the planet as we speak ,as I am sure you know.I do believe you are probably correct ,the world that depends on the dollar will ultimately collapse .A new world awaits us all . If one stands very still ,one can see it ,manifesting amongst the chaos .We are all in this together .By the way ,if you are a fan of Edgar Cayce ,he predicted the new world coming out of Russia.Not sure if this is true but what we are witnessing is very interesting.Thank you for your comment.

            • D.D

              The NWO coming out of Russia is correct when you research the mass immigration from Eastern Europe in the 1800’s to America with their socialist/communist ideals and the “religious”beliefs of those people and how a large number of them ingratiated themselves into power in government and various organisations.

              • blueskyonrainydays

                You are referring to the Khazars that immigrated aren’t you?

        • Anonymous

          “The old ways are gone and can never be brought back.”


          Not only are the old ways not gone, they’re not even dying.

          But of course, new problems do not mean that the past had the answers. Rather, the old ways will use new tools to achieve old ends.

          If we want to take out the military-industrial complex, we need exactly three things:
          1.) An open-source-designed 3-D printer that can create both computers and itself.
          2.) An open-source computer operating system that can run a 3-D printer. (Linux + software.)
          3.) A small factory, one 3-D-printable from parts one and two, that can convert cellulose, sugar, or other simple organic compounds into the plastics needed to create parts one and two.

          If we can bring these three things together into a single system, it will mean the absolute and irrevocable
          end of centralized authority, for the foreseeable future and perhaps
          for all time. The military-industrial complex has gained power only because it owns the means of production for virtually everything; but that was not the case back in the days when people were in the habit of producing everything in their own hometowns. If we want to fight this power, we have to remove that power’s source.

          The military-industrial complex can afford to produce expensive goods like soldiers and jet fighters only when it has the economic input of the entire consumer market at its back. If we can put the means of production of every modern convenience back into the hands of the people, we would be knocking the feet out from under Leviathan, making war unprofitable.

          (The particular suggestion that hemp may be useful for supercapacitor production suggests that legalization of the plant Cannabis sativa may be the single most important issue of our time. [With the possible exception of climate change.])

          As to war in particular, martial artists have long known that you don’t defeat an enemy by taking its punches head-on. You defeat an enemy by redirecting the force of its blows. To win this war, we need to explicitly avoid wasting force in opposing our enemy. Instead, we need to put our entire force of passion into redirecting the enemy sideways; because the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

          I don’t think it’s an accident that open-source Local Motors is based in Phoenix, that the hemp scientists are based in Alberta, and that the 3-D printers of the Urbee are based in Winnipeg and Minneapolis. These areas all fall outside the traditional centers of North American power; it is only fitting that they should be the ones to provide the tools of traditional power’s downfall.

          But we should be careful of one other thing too; the NSA, the intelligence apparatus, and particularly its massive data collection center in Utah. It’s fairly obvious that their center is not going to simply collect data; it will also have the computing power to analyze that data. They have gone into the desert in order to hide better, and avoid attracting attention, and if they fit the puzzle pieces together, they may pull strings to defund the research initiatives that threaten their existence.

          If the frontier west gets fully-tamed before the seeds of decentralization can bear their first fruits, we will have to look to those souls who escape the planet entirely; Mars in particular will demand the development of self-sustaining and decentralized technologies, and so their developments will be of much use to whatever anti-imperialists remain earthbound.

      • James T. Choate

        Agreed. The world is waking up to the Zionist powers that give the U.S. its marching orders. I wish my fellow Americans would turn off the Entertainment & Sports long enough to research this. I am tired of seeing my brothers wit prosthetic legs & hearing of the deaths of others. Why must American blood be spilt? We are complicit as a nation. As long as our people are somewhat comfortable they won’t question the status quo. I am afraid we will all have to answer for our indifference someday.

        • D.D

          James,sadly it isn’t just American blood that has and continues to be spilled for the tribe’s cause although I believe you guys have been lied to much more than we in the UK and Europe because of the people in charge of your education system.

      • Jim Hutchinson

        Amen brother. Finally someone else who has done their research like myself on these Khazarian Jews. History is repeating itself. Again thanks

      • D.D

        Thankfully there are more and more people by the day doing the research and realising how much we have been lied to regarding WW2.