‘Exporting Revolution’: Zbigniew Brzezinski On Trial At The UN General Assembly

Though never mentioned by name, the shadow of the 87-year-old loomed large over the U.N. General Assembly, with the U.S. and its allies defending or glossing over his quiet strategy of destabilization and the rest of the world’s leaders decrying it as a “policy of terror.”
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    UNITED NATIONS — President Barack Obama’s remarks to the United Nations General Assembly on Sept. 28 defensively addressed critics of U.S. foreign policy:

    “It is not a conspiracy of U.S.-backed NGOs that expose corruption and raise the expectations of people around the globe; it’s technology, social media, and the irreducible desire of people everywhere to make their own choices about how they are governed.”

    Yet it is no secret that the CIA and the National Endowment for Democracy have been funding dissidents and violent protest movements around the world for the past five decades, hoping to create instability and regime change. And although Zbigniew Brzezinski was not mentioned by name at the recent U.N. General Assembly, the shadow of the 87-year-old global strategist was cast over the body’s proceedings. As the U.S. and its allies attempted to defend or gloss over the existence of the policies that have become Brzezinski’s legacy, rising opponents of the United States around the world loudly castigated them.

    Russian President Vladimir Putin compared U.S. foreign policy under the Obama administration to that of the former Soviet Union, saying: “It seemed, however, that far from learning from others’ mistakes, everyone just keeps repeating them, and so the export of revolutions, this time of so-called democratic ones, continues.”

    He described the results of U.S. support for so-called “revolutionaries” in Libya and Syria:

    “Instead of the triumph of democracy and progress, we got violence, poverty and social disaster. Nobody cares a bit about human rights, including the right to life. I cannot help asking those who have caused the situation: do you realize now what you’ve done? But I am afraid no one is going to answer that.”


    Drugs, Saudi money, and CIA revolutions

    Zbigniew Brzezinski’s ascent to the height of power as a crafter of U.S. foreign policy can be largely attributed to the U.S. defeat at the hands of the National Liberation Front of Vietnam. After years of bombing and war that killed millions of Vietnamese people, along with over 58,000 U.S. military fatalities, the U.S. was forced to withdraw from Southeast Asia. In light of this historic defeat, the strategy of all-out war — with B-52 bombers, napalm, and troop deployment, utilized in the Korean and Vietnamese conflicts — was reconsidered.

    During his presidency, Jimmy Carter pardoned those who had fled to Canada to avoid military conscription, welcomed Chinese President Deng Xiaoping for an extended tour of the country, and attempted to present a new image of U.S. society to the world. During his presidential campaign, Carter described himself as a student of Brzezinski’s, and he later welcomed the well-known Polish-American strategist to the White House as his chief adviser.

    Brzezinski’s strategy consisted of utilizing the CIA in place of the Pentagon, and creating instability and chaos to topple governments that defied Washington. As Russian President Putin recently noted, Brzezinski consciously worked to copy the rhetorical style and foreign policing messaging of the Soviet Union, and portray the United States, not as imperialist, but as “aiding revolutionaries” who fought for “human rights.”

    Brzezinski directed the Carter administration to adopt the strategies he had pushed for within the Johnson administration and other presidencies throughout the Cold War. He bragged in a 1998 interview that he created “the Afghan trap” for the Soviet Union, funding violent religious insurgents to battle the People’s Democratic Party when it took power in Afghanistan.

    In order to make U.S. support for the Afghan forces less obvious, Saudi Arabia was utilized as a middle man. A wealthy Saudi construction firm heir named Osama bin Laden became a key organizer of the mujahedeen in Afghanistan, quietly taking U.S. money and weapons while loudly denouncing the “decadence” of Western society and calling for a return to Salafist Islamic society.

    Unlike the Vietnam War, U.S. efforts to destabilize and eventually depose the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan were widely popular around the world. This can be credited to the efforts of U.S. media. It was documented by the New York Post and the Columbia Journalism Review that CBS News went so far as to air fake battle footage boosting the image of mujahadeen. Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould, the first U.S. journalists granted permission to enter Afghanistan after 1979, described the coverage of the Afghan war in Western media as a “Ramboesque struggle of holy warriors against the evil empire.” The less romantic and glamorous aspects of the war, like 2 million deaths and 6 million people fleeing the country as refugees, were ignored.

    Most of the leftists who had protested the Vietnam War in the U.S. and Europe were attracted to the romantic Che Guevara-esque image of “holy warriors” in the Afghan mountains. Meanwhile, the minority of radicals who denounced the mujahedeen were labelled “Stalinists” and “Soviet apologists.” With the excuse of “Soviet aggression in Afghanistan,” Carter was able to reinstate draft registration for young men across the U.S., boycott the 1980 Olympic Games, and increase military spending.

    Speaking to MintPress News, Sara Flounders, co-director of former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark’s International Action Center, noted that U.S. intervention in Afghanistan was not, as is widely believed, a response to Soviet action, saying: “It should be remembered that Brzezinski bragged that U.S. intervention pre-dated Soviet’s 1979 assistance to the Afghan government.”

    When asked about whether he regretted aligning with bin Laden, Brzezinski replied:

    “That secret operation was an excellent idea. It had the effect of drawing the Russians into the Afghan trap and you want me to regret it? The day that the Soviets officially crossed the border, I wrote to President Carter: We now have the opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam War. Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war unsupportable by the government, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire.”

    Brzezinski was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1981, and continued to play a prominent role in setting U.S. foreign policy during the Reagan administration. During this period, the U.S. continued Carter’s Afghan policy, and also supported the violent insurgents who battled against the Sandinistas. U.S.-aligned media portrayed the CIA-trained forces in Nicaragua as “freedom fighters” as they slaughtered entire villages. Saudi Arabia again functioned as the “middle man,” transferring money and weapons to U.S.-aligned anti-government fighters in Nicaragua.

    “The extension of Brzezinski’s murderous policies of massive destabilization, arming reactionary religious mercenaries and warlords, and inflaming sectarian, tribal and cultural differences in Afghanistan is now standard U.S. policy,” Flounders observed.

    Another tactic utilized for Brzezinski’s projects in Nicaragua and Afghanistan was the trafficking of narcotics. Heroin poppy fields sprouted up across Afghanistan, and cocaine was processed through Central America. It is widely proven that U.S. intelligence was involved in securing their allies’ ability to participate in the drug trade in order to generate additional funding, and further destabilize Afghanistan and Nicaragua.

    Brzezinski’s continuing impact on Central America and Afghanistan is by no means small. Though poppy fields were suppressed by the Taliban during the 1990s, since the 2002 U.S. invasion, Afghanistan has become the heroin capital of the world. U.S.-aligned countries in Latin America such as Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras remain plagued by the “narcos” and violence surrounding the drug trade, carried out almost exclusively with U.S.-made or -imported weapons. Further, Flounders noted, “In the past 35 years these divide and rule tactics have created millions of refugees in Central and Western Asia and North Africa.”

    Beyond Latin America and Central Asia, Brzezinski advised the CIA and its National Endowment for Democracy as it went to work in Eastern Europe, courting alienated youth. The National Endowment for Democracy was created in 1983, as Gerald Sussman of Portland State University explained in his study of the organization: “Unlike the CIA, NED’s extensive operations abroad create opportunities for political operatives who need not assume underground lives and identities.” The NED functions as a private entity, though its actions are completely directed by the CIA, and it works to promote the economic interests of U.S. corporations.

    Under Brzezinski’s direction, young artists and writers who criticized the socialist Warsaw Pact governments were funded and promoted, escalating alienation as part of a process that eventually culminated in bringing down governments. The result was economic ruin in most of Eastern Europe, as somewhat stable Marxist-Leninist regimes were replaced by the rule of organized crime, and the rise of drugs and sex trafficking under new pro-Western regimes. Under the control of Western banking institutions, the standard of living rapidly dropped throughout Eastern Europe during the 1990s.

    The instability and extreme poverty resulting from Brzezinski’s policies does not end with the destruction of the targeted “rogue state.” It continues indefinitely, ensuring that no stable source of opposition to Western economic dominance can emerge.


    Brzezinskism in the 21st Century?

    Two military policemen in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, December 2010. Current active-duty U.S. service members are among those with opinions about the recent debate for a strike in Syria. (Photo/DVIDSHUB via Flickr)

    Brzezinski’s tactic of heavily funding and arming anti-government forces and then promoting them in international media with rhetoric about “human rights” is now a permanent staple of U.S. foreign policy. Governments that dare maintain economic and political independence from the U.S. and the International Monetary Fund are routinely targeted by U.S.-directed “human rights organizations” and NGOs, such as Freedom House Inc. and the Albert Einstein Institute, among others. While labor unions in the U.S. grow weaker and face less legal protections, funding from the U.S. props up anti-government labor unions in defiant regimes across the world.

    As has been extensively documented by WikiLeaks, the U.S. has spent billions of dollars on funding anti-government fighters in Syria, as have the U.S.-aligned regimes in the region. Religious extremists from as far away as Malaysia have found their way to Syria and joined the anti-government killing spree. The result is a global refugee crisis and humanitarian disaster that has left over 250,000 dead, as money and weapons continue to flow over the Turkish and Jordanian borders.

    Libya is in a state of ruin since the U.S. and NATO bombed the country in the name of supporting a U.S.-funded and armed group of “revolutionaries.” It has been revealed that U.S. intelligence forces have been working with Jundallah terrorists to destabilize Iran, in addition to the existing relationship between U.S. officials and the People’s Mujahedeen of Iran. (Also known as the MEK in its Persian acronym, it was recently delisted by the U.S. State Department as a Foreign Terrorist Organization.)

    Like the Russian President, Cuban President Raul Castro touched on Brzezinskism in his U.N. remarks, saying:

    “The militarization of cyberspace, and the covert and illegal use of information and communications technologies to attack other states is unacceptable, as likewise is the distortion of the advancement and protection of human rights used with a selective and discriminatory approach to justify and impose political decisions.”

    He was likely referring to the recently exposed U.S.-funded plot to create a Cuban version of Twitter to coordinate anti-government protests.

    During his recent visit to the U.S., Chinese President Xi Jinping defended China’s new laws restricting the activities of foreign-backed NGOs, saying: “So long as their activities are beneficial to the Chinese people, we will not restrict or prohibit their operations… On their part, foreign NGOs in China need to obey Chinese law and carry out activities in accordance with the law.”

    In his U.N. remarks, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro channeled his predecessor, Hugo Chavez, by offering bold condemnation of U.S. regime change:

    “Is Libya a more stable country economically, socially? Is it a united country? Is it a country? Is it a country at peace? And who will pay for the crimes in Libya, and Iraq and Afghanistan? Who will acknowledge them? And Syria? It seems one of those horror films made in Hollywood. A policy of terror, a horror movie: the terrors of war.”

    President George W. Bush’s unilateral direct military attack on Iraq in 2003 was wildly unpopular throughout the world. Within the ruling circles of the U.S. many clearly hoped that a shift back to Brzezinski-style “soft coups” under a commander-in-chief named “Barack Hussein Obama” could restore credibility to the U.S. However, aside from Western Europe, the world seems to be equally outraged by these policies. As the Obama presidency draws to a close, Brzezinskism, like Bushism, is now loathed by people across the planet.

    In his address to the U.N., Maduro went on to express what millions of people around the world are feeling:

    “No one in this world has the right, by the Charter of the United Nations or by any right, to judge, prejudge the political regime of another country or to pretend to overthrow the regime of any government or system in the world. No one is entitled to that.”

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    • Cossack26

      Thats right people all over the world have a right to live in oppressive regimes run by dictators

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    • archiebird

      This man, Brzezinski, (who looks scarily similar to the emperor in Star Wars, is Cheney’s mastermind) and still has WAY too much influence on the US’s foreign policy. Kissinger and Brzezinski should be rotting at the hague.

      • Magog

        Wrong party. Brzezinski was livid when Bush/Cheney invaded Iraq, upsetting years of work in the former Soviet space. He lived get his “Second Chance” with his protege Barack Obama. The Iran nuclear deal, was his project, and was consistent with his long held aim to normalise relations with Iran. He was behind warning sent to Netanyahu that {paraphrase) “We will turn around any Israeli planes heading to Iran, and we will shoot them down if necessary”.

    • S.M. Stirling

      Did this article seriously quote Vladimir “Gee, I wish I was Stalin” Putin?

    • Shelia Sperbeck

      This article has totally decimated by respect for Jimmy Carter.

      • James Wherry

        Why? Brezinski called it right, when he predicted the invasion of Afghanistan. He correctly organized opposition to it. As a college student in the 1980’s, I did put up the posters of the “butterfly bombs” that the Soviets dropped on villages. They were bombs shaped like toys and pens that blew the hands off of children – and that was what they were intended for.

        Brezinski’s glaring failure underscores my contempt for the Far Left: like all of the other anti-war protesters, he mindlessly turned his back on Vietnam and ignored the human rights abuses that the hate groups who make up the peace movement PROMISED us they would continue to fight against. Har, har, har. Under their watch, 3 million human beings were murdered in the Killing Fields of Cambodia. The only thing comparable was the Rwanda genocide under Bill Clinton.

        • Magog

          He did not “predict”, he provoked, The CIA was destabilising Afghanistan for over a year. According to Robert Gates, later confirmed by Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter signed an official order to aid the Mujahideen in June 1979, six months before before the Soviet Intervention. In his own words “wanted to give the Soviets their Vietnam’.

          Even worse, after helping Khomeni to overthrow the Shah of Iran, he threw away any good will by trying to dictate to the new regime on use of US spy bases on the Iran-USSR border. There were rumuors he tried to organise a counter coup. Then with a spectacular left-hand ignorance of right-hand manoeuvre, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance arranged for the deposed Shah to enter the US for cancer treatment. Brzezinski was at a mid-east conference when the news came through, and was reportedly as enraged as the Iranians. This triggered the hostage crisis, and Brzezinski’s failed rescue attempt, which brought down Jimmy Carter. For payback, Brzezinski then made a deal with Saddam Hussein of Iraq, to supply parts and equipment for the Soviet made Iraqi military through Israel. Saddam was encouraged to invade Iran, receiving US tactical support, and deals were make for so-called dual use technology for use in chemical weapons manufacture for use against Iranian troops and later the Kurds. Death toll over 2 million.

          • James Wherry

            Two points:

            1. With a name like Magog, the future is not so bright for you, so please move to another city.

            2. I recommend citations when you make statements. I never said some administration wasn’t doing exactly what you said – I simply believed it was Reagan. I’m ALL in favor of what happened to the Soviet Union, and yes; they got their Vietnam the way that WE got our Vietnam.

            I’m not much on the “rumors” of a counter-coup. Iran’s Twelvers and Eleveners are caricatures of Christianity with a “returning Messiah” cult – and any cult needs a ‘satan.’ At NO time did Khomeini express gratitude or a willingness to work with America, from day one: that whole “hostage thing,” and all.

            After our loss of our Iranian ally, Saddam was a natural choice to serve as a bulwark for that emerging threat, but he remained a Soviet satellite, just as Syria did. Don’t blame us. America took the lead in crippling arms sanctions on BOTH countries.

            You might want to remember that whole 1970’s attack by Iran on Iraq, when Iran stole part of the waterways between their two nations. No offer by Iran to return that. Iraq’s backers were the Kuwaitis’ and the Sau’di’s. When the war turned against Saddam, the Kuwaiti’s and Saud’i’s agreed to lend the $50 Billion in reparations to end the war. The Ayatollah said, “Absolutely not” and the war dragged on. Blame him for the majority of victims.

    • Shelia Sperbeck

      None of our presidential hopefuls are against US aggression.

      • S.M. Stirling

        Why should they be?

        • Shelia Sperbeck

          We have now become a terrorist nation under the disguise of spreading democracy and freedom.
          Countries are only allowed to vote for those that we support; if they go against our puppets, the country is invaded either with bombs or CIA coups. This is helping the average
          American how??

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    • Bill Rood

      Sign the petition demanding that Bernie Sanders change his positions on the drone program and Saudi aggression. He currently supports both, saying that KSA should “get its hands dirty.” http://diy.rootsaction.org/petitions/oppose-militarist-and-interventionist-us-foreign-policy

    • Evil is the shadow of asserted self righteousness – that locks onto the perceived evil OUTSIDE itself and attempts to control, deny, enslave and kill it.
      It is not enough to see evil OUTSIDE and fight it as if that in any way is not serving its own agenda.
      The imprinted beliefs of a survivalist identity amidst terror and threat operate without true consciousness – as if spun off in a private and disconnected sense of Life as THREAT.
      The attraction of hate diverts from the embrace of the heart that is locked out and mind that is trapped in, the feelings of hate.
      The mind can and does elaborate justifications – justifictions – yet written in flesh and pain and loss.
      Heart and mind are one – and the split mind that denies Feeling is the ‘thinking’ that is divorced from the very Movement of our being – from Life Itself.
      I write to the choice NOT to listen to insane thinking – regardless its apparent justifications – and to Listen in the heart – even and especially when hurting in the hateful. For a greater Acceptance of That we are as we are must precede the freedom to be as we in truth prefer.
      A control mentality is to be dismantled… while operating such check and balance as a fundamental integrity of communication moves in us to be.

      • S.M. Stirling

        Dude, life is a threat. It’s so threatening that there is a 100% probability of it eventually killing you.

        • I could see what you wrote as: Life is certain death, but a temporary
          delay of the inevitable allows that thought to assert itself.
          That thought is the belief of the fragmenting and fragmented self/mind.
          However, you are free to believe it and HAVE the experience.
          When the cuckoo’s egg hatches, other chicks are pushed from the nest and the life support system is usurped that was their due.
          Likewise when guilt and fear thinking is accepted into the mind it pushes your heart’s knowing and true thoughts out and steals your identity – like a phishing attack or a trojan deceit.
          Now a ‘you’ separate from ‘life’ sees life as a threat – a terror that will surely crush the ‘life’ out of ‘you’.
          I suggest there is much more to You that ‘you’ allows you to know and that life and death are very different from what the ‘you’ thinking dictates.
          If your computer is compromised by security breach so as to become a tool of some agenda that is not your own true will – then clear out the false and re-establish a pristine original system – and maintain full vigilance against deceit.
          In short, the definitions and core beliefs by which you identify and live – determine your life. For whatever conditions you meet or unfold as your life – they are expressing your core beliefs as to who and what you are – and what the world is. These are not ‘materially fixed’. Life is also a capacity to open NEW perspective. Whether there is the willingness and desire to Live is another thing – for the guilt-thinking works to block the awareness and feeling of LIFE – towards ensuring a false peace in a loss of capacity to feel and recognize LIFE – instead identifying with the parasitic thinking that kills its host and propagates itself thereby.
          Everything changes. Nothing really ‘survives’ its own instant of appearance – yet there is … beneath the ever changing, a tangible Spirit or Purpose that can be aligned with and awaken to recognize itself in Creation. The key is; “what you give out, is what you get back”. As you are sowing so ARE you reaping. The fact that this does not SEEM true or obvious, is the result of a fragmented mind at war within itself – that “does not know what it does’ because it is largely unconscious of its formative and interpretive belief.
          Yes Life contains catalyst and challenge and a process of obstructions or adversities that may or may not be transformed or undone.
          If the ideas you are accepting as true are serving you – use them. Live by them. If they are not – have a clear out to make room for what does serve your joy in Life. And why not?

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    • Fred

      Politics is very dirty business, I don’t know how these people sleep and talk to their own kids about integrity, I remember a news break in 1980 when Brzezinski was telling Afghan Taliban-Mujaheddin to go and fight against Afghan regime supported by Soviet Union, Brzezinski was telling Afghan Taliban-Mujaheddin to go and take back your mosque from unbelievers,

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    • Anti

      Just look at the evil that is in that face…who would ever trust a word said by it..

      • Where is YOUR face?

    • James Wherry

      How unusual that a mouthpiece of the Iranian police state like Mintpressnews has a problem with “exporting revolution,” or “destabilizing the region.”

      • Hoss

        Where is your evidence for your claim that Mintpress is the mouthpiece of the “Iranian police state”? Even if that’s true, why did you read the article or did you even read it? And if you did read it, do you have anything intelligent to say about the article or is this your way of saying holy sh*t there is some truth here and I don’t like it.

        • James Wherry

          I’m a Bonanza fan from my childhood, Hoss, but what business are the answers to any of your questions, why I read what I will? Here are your answers:

          1. I won’t bother criticizing Mnar Muhawesh for her “un-named investors,” in this for-profit enterprise – despite being an organization that CLAIMS to support “transparency.” Instead, a broad survey of the CONTENT of this organization shows a complete unwillingness to report on the criminal activity of Syria, Iran and now Russia. Those issues are a little hard to ignore in the press. Russia’s use of thermoberic bombs which destroy up to two city blocks using flammables, while MintPress weeps tears of blood over the use of white phosphorous by Israeli troops? Here’s a fun story about a 3-year old child horribly hurt by Russia’s indiscriminate bombing: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/vladimir-putins-russian-warships-bomb-6592167

          How about the 27,000 photos of the emaciated corpses of the Assad regimes victims, now on display at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC? Not a peep out of MintPress. Instead, the reason Syrians rose up in 2011 is billed as ‘an evil American plot, years in the making.’ No mention of the Arab Spring. Same for the Green Revolution in Iran.

          Ayatollah Khomeini’s directive to all Iranian diplomats to cease all negotiations with the US? Again, “America’s intransigence.” This isn’t an alternate view of the news, it’s a heavily-redacted piece of propaganda.

          MintPress has three targets: Israel, America, Israel and America’s Sun’ni allies. Never have the Shi’ites of Syria or Iran come under any criticism. That’s not news: that’s propaganda.

          2. Brezezinski. Hey, I’m a conservative Republican and he’s Jimmy Carter’s boy. Knock yourself out with criticizing him. He DID predict the Soviet invasion, but he missed the over-throw of the Shah by a mile and he helped Carter turn his back on the Killing Fields of Cambodia and Vietnam’s own post-war human rights abuses.

          What war crimes? He helped organize resistance to an illegal invasion of Afghanistan by Russia. Russia’s own “Vietnam” so utterly demoralized the Soviets that they had to turn away from the Cold War. Reagan gets all the credit, of course, but others played a role.

          And he did help achieve peace with Egypt and Israel. Great job! But a “war criminal?” How stupid can this “newsless news organization” get?

          3. Saying something intelligent. This article was about an allegation of war crimes against Brezezinski. Underscoring the accuser’s hypocrisy is something I’m entitled to do, if that accuser – MintPressNews – makes the allegation. Don’t be surprised, if you come in for criticism, when you make a dumb allegation that is neither “fair” nor “balanced.”

          • Bill Rood

            Those issues are a little hard to ignore in the press.

            That’s precisely why we need organizations like Mint News Press. We are constantly bombarded by criticisms of the enemies of US elites and Israel, while the “press” ignores or downplays the exact same crimes when perpetrated by the US or Israel. As to funding and support, Mint Press could not have written or published this article without the support of patriotic (loyal to the people rather than the government) Americans like Sara Flounders, Ramsey Clark or William Blum. As to anonymous funders donors, most are probably Americans who don’t want to be prosecuted ex post facto if Mint Press should ever be declared a “terrorist” organization. If you have some proof that Mint Press is funded by a foreign government, I suggest you submit your proof to the DoJ so they can prosecute it as an unregistered agent of a foreign government. You know, like AIPAC?

          • Shelia Sperbeck

            The problem with the majority of your statements, is that you believe the US propaganda. Were it not for the US in Syria, the vast majority of the people would be alive today and there won’t be any refugees. You are blinded by the love of your gov’t, instead of the love of your country.

            • James Wherry

              “US in Syria?” Perhaps you meant “US in Iraq?” The United States is not in Syria in any meaningful way (thankfully). We certainly were not there in 2011, when President Assad sent in his butchers to murder peaceful pro-democracy protesters and the Sun’ni’s had finally had enough.

              • Shelia Sperbeck

                The US is supporting the rebels with ammunition and training, either directly or indirectly. We can always think of reasons to justify our lethal involvement.

                • James Wherry

                  Frequently, those arms and that ammunition goes over to ISIL. I oppose further envincement with the rebels.

      • Robert Munro
      • Shelia Sperbeck

        You need to do your research before toting the benefits of US actions. Were it not for the US and GB, Iran would be a democracy today. Try the years 1953-54.

        • James Wherry

          Your assumption that I am ignorant is vaguely insulting – or it underscores your own ignorance of the same time and place.

          1. Prime Minister Mosedeq was a secular leader. The Ayatollah was not against the Shah, but against secularism and wanted to impost Shia revivalism. Your assumption that he and his followers would have stopped because of a “democratically elected man” who still allowed women in public with western dresses and uncovered hair, alcohol, televsion subervsive to the Muslim soul, etc. is simply “alternate fiction.” I enjoy the genre: try S.M. Stirling and his Emberverse series that begins with “Dies the Fire.” You’ll note what Khomeini did with the Toodeh Communist Party. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=21E8f1vUFKo At the least, he would have insisted on a “democracy” as it is today: run by an Imam.

          2. The entire plot was conceived by MI6. Stupid of Eisenhower to get involved – and I like Ike. But today, Britain has relations with Iran and America does not. Why not? “Every cult needs a satan” to keep its people in line and make them afraid. Unlike Britain, we exemplifiy everything that the Iranian cult hates: Hollywood, Rock and Roll, alcohol, etc.

          3. The CIA and MI6 failed. It was only when the Shah and his followers realized that we would not carry his water that they finally rose up. The Shah remained popular for many years.

          • Shelia Sperbeck

            1. I stand by my comment. You think just like our gov’t holding a crystal ball. You believe you know better than the people living in other countries and have the right to take down their democratically elected gov’t because of fear that something might possibly happen.

            2. The US does not blindly follow any country. The US saw it in their best interest to
            insure that the oil production of Iran was not to be taken out of circulation for big business. Just as the invasion of Iraq, Libya, and Syria; the US and GB go hand in hand.

            • James Wherry

              What have I said that suggests or implies that I ever approved of the decision to try and take down Prime Minister Mosadeq? I believe I said it was “stupid” of Eisenhower to get involved.

              Your comments suggest that I am either ignorant or naieve – all because I do not agree with you. That takes a particular air of arrogance to make that assumption.

              Yes, this was an MI6 proposal – it was the ANGLO-Iranian oil fields at stake. Supporting business played a part in it, but the Cold War era also compelled Eisenhower to support the plot. The Cold War had the U.S. and Russia doing many stupid things, including building 50,000 nuclear weapons IOT be able to destroy the Earth dozens of times over.

              The notion that it was “all Big Business” and all about money is a Strawman argument, however. I can make the same argument about those who opposed the Iraq War: “The only reason people opposed the invasion of Iraq was because they supported the ‘Oil for Fraud’ program that made U.N. observers rich beyond belief.” There’s certainly an element of truth in that, but it’s hardly the driving force of the anti-war movement.

        • S.M. Stirling

          Iran would be a democracy… and I am Queen Marie of Rumania…

          • Shelia Sperbeck

            I guess your are the Queen Marie of Rumania. Get your head out your ___ and do some reach; try researching the CIA coup against Iran in 1953. Certain events have repercussions for decades or centuries and we have been doing a lot of these types of actions for the past 80 + years.

    • Robert Munro

      Nobody deserves to hang publicly more than Brzezinski. He is one of the few true monsters in the world.

      • archiebird

        I don’t know…Cheney and Kissinger rank pretty high in the ‘monsters of the world’ category.

        • TheShowIsBothGreatAndSecret

          He’s in that league. Easy.

        • Shelia Sperbeck

          True and following the ideas of Brzezinski. Maybe that is why Germany invaded Poland.

      • Shelia Sperbeck

        He should be held accountable for 9/11. After all that is the outcome of our interventions in the ME and creating Osama Bin Linden.

        • Robert Munro

          The guilty of 9/11 are in the US, UK, Israel and Saudi Arabia. There are probably at least 200 who are more guilty than Brzezinski. They range from the Bush family to Cheney to the Rothschilds to most of the Saud family men down to the Mossad agents who are almost certainly the ones who, posing as electricians, planted the explosives in the WTC buildings.

          While Brzezinski is guilty of many, many crimes, I’m not sure that he had any active role in 9/11. Being in the inner circle of the sociopathic oligarchy, I’m sure that he was aware of what was happening, though.

          • Shelia Sperbeck

            Were it not for Brzezinski, there would be no Bin Laden.

            • Robert Munro

              There is always someone, with no moral floor, to do the sort of work he did.

    • Eyedyllist

      Zbig is a douche and a war-criminal fo’sho

    • meow-meow-meow

      It looks like that vampire needs more blood to re-hydrate after hibernation.

    • Jay Sha

      And we all wonder why his picture with this article isn’t in Time Magazine or on CNN? After Watergate, the press was silenced, after Iran Contra the press sold out, after 9/11 the press works for the CIA.

    • kuasimi

      Treat these “NGOs” the same way the US does – label and go after them or anyone associated with them as terrorist organization engaging in terrorism.

      Cut off their money (bank account, money transfer etc), close down their office etc. Then you haul in a couple of them to jail even if they claim immunity, free press reporters and they scream and cry human rights violation etc). Then try them, sentence them and then ban them forever.

      These NGO’s with their supporters will stop and leave lickety split – guaranteed!

      • Shelia Sperbeck

        The US gov’t is the entity that supports and provides all resources to the NGO’s. Do you really think our gov’t is going to cease and desist? If countries don’t elect a Western backed leader, they will have coups and war. Only in Western allied countries are people allowed to have a margin of freedoms

        • kuasimi

          She’ll will if you start tearing up her ssss…no pun intended sheila.

          Look, the US may be Caesar to weak, feeble countries with petrified leaders. But the truth of the matter is if people take a hard no nonsense approach with immediate, assured reprisal, even Captain America rolled into Rambo and George Custer will head for the hills.

          Fact is, this was what Russia with Putin did. Whereas Mikhail Gorbachev ended up pushing pizza and selling lady’s handbag. It was also what India did when Modi came into office. There were a bunch of acrimony for the usual yapping dogs but they all gave up felling on deaf ears. And today what China with Xi Jinping is doing; although not imperious, ruthless and relentless enough yet.

          Bluntly put, “Squeeze them hard enough (especially the money) and they will wither and die on the vine.”

          As to this bit about “Only in western allied countries are people allowed to have a margin of freedom”, please go sell that to Jeb Clampett.

          In case you are having selective amnesia wasn’t that “possum soup” sold to
          the people in Iraq and Libya for getting rid off Saddam and Muammar Ghadafi? Some “soup” they got huh?

          • Shelia Sperbeck

            Palestine, Syria, Ukraine, Egypt, and Libya are all examples of what happens to countries that don’t conform to the US and its allies desires on the ruling party.

            • kuasimi

              Precisely and this is what every country should do whenever America or Americans start lecturing about “democracy, justice, religious freedom, peace, human rights, free press etc”.

              Give them the middle finger like Putin did and them to “Fark Off”. Do that often enough and with more people, America will get the message.

              • Shelia Sperbeck

                America will never get the message. We think we are unique and have the right to do as we choose in the name of “freedom” and “fear”

              • Bill Rood

                Putin would not dare do what he’s doing if he didn’t have the covert support of several European countries. It ain’t easy to just tell the US elites to “Fark Off.” He had to wait for the refugee crisis. Fortunately, the US has been alienating even its allies, “F*** the EU!” will not be forgotten, nor the fact that Nuland was not immediately sacked for that outrageous expletive.

        • Robert Munro

          A very ignorant comment.

        • Bill Rood

          Yes. I get it. We have the freedom to elect one of two candidates selected by the elites through manipulative media coverage. Restriction is freedom.

      • Bill Rood

        Russia is already doing that.

    • john

      One of many Americans who have committed crimes against humanity during the last 35 years. An evil, despicable spirit.

    • Boogity

      The blood of 911 is on the hands of this vile treasonous FK’er because his policies gave birth to Al Qaeda and by default its current derivative lunatic Sunni Jihadist movements (e.g. ISIS, Al Nusra, etc.).

    • John Cornett

      Let’s see. This guy cites these stellar advocates of democratic principles– Russia’s Putin, China’s Xi Jinping, Venezuela’s Maduro, and Cuba’s Raul Castro, in his attacks on “bad Mr. Brezhinski” and his evil-doing. With such wonderful guys criticizing, how can the author resist chiming along with his heroes? If only we could be like them. Then the Republicans, who are not a part of the administration right now, and who DARE to speak unkindly of the administration…. obviously FOREIGN AGENTS and TRAITORS of course, would be rounded up and jailed right away. Instead of running around “mouthing off” about President’s “mistakes”, they would be shut up and charged with all kinds of misdeeds and tax violations; their offices ransacked, and humiliated on all media outlets. Fox would finally be shut down (tax fraud of course) and the treacherous ones would either flee or be jailed or just disappear.

      Mr. Brezhinsky of course, the naughty man, is apparently opposed to all this. Unlike the author here, who thinks that is the way to go, and no one should dare to “help” an opposition (like our Republican Party for example here) to get started in any of those countries where political opposition is stifled. Government-controlled media, arrest of dissenters/complainers, and tax fraud, imbezzlement, and/or “foreign agents/traitors” for those who dare to complain about our glorious President… that is the way to go of course. Naughty Brezhinski. Thank goodness for this author to teach us the glory of his heroes, and our inferior badness here.

      • Bill Rood

        I think the point of the article is that a lot of rational people oppose these policies and they give a huge propaganda victory to the people you mention. Sorry you missed that.

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    • ernest

      Stop funding NATO.

    • Gus

      hang this murderer

    • Norman

      When are we going to learn that Brzezinski’s ideas, Kissinger’s ideas, and Dulles ideas all lead eventually to grotesque failures after wasting $trillions, millions of lives and generating more ill will for the US, creating ultimately unbeatable opposition to the US that may pay the American TAXPAYER in kind. The situation in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, if not restrained by cool heads, is likely to turn the planet into a fire-ball a lot sooner than we think will happen. Exporting violence into established SECULAR states without the means to create economically better alternatives to replace them and without a sustainable popular support is recipe for disaster. When are we going to learn vital lessons from the adventurism of Pentagon/CIA into Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria? Doing the same and expecting different results is defined as insanity….But then, sanity is seldom seems to be the concern of those running the show as they are always deemed right by the throng of bottom kissers surrounding them for the perks they get from the rituals….

      • dn32844

        How, a nation that is in sleep could ever learn
        from the history? If the nation was awake and loyal to country rather than a
        two corrupt political parties and its “crony capitalist” system of
        government, history wouldn’t get a chance to repeat itself..

        • Richard Moffatt

          …but that’s the plan!

      • Bill Rood

        But they aren’t failures. They’re a smashing success for the institutional imperatives of the MIC:

        1) profits for arms manufacturers and other military contractors, 2) career enhancement for military brass, civilian employees of the CIA, Pentagon, State Department, and militarist thinktanks, 3) blockbuster movies and sensational headlines to sell media (and also contribute to the necessary fear and jingoism), 4) pork for politicians and 5) attendant high paying jobs guaranteed by ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) for “US persons” that keep those employees loyal to the system.

    • Eric Chenoweth

      This article is baseless, repeating many falsehoods, and links to absurd sources that have only ideological axes to grind. There is serious journalism to be done here — Blowback was in fact a serious consequence to a policy of opposing the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan — but Yahoo is peddling left-wing infantilism. No one would know here from this article the barbarism that the Soviet Union inflicted on Afghanistan and its people, which was the true source of radicalism.

    • jblsosixyi

      Spot onarticle, plus that look in his facehole… eeek

    • Good article, sometimes I wonder how people in the State Department that make these decisions sleep at night knowing the death and destruction they have caused.

      • Richard Moffatt

        Decisions? Not really – just adherence to the Rothschild agenda.

      • dn32844

        Arrogance blinds conscious. When they call loss of life collateral damage, be it that of our own soldier or innocent people going after their daily live, you should not expect humanity from them. When
        leaders of a nation start thinking as though they are Lord of the world, that nation will fall no matter how many bombs and tanks or plane it has at its disposal. Just read history of Empires, Britain, Rome, Persia, Egypt or Hitler who wanted to conquer the world. Unless people are awakened to bring a runaway
        government under control, our nation will follow the same path.

    • ColKorn1965

      He is evil.