Congressional Budget Office: 24 Million People Would Lose Coverage Under TrumpCare By
The highly-anticipated report on GOP's Obamacare replacement plan finds 14 million people would lose coverage in the first two years alone.
Hawaii Files First Lawsuit Against Muslim Ban 2.0 By
"It's disenfranchising people who are not of the majority race or majority religion. It puts them in a place that smears their culture or a religion that is not accepted by everyone else. And that's wrong"
Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Call For Special Prosecutor By
A new poll shows widespread support for an independent prosecutor to operate the probe into the Trump team's Russia ties.
Muslims And Jews ‘Unite Against Hatred’ After Another Jewish Cemetery Is Vandalized By
Muslim activists rally to donate funds, assist in cleanup after Jewish grave site in Pennsylvania desecrated.
Bannon Talks “Deconstruction Of Administrative State” At CPAC By
Speaking at CPAC on Thursday, Steve Bannon again called media 'opposition party' and said Trump administration would deconstruct 'administrative state.'
Activists Hang ‘Refugees Welcome’ Banner From Statue Of Liberty By
The 20-foot red-and-white banner was up from roughly 12:45pm to just before 4:00pm, when the National Park Service tore it down.
Dakota Access Pipeline Construction Resumes Amid Protests And Lawsuits By
"It's not about Standing Rock anymore, it's about the world. No matter what happens, even as they're drilling as we talk, we must all stand up for the water."
DAPL Opponents Vow ‘Fierce Resistance’ As Army Corps Grants Last Easement By
Unless there is an injunction, construction could begin in 24 hours.
FCC Blocks Nine ISPs From Providing Internet Access To Low-Income Families By
New Trump appointee Ajit Pai told a handful of internet service providers (ISPs) that they could not take part in the Lifeline broadband program.
Trump Appoints Bannon To National Security Council, Removes Intelligence Officials By
'To reiterate, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been removed from the National Security Council and replaced with a white nationalist. Worry.'