The True Legacy Of David Rockefeller

While often remembered for his philanthropy, the last surviving grandson of America’s first billionaire died today, leaving behind a dark legacy indicative of how American nobility often shape policy from behind the scenes.
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    MINNEAPOLIS – No one person encapsulates the enduring legacy of the “robber barons” of the Industrial Age quite like David Rockefeller. Rockefeller, who died today at the age of 101, was the last surviving grandson of John D. Rockefeller, the oil tycoon who became America’s first billionaire and the patriarch of what would become one of the most powerful and wealthiest families in American history. David Rockefeller, an undeniable product of American nobility, lived his entire life in the echelons of U.S. society, becoming symbolic of the elite who often direct public policy to a much greater extent than many realize, albeit often from the shadows.

    Rockefeller made it clear that he preferred to operate out of public view despite his great influence in American – and international – politics. Due to his birthright, Rockefeller served as an advisor to every president since Eisenhower, but when offered powerful positions such as Federal Reserve chairman and Secretary of the Treasury – he declined, preferring “a private role.”

    As evidenced by the numerous obituaries bemoaning the loss of the last of the Rockefeller’s grandsons, he was largely successful in hiding his most significant wrongdoings from public view, as evidenced by his characterization as a generous philanthropist and influential banker.

    But as is often the case, Rockefeller’s true legacy is much more mired in controversy than major publications seem willing to admit. In addition to having the ear of every U.S. president for the better part of the last 70 or so years, Rockefeller – once again operating “behind the scenes” – was instrumental in shaping the more cringe-worthy aspects of U.S. policy during that time, as well as being a major force in establishing banking policies that led to debt crises in the developing world.

    Rockefeller – as the head of Chase Manhattan Bank from 1969 to 1981 – worked with government and multinational corporations throughout the world to create a “global order” unequivocally dominated by the 1 percent, of which his family was a part. As the New York Times noted back in the 1970s, Rockefeller became embroiled in controversy when his constant trips overseas caused the bank to become less profitable, as he prioritized the bank’s influence on foreign politics over its actual business dealings.

    During his time as Chase CEO, Rockefeller helped laid the foundation for repressive, racist and fascist regimes around the world, as well as architecture for global inequality. In addition, Rockefeller helped to bring the debt crisis of the 1980s into existence, in part by direct action through Chase Bank and also indirectly through his former employee-turned-Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker. Two years before the debt crisis erupted, Rockefeller, Volcker and other top bankers met at the International Monetary Conference in 1980s to argue for the establishment of a “safety net” for major banks – like Chase – that were embroiled in bad loans given largely to countries in the developing world.

    After the crisis brought financial ruin to Latin America and other developing areas throughout the world, Rockefeller – along with other bankers – created austerity programs to “solve” the debt crisis during subsequent IMC meetings, provoking inequality that still persists to this day. However, thanks to the “safety net” conveniently established years prior, Chase avoided the economic consequences for its criminal actions.

    In addition, Rockefeller supported the bloody and ruthless dictatorships of the Shah of Iran and Augusto Pinochet of Chile while also supporting Israeli apartheid. Rockefeller then went on to found the influential Trilateral Commission while also serving as a major force on the Council on Foreign Relations that he, along with his close friend Henry Kissinger, would come to dominate.

    Both of these organizations have come under fire for using their powerful influence to bring about a “one-world government” ruled by a powerful, ultra-wealthy elite – an accusation to which David Rockefeller confirmed as true in his autobiography. Far from the generous philanthropist he is made to be, David Rockefeller deserves to be remembered for his true legacy – one of elitism, fascism and economic enslavement.

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    • Youri

      thanks for this mythbusting piece Mint Press 🙂

    • jaywalker


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    • Scum of the earth. Millions dead in his greedy wake. A planet on the verge of nuclear holocaust. History claims Hitler to be the most ruthless in modern history? Who funds people like this for profit? David Rockefeller. I spit on his grave and will rejoice when the Rothschilds are finally taken down.

    • The_Mild_Mannered_Janitor

      If Rockefeller was guilty of anything, it was his idealism. His heart was undoubtedly in the right place but in the execution of such a grandiose vision for humanity, one or two mistakes were made along the way. For a far more balanced account of his life and colorful career see:

      • David’s Ida

        WOW someone watches way too much PBS….

      • Brutally Remastered

        With all due respect: stick to the janitor role.

      • TeeJae

        If by “balanced” you mean completely one-sided and absent of reality. Good god, I think I threw up in my mouth a little.

      • tapatio

        A janitor should be brighter. The Rothschilds were minions of the Rothschilds – all were and are predators.

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    • imbroglio

      D. Rockefeller : ” All we need is the right major crises and the nations will accept the New World Order ” .
      Link to JFK assasination . —

    • JCLincoln

      “Unseen” or “In the Shadows” are better descriptions of his role rather than “private”. Yes, it’s even Rockefeller money that supported and still supports George Soros.

    • Please learn more about our “Shadow Government” that is actually running our country and involved with the European Union, and take an active part in purging these people from all levels of our government NOW!

      • Steve Thompson

        I do not think one truly understands the cancer upon humanity and the globe if one thinks these people only need purged from government. They need to be TOTALLY & PERMANENTLY ANNIHILATED with extreme prejiduce.

        • tapatio

          That you are correct goes without saying. That you should NOT say that in so many words, should also go without saying. Within the next four to eight years such comments may well be tantamount to suicide.

          • navre12

            Maybe a “forced suicide” might be a more accurate description of consequences for making such comments in four to eight years; I sincerely hope not.

            • tapatio

              We’ll see what happens. It’s a bad idea to advocate violence, even if you are sure that it’s coming.

          • Steve Thompson

            Tapatio: Right on. I understand what you are saying or “warning” me of here and appreciate you doing so. I did not proclaim of myself taking violent action nor did I instruct or ask anyone else to specifically commit violence. But let us not delude ourselves of what we are honestly facing and what is historically required to overcome it. As JFK said, “Those that would seek to prevent peaceful political revolution serve to make violent revolution inevitable.” I actually think it will be a lot sooner than 4-8 years that we will see very dystopian forces not acting any longer in the shadows.They’re more emboldened than ever to openly act against the citizenry and control the MSM to blackout coverage and set the narrative.

            I think everyone here ought to realize that anything said or written on the internet has been watched for the past few years. With the the Bush Patriot Act and its expansion under Obama along with the most recent info from WikiLeaks Vault 7, we know they are already able and collecting everything said -typed or spoken- and they can arrest/detain anyone at anytime and whisk them away and do whatever they like especially since habeas corpus has been suspended by Obama. We have no privacy nor security from the state and larger deep state. I hold no expectation of it and neither should anyone else. The 4th Amendment is basically dead and no one has cared to mention it. The MSM acts only as a mouthpiece tool for the establishment. They can commit murder of us at anytime and it is not uncommon fro people to be “suicided”. If history is any indicator then our current debacle is not going to change for the better by any politician volunteering/proposing to change it through civil process alone. We are awakening to the fact that we are a nation so rotted and fraudulent is our system of government because it has indeed been usurped by a corporate fascist cabal that controls both the left and right wings of the same dirty corporatist bird. We are not vesting in the belief of their propaganda anymore. We are now trying to protect ourselves from the Deep State’s use of the technology created by our most talented and creative people to not be used in an entirely corrupted organized mob against us one and all.

            Historically, there is always a precipitating event that always comes and inspires the people to rise and demand something different. Trump is clearly not the answer and anyone that voted for him thinking so is finding out right now while the DNC Do Not Care 4 you or me is imploding and being fueled by their unending arrogance. I think the citizenry -“We The People”- have seen that people such as MLK and Ghandi proved the best way to resist is by becoming ungovernable and try not to cooperate with the way the establishment has turned the government against the common good of us all. We need to rid the Deep State that is preventing us to ever fulfill the dream of a truly open process democracy that is representative of a progressive society for the “common good” of all. The Deep State, MIC, International Bankster and Global Corporatists are not going to just listen to some “progressive politician” tell them they need to be torn down and their wealth spread equally because war only serves a few to profit whereas peace spreads the profit universally. They do not care to hear that fact and are not going to give up because they are asked or even told to do so on their own. One percent of the population cannot be left to hoard all the resources and vast wealth to rule over 99% without serious opposition. And if we cannot see that and follow through with what is right for what is our common good, then perhaps we do not deserve to be all that concerned over our murders or suicides.

            • tapatio

              You are still correct. What we need now is for people to post, to not be discouraged. Communicate with people wherever and however you can.

              Whatever happens in the future, many, many more people who underrstand the truth will be needed. Trump, Bannon and their Nazl thugs are going to drive most into agreement with us. But, we have to bring in more.

              It’s still possible that Congress can be made more afraid of the American people than it is greedy for the bribes and afraid of the self-“chosen” banksters. Decades ago, we forced Nixon to hole up in the White House like a rabbit. At the time, Congress wasn’t feeling much more brave. The people can do that again and we can take our country back.

            • Chuck Morrison

              I also use my name, and for the same reason that you do: done in the Spirit of John Hancock. To sum it up simply: When they kill me for stating the truth, I’ll say ‘it’s a good day to die’. And the truth is, it will be the Neo-feudalist Robber-Baron Globalist Technocracy vs the Rest of Us, and if we don’t destroy them, they will destroy or enslave us. I will not be a slave.

              • Steve Thompson

                Right on!

      • tapatio

        Excellent link, thank you.

      • Steve Thompson

        Joe Hollinger: I meant to say at the front of my previous comment, that is an excellent link. Thank you for posting it.

    • tapatio
      • Brutally Remastered

        Is bizarre, this quote. We seem to be inured to the NWO meme, but what gets me is the “crisis”. What kind of insane, stone-cold killer can contemplate actively working on and bringing about misery and near, certain death and destruction? I’m at a loss.

        • tapatio

          It isn’t bizarre when you consider that the Rockefellers were part of the Rothschild-Bilderberg predatory capitalist cartel, whose goal is to bring OUR world to the point where it exists ONLY to serve them.
          They ONLY care about their own power and wealth. Humanity, beauty are meaningless to these creatures. It’s difficult to avoid viewing these predators as minions of Satan.

          • Brutally Remastered

            I’m well aware of all that-it is the absolute barbarism of their assumed aims, their character that is my point.

            • tapatio

              Study the Rothschilds and the history of leadership/power in Judaism and you may become a believer.

      • TeeJae

        I wouldn’t count them out just yet. Surely they have progeny to carry on their horrible legacy.

        • tapatio

          That may be. But, the Rockefellers power has been pretty well dissipated, much of it passing straight into the hands of the Rothschilds, which is where most of the filaments in the web of predatory capitalism eventually lead.