Navajo Sues EPA For $160 Million Over Last Year’s Mining Waste Spill

The EPA’s response to this catastrophic mess highlights how Native Americans have consistently been dealt strings of empty promises by the federal government.

People kayak in the Animas River near Durango, Colo., in water colored from a mine waste spill

Before Dakota Access, many Americans were unaware of the excessive damage and exploitation that Native Americans have endured and continue to suffer from massive corporations. However, last year, one of the worst environmental catastrophes was not caused by a corporation, but by the government itself. More specifically, the disaster was caused

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A Little-Known Toxic Threat ‘Underfoot’ In North Carolina

Coal ash used as landfill is a ‘silent, lurking issue that’s not getting any attention’.

In this April 4, 2013, file photo, a truck carrying 250 tons of coal hauls the fuel to the surface of the Spring Creek mine near Decker, Mont. Congressional investigators have found problems with federal coal sales that a federal lawmaker says potentially cost taxpayers $200 million or more in lost revenue. (AP Photo/Matthew Brown,File)

North Carolina residents do not know the extent of a toxic mess that has been buried under their feet in dozens of locations around the state. Coal ash, the murky and toxic waste created by the coal industry, made headlines in February when a containment pond spilled into North Carolina's Dan River, contaminating waterways at untold levels and

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Chevron Blasted For “Rainforest Chernobyl” And Mob-Like Tactics To Silence Critics

“Despite losing a 20-year legal battle and receiving a $9.5 billion judgment against it, Chevron says it will never pay.”

The nonprofit organization Amazon Watch on Monday released a satirical video to draw attention to the threats Chevron has made to environmentalists, journalists, scientists and locals who have asked for the company to be held accountable for its destructive actions, and the company’s attempts to criminalize environmental protests. Specifically,

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Western Electronics Creating Poisonous Land in Ghana

The most dangerous of the globe’s toxic waste sites is located in Ghana, topping Chernobyl in terms of its toxicity.

The biggest health threats to the world are typically thought of as malaria and tuberculosis, yet a new report is claiming toxic waste should be added to the list, citing the widespread and growing exposure throughout the globe. The report, released by the Blacksmith Institute, claims nearly 200 million people around the globe are at risk to

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Time Running Out For Latino Community Standing Up Against Waste Facility

The town of Kettleman City, Calif., site of a toxic waste landfill, is plagued with infant mortality and birth defects.

Update: According to The Center for Race Poverty and the Environment, the Department of Toxic Substance Control is extending comment period regarding proposed expansion of the Kettleman City Waste Facility until Oct. 25. The petition will remain open until that time. A low-income community that came out fighting against a local toxic landfill

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Ohio’s ‘Dirty Secret’: Residents Balk At Becoming Oil Industry’s Waste Dump

Ohio has been the site of a growing fracking fluid disposal industry that enjoys a steady stream of business from neighboring Pennsylvania.

For those living in Ohio, hydraulic fracturing wells aren’t the only cause of concern in the nation’s quest to leave no oil formation un-fracked. The state has been the site of a growing fracking fluid disposal industry that enjoys a steady stream of business from neighboring Pennsylvania. Last year, more than 14 million barrels of the toxic waste

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