School Calls Strip Search Of 15 Year Old Girl “Respectful”

Children’s advocacy groups are outraged about the molestation that occurred, as well as the reaction from officials in the school system.

(ANTIMEDIA) After being suspected of possessing and selling drugs, a 15-year-old girl in Quebec, Canada was strip-searched by school officials at the Neufchâtel High School. There was nothing illegal found during the search, but the girl was absolutely traumatized by the incident. The school is entirely unapologetic, and insists that the

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Quebec Proposes Ban On Religious Clothing

Opponents say the France-style ban would disproportionately affect those of certain faiths while curtailing religious freedoms.

Quebec civil servant employees wearing articles of clothing specifically tied to their faith could no longer have the right to do so if the proposed charter for Quebec values goes through. Included in the list of banned items are large cross necklaces, turbans, hijabs, burkas and kippas, restricting the rights of those who wear such items in

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Lac-Mégantic Victims Challenge Industries Behind Deadly Explosion

Death toll climbs to 42 as the environmental costs of the train-derailment disaster continue to mount.

Two residents of Lac-Mégantic, Quebec have filed a class action lawsuit against the corporations behind the July 6 train derailment and explosion which killed nearly fifty people and devastated the small Canadian town. Yannick Gagne and Guy Ouellet, who together own the Musi-Cafe — a bar that was crowded with people the night it was destroyed by

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Train Derailment, Explosion In Quebec Highlights Oil Industry Dangers

It’s the worst case scenario of incidents oil industry skeptics have been cautioning since the beginning of the North American oil boom.

On Saturday, a train hauling 72 cars of North Dakota crude oil derailed in a small Quebec town just north of the Maine border, creating an explosion that destroyed more than 30 buildings and left more than 15 dead and 37 missing. Authorities say those who are missing may never be found, as their bodies may have been vaporized. More than 26,000

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