A Nation Imploding: Digital Tyranny, Insurrection and Martial Law

This is what we have been reduced to: A violent mob. A nation on the brink of martial law. A populace under house arrest. A techno-corporate state wielding its power to immobilize huge swaths of the country. And a Constitution in tatters.

Insurrection Feature photo

“In this difficult day, in this difficult time for the United States, it is perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are and what direction we want to move in. [Y]ou can be filled with bitterness, with hatred, and a desire for revenge. We can move in that direction as a country, in great polarization…filled with hatred toward one another. Or we

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Could the Next Standing Rock Be Brewing in Northern Minnesota?

The tension is palpable in northern Minnesota where a Native-led protest movement is getting ready to square off with Enbridge over the massive Line 3 oil pipeline being built to carry crude from Canada to the Great Lakes.

Line 3 protest Feature photo

Despite sub-zero winter temperatures, a conflict over a controversial new pipeline is threatening to boil over in rural Minnesota, turning it into the next Standing Rock. 22 people were arrested last week during protests in Aitkin County, around 120 miles north of Minneapolis, for trespassing against the construction of the Enbridge Line 3

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Video Shows British Soldier Being Arrested for Opposing UK Arming of Saudi Arabia

British soldier Ahmed Al-Babati has been arrested for opposing the United Kingdom’s role in the Saudi-led war against Yemen.

Ahmed Al-Babati Arrest

A British soldier has been arrested for opposing the United Kingdom’s role in the Saudi-led war against Yemen. Video shows Lance Corporal Ahmed Al-Babati of the Royal Signals being led away by military police from his protest outside Britain’s Ministry of Defense in London. https://www.instagram.com/p/CER91OZpD8l/ Al-Babati earlier released a

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Looking for an Excuse to Crackdown, Police Departments are Pitting Protesters Against Each Other

Civil discontent leads to civil unrest, which leads to protests and counterprotests, and instead of restoring order, local police stand down. Tensions rise, violence escalates, and federal armies move in.

Police Protest Feature photo

CHARLOTTESVILLE (Rutherford) –– There’s a pattern emerging if you pay close enough attention. Civil discontent leads to civil unrest, which leads to protests and counterprotests. Without fail, what should be an exercise in how to peacefully disagree turns ugly the moment looting, vandalism, violence, intimidation tactics and rioting are

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Portland: “Wall of Moms” Mobilizes to Protect Protests From Police Violence

Chanting, “Feds stay clear! Moms are here!,” groups of women congregated at the Mark O. Hatfield Federal Courthouse and other locations in Central Portland. They were met with tear gas, flashbangs, and pepper round bullets, injuring many.

Portland Protest Feature photo

Despite a widely-condemned federal crackdown, Portland’s anti-racist police brutality protests show no signs of abating. Last night a group of local moms dressed in white and yellow tried a new tactic; placing themselves between law enforcement and protesters in order to prevent more violence. Chanting, “Feds stay clear! Moms are here!,” groups of

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Manipulating the Message: Police Attacks on Free Press and the Fencing in of Humanity

Journalists and dissidents alike are being targeted by American police in the land of the free. Is it as simple as an out of control police force, or something more?

The evening before President Trump lumbered over to St. John's Church for his infamous "photo op," U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr quietly instructed all 56 regional departments of the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) to "identify criminal organizers and instigators" in the nationwide protests elicited by George Floyd's murder. Barr,

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