Senator Marco Rubio: US Must Initiate Widespread Unrest in Venezuela

In public testimony, Marco Rubio called on the U.S. to promote “widespread unrest” in order to eventually bring down the Maduro government in Venezuela.

Venezuela | Marco Rubio

During a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Thursday, Republican chairman Marco Rubio condemned Venezuela's Nicolas Maduro as a "clear danger" and a "threat to the national security of the U.S." As was to be expected, the hearing was filled with plenty of threats and talk of flipping "military elites" and enforcing tougher

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Trump and the Venezuelan Opposition Have Much in Common

Political analyst Steve Ellner draws the parallels between Trump and the Venezuelan opposition let by self-declared president, Juan Venezuela’s self-declared President Juan Guaido.

Venezuela | Juan Guaido

Michael Cohen’s statement last Wednesday that he fears Trump would not concede defeat in the 2020 elections has sparked concern about the breakdown of basic rules of democratic electoral politics. Indeed, as far back as the 2016 presidential elections, Trump refused to vow that he would recognize the official results if Hillary Clinton were to be

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An Open Letter to the Guardian on Its Wildly Inaccurate Coverage of Nicaragua

The Guardian’s editor-in-chief received the following letter but has refused to publish it, even in shorter form.

A masked protester walks along a main avenue, littered with debris, in Managua, Nicaragua, Friday, April 20, 2018. Three consecutive days of protests in Nicaragua after the announcement of controversial Social Security reforms added a fifth death and dozens of injured Friday. International organizations have shown concern and have called on the government of Daniel Ortega to respect the voice of the people. (AP Photo/Alfredo Zuniga)

For the past three months, there has been a political crisis in Nicaragua, with opposing forces not only confronting each other in the streets but fighting a media war. The Guardian should be at the forefront of balanced and well-informed reporting of these events. Instead, despite plentiful evidence of opposition violence, almost all your 17

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Nicaragua’s Paramilitary Opposition Wages Intimidation and Media Terror Campaign

The current crisis in Nicaragua is an intense escalation of the long-term US and allied strategy to destroy the Sandinista Front for National Liberation, very much part of the unrelenting regional assault on Cuba and Venezuela.

Members of the Nicaragua's opposition aim hunting rifles at police during protests in Masaya, Nicaragua, June 9, 2018. Oscar Duarte | AP

Nicaragua’s opposition paramilitary intimidation and media terror campaign have brought fear, insecurity, and hardship to around 30 of Nicaragua’s 153 municipalities. Only President Daniel Ortega’s commitment to peace has prevented an even worse conflict. Almost as disturbing as the extreme sadism of the opposition paramilitaries in Nicaragua is

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The Reelection of Maduro – Venezuelan Voters Defiant Answer to US Empire

Roger D. Harris, former president of the human rights organization, Task Force on the Americas, recently returned from monitoring the recent presidential elections in Venezuela.

Supporters of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro hold a poster of late President Hugo Chavez during Maduro's closing campaign rally in Caracas, Venezuela, May 17, 2018. Ariana Cubillos | AP

The Venezuelan people reelected Nicolas Maduro for a second presidential term on May 20. A US-backed political tide of reaction had been bucked, which had swept away previously left-leaning Latin American governments – often by extra-parliamentary means – in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Honduras, and even Ecuador. The US and the

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Maduro Won Venezuela’s Election Despite US Meddling, Now What?

Thus far, Maduro and the Bolivarian leadership have been unable or unwilling to implement the necessary measures to deal with Venezuela’s economic crisis.

Supporters of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro gather outside the government-controlled National Electoral Council in Caracas, Venezuela, Tuesday, May 2, 2018. Maduro was officially declared winner of the presidential election. (AP Photo/Ricardo Mazalan)

Nicolas Maduro was re-elected for another term of office in the Venezuelan presidential election on Sunday 20 May. The majority of the reactionary opposition, with full support from Washington and Brussels, had called for a boycott, which led to a very low turnout in the middle-and-upper-class areas of the main cities. Their demand that the

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