The NSA and The State of Surveillance In America

Snowden’s revelations continue, but receiving the most attention is the program collecting phone records.

NSA Google

Revelations of NSA surveillance are causing reporters, lawyers and cryptologists to rethink working patterns and methods, while questioning government actions and policy. A panel discussion, “The State of Surveillance: Legal, Cultural and Technology Perspectives,” hosted by New York University's Institute of Public Knowledge, examined how recent

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Citing Government Crackdown, Another Secure Email Provider Shuts Down

Silent Circle, a company offering secure email services in 126 countries, has become the latest corporation to shut down.

UPDATE: Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom has announced plans to create a secure email service to run on a non-U.S.-based server. The announcement was made by Mega’s CEO Vikram Kumar, who said that the decision comes in response to undue U.S. government invasion of user privacy. “These are acts of ‘Privacy Seppuku’ – honorably and publicly shutting

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