US Military Admits: We Deliberately Bombed A Hospital In Iraq

Military spokesperson says “it’s very difficult to ascertain with full and total fidelity” that no civilians were killed.

Photo of Hellfire missiles being loaded onto a US military Reaper drone in Afghanistan by Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson/U.S. Air Force

The U.S. military said Thursday that it intentionally bombed a hospital in Mosul, Iraq as part of its efforts to "eradicate" Islamic State (ISIS) fighters. The attack on the Al Salam hospital complex took place Wednesday at the request of Iraqi forces, with coalition aircraft using "precision-guided munitions," Air Force Col. John Dorrian,

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Saudi Arabia Bombs Doctors Without Borders Hospital In Yemen, Killing 15

Four MSF supported facilities have come under attack in the last year.

1st aftermath images from Abs hospital. GPS coordinates were repeatedly shared w/ all parties to the conflict #Yemen (Photo: MSF/Twitter)

Already facing growing criticism from yesterday’s attack on a school in the Saada Province, Saudi Arabia appears to have doubled-down on its air campaign against the north, bombing a Doctors Without Borders (MSF) hospital in the Hajjah Province, and killing 15 more civilians. MSF confirmed the attack, saying that three of their staff members

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US-Backed Syrian Rebels Bomb Yet Another Hospital In Aleppo

At least three women were killed in the attack and about 17 other people were injured.


Rockets were fired Tuesday on yet another hospital in Aleppo in a government-held part of the Syrian city, leaving dozens of casualties, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported. The Observatory did not say how many people had been killed in the strike on the al-Dabit hospital. State-run Syrian news channel Ikhbariya said three women

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Doctors Without Borders Releases Horrific Details Of Kunduz Hospital Bombing By U.S. Forces

The trouble with this new “fog of war” explanation for bombing the Doctors Without Borders hospital is it marks another shift in the U.S. account of what happened.

Afghan MSF medical personnel treat civilians injured following an offensive against Taliban militants by Afghan and coalition forces at the MSF hospital in Kunduz.

Published in partnership with ShadowProof. Doctors Without Borders released an internal review of what happened before, during, and after its hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan was bombed by U.S. military forces on October 3. The review highlights how the U.S. violated the neutrality of the facility, which the U.S. had agreed to respect. It also

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Israeli Police Repeatedly Raid East Jerusalem Hospital, Seeking Shot Teen

Hospital director accuses Israel of applying pressure to hand over medical files of youth involved in clashes.

Police outside East Jerusalem's Makassed Hospital, October 29, 2015.Olivier Fitoussi

Israeli police have carried out multiple raids against a hospital in occupied East Jerusalem over the past two days, seeking the location of a 15-year-old Palestinian protester who they’d shot, and who they accuse the hospital of “unlawfully” hiding. The hospital denies the boy was ever there for treatment to begin with, but says that the police

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Snowden Says He Knows How To Find Out Why The US Bombed Afghan Hospital

“AC-130 warplanes record the gunner’s video and audio. It’s time to release the tapes…”

Edward Snowden aparece en un video en vivo desde Moscú en un foro patrocinado por la Unión Americana de Libertades Civiles (ACLU) en Hawaii, el 14 de febrero de 2015. El exempleado de la Agencia de Seguridad Nacional (NSA) que dio a conocer documentos secretos sobre espionaje abrió su cuenta en Twitter el 29 de septiembre de 2015. (Foto AP/Marco Garcia, File)

Overnight, Medecins Sans Frontiers, or the “Doctors without Borders” medical group which suffered a tremendous loss of life at the hands of US bombardment this past Saturday, stepped up its criticism of what it has previously called a US “war crime.” As Reuters reports, earlier today it called for an independent international fact-finding

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