US Accuses China of Seeking to Build a “Military Base” in El Salvador Commercial Port

Claims of Chinese military activity in Central America should be taken with a grain of salt, at the very least, given the right-wing political forces and pro-U.S. business circles that are levying the accusations.

An aerial image of the Port of La Union in El Salvador. Photo | Public Domain

SAN SALVADOR, EL SALVADOR -- El Salvador has suddenly become a focal point of growing “concern” to the U.S. government about China’s presence in Central America and alleged attempts to establish a military presence in the region. Concerns over Chinese activities in the region were stirred up when U.S. Ambassador to El Salvador Jean Manes warned

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In Effort To Save Natural Resources, El Salvador Bans All Metal Mining

In response to enormous public pressure, lawmakers have rejected appeals by global corporations and voted to protect the country’s people and water supply by banning metallic mining.

A woman in a bus observes a march protesting the cost of living in Aguilares, El Salvador, some 13 miles north of San Salvador, the sign reads "Together lets defend life! No to mining exploitation." (AP/Edgar Romero)

The people of El Salvador and their international allies against irresponsible mining are celebrating a historic victory. After a long battle against global mining companies that were determined to plunder the country’s natural resources for short-term profits, El Salvador’s Legislative Assembly has voted to ban all metal mining projects. The

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Files Incriminating CIA Stolen From Center For Human Rights Office, Break-In Happened During CIA Head’s Visit

Theft of files alleging CIA cover-up of civilian killings in El Salvador had ‘suspicious’ elements.

University of Washington police are investigating a break-in at the school's Center for Human Rights (UWCHR) after files from a lawsuit against the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) were stolen from the center's offices. A computer and hard drive containing information from a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit filed on October 2 were

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US Aid To El Salvador Came With Strings Attached: Monsanto Seeds Required

El Salvador previously took steps toward banning glyphosate, the potential carcinogen found in Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide.

A protestor demonstrates against Monsanto in the annual world March Against Monsanto.

SAN SALVADOR, El Salvador --- Farmers and activists for natural agriculture in El Salvador successfully resisted efforts by the U.S. government to tie foreign aid to the use of GMO seeds, in the latest attempt to link relief money with profits for Monsanto, the controversial multinational agribusiness giant. In 2013, the U.S. offered El Salvador

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Analysis: The Six Jesuit Scholars And The American War On Self-Determination

Twenty five years ago this week six Jesuit scholars were murdered by a CIA trained death squad. This is their story.

Almudena Bernabeu

Twenty five years ago this week, six Jesuit scholars at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in El Salvador opened the doors of their residence to members of a government death squad, who had been armed and trained by the United States. The soldiers marched the priests to the back garden. They were ordered to lie face down. They were shot and

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U.S. Tying Aid To Agribusiness In El Salvador, Groups Warn

The U.S. State Department stands accused of conditioning development aid to El Salvador to benefit and boost foreign agribusiness in the Central American nation.


WASHINGTON --- Criticism has mounted in recent months against the U.S. State Department for pressuring the government of El Salvador to reform a popular domestic seed-distribution program, allegedly in favor of gaining greater access for U.S. agribusiness companies. Civil society concern over the issue culminated earlier this month, when farmers

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