Between the Lines: Congressional Report Finds US Sanctions to Blame for Venezuela Crisis

If the U.S. government’s propaganda is correct that the current crisis is due to Maduro’s mismanagement and corruption, then illegal and inhumane sanctions would not be needed to dislodge the “regime.”

Venezuela US Sanctions Feature photo

CARACAS, VENEZUELA -- Venezuela was once one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America. The popular classes enjoyed major advances from the Bolivarian Revolution initiated by Hugo Chávez. Today Venezuela is experiencing an unprecedented economic crisis with severe humanitarian consequences. The U.S. government blames the crisis on the

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Chris Hedges: Bandaging the Corpse

Biden’s bailout will not alter the structural inequities and other fundamental underpinnings of America’s death spiral.

Biden Stimulus Feature photo

Princeton, New Jersey (Scheerpost) — The established ruling elites know there is a crisis. They agreed, at least temporarily, to throw money at it with the $1.9 trillion Covid-19 bill known as American Rescue Plan (ARP). But the ARP will not alter the structural inequities, either by raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour or imposing taxes and

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A “Slap in the Face:” Anger at Pelosi, Democrats Over Paltry $600 Stimulus Check

Lawmakers finally agreed to a new coronavirus stimulus package yesterday and like the CARES Act, it appears to include huge new tax breaks for corporations and the very wealthy.

Pelosi Stimulus Feature photo

Lawmakers in Washington agreed to a new $900 billion coronavirus stimulus package yesterday. The bill, like the previous CARES Act, appears to include huge new tax breaks for corporations and the very wealthy. However, of most note to average Americans is the means-tested check of up to $600 plus $600 per child that Republicans and Democrats

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Lee Camp: Unemployment Skyrocketing? An Evolved Society Would Celebrate

Why do we still pretend crap jobs give our lives meaning?

Unemployment Feature photo

Washington DC (ScheerPost) -- Leaf blowers are everything wrong with capitalism. . . . I’ll explain that in a minute. We all know times are irredeemably grim, and they’re only getting worse. The unemployment level in America seems to be setting the record books aflame, and for some bizarre reason those numbers correlate nicely with the number of

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The US Is Facing a Child Care Crisis as Schools Go Digital

A child care crisis is in the offing both in the United States and around the world as school-age children stay home for the new school year and working parents face the prospect of more state interference

COVID-19 Child Care Feature photo

Greater Albany Public Schools (GAPS) Superintendent, Melissa Goff, is calling on county commissioners to allocate funding for oversight of "suitable child care options" for the families of the 9,000 children enrolled in the small city's K-12 system, who are now proscribed from their regular classrooms and will be forced to "attend" school on a

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Beirut Blast a Deadly Blow to Lebanon’s Already Shattered Economy

With Lebanon already suffering from a food crisis, currency collapse, and economic sanctions, the devastating explosion at Beirut’s biggest port may be a death knell for the country’s economy.

Lebanon Explosion Feature photo

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab today called for a day of national mourning after a massive explosion ripped through the capital Beirut yesterday, killing at least 100 people and injuring at least 4,000 others. The extent of the damage is immense; the city’s governor Marwan Abboud estimated that up to 300,000 have immediately been made

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