After Iraq War, Monsanto, Cargill & Dow Chemical Took Over Iraqi Agriculture

According to one environmental activist, under U.S. diplomat Paul Bremer’s orders, ‘Iraqi farmers are not allowed to save seeds, they are not allowed to share seeds … and they are not allowed to replant harvested seeds.’

A farmer holds Monsanto's Round-Up Ready Soy Bean seeds at his family farm. (AP Photo / Dan Gill)

BAGHDAD --- In the aftermath of the Iraq War, Iraq’s seed and agriculture industry was destroyed by U.S. corporations, with the aid of the U.S. government. In May 2003, after the war officially ended, U.S. diplomat Paul Bremer became the head of the occupational authority, essentially controlling Iraq’s government. He issued 100 orders that set

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Portland To Sue Monsanto For Contaminating Waterway With PCBs

Monsanto manufactured over 1 billion pounds of PCBs and the company’s own documents show they continued to sell the man-made chemicals after becoming aware of the dangers to both humans as well as the environment, according to Reeve.

A scene from the March Against Monsanto in Denver, CO. (Photo: MAM)

The city council in Portland, Oregon has unanimously voted to authorize a lawsuit against Monsanto for contaminating its waterways with cancer-causing chemicals. Six other West Coast cities are also suing the bio-agricultural corporation in federal court. City Attorney Tracy Reeve claims that Portland has already spent a significant amount of

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Activists, Governments Do Battle With US Big Agriculture And Their GMOs

Memos leaked to Wikileaks reveal that the U.S. government sought to fight back against nations who banned genetically modified crops.

When it comes to public perception of genetically modified products (GMOs), Europe and the U.S. are worlds apart. More than 80 percent of all foods found in a typical American grocery store contain genetically modified ingredients. Efforts to push for regulations that would require companies like biotech giants, Monsanto and DuPont, to label items

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