As House Votes US Out of Yemen, Saudis Bombs Leave Scores of Schoolchildren Dead

This latest attack came just two days after the U.S. House of Representatives approved a joint resolution invoking congressional authority under the War Powers Resolution to direct the president to end U.S. participation in the devastating Saudi-led war against Yemen.

Yemen | Saudi Airstrike | school

SANA'A, YEMEN -- In the densely populated area of Sa'wan northeast of Yemen’s capital city of Sana'a, a clouded sky framed the picturesque district as students, including Maha, listened to an announcement that, because of the fear of cholera spreading, their school would no longer be providing students with lunch. With the noon hour approaching,

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“We Will Not Stand Idly By”: Yemenis Outraged by Latest Saudi Attack on Fishermen off Hodeida

In the fish market near the Hodeida harbor, white marble basins that were once filled to the brim with fish are now often empty of fish because very little comes from the sea. When anyone manages to come back with fish, a only few customers scurry behind them.

Saudi airstrike Yemen fisherman

HODEIDA, YEMEN -- At least eight fishermen were killed and five injured off the northern coast of Yemen’s Badh Island on Wednesday, when Saudi Apaches launched airstrikes on their fishing boat in waters near the port city of Hodeida. Ten fishermen are still missing following the strike. Yasser Abker Ahmed Gethem, a 24-year-old fisherman who was

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With Peace Talks on the Horizon, Saudis Defy Truce to Redouble Deadly Strikes on Yemen’s Civilians

Saudi Arabia and its coalition allies resumed their deadly campaign of airstrikes in Yemen over the weekend, seemingly the moment UN Envoy to Yemen, Marin Griffiths, departed the embattled country.

HAJJAH, YEMEN -- In a remote area in Mustaba, Hajjah, southwestern Yemen, two volunteers push through the rubble of a partially collapsed home hit by an airstrike. Onlookers shield their mouths and noses from the dust and stench of corpses of those who perished beneath. A rescue worker pulls out the skeletons of children and women from under the

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New Tragedy in Yemen as Saudi Airstrike Kills Family of Beekeepers on Their Farm

“In an atmosphere of atrocities that happen daily — whether by an airstrike or through the blockade, famine, and cholera epidemic — the anniversaries of these attacks serve as a reminder to Americans that their weapons are involved in killing our children and we will not forgive them.” – A grieving Yemeni mother

Yemen Saudi Airstrike Bee

SANAA, YEMEN -- A family of beekeepers was killed when the Saudi-led coalition, backed by the United States, targeted their family bee farm with multiple airstrikes on Monday in a residential district of Hodeida. Local witnesses told MintPress News that airstrikes targeted Ayesh Clip’s bee farm at Deir Essa in the Bajjel district of southern

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As Saudis Defend Against War Crimes Allegations, Saudi Airstrike in Yemen Kills Entire Family

The latest attack comes just hours after Saudi Arabia admitted that its forces have committed what it called “certain mistakes” in Yemen, after increasing pressure from international bodies and human-rights groups that accuse the kingdom of carrying out war crimes in the country.

Saudi Airstrike Yemen

HAJJAH, YEMEN-- Saudi Arabia, backed by the United States, carried out an airstrike targeting a displaced family in the Mustaba district in the province of Hajjah, southwestern Yemen early Tuesday morning. A man, his wife, and their nine-year old only-daughter were killed in the strike, along with 10 others. A 30-year-old witness told MintPress

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US Provided “Intelligence” and Bomb Used in Massacre of Yemeni Schoolchildren

The involvement of U.S. military intelligence in “fine-tuning” the targets of coalition airstrikes is likely the main factor explaining why the U.S. government has refused to condemn the strike and has refused to support an independent investigation into the atrocity.


SANA’A, YEMEN -- Last Thursday’s horrific bombing of a bus full of school children in northern Yemen was carried out using a weapon sold to the Saudi Arabia-led coalition by the United States, photo evidence of the bomb site has revealed. The photos taken at the scene by Ahmed AbdulKareem for MintPress News and by other local journalists

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