In this Thursday, July 19, 2012 file photo, foreign tourists wait to pass as police block the entrance of Burgas airport, Bulgaria, a day after a deadly suicide attack on a bus full of Israeli vacationers. Israel's prime minister said Sunday, July 22, 2012 that his country is on alert for plots to kill more of its citizens overseas, after speculation that last week's deadly bombing of a tour bus in Bulgaria was a rehearsal for a spectacular attack on Israel's Olympics team. (AP Photo, File)

Israel Begins Attack On Iran with Media Strike

Israel fumbled their WWIII ball  by using the Bulgarian bombing as a pretext for launching a ‘retaliation strike’ on Iran which would really be an offensive one under the Nuremberg precedent. Veterans Today previously caught the Israeli psy ops people red handed in the faked video material they released to the public showing ‘terrorists’ aboard the Mavi […]

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