Homeland Security Cuts Water Supply To Native Tribes Protesting Pipeline

Homeland Security head Greg Wilz, claimed the removal of the water tanks was based on alleged unlawful activity.
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    North Dakota’s homeland security removed water tanks and state-owned trailers from the Dakota Access Pipeline protest campsite Monday afternoon, taking away the camp’s main drinking water supply as the sun heated up, bringing temperatures to around 90 degrees.

    “I feel like I just got shot down,” said Johnelle Leingang, executive secretary to Standing Rock Sioux Nation Chairman Dave Archambault II and the nation’s emergency response coordinator. “It’s very hurtful,” she added, according to the Bismarck Tribune.

    The protests have temporarily halted the building of the US$3.8 billion oil pipeline. The Bakken pipeline, as it is also known, is almost as long as the previously proposed Keystone XL and will run through wildlife areas, sacred Native American sites and the Mississippi and Missouri rivers, prompting its critics to assert that the pipeline poses a major threat to Indigenous life as well as ecosystems.

    Right before noon, a pickup truck backed up to the water tanks and hauled them away, along with two air-conditioned trailers and a command center vehicle that had all been delivered last week by the North Dakota Department of Health at the request of the Standing Rock.

    Homeland Security Division Director Greg Wilz, claimed the removal was based on alleged unlawful activity, “Based on the scenario down there, we don’t believe that equipment is secure.”

    Protesters believe that it is meant as further punishment for the growing protests. The campsite’s numbers have grown to about 4,000, with members from across North America sending delegations, including the Kickapoo Nation in Mexico, according to the Censored News blog.

    Standing Rock spokesperson Steven Sitting Bear said, “I’ve been getting notifications from tribes all over the country that have caravans in route, so it’s continuing to grow.”

    Over 87 letters and resolutions from other nations have come in from North America in support of the protest, including the Tlingit and Haida nations in Alaska and groups as far away as Japan.

    After issuing an emergency declaration on Friday, North Dakota Gov. Jack Dalrymple called on federal aid to help quell the protests Monday—highway patrol, police and private security have already been deployed.

    A North Dakota federal court issued a restraining order on Aug. 18 against the protesters’ at the request of the developer of the pipeline, Dakota Access, citing that worker and law enforcement safety was at risk.

    Dakota Access is a subsidiary of Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners, and its pipeline will carry about 570,000 barrels of sweet crude oil daily, fracked from North Dakota’s oil-rich Bakken Formation.

    In an interview on Monday, the governor reiterated that the land actually belongs to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, which has forced the protesters to request a permit to carry out any further actions on what is historically their own land.

    State law enforcement, working with the corps, could now begin to ticket and remove what they label unauthorized campers, according to the Bismarck Tribune.

    Native Americans and environmentalists have been fighting the pipeline since January when it was approved for construction, successfully halting its construction by blocking a major highway on Aug. 17.

    A federal lawsuit has also been filed to stop its construction, and a judge will rule on the request for a temporary injunction on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

    Over the past two weeks, authorities have arrested 29 protesters, including the Standing Rock chairman, Dave Archambault II, and have used aircraft to disrupt cell phone reception, among other tactics, according to protesters.

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    • molly

      what is shameful is that no one is doing anything to help them ….we are all worthless humans we don’t deserve clean water

    • Eevie

      Bullshit Greg!! You are lying for our communist government. This is what israhell is doing to the Palestinians…both are indigenous people. There is an agenda to rid the planet of indigenous people. I saw it in action in Panama. Gen. Albert Stubblebine and zionist witch psychiatrist Rima Laibow his wife have been living around the world and sterlizing indigenous people against their will and without their knowedge and consent. They had just finished doing this evil deed in Thailand and then moved their operation to Panama under the guise of living free of teh US govt. US govt makes deposits in their bank accounts…still on the payroll.

    • rider655

      Once again the corrupt government is forcing themselves on people, this is the native american land and to disrupt it is shameful,

    • GiGi Lanner Falcon Lanier

      Most of these Natives don’t even have running water in their homes, they have to haul it in. So good move by the Nazi’s to remove water at the site. Homeland security has no business getting involved, what homeland are they trying to secure? It is a bout between a company and native tribes. And what are they trying to convince people of safety issue of workers and cops? They worried about bows and arrows? Worried about 11 year old girls who sold home made soap to donate? This government makes me sick!

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    • Brianeweis

      WTF is ND Homeland Security involved in this in the first place? I thought they were supposed to keep terrorists from cattle rustling there.

    • Milk Man

      Army corps of engineers does NOT own any of the land that the pipeline is set to be built.

      • Mark Bigger

        In the Constitution it says the US Government can only own 12 square miles ( Washington, DC ), as well as enough land to build Forts, Ports and other necessary buildings. They can “hold” land that belong to the states until such a time the state needs it?? This needs to be written more clearly, as I have a hard time understanding why the government keeps taking land from ranchers, controlling what is done by individuals, the fact that there are ” national parks” and what is perceived to be Federal property everywhere you look. This land should belong to the individual STATES.. I learned there were several reasons why the Keystone pipeline was Constitutionally Illegal. The right of way that the pipeline sits on was no longer controlled by who owns the land. As far as taking away water resources from Native Americans, this is a state issue and any dept of hone land secur itie is not to be trusted. Most of the govmint agencies we know of are most likely, in actuality – illegal.
        The Native Americans ( IMO ) need to be treated as if this was their land at one time and it was forcefully and brutally taken from them. They need to be heard.

        • GiGi Lanner Falcon Lanier

          MARK, that is absolutely correct! It is time to stop this crap, SWAT teams invading home and killing pet dog of family that did not pay their utility bill, killing LaVoy Finicium, Ruby Ridge, children burned to death at Waco, health food market raided by federal agents, Armed Federal Agents Raid a Health Food Club, pet dog killed when SWAT team raid wrong house. People need to wake up!! Fascists are real and among us.

        • Eevie

          If we allow this to continue we are fnished.

    • mewabe

      Ii it Homeland security or the Gestapo? So now American Indians are labelled “terrorists”???????
      Same old story…When Indigenous people oppose the rape of the land by corporations, they are treated as though they were the enemies of the sate. Who is the sate working for, corporations or the people? Who is the servant, and who is the master? Corporations have become the boss of the state, and the state has become the boss of the people. In the REAL world, we the people are the boss, the government is our servant, and the corporations supplies services to us in accordance with our wants and needs, not according to what is the most profitable or expedient to them!
      The state needs to be reminded (peacefully but clearly) that it is the employee, and WE THE PEOPLE are the boss. Enough is enough!

      • Eevie

        and they need reminding of this dont you think 🙂

    • Kathleen Redman

      Homeland Security has become a dictatorial enemy. The tribes, just like the rest of us, had better set up their own water and energy, solar or other type of self-providing systems and hide them from any govt. agency who might look to destroy them. Perhaps underground facilities and home rainwater water storage tanks, so they are no longer providing profits to the utility companies and are uncontrollable by the feds. None of us should have to be suseptible to being controlled by these monsters. For one good resource, check this out: http://electricityfreedom.net/video/?subid=cakeaff_149&click_id=260-36490674&aff_id=6&suid=4MpJ5ZyKHsq7knP7etpVXZ6mrDa

      • da Palani

        Does this video go anywhere?
        Seems like a real long sales pitch…

    • da Palani

      Aloha and Mahalo for keeping up the fight !
      FYI- Tried to share on FB- it’s not happening unless you copy and paste the URL.
      This is why it is time for the Green Party to rise, this country needs common sense.

      Jimmy Carter put solar panels on the white house in 1976,

      the last intelligent decision he was allowed to make.
      Jill Stein, the new party, new day is beginning!

      • da Palani

        And this is how I feel about the Corporate Way of Life –

      • Eevie

        but 🙂 we don’t need a govt. we the people are the govt..or rather we are supposed to be. This is where we make our stand…it’s now or never.

    • Baron_of_Greymatter

      The people of Flint, Michigan should be realizing about now that their poisoned water supply was no accident.

    • Pamela B. Derouen

      Stay OFF THEIR LAND and Put their water back on! This is an atrocity to all Americans! They were here many many years before you were! This is BS! You’ve pushed them off their land and now you take away their water supply. Government is only doing this because they want to stop the Oil Companies … This is not constitutional. You have absolutely no authority to shut off a community’s water supply.

      • jenbean12

        They were water tanks that were brought there specifically for the protesters. It’s not water supplying people’s homes etc…

    • algebra

      The pipeline does not cross tribal land. The protests are not on tribal land.
      The tribe claims national sovereignty, good for them. The state of NorthDakota is under no obligation to keep them comfortable with water and AC while they are trespassing.
      If an invading force of Canadians showed up to interfere in a project they would be treated the same way.

      • smorty

        Who exactly is the “invading force?”
        I think the tribe was there long before the state was.

      • Don Kunes

        if it is to begin ..let it be now …

        • Eevie


      • ovipconsult

        If the tribe uses the water, they have a right to protest even if the land doesn’t belong to them. The state of North Dakota needs to follow the law of the tribe, not the reverse.

      • GiGi Lanner Falcon Lanier

        algebra you need more math training, maybe triggernomitry? Keep believing the lies the government puts out, they need steeples like you. These are NOT foreign people, they are Americans, and they were here first and have been robbed and cheated for many, many years. You need to wake up, some day it will be you facing Homeland security, the nazi’s of the USA.

    • potomacflier

      It was later noted that Homeland Security delivered special blankets to the protestors

      • 102740

        Were the blankets infested with Chicken Pox? It’s time to leave Amrican Indians alone!

      • GiGi Lanner Falcon Lanier

        HA! I wouldn’t doubt it, small pox or typhus or measles, and maybe they will hand out handkerchiefs next!

      • Eevie

        history is trying to repeat itself…note that teh bloodline bastards make sure that it does repeat…always in their favor.

    • k.leen

      The federal govt. should grant the injunction on Energy Transfer Partners. So Homeland security is now an agency used to squash Freedom of Speech? To still drinking water from Protesters and the Native Americans? Well this is only the beginning of a larger movement.

      • Henk

        fossil fuel will come to an end soon enough. seems rather stupid to invest large amount of money into something that is ending. and in the meantime destroying the possibilities to live for the future generations.

        • k.leen

          There is a new generation of not only the Young Lakota that cherish our spring waters, but many others. The Government has a simple choice, either to open up years of litigation on a multitude of issues, that cross over a part of federal law that to this day remains hazy, throw the gavel down and declare another hearing or bump it up to a higher court. There is no better place to have the battle of Big oil and the water rights of the Natives and all Americans, than in South Dakota. For they have fought Uranium mining and perils on their very lives. Now, they are ready for a new battle and the Oil Companies will be smacked down, in litigation. Any decent American or anyone that knows how important water is, should make a stand in support of the Lakota. Stand and protest with the SD residents for clean water. Some Environmental lawyer
          or Native American Advocates should be able to tie up the Houston oil company up for at least 7 years. We will see. I think the oil company, will lose this time.

    • Arthur Brooks

      Water is a basic human right and Mother Nature will prove it.

      • SUPER 68 IS DOWN

        Sure, but having it piped to your sink, your bathtub, your toilet is not.

      • algebra

        And they can draw it out of the river. They don’t need to have the state of North Dakota supply it to them.

        • Don Kunes

          there’s always one !

        • Don Kunes

          why don’t you go and tell them yourself?

    • Sho-Pai Ndn

      “Homeland Security -Our people Native Americans have been Fighting Terrorism Since 1492 – Native Americans A’ho” !!!!
      “… no human being should ever have to fear for his or her life because of their political or religious beliefs. We are in this together, my friends, the rich, the poor, the red, white, black, brown and yellow. We share responsibility for Mother Earth and those who live and breathe upon her. Never forget that.”
      Leonard Peltier

      • potomacflier

        ..homeland security proves to be the only terrorist organization. cutting off water in 90 degree heat? that’s torture and HS should be held accountable.

        • algebra

          They’re next to the river, look at the map! It’s a big river, lots of water

          • Pamela B. Derouen

            Well, why don’t you go over there and bathe and drink from the river.

            • Eevie

              algebra is a troll…a traitor to humanity

        • algebra

          What 90 degree heat??! It’s 44F there right now!
          It’s North Dakota, not North Carolina!!

    • Yikes!

      Great…lets use the same tactics against peaceful protesters and armed terrorists. Anybody mention treaties that were signed ?

      • Eevie

        The US has broken every treaty they ever made with them.

    • David Lucas

      I am from Wales in the UK, a long way from the Dakotas, and remote from the daily issues faced by the Native Americans, the real Americans. Let’s not forget, all land in North and South America was native land for thousands of years. This protest should not just be seen as primarily against a potentially polluting pipeline. It is about protecting what little land, sacred sites, natural resources and the wildlife within, Native people have left.
      In the Uk, we hear little about the plight of Native Americans. Plenty about African Americans, who yes, have suffered hugely.
      But what about the hundreds of thousands of original American slaves, Native Americans captured from up and down the Eastern US, transported to the Caribbean to die. What about the original inhabitants of the Caribbean, virtually annihilated, and replaced with African slaves. That’s the distant past all too many ex Europeans now living on stolen land in the Americas choose to forget. In several hundred years from now, will we forget the two World Wars and the haulocaust, of course not. Yet the genocide and tragedy that has beset Native Americans for 500 years has become a footnote in history.

      • Melinda Hailey

        Native Americans being sent as slaves to the Caribbean and the original inhabitants of the Caribbean being replaced by African slaves is not information that is taught in American public schools. The average American is not aware of this history and does not every understand the plight of the Native American. It is a failure on the part of the people to hand down proper history and the handing over of our children to our government for education that has caused this, and so many other, disparity in our society.

      • algebra

        When the Scots invade Wales and protest something going on there that’s none of their business, you can rethink your argument.

        • David Lucas

          You entirely miss the point Algebra. Native Americans were there 15000 years before you. They were pushed off their lands up until relatively recent times, have suffered centuries of European encroachment, diseases and slaughter, and are still suffering today all over the Americas. It is still apparent that modern America with its short history would prefer indigenous people’s and their rich heritage disappear into oblivion.

        • Eevie

          you again? lolol piss off troll

      • Eevie

        They are killing off the indigenous people on planet earth

    • Lij Lij Briggy

      Wait a minute “Homeland Security” cuts water supply to American people!!!!? What is “Homeland Security for??!

      • Eevie

        they are for forcing ameircans to comply with their dictators wishes.

    • ZoomZoomDiva

      Blocking highways and other people is not a peaceful protest. One also has no right to government provided trailers and water tanks when protesting.

      • Erin Winslow (V)

        Yeah, because it is not like these water tanks and trailers were paid for by the taxpayers aka WE the PEOPLE. Oh, wait. . .

      • Eevie

        what ugly reality are you from? you sound like idiots who think they still have freedom in america.

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    • Z54

      Will someone who has knowledge of oil please explain to me how this article can refer to fracked oil from the Bakken Formation as Light Sweet Crude? I thought that fracked oil is more dense and more acidic than normal oil. That’s why fracked oil has to be thinned with toxic chemicals and sent through pipelines under higher pressure than Light Sweet Crude. Tell me if I’m wrong! BTW, Homeland Insecurity should have had to get a warrant to remove the water tanks and the trailers!

      • Eevie

        wrong…homeland security shoud NOT be there. Native americans are NOT our enemies…out govt is teh enemy.

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    • Mary Ann Shiech

      What does Homeland Security have to do with this? Haven’t they got terrorists to catch/set up? This is ridiculous. I live in Nebraska, I grew up on the river. Contaminating the Missouri river will have dire consequences not just for the Native Americans living closest, it will have devastating consequences for millions! Corporations are NOT PEOPLE, thus they do not possess the rights of a Human. The Missouri is a tributary to the Mississippi, so think about that one a while. It’s time to implement renewable energy all around.

      • Tyrell_Corp

        Legal protest is terrorism, now. And water tanks are security hazards. Also, Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

        • Paul

          Well played, sir. Well played.

    • thomas thompson

      North Dakota has its own “homeland security”?

      • Dave Carter

        Every state has it’s own fatherland security office.

    • Cliff Duyn

      How can we send bottled water to them? Any supplies?

      • Wolf Fogarty

        The organizers have set up a GoFundMe account > http://www.gofundme.com/sacredstonecamp
        You can include a message to them and let them know your donation is for bottled water.
        First aid kits, epi-pen, coloring books/crayons (there are many children there), flashlights/batteries and camping gear is still needed.
        ashoge’ (thank you) for whatever you can do to help!

    • Solidarity with these Native Americans. We must stand together to protect our 1st amendment rights.

    • Annette Perry

      Ah, just what Israel did to Pestinians. Leave it to this government to become terrorists like Netanyahu.

      • Eevie

        they are all the same family. they are attempting to rid our world of inigenous people.

    • Becky Dekker

      Where can I donate for water deliveries and why oh why are we again repeating history and taking land away from Native Americans, and by force?

      • Annette Perry

        It’s happening right now in Arizona so they can sell sacred land to foreign copper mining

      • Wolf Fogarty

        The organizers of the camp set up a GoFundMe account > http://www.gofundme.com/sacredstonecamp
        You can also leave a message for them if you wish, to let them know your donation is for water.
        Ashoge’ (thank you)!!

    • This is nothing new for the Federal Fascist. Dec 23, 2015 Waiting for Running Water

      There are tens of thousands of Americans living without clean, running water on the Navajo Nation today. This is because decades of uranium mining have contaminated the majority of water sources on the reservation.


    • GALT

      Still think the “constitution” means anything? Seems that part
      about “treaties” and “the supreme law of the land” has also
      become inconvenient.

      • Not I GALT! “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” George Orwell

        • GALT

          I usually reverse the order for the sake of clarity, as it
          seems to flow more naturally. Sadly, U.S. history is
          still mostly myth.

          I am presently reading “People Get Ready: The Fight Against
          a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy”

          Not a book for the faint of heart and required reading for every
          citizen……although it does not seem that “reading” is much in
          fashion these days unless one is motivated by work that
          is directed at “bias confirmation”.

          “To conquer,first DIVIDE!” still working like a charm.

          • Yes, U.S. government school history should be labeled mythology written by government scribes. You are correct as well on that few folks are reading something of value. I gave up fiction a decade ago. I have also had a plan for the last five years as well with some supplies for the bartering economy coming soon and in some ways has already arrived.

            • GALT

              No doubt, but I hope it doesn’t come too fast…..the future
              we face is a dichotomy of “moral” choice and this becomes
              problematic because we have not established an objective
              framework for morality and too many aspects of what is
              considered historically moral, are actually irrelevant. Most are
              unprepared for the future, which is already here and accelerating.

              • The Bush’s were just more Corporate Fascist sock puppet’s in the long parade of clowns. This is something else few know as well.

                May 16, 2016 How the President could overthrow the U.S.

                As of 2007 the President has the ability to replace the US government if they feel an emergency constitutes such actions.


                • GALT

                  This has always been true. The “constitution” provided
                  little restraint in the past, and none now. Still, one could
                  argue that the “government” needs to be overthrown, the
                  relevant questions being, by whom? or for what reason?

                  The present “oligarchy” has no need…..which presents the
                  possibility of a third party option, although these have been carefully excluded.

                  • Again, I am very aware of allot of this and have been for well over a decade. Share these with folks who do not know so they can tell two friends and so on.

                    Who’s Afraid of an Open Debate? The Truth About the Commission on Presidential Debates

                    The Commission on Presidential Debates is a private corporation headed by the former chairmen of the Republican and Democratic parties. The CPD is a duopoly which allows the major party candidates to draft secret agreements about debate arrangements including moderators, debate format and even participants.


                    The 2012 Debates – Memorandum of Understanding Between the Obama and Romney Campaigns