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Media Beats War Drums with Russia Over Ukraine While US/Saudis Kill Hundreds in Yemen

Journalists Benjamin Norton and Alan MacLeod join Mnar Adley to discuss how the mainstream media spent the last week beating drums of war with Russia while ignoring a new deadly US-backed Saudi onslaught in Yemen.

 Journalists Benjamin Norton and Alan MacLeod join Mnar Adley to discuss how the mainstream media spent the last week beating drums of war with Russia over Ukraine with headlines and talking heads funded and sponsored by Lockheed Martin and NATO. Meanwhile, there wasn't a single article covering how the US-Saudi-UAE coalition cut off the

USAID, NATO Threaten Intervention as Ethiopia, Eritrea Unite & Form Economic Cooperation with China

Many Ethiopians are dead against any further American involvement, expressing alarm that the U.S. has already sent warships and thousands of troops to the region and supporting the TPLF in anticipation of future events.

 Ethiopia is not a country that is on many Americans’ radar. Yet, since 2020, a brutal civil war has raged, displacing an estimated 4 million people. As the conflict continues, hawks in Washington are beginning to circle, demanding the U.S. intervene militarily. “Ethiopia’s civil war is a problem U.S. troops can help solve,” Admiral James

Mainstream Media Melts Down as ‘Defeat the Mandates DC’ Rally Overcomes Political Divides

Several thousand marched from the Washington Monument to the Lincoln Memorial to protest vaccine mandates being implemented across the US. Branded “extremists” by corporate media, rally goers of all political stripes listened to more than 30 speakers. Behind the Headlines’ Dan Cohen reports from the protest.

Vaccine Mandates Feature photo

 WASHINGTON DC -- Thousands of people came from all over the country to the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., to protest the vaccine mandates being implemented throughout the nation. The Defeat the Mandates DC rally drew attendees from a wide variety of political stripes. Physicians, attorneys, grassroots organizers and activists, athletes

To Haredi Jews, Zionists Have Made a Land Where Jews Live in Constant Fear

It would be unthinkable for Israeli parents to send an Israeli child in a car driven by an Arab. Having stolen the land, displaced its people, and killed so many, it is obvious why Israelis feel they have to fear for their lives.

NEW YORK – On a freezing Saturday afternoon in New York City, a delegation of about 25 ultra-Orthodox – also known as Haredi – Jews walked 10 miles to Bayridge in Brooklyn to participate in a solidarity rally for Palestinian prisoners. The rally was organized by Al-Awda New York, a few other organizations, and the ultra-Orthodox delegation itself

Following “Unjustifiable” UAE Bombing of Saada Prison, US & UN Condemn Yemeni Retaliation

“This is the latest in a long line of unjustifiable airstrikes carried out by the Saudi-led Coalition on places like schools, hospitals, markets, wedding parties, and prisons.” – Ahmed Mahat, head of the Doctors Without Borders mission in Yemen

Yemen Feature photo

SAADA, YEMEN – In a scene rife with chaos and crying, volunteers and a rescue squad pulled the bodies of 91 prisoners from the rubble of the Sa'ada City Remand Prison in southern Yemen on Tuesday. Early last Friday morning, United Arab Emirates (UAE) warplanes supported by the United States targeted the overcrowded prison, which houses up to 3,000

Graphika: The Deep State’s Beard for Controlling the Information Age

Semi-state actors play a very important role in today’s online landscape and in the 1970s, Graphika employees would likely have been working directly for the CIA.

Graphika Feature photo

NEW YORK – Graphika is the toast of the town. The private social-media and tech-intelligence agency that tracks down bots and exposes foreign influence operations online is constantly quoted, referenced and profiled in the nation’s most important outlets. For example, in 2020, The New York Times published a fawning profile of the company’s head of