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American Gulag: Inside the U.S.’ Massive Prison System, with Chris Hedges

Of the 46th president, Hedges, who teaches in a prison in New Jersey, said, “Half of my students (or more) would not be in that classroom but for Joe Biden.”

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 For a supposedly developed, democratic nation, the United States locks up an extraordinary number of its citizens. Close to one quarter of the world’s prison population is in the United States. Even on a per capita basis, only El Salvador and Turkmenistan come close to America’s preponderance for incarceration. In a country with a rising

Yes, There Were 10 Good Things About 2021

2021 was, indeed, a disastrous year, but we do have some reasons to cheer.

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This year, 2021, began with a huge sense of relief as Trump left office. We hoped to emerge from the ravages of COVID, pass a hefty Build Back Better (BBB) bill, and make significant cuts to the Pentagon budget. But, alas, we faced a January 6 white nationalist insurrection, two new COVID mutations, a sliced-and-diced BBB bill that didn’t pass, and

Leaked Files Expose Syria Psyops Veteran Astroturfing Breadtube Star to Counter COVID Restriction Critics

By covertly recruiting popular YouTube influencer Abigail Thorn to counter growing opposition to UK gov’t Covid restrictions, psy-ops pros are bringing home the tactics they honed in the Syrian dirty war.

The Grayzone -- Leaked documents have revealed a state-sponsored influence operation designed to undermine critics of the British government’s coronavirus policies by astroturfing a prominent founder of the BreadTube clique of “anti-fascist” YouTube influencers. The project aims to conduct psychological profiling on British citizens dissenting

Chris Hedges: PEN America and the Betrayal of Julian Assange

Careerists and Democratic Party apparatchiks successfully leverage corporate money and backing to seize and deform historic rights organizations into appendages of the ruling class.

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PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY (Scheerpost) — Nils Melzer, the U.N. Special Rapporteur on Torture, is one of the very few establishment figures to denounce the judicial lynching of Julian Assange. Melzer’s integrity and courage, for which he has been mercilessly attacked, stand in stark contrast to the widespread complicity of many human rights and press

Israel Freaks Out as Gabriel Boric’s Elections Signals New Direction for Chile

As Gabriel Boric’s election victory shows, a new hope could be dawning across Latin America. For both the United States government and its Israeli ally, this is not good news

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SANTIAGO, CHILE – If its media is any indication, Israel is freaking out over the election results in Chile. “Anti-Zionist Gabriel Boric's presidential win leaves Chile's Jews worried,” ran The Jerusalem Post’s headline, going on to explain that the 35-year-old president-elect called Israel a “murderous state” and has the firm backing of the

‘Previously Unknown Massacres’: Why is Israel Allowed to Own Palestinian History?

This is not the first time when an Israeli admission of guilt, though always conditional, has been considered the very validation of Palestinian victimization.

Israel Irgun

Haaretz’s investigative report - ‘Classified Docs Reveal Massacres of Palestinians in '48 – and What Israeli Leaders Knew’ - is a must-read. It should be particularly read by any person who considers himself a ‘Zionist’ and also by people who, for whatever reason, support Israel, anywhere in the world. “In the village of Al-Dawayima (...),