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Lab-Leak, Gain-Of-Function, and the Media Myths Swirling Around the Wuhan Institute of Virology

The neverending accusations and assumptions that Chinese scientists are lying, without evidence, are rooted in Orientalist tropes of the “dishonest Chinese” based on centuries of Western propaganda, which is why some equate lack of evidence for a lab leak with evidence of a coverup.

Editor’s Note | We recognize that COVID-19 coverage can inflame passions and is prone to controversy. In the past, MintPress News has published varying viewpoints on the topic (including ones that stand in contrast to those represented in the following article). We strive to provide well-researched articles representing a diversity of views to our

In Shabwa, Yemen, Saudis Give Ground but Kill from the Air as War Rages On

“Nothing will appease us except that Saudi Arabia and the UAE leave our home.” — Yemeni grandfather in Shabwa province

Yemen Saudi Jizan

SHABWA, YEMEN --  “A warplane killed them,” a shocked man in his seventies, draped in Shabwian traditional folk costume, said as he stood over the remains of the burning bodies of a family in Markhah district in Shabwa province, the third-largest governorate by area in Yemen. On Sunday, Saudi warplanes dropped Western-made bombs on the family of

How the Pentagon Leaned on Hollywood to Sell the War in Afghanistan

In hundreds of films and TV shows, every single word and image has been closely scrutinized and signed off on by senior military figures, all in an effort to convince viewers into supporting deadly and grossly immoral campaigns around the world.

The (official) 20-year U.S. occupation of Afghanistan has come to a close, with the military beating a hasty and ignominious retreat. The puppet Afghan government NATO installed lasted fewer than two weeks on its own, with President Ashraf Ghani fleeing for the UAE, allegedly with around $169 million in cash. If the occupation was so unpopular

War Is a Racket: Ex-State Department Official Matthew Hoh Speaks Out

The U.S. was and is effectively taking part in the established drug trade by backing drug lords in Afghanistan.

What was the Afghanistan War all about? That is the question on many people’s lips after a devastating 20-year campaign that has killed an estimated 176,000 people and displaced nearly 6 million more. Today, Watchdog host Lowkey is joined by a man who knows the war from both inside and out. Matthew Hoh was at the forefront of the American

Chris Hedges: America’s Fate: Oligarchy or Autocracy

The competing systems of power are divided between alternatives which widen the social and political divide — and increase potential for violent conflict.

Oligarchy or Autocracy Feature photo

PRINCETON, NEW JERSEY (Scheerpost) — The competing systems of power in the United States are divided between oligarchy and autocracy. There are no other alternatives. Neither are pleasant. Each have peculiar and distasteful characteristics. Each pays lip service to the fictions of democracy and constitutional rights. And each exacerbates the

Is Brazil About to Face a Military Coup? Brian Mier on Brazil’s March Towards Fascism

Whispers are turning into shouts about a military-backed coup in Brazil before next year, as the ailing Bolsonaro — trailing Lula by 15-20 points in the polls — seeks to hang on to power.

 Brazil, the world’s fifth-largest country, is at a political crossroads. Heading into next year’s presidential elections, the country’s 211 million people are faced with choosing between social democrat and anti-imperialist Lula Da Silva (president between 2003 and 2010) and far-right populist incumbent Jair Bolsonaro. But many are worried