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US Government Program Forced Sterilization Of Hispanic Women

New details have emerged about a sinister program in California to perform state-sanctioned forced sterilization of Hispanic women without their consent over six decades.

A documentary titled No Más Bebés has compiled evidence and stories of women having hysterectomies without consent following a birth, to “control the population” of Latinas in the state. Many women state that they were told that they had received the procedure, but not until after it had been performed. “The doctor walked in and said, ‘we cut your

NSA Surveillance Reveals Extent Of Israel’s Efforts To Derail Iran Deal Through US Congress

As Obama’s administration painstakingly worked toward reaching a nuclear deal with Iran, the NSA tapped communications between Israeli and U.S. lawmakers, revealing the lengths Netanyahu’s government was going to prevent the negotiations from concluding successfully.

Benjamin Netanyahu reaches to shake hands with House Speaker John Boehner

The U.S. National Security Agency spied on close ally Israel, exposing how Israelis lobbied U.S. authorities to undermine the Iranian nuclear deal, RT reports. The monitoring came in spite of a U.S. pledge to tone down surveillance of friendly states, while the latest snooping even included some Congress members private conversations. Former

US Petition Blasting Erdogan’s Support For Terrorism Nets 30,000 Signatures

“List [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan’s Turkey as state sponsor of terrorism; void US alliance with Turkey”, the White House petition reads.

WASHINGTON - A petition condemning Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his support of the Islamic State that was placed on the White House website has received more than 30,000 signatures, its organizer Jim Jatras told Sputnik on Wednesday. "Following Turkey’s downing of a Russian jet striking the Islamic State (IS), it is undeniable that

Poll: Majority Of Americans Believe Christian Liberties More Vital Than Muslim Ones

While 82 percent of Americans say that it’s extremely or very important that Christians be allowed to freely practice their religion in the United States, just 61 percent say the same for Muslims.

Protesters attend an anti-Muslim rally at the the Texas capitol. Brittney Martin/The Dallas Morning News

WASHINGTON  — Americans are more likely to say protecting religious liberties of Christians is important than to say the same for Muslims, according to a new poll by The Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs Research. The poll finds most Americans think the government is doing a generally good job of protecting religious

2015: The Year Police Killings In America Were Counted

Heightened visibility alone, however, has not effectively ended such slayings or brought justice to victims.

Police Shooting Missouri

The Black Lives Matter movement that swept the country in 2015 has—among other accomplishments—forced global media outlets to afford victims of police killings the most basic acknowledgement: a public record of their names and deaths. Such a grim tally was maintained this year by both the Guardian and the Washington Post, following the

New Wall Street Bubble Putting The Hurt On Workers

Are we are in another credit bubble getting ready to pop?

Published in partnership with Shadow Proof. Yet more evidence that having a Wall Street-led recovery was a bad idea. The third installment in the Reuters series on post-crash Corporate America, called “The Cannibilized Company,” details a sad state of affairs for workers employed by large companies that turned to stock buybacks financed by