Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers

Now, over a decade later the evidence of these events are beginning to surface, but the Department of Defense is still doing their best to keep it under the radar.
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    251005Abu_Ghraib(TheAntiMedia) According to a number of global mainstream media sources, the Pentagon is covering up a disturbing video that was never made public with the rest of the recent torture report.

    According to various well respected journalists, including Seymour Hersh, the appalling video was recorded at Abu Ghraib, the notorious US torture dungeon in Iraq that made headlines roughly a decade ago, when the inhumane tactics being used at the prison were exposed.

    Sadly, it seems that the evidence released years ago was only scratching the surface.

    While the video has remained under wraps thus far, Hersh says it is only a matter of time before it comes out.

    Giving a speech at the ACLU last week after the senate torture report was initially released, Hersh gave some insight into what was on the Pentagon’s secret tape.

    In the most revealing portion of his speech he said that:

    “Debating about it, ummm … Some of the worst things that happened you don’t know about, okay? Videos, um, there are women there. Some of you may have read that they were passing letters out, communications out to their men. This is at Abu Ghraib … The women were passing messages out saying ‘Please come and kill me, because of what’s happened’ and basically what happened is that those women who were arrested with young boys, children in cases that have been recorded. The boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst above all of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror. It’s going to come out.”

    “It’s impossible to say to yourself how did we get there? Who are we? Who are these people that sent us there? When I did My Lai I was very troubled like anybody in his right mind would be about what happened. I ended up in something I wrote saying in the end I said that the people who did the killing were as much victims as the people they killed because of the scars they had, I can tell you some of the personal stories by some of the people who were in these units witnessed this. I can also tell you written complaints were made to the highest officers and so we’re dealing with a enormous massive amount of criminal wrongdoing that was covered up at the highest command out there and higher, and we have to get to it and we will. We will. You know there’s enough out there, they can’t (Applause). …. So it’s going to be an interesting election year.”

    Put into context with another speech that Hersh gave earlier this year, it becomes clear that the women who witnessed these young boys being raped were actually their mothers.

    At a speech in Chicago this past June Hersh was quoted as saying:

    “You haven’t begun to see evil… horrible things done to children of women prisoners, as the cameras run.”

    Other stories at the London Guardian also talked of young Iraqi detainees getting violently raped by US soldiers.

    Ten years ago when the initial Abu Ghraib scandal was in the news, the Guardian published the testimony of an Abu Ghraib detainee who allegedly witnessed one of these brutal attacks.

    Former detainee Kasim Hilas said in their testimony that:

    “I saw [name blacked out] fucking a kid, his age would be about 15-18 years. The kid was hurting very bad and they covered all the doors with sheets. Then when I heard the screaming I climbed the door because on top it wasn’t covered and I saw [blacked out], who was wearing the military uniform putting his dick in the little kid’s ass, I couldn’t see the face of the kid because his face wasn’t in front of the door. And the female soldier was taking pictures.”

    Now, over a decade later the evidence of these events are beginning to surface, but the Department of Defense is still doing their best to keep it under the radar. That is why now more than ever, it is important to keep the pressure on and force the release of this evidence, while the torture report is fresh in the minds of the general population.

    John Vibes is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war. In addition to his writing and activist work he is also the owner of a successful music promotion company. In 2013, he became one of the organizers of the Free Your Mind Conference, which features top caliber speakers and whistle-blowers from all over the world. You can contact him and stay connected to his work at his Facebook page. You can find his 65 chapter Book entitled “Alchemy of the Timeless Renaissance” at

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    • shadow

      They did the really bad stuff to babies, women, and the men they renditioned to secret prisons in Europe where they could get away with it. Many of the contracted workers walked off the job rather than participate or watch what they did to these people for so called ‘information’. These people are psychopaths who come home to be …………… guessed it……………cops.

    • 8675309

      Anyone who has studied the results of Philip Zimbardo’s “Stanford Experiment” from the early ’70s knows that things like this happening are completely within the realm of possible under the circumstances. To deny it is to deny man’s innate nature. Even so-called “good people” are capable of doing inhumane and reprobate things under certain circumstances and if allowed. This is actually not surprising.

      • Sandra Bell

        No! Not “good people”. Anyone who could even imagine taking part in atrocities such as this are unconscious troglodytes. They need to have the egregious situation reversed so they can truly experience what they inflict — and on children, no less. UNFORGIVABLE!

    • Dennis Turk
    • Dennis Turk
    • John G Adams

      You see what they did there? We know that soldiers humiliated a few Iraqi prisoners. It was on the news. What the writer of this bullshit article did was think hmmm if soldiers humiliated prisoners then it’s not that far a stretch to say they raped them too. And that’s what he wrote. I call bullshit on this article and bullshit on the testimony of those prisoners that just want a pay day out of this bullshit.

      • Joel Shumaker

        Oh I see what they did there. yes, totally unthinkable… its bullshit I say, drummed up by illegally held political prisoners during an illegal occupation all to smear our good American name. So what if our soldiers abused prisoners who were being held indefinitely without cause or hope of release?! Just looking for a paltry handout to spread lies about their vacation stay at Abu Ghraib. Soldiers would never do that to an occupied enemy. Who coined the term “rape and pillage”, anyway? what a bunch of drivel. unheard of.

      • Siddiq Kuty

        The shoe that was thrown at George War Bush should be shoved up he’s AHole

      • Conspiracy2Riot

        But US Soldiers DID & DO rape while on tour there and elsewhere. Ask the female service members serving with them. Ask that family where they raped a 14 year old girl, then killed her and her whole family and set the house on fire to cover the crime.

        US soldiers are among the biggest group of rapists to be found anywhere. And they are rarely held accountable.

    • Laughinginyourface


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    • artemis6

      simply horrific, if the public only knew……

    • Until trying to read this article I thought my writing skills were fairly atrocious.

    • ROBERT

      I hope this type of brutal treatment is done to them nasty socialist elitist entitlement narcissist stuck up anarchist liberal far left boys

    • Eric Kamov

      When all is said and done, the truth is – that by the way the United States of America has been governed, this nation is a veritable stain of unequivocal SHAME upon our species! – If you happen to disagree, you’re either a product of carefully calculated manipulation and deception, or willfully ignorant of America’s history! – This is a stone cold FACT.

    • Cyndi Dean

      Violating, desecrating and other destructive harm exercised against a child never has and never will be correct. When everyone learn that the exercise of freedom to have offsprings comes from procreation, but the creating of a new body cannot come from out of no one backside. Therefore, these things against all children are all not correct.


      “Whoa to those who do harm to my little ones, for it is better to have a millstone tied to your neck and tossed into the sea” – Jesus Christ…. they will get their’s.

    • JB Smith

      The American Reinvestment and Recovery Act and the brain initiative are the worst scams ever perpetrated on the American people. Former U. S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin Warns: Biochips Hazardous to Your Health: Warning, biochips may cause behavioral changes and high suicide rates. State Attorney Generals are to revoke the licenses of doctors and dentists that implant chips in patients. Chip used illegally for GPS, tracking, organized crime, communication and torture. Virginia state police have been implanting citizens without their knowledge and consent for years and they are dying! Check out William and Mary’s site to see the torture enabled by the biochip and the Active Denial System. See Terrorism and Mental Health by Amin Gadit or A Note on Uberveillance by MG & Katina Michael or Safeguards in a World of Ambient Intelligence by Springer or Mind Control, Microchip Implants and Cybernetics. Check out the audio spotlight by Holosonics. The truth is the biochip works like a sim card. It received pulsed modulated laser beams and millimeter wave which it converts into electromagnetic waves that your brain interprets into digital images and sound. It then takes what your brain sees and hears and converts electromagnetic waves into digital and acoustic waves that a computer translates into audio and video. In other words, it allows law enforcement to see what you see, hear what you hear and communicate directly with your brain. “Former Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) director and now Google Executive, Regina E. Dugan, has unveiled a super small, ingestible microchip that we can all be expected to swallow by 2017. “A means of authentication,” she calls it, also called an electronic tattoo, which
      takes NSA spying to whole new levels. She talks of the ‘mechanical mismatch problem between machines and humans,’ and specifically targets 10 – 20 year olds in her rant about the wonderful qualities of this new technology that can stretch in the human body and still be functional. Hailed as a ‘critical shift for research and medicine,’ these biochips would not only allow full access to insurance companies and government agencies to our pharmaceutical med-taking compliancy (or lack thereof), but also a host of other aspects of our lives which are truly none of their business, and certainly an extension of the removal of our freedoms and rights.” Google News The ARRA authorizes payments to the states in an effort to encourage Medicaid Providers to adopt and use “certified EHR technology” aka biochips. ARRA will match Medicaid $5 for every $1 a state provides. Hospitals are paid $2 million to create “crisis stabilization wards” (Gitmo’s) where state police torture people – even unto death. They stopped my heart 90 times in 6 hours. Virginia Beach EMT’s were called to the scene. Mary E. Schloendorff, v. The Society of New York Hospital 105 N. E. 92, 93 (N. Y. 1914) Justice Cardozo states, “every human being of adult years and sound mind has a right to determine what shall be done with his own body; and a surgeon who performs an operation without his patient’s consent, commits an assault, for which he is liable in damages. (Pratt v Davis, 224 Ill. 300; Mohr v Williams, 95 Minn. 261.) This case precedent requires police to falsely arrest you or kidnap you and call you a mental health patient in order to force the implant on you. You can also be forced to have a biochip if you have an infectious disease – like Eboli or Aids.
      Coalition of Justice vs the City of Hampton, VA settled a case out of court for $500,000 and removal of the biochip. Torture is punishable by $1,000 per day up to $2 million; Medical battery is worth $2.05 million. They told my family it was the brain initiative. I checked with the oversight board, and it is not! Mark Warner told me it was research with the Active Denial System by the College of William and Mary, the USAF, and state and local law enforcement. It is called IBEX and it is excruciating. I have had 3 surgeries at the site of the implant and need another. It causes cancer! I’ve been tortured for 8 years by Virginia law enforcement. Thousands of innocent Virginians are being tortured and murdered by criminal cops. Please help us get the word out to end these heinous atrocities. The pain is 24/7. The VA DCJS sent me a letter stating cops can get keys to anyone’s home and steal anything they please. The governor knows and takes his cut. Senator Kaine said the FBI is not involved so he can’t help. Check out Virginia’s Casual Disregard for the Constitution at forbes dot com. Check out Richard Cain’s case. They are torturing infants and children. The active denial system comes in rifle form and can murder without leaving a mark. I have had two heart attacks and am blessed to be alive. We need to make the nation aware to stop these thugs. Now a Dr. Whaley of the Medical Examiner’s office reports covering up murders by cops and selling brains for $6250 each to the NIH. Beware of Riverside and Sentara Hospital. Beware of Dr. Lawrence Chang, Pariser Dermatology, Dr. Nicole Nelson, Dr. Shaista Ahsai, and Dr. Lika in her red mercedes, and Riverside Emergency Room Physicians, and Dr. Denis Cruff, Dr. Mark Kanter and Hampton Sentara Surgeons and Tidewater Multi-specialty Group and Dr. Elizabeth Cooper. Most of all, beware of state and local police in Virginia. Please help us.

      • Sandra Bell

        It’s not just Virginia. It’s an entire shadow government. I’m sorry this happened to you. I know a woman who was implanted with such a device, years ago, by a dentist in San Francisco.

        • Who is she? I’d like to interview her?

          • Sandra Bell

            Her name is Betsy, but I’m not remembering her last name. I see her once a year at a convention I attend on Labor Day weekend. I can find out more if I see her this year.

    • Beatrix Muircastle

      I think their parents should see these vids. I wanna see how proud they are of their sons.

      • artemis6

        especially their mothers….

        • Beatrix Muircastle

          makes me cry thinking about it.

    • Oh what a surprise – not really. The United States has no moral high ground that it persistently evokes when making plans to murder everyone else’s children. These are war crimes. Yet they aren’t prosecuted but buried as the US seeks to get into more wars. #freekanye

    • Jay Maxin

      Can I be the demonstration crash test dummy you know during the training with the 17-25 yr OLD enlistees

    • Jennie Howser

      This is so cruel! How can they do that?

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    • guesst

      Just like the pervert Mohammad.

    • Olivia

      I think everybody needs to take religion out of this argument because it has nothing to do with the context. No matter your religion, no matter your race or ethnicity, forcing sexual acts on a child should not be allowed, even during times of warfare. Diety or not, religion or not, this type of behavior should not be justified.

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    • where is this proof?

      • Zeyneb Mustafa

        Human rights ….. Respect of pv life …. BUT IT HAPPENED AND THE AMERICANS THEMSELVES CONFESSED IT ….

    • Realitius Comedius

      Where is the video?

      • Rayzeone

        And why on earth would u want to see? You need Jesus.

      • azoreseuropa

        Stop. IF you want to see the video then it will influence you. STOP! Turn your eyes away in the name of God and his son Jesus!

        • TheOccasionalAtheist

          Are you serious?
          If you think a deity who would allow this to happen is worthy of worship you’re just as guilty as that “god”.

          If “god” has a plan, don’t try to argue “freewill”.

          • Kit

            he’s being sarcastic. Jesus….. how some things just soar clear over some people’s feeble minds…

        • philip.dennany

          No god or other imaginary bogyman had anything at all to do with the crimes of the US’s so called defense and intelligence agencies.

      • Zeyneb Mustafa

        Human rights … Respect of pv life …. BUT IT HAPPENED AND THE AMERICANS THEMSELVES CONFESSED IT ….

      • Debbie Stinnett

        Ask Congress

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    • Jay Lee

      Haven’t you people figured it out by now… that religion is DESIGNED TO CONTROL YOU! All these people spewing all this hate.. over something that was conceived by MAN.. Your “word of god” is the word of KING JAMES… NOT GOD… There are disgusting people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and belief systems.. These are NOT Religious issues.. they are HUMAN issues… ALL humans are capable of evil under the right circumstances… Do you think the German people in WW2 thought they were evil? No.. they thought they were the saviors of the human race… why? Because their religion and government made them believe it was so through clever propaganda and staged events… Pretty much the SAME thing thats going on in the world right now folks… Heed my warning… Set your Religion aside… or it will bury you!

      • Religion means NOTHING.. it is empty. A relationship with Jesus Christ is LIFE. All religion is useless rituals.. but life in Christ is Eternal Life. No other in history offers this. As far as the King James? I use 7 different translations and read the Greek scriptures as well.

        “I am the way the truth and the Life, No Man comes to the Father but through me” John 14:6

        “For there is one God and one mediator between God and mankind, the man Christ Jesus who gave himself as a ransom for all people” 1st Tim 2:5-6

        • Jay Lee

          So you don’t believe in religion… but you believe in their invisible man? Sorry bud.. your story book does little against the FACT it has been dis-proven COUNTLESS times… You don’t read the King James… but you read other texts written by MAN in its place? Like seriously man.. what is your argument here? So you don’t actively practice religion.. but you still spew their nonsensical rhetoric? Seems to me you are lost in the translation.. And as for your other comment.. I was an enlisted member of the R.C.R. from 2001-2005. Detachment 2370 Royal Canadian Artillery Corps. Never served overseas, but had my hand in several disaster relief operations. An assumption is the LOWEST form of knowledge bud.. Put your bible down and pick up a physics book.. you will get your head straight a lot sooner with this method!

        • Buddhaprince

          Your religion is a very nice psychological construct. Faith is very helpful to believers, but it is not supported by facts. It exempts you from responsibility for your actions (saves you from you sins). Problem is none of the Bible was written during the time of Jesus. All of the gospels were written over a hundred years after Jesus was gone. They are made up stories. They did not have tape recorders. The words of Jesus could never have been written on parchment while he was talking with such technicalities of the original 3 languages. Some debates exist as to which language is the original language of a particular passage, and about whether a term has been properly translated from an ancient language into modern editions of the Bible. No one has ever seen original Biblical text. There will never be any proof of the actual wording in the Bible. Some philologists even believe Jesus was an allegorical myth written in secret codes to hide the people’s use of psilocybin and peyote. See John Marc Allegro. philologist chosen to study the Dead Sea Scrolls, because of his acumen in ancient languages.

      • sandspoint705

        what do you think is next for the greatest show on earth.

      • Shaun Jones

        ALL religions are used to control the weak….

      • John Sosa

        God bless u sir

    • Sharon

      Wonder what Secretary Clinton knows about this? Disgusting, makes me sick that someone who is supposed to be protecting people can do something so evil. They need to be prosecuted, charged, given a dishonorable discharge, no pension and names published for all to see.

      • Jay Lee

        Protect people? Last I checked the only thing the US military is used for is killing innocent people in the name of profit and control…

        • Yea dude.. when did YOU SERVE? Hmm… NEVER?

          • Jay Lee

            2001-2005 Detachment 2370 Royal Canadian Artillery Corps. Want a little salt for that foot in your mouth bud?

          • Kit

            what flavor kool-aid are you drinking?

      • Joe_the_Troll

        I wonder what the COMMANDER IN CHIEF knew.

        • Harald Meling

          Live stream is suggested.

      • mag da
    • Marisol

      Funny how some people can come here and blame Islam for raping boys. Rape is a part of the white man’s DNA. During slavery, they raped men, women and children. And they did it legally because the black man was their property. Now some have the nerves to make up stories and point fingers at Muslims. Rape is very popular among CHRISTIANS, as that is what slave owning rapist called themselves. They continue to do the same thing today. They just do it behind closed doors now.

      • flamendialis

        You are dumb, sorry to say this. Rape is not white but human thing. Black rape, white rape, muslims rape, christians rape, atheist rape, pagans rape. What you do now is talking dumb, spreading hatred.This story is about something horrible against mankind no matter is white or muslim and you come with this BS? Supremacy? You think you are better just because…you might be black…or…brown….or…? I cannot understand why people cannot express they disgust about these kind of actions without blaming the ‘opposite.’ You see a couple of white probably Christian USA soldiers raping muslims so you have to talk rubbish in general about every single Christian white person on Earth? Not. You really should not. If you do you are not better. The people who come here to blame Islam for raping boys are dumb…and you fire back with the same BS but you blame white Christians. Why the f@ck you people don’t use your brain? Hate, greed, the aim for power, supremacy is human, it has nothing to do with colour, nationality or religion. If you want peace than stop firing back with BS when someone talks BS because it won’t help. I am white. I do not accept to talk to me like this. I am not rapist. I am not a slave trader. You cannot blame me because what happened 200 years ago and 700 years ago, even you cannot blame me for this what you read in this article. You just cannot. I want peace and do not give a damn if these people in this video are black, white, muslim or jew, if they behave like this they are against humanity. Every single nation, colour or religion got people who can act like this…as people who want to live peaceful, enjoy what they have, celebrate life without these stupid boundaries, that whites hate blacks and vice versa, that jews hate muslims, that muslims hate hindus, etc. Once again this is BS. Are you disgusted by this article? So am I. So can we do something against it? Of course not because we have to fight against each other and blame each other instead of doing something together. Do you get me? If you want to continue your supremacy BS just go on. You can talk about history but the fact this you cannot change it, I cannot change it. The only thing you can change is the future…and to achieve this we have to do something about this in the present.

        • Marisol


        • LAZT

          Rape is about ultimate control and power over human beings. It is colour blind and a form of extremism for power in any culture.

          • NH

            Exactly.It’s an act of violence & power, not sexual drive

        • Tina Thomas

          Thank you for sharing 🙁 I’m very sad and disgusted at how we as Americans act ,how sad for those children and mothers and men to witness such atrocities:( if I can help in any way please tell me:( I will gladly give my time to assist

      • You are one warped soul…

        • Marisol

          You can call me warped all you want to, but it does not negate the truth.

          • Ally

            Negate the truth? Seems to me you are blind to it. Read a history book.

            • Marisol

              Unless the history book was written by one of your enslaving, annihilating, dehumanizing, pillaging, evil, inhumane, incomprehensible, despicable ancestors, what I said was truth. Happy Holidays

      • hgthomas

        Actually, if you actually knew anything about world history, the arabs/ishmaelites have been doing this as long as their history has existed. Look up the word ‘catamite’.

        • Marisol

          You of all people should know where I am coming from. Coonery is shameful…

          • hgthomas

            Yes it is. And you exhibit it well.
            No shame in my understanding and knowledge.

            • Marisol

              LOL, so because the Arabs and Ismaelites did it, that means that it was okay for white people to do it as well? That was my point. But I guess it went straight over your head. Happy Holidays lady

      • Brandon J. Li

        Poppycock……………….rape is a weapon of terror used to dominate, dehumanize, demoralize and ultimately subjugate individuals that are deemed as weak or of no value. It has been used all over the world for millennia by folks of every race, ethnicity and religion whether red, yellow, black or white. Some folks of every religion from Buddhist, Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Wiccan, etc, and even some Taoists are guilty of this horrific mental madness and yes some Atheists have done it as well.

    • juju

      If the US military allows this kind of freaktoid to become a general anything is possible. Michael Aquino has been named in a prominent child abuse case (children were infected with venereal diseases) and proposed instilling a state of terror in ‘enemy’ populations by various (use your imagination) methods

    • Dawn Belair

      can’t believe some of these comments if this is true it most certainly does NOT represent the American People and you obviously do not know to many Americans. there is sick disgusting filth spewed out of the pages of ALL the religions that i am aware of stop playing some sick blame game if this is happening the monsters responsible need to held accountable end of story

    • Maskedpainter

      If you believe any of this I have real estate on the moon to sell you. When an article spends its initial paragraphs on telling you why you should believe it as if to discourage anyone from doing any investigating themselves that’s a clear example what you’re about to read is bull carp.

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    • Emal Kcud

      Americans are terrorist as whole, evil and vile people, with no culture and values.

      • hgthomas

        Then why do you want to come to our country Emal Kcud. Obviously, like the liars they are, these are muslim men dressed in stolen American uniforms. Boy rape is a part of your belief system.

        • Naik Afridi

          you can have rights to blame a whole religion

          • Eric Adam

            Anymore than YOU have a right to blame an entire population of a country.

          • gjm11653

            Muslims are scum.

        • Diana

          Emal. Naik and hgthomas

          Where did you all get your facts from? Only a person of limited education
          puts blame on a whole group of a country. a religion or a gender. In
          fact in my eye and probably millions of others,you are all imbecile’s. As a whole Muslim men are not rapist, as a whole America is not filled with terrorist, evil and vile people, with no culture or values. You all can say what you want, but the truth is our world is little helped with people who think like you. Hate and disdain only hurts you. Peace Be With You, Salam Alaikoum.

        • Ramez

          If you have a house made of glass, you imbecile, the last thing you would want to do is throw bricks at other people’s houses.

        • kwake13

          I take it you haven’t heard about priests raping young children in the Christian Church. Get educated.

          • hgthomas

            Stay on topic. We are talking about muslims in this thread.

            • kwake13

              The topic was ‘US soldiers raped in front of their mothers’. You should learn to read properly.

        • razdanraz

          Hgthomas. Do they look like like Muslim men to you? Why don’t you accept the truth and face it. American torture,rape and other atrocities are nothing new . the mylai massacres in Vietnam ,the use of napalm , on civilian areas,the poisoning of rivers the rape of young women and even their corpses is well authenciated. Power and wealth along with thecdeadloest weaponry in the world has made the uUS politicians insane. Orders are given to the soldier to do what he wanted. Abu ghraib is only one case scenario. The Iraq invasion was a revenge for sept 11. But then why was Iraq attacked d when it had no part in it is a question asked by sensible humans. Why there was so much rape of young virgins ,torture of civilians burning of cities with phosphorous bombs etc. Is there no principle in a war? Why behave like mad dogs or wild beasts? Thought Americans were a civilized nation. The ordinary american is kept well away from thecsordid reality of their government’s black deeds thanks to the dishonest paid media who work in cahoots with the politicians. If america only used its wealth and power to develop the backward countries of the world what a great country it would be. There are certainly thinkers and noble people in the country who say some good things and condemn the behaviour of their government but their voice is drowned amidst the loud clanging of lies and denials further intensified with a despicable goebbelian propaganda.

          • hgthomas

            No, they look like arabs/muslims in camouflage ….

            • Shona7

              You are about as dumb as a rock. Please dont procreate

              • gjm11653

                Your as dumb as scum, please don’t procreate or you will rape your own.

          • gjm11653

            Go away libturd. You are guilty of these atrocities.

        • gjm11653

          Best comment yet!

      • Naik Afridi

        yes you are right

        • Fahmida Zaman

          People on here from the USA are claiming that Islam promotes the rape of boys so I tried to give them authentic information on Islam because they are being misinformed. I gave links to websites which prove that Islam forbids sodomy and fornication just like Christianity and Judaism as all three religions are sister religions from the Middle East. Strangely, these links I have posted keep disappearing. It’s as if someone doesn’t want people to know the truth about Islam. I am really astonished that this keeps happening. It’s very strange.

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            All religions promote sodomy of their children.

            • kwake13

              Are you speaking from personal experience?

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            and many of us are more interested in what Islam says about women.

            • Smalldeer

              What does the christianity say about women? You do know that Islam is another Abrahamic religion, right?

            • kwake13

              What does Islam say about women?

          • Melissa Haney

            Actually I am a combat vet seen almost all of Iraq and Afghanistan. During my deployment to Iraq I was informed by the Iraqi Major that the little boy who was hanging around was the “play boy” for the day. In further explaination he stated that in the village (which I will leave out) young teen boys put eye liner on to indicate they can be used for sexually pleasure that day. This wasn’t the only village I witness this in. In afghanistan I witnessed for a remote site the people in this village by the post burn a kid, beat the children and beat women, with no remorse. However, people in the USA aren’t claiming nothing about it being part of Islam however, it is more prevelent to openly see such acts. Please stop catagorizing US people we all think differently and have experienced different things. After what I have seen people overseas do to each other, I still don’t think they it’s part of Islam, just think it’s a taught thing

      • Kathryn O’Connor

        No, we’ve got a culture. YOu may not like it but we’ve got it.

      • Eric Adam

        Emal’s words sounded weak and muffled amidst the screams of the lamb being brutally slaughtered as per his custom.

    • SeaNote

      They were obviously Arabs dressed up like Americans. Arabs are always kidding around.

      • hgthomas

        Exactly SeaNote. Muslim men are notorious for raping young boys. It is part of their religion.

        • Kathryn O’Connor

          so is it a part of Catholocism to

        • April

          please go educate yourself on Islam before saying ignorant things.

          • hgthomas

            I am quite educated on islam and its atrocities.

      • Fahmida Zaman

        Arabs don’t normally have white skin and blond or sandy hair.

      • Fahmida Zaman

        These men in uniform y have a peachy pinkish tone to their skin which is not found in the Middle East. Lighter Arabs have more of a Mediterranean or creamy complexion. The skin tones that you can see in the picture are not found among Arabs I’m afraid. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see this. The legs of the child are brown. The men standing over him are clearly not brown or remotely Asian looking. I have never seen an Arab who looks like these men in terms of skin tone.

        • gjm11653

          Your a cumb damn arab what do you know? Brownie arabs smh!

      • kwake13

        It’s a bit like you, an ignorant passing as a knowledgeable.

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    • rachel

      all of the following comments can be summed up by one common denominator that crosses every border and every war. MALE VIOLENCE. Until you name the perpetrator, men, you will have idiotic and meaningless discussions about who’s the bigger rapist or who’s the biggest pedophile. And any of the following comments in response to mine are made by people to dispute this fact and are either rapists or part of the status quo that would rather keep silent b/c they want the status quo to remain the same. Shame on any one who defends men who rape women, men and children. Name the agent of rape, MEN, if you, in fact. want rape to end.

      • Bibliofilen

        Yes we have some really horrible gender norms and expectations for boys and men. The result is that men are culprits to almost 90% of all violent crime. We all need to help free men and boys from the expectations placed on them.

        But what is written about above is how the US army handles itself. Any organization where this is possible need to make a complete overhaul of their routines and choices in leaders. Saying “boys will be boys” isn’t really a solution.

      • A. Christensen

        They rape because they can. They will never be charged. That is why rape is our troops most repeated crime. They murder innocent people because they have been desensitized in their training. With out deprogramming they come home and end up in prison or off themselves because they battle with how to be a human being again.

      • Brendan

        Your assertions observations about men are significantly correct . I have never understood the violence perpetrated by men against other human beings . You only have to see war and its uncontrolled violence against innocents and women and young and old men . No one present ever seems to stop individuals from doing atrocious things. No man in a street fight shops the fight . Men don’t act as men any longer and stand up for what they should be defenders off . They walk past a woman being beaten in a street they ignore when they should defend any woman who is vulnerable that they see . It’s time men grew a set wether individually or in more groups and defend principles of good living fully .

      • Mr. Wrestling III

        Men are dicks, that’s well understood. However, the woman who was taking pictures of it is just as evil.

      • Amir Obeid

        I guess you missed the part about a WOMAN taking the pictures, and you missed the other Abu Ghraib photos of a WOMAN standing in the pictures with naked men being tortured. Femi-nazis these days think everything is about evil men and they ignore the countless problems coming from WOMEN. WOMEN are just as capable of violence.

      • Scott F

        You are a sexist and it’s obvious.

        • Kathryn O’Connor

          So? Men dont’ get shamed for raping enough

          • Gino Dufamous

            There are women that rape also. Google “female rapists”. And your comment about the whole “plate or cage” just plain shows that you have been not on a nice date in ages. Please stop watching Hannibal. That was a story based on fiction.

            There are a lot of very happily married loving male/female couples out there. Yes most rapists are men. But that could be attributed to genes (strength, sexual drive etc). I bet you anything if women were more stronger, there would be more women rapists.

            • Smalldeer

              Rape is predominately perpetrated by MEN.

        • Shona7

          She is more like a realist. Follow the facts and dont get your emotions involved.

      • Ramez

        Way to divert the blame away from your culture and values.

        • Kathryn O’Connor

          she speaks the truth. In every culture, men rape. they are not taught not to rape. they are animals. In our culture, animals belong in two places: In a cage, or on my plate. So are they my pet or are they my food?

          • Eddie Roz

            thats cute a woman trying to act tough, back to the kitchen with you

          • Shona7

            If you look at anything wrong with society, it is all caused by MEN! Rape, murder, political corruptness, kidnapping…men are parasites on society and if it weren’t for their sperm, they’d be useless.

      • Did you miss the part where he said a woman was helping?

        • Shona7

          The WOMAN was filming!! Not helping.


      America emerged from the worst crime of genetic material and this is its policy!

    • SeaNote

      The Author is obviously a pathological putz. It’s the Afghani’s that pedofile their adolescents.

      • Brady Morris

        I agree that they are savages but don’t forget we have plenty of pedophiles in the United States as well. All rapist’s should die slow, regardless of who their victims are.

      • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

        I was married to a viet nam vet. It’s a reality of war. soldiers, no matter what county they are from, rape. Ours are no different than anyone else’s period. The sick thing is, I witnessed the same crap in el paso from people taking men from over here, to juarez, and taking them over to screw little children. I beat one guy bloody for talking about it on the cb.

        • John Mulligan

          Sodomising children in a virtual torture chamber is a reality of war? Interesting comment.

          • Rachael B.

            I am very afraid he’s right .

      • EMPATHIC

        Satanism is massive in the west. Paedophilia is everywhere.

        • Mr. Wrestling III

          No, we don’t have a lot of Satanism going on over here. Chances are these sickos were good ol’ fashioned American Christians.

        • Kathryn O’Connor

          satan doesn’t exist. you just can’t face yourselves.

          • juju

            That’s not the point. The sky god of the Abrahamic religions doesn’t exist either imo but people still follow the creeds…

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    • Ann Marie Sim

      do you honestly think its just an american thing wake up ffs it worldwide all the governments are corrupt and are involved not only sanctioning this but genocide selling children and loads more what we need is to sack the blooming lot and for once govern ourselves

      • Under the volcano

        It doesn’t matter if it is ‘not only American’s’ doing it. The
        point is it IS AMERICANS who are doing it. In Canada when we discovered
        evidence of abuse and torture in our troops stationed in Somalia, we
        disbanded an entire regiment, period. In the US they get promoted and
        protected. You aren’t ‘the good guys’ anymore, you are the monsters.

        • Mr. Wrestling III

          We haven’t been the good guys since WWII and in reality the Russians were just as important to victory as we were. Now, we’re the aggressors. It’s sad.

        • Fahmida Zaman

          I respect Canada for prosecuting the soldiers involved in wrong doing.

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    • stupiddy

      Maybe America isn’t such a great country. Maybe it should get out of the business of killing, raping, sabotaging governments.

      • fleetwoodray .

        Everybody with any sense knows this doesn’t have a thing to do with “America.” It has to do with accusations and those involved in the accusations.
        Turns out to be Iraqi Muslims raping Muslims. That is customary in Islamic countries. Remember the U.S. soldiers who defended a boy being raped repeatedly in Afghanistan by a Muslim Officer and was kicked out of the military for it? Use your brains, not your butt, next time you post. Semper Fi

        • Blue

          If it’s really Muslims raping Muslims, then why is the DoD working so hard to keep it under wraps? We already now, for certain, they kinds of things that took place at Abu, why is it so hard to believe these reports? I’m not saying one way or the other, but the evidence appears to support this having happened at the hands of US troops.

        • mobsie666

          Americans are scum. Why are you trying to hide it if you aren’t guilty. IIf I could press a button and every credulous American would drop down dead then I would, without reservation.

          • davidfulton3
          • oopsilaffatatory

            “Americans are scum”
            Right there you just invalidated anything you had to say.
            But since it was advocating the idea of genocide based purely on prejudice, it wasn’t valid any way

            If you really mean that, hen you are no better than these murderers and torturers you hate.

            • Under the volcano

              No, it does not invalidate anything he says. It is the truth. Your institutions, from the Presidency through the Supreme Court to Congress to the general government to state legislatures are corrupt to the core. You are a failed society that only continues to exist through the application of extreme violence. You will eventually die.

              • oopsilaffatatory

                Sorry old fruit but I have no time for such ridiculous prejudicial comments such as “All Americans are scum”.

                As a citizen of the UK I am equally appalled by the things you mention.
                Thanks to the internet I am in contact with Americans who are likewise disgusted with the corruption and injustice.

                As a UK citizen I am also dismayed and appalled by my own government’s complicity and those that support state terrorism. That does not mean all the people of the UK are scum either.

                And yes, I will eventually pop off this mortal coil.
                Meanwhile I will do what little I can to promote fairness and oppose oppression.
                Hope that makes my position clear to you.

          • Brady Morris

            Go suck your mother.

            • obadiahorthodox

              yeah, your mama was great when she gave me head and swallowed.

          • Mr. Wrestling III

            If you pressed the button, you’d be just as bad as we are. Just so you know, the American people don’t have any actual power to stop it. Our democracy is a sham. We live under an oligarchy.

          • Diana

            Americans are not all the same, just like all other countries. Grouping people only shows ignorance.We are not scum, well at least not all of us. So let’s try and keep our remarks credible. Not sure where you are from and it really doesn’t matter, because wherever it is, I know you have scum too. Peace

          • Kathryn O’Connor

            but the stink of their corpses would kill you when they rot.

        • oopsilaffatatory

          So are you suggesting that because one group rapes their victims, one should turn a blind eye US troops committing such immoral acts?

        • obadiahorthodox

          hey a$$wipe filthy semper fi piece of dog vomit jar head, it was in a prison run by AMERICANS.

        • Under the volcano

          That is an amazing comment that shows just how fundamentally warped you Americans really are. There are real video’s and testimony of this occurring. What has to happen for you to believe something, does it have to happen in front of your eyes in real time?

          • Debbie Lee Brown

            He’s probably guilty of the very same thing himself. Hence his “Semper Fi”. BUT, your use of “you Americans” only shows that you are out of touch with how most American’s feel about this. Yes, we believe it happened, based on testimony alone, and yes, we think many people can and should be punished for it. Our military operates outside of our normal legal system, and many times, it’s a CYA thing, were actually finding them guilty of the charges would mean that branch of our armed services admitting to very “unamerican” behavior. I doubt it will ever happen.

            • Ramez

              You deserve the same fate as your victims. No less..

      • Brady Morris

        America was and can once again be a great country, but before that can happen our tyrannical government must be abolished completely and reformed.

        • Ramez

          Was?? when was that?? Was it when they nearly wiped out the entire indigenous population of North America..

    • Suzy Que

      After they can no longer deny it happened, if top brass comes out trying to ‘splain it as part of the “fog of war”, that phrase will make it even more sickening than it already is, if that’s even possible.

    • IsNoBodyHome

      I wouldn’t put it past them. The question needs to be asked, with all the psyops and fake shootings.. Is the government just actors and if so why are they making arrests, chemtrailing us, and definitely mixing truth with lies. Don’t even know if gitmo is real..

    • How could anyone find a way to justify rape?

      • Ralph William O’Brien

        No one is justifying rape. Only contesting the legitimacy of this article since it is old and already refuted.

        • Meerkatx

          But if it comes to light that this is the truth, both Bush and Cheney will attempt to justify the actions of the soldiers because terrorists are bad or some other nonsense.

          • Ralph William O’Brien

            If evidence were to come to light, which it would not, I would support the death sentence for those soldiers involved. But there is NO way this crime was committed by American soldiers since it has already been reported that it was Iraqi soldiers.

            • Under the volcano

              And the videos, and photographs and testimony make no difference as far as you are concerned, right?

              • Ralph William O’Brien

                If there was video or photographic evidence out there to prove American soldiers committed these rapes yes I would believe the story. However this particular story has already been proven to be false and is simply being regurgitated for the sake of creating this article. I’m not suggesting that these soldiers are innocent of doing some stupid and maybe criminal acts but to suggest that American soldiers as a whole are just low life rapists and have no morals is just plain false. American soldiers should not fall victim to the liberal media and so called progressives like yourself that would paint all American soldiers as nothing more than animals.

      • fatbastard_2012

        Drumpf and Cheney could……

    • Krys
      • Ralph William O’Brien

        None of those link have any connection with this story other than rapes were involved nor did it involve US soldiers. You can’t suggest that some foreign body working for the UN is proof that US soldiers are going nuts overseas and raping people.

    • Jeffrey Bordeaux

      This is total bs just lke slavery,interment camps or jimcrow. White people are not animals .

    • kaibron

      This can’t be true! It’s about as believable as US soldiers beating prisoners to death with their bare hands… or making them stand on boxes with electrodes on their genitals… or taking smiling pictures with the dead bodies of prisoners they murdered…. or….
      oh yeah, that stuff actually happened. So…

      • Ralph William O’Brien

        I support every one of those items. Especially people who would not blink twice before cutting off YOUR head.

        • Slingerss

          Many of the people that were tortured were innocent. All that the torture did was turn them into terrorist because they ended up hating us so much. Get a grip, and educate yourself.

          • Ralph William O’Brien

            Yeah. Sure they were innocent. Their Islamic ideology is what drove them to hate us. So naïve.

            • Slingerss

              So ignorant. ^^

              • Ralph William O’Brien


      • Brady Morris

        There are savages amongst every race and nationality.

    • Death to Liberals

      I call total BS. Either produce the video or I would hope you are sued to poverty for slander.

    • Ralph William O’Brien

      My previous post was blocked since it contained quite a bit of profanity. The purpose of that profanity was simply to describe my continued disgust with the people in this post. In my previous reply to you haters I explained that since many of you were so arrogant and confident that my pro-American point of view was naive and or misinformed I decided to keep an open mind and do some real research and enlighten myself. Well here are the facts I discovered regarding the claims in this post. Mind you that these facts have been released some time ago which makes this misinformation even more inflammatory. The rapists in this story were in fact Iraqi soldiers NOT American soldiers. It has also been reported that there were some American soldiers that uncovered these crimes while they were on duty and tried to punish the Iraqi soldiers. And when I mean punish I mean beat them to within an inch of their pathetic lies. These American soldiers were either dismissed or removed from duty after reporting these crimes to their superiors. So yes these officers are culpable and guilty of derelict of duty. But there was never any evidence that any American soldier actually committed rapes to these children. Again I say to you liberal anti-Americans that wish to spread rumors and innuendos to smear the US government and military get your facts straight before you go off with your hate.

      • Sean Barton

        You have contradicted yourself by saying the officer’s that these crimes were brought to were “guilty of derelict of duty”. The fact still remains that the American constitution, which America is based upon does not apply here what so ever. I am not saying that some of these prisoners should be kept behind bars but the level of torture that has been used to extract information goes totally against the Geneva convention. It also allows easy propaganda for terrorist organisations to use. This has done America no favours along with the invasion of Iraqi America starting going downhill after JFK was murdered. How different the world would have been if JFK was able carry out what he intended to do. Politicians throughout the world say one thing to the electorate while doing something completely different behind closed doors with conspiracy’s, arming opposing factions to overthrow governments that don’t play ball. People are getting fed up with the bullsh#t that is backed up by the mainstream media. You don’t see the sort of outrage or military support in Africa where wars, genocide and famine have been raging for years. The big reason behind this Oil, well the lack of it.

        • Ralph William O’Brien

          Actually NO I did not contradict myself. The premise of the story as well as myself defending the soldiers has to do with did American Soldiers rape boys in front of their mothers and furthermore did they murder family’s to keep these rapes secret. There were crimes committed but those rapes were done by Iraqi soldiers. I believe the US government is responsible for covering up some crimes because it makes their mission difficult with these types of stories being reported then further fabricated to meet an individuals ideology. I am also familiar with the story of a US soldier that did rape a young girl. That in itself is an isolated incident and that soldier was punished and in my opinion should get the death penalty. This post makes ALL US soldiers look as if there is an ongoing conspiracy to rape and pillage Iraq. This could not be further from the truth.

      • Kennethpytn

        They did it because it is, and has always been, in their nature. You came from the caves of Europe and it is to those exact same caves that you shall be made to return.

      • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

        “These American soldiers were either dismissed or removed from duty after reporting these crimes to their superiors.” but we aren’t supposed to slander the government? WTF man?

    • NoBrain NoHeadache

      Actually, these photos are old, they are adult men being shamed. It is wrong, those involved were punished. This is not acceptable for anyone from any country or culture.

      • Karen Glammeyer Medcoff

        adult men being shamed? SO WHAT? they RAPED! they have NO reason to deserve ANYTHING other than ridicule and hatred!

    • William Hallett

      This is all total BULL-SHIT..

      • Hagbard Celine

        These claims have been in the media for years now and I have yet to see any denials from anyone in the government.

        • Death to Liberals

          why bother denying BS. Grow a brain.

          • Hagbard Celine

            Eat feces and bark at the moon.

        • Ralph William O’Brien

          You can’t prove a falsehood. That’s simple elementary education for craps sake.

          • Hagbard Celine

            I’ll type slow for you. The claim is there is a video and some people have seen it and the claims come from them. The government has admitted the video exists but hasn’t made a statement about what is on the video. If there is no rape on the video then show the video while issuing a denial. They haven’t done that. They could very easily prove a negative in this case. If there was no video you would be correct about proving a negative.

            • Ralph William O’Brien

              You really are too entrenched in your ideology to hate all things American to see the common sense. The video was not released because there was nothing to be gained by releasing it to the public. The content of the video was discussed under oath in the US Congress and the evidence showed that the rapists were Iraqi soldiers. This is all public information so do some research before you spout off and support the hate.

        • Lana Me

          In 2004 I went to India, I was only 15 at the time visiting a friend, I opened a magazine lying around and in it was pictures of U.S. soldiers raping a muslim woman, it was a graphic picture and there were more. I put it down completely in shock. I truly didn’t understand what was happening or why American Soldiers, the noblest country in the world, would do such a thing. However that image is burned into my brain forever. When I came back I searched for news articles about what was happening and what I saw and thats when I understood how much our own government keeps from us. I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything like that and I still think this country is pretty decent but facts are facts…

          • Hagbard Celine

            Some soldiers took pictures of the rapes and of the torture and passed them around like baseball cards. In order to turn people into soldiers ready to kill other people you must dehumanize the people you want killed. Unfortunately you cannot fine tune the process so that only the enemy soldiers are dehumanized and the entire population becomes dehumanized in the eyes of our soldiers which allows behaviors like these to flourish. After all it’s not like they are real people like we are. If a person remains a soldier for long eventually everyone who is not a soldier becomes dehumanized in their eyes and it ruins their ability to function back in society and you end up with veterans killing themselves every day.

          • JenkPac Shakur

            The reason you saw American soldiers doing that is because America is controlled by Jews and gradually Jews have changed America’s morality to their morality which is to say psychopathy which is not morality at all but the complete opposite. Jews are why things such as Abu Grahib prison camp exists along with the open air concentration camp they have made out of Palestine. You are only 26 years old and think you have it all figured out when you don’t know much of anything. What you need to do is seek out Scott Roberts of theforbiddentruth net website and talk to him and find out about Jewish power or google search the late Dr. William Pierce or Commander George Lincoln Rockwell and learn from them what the Jews have done to America and the world over thousands of years they have been in control over all of us bringing out the worst in us as they exert that control. Mostly of all you need to wake up.

            • Ras Anbassa

              Yeah, Dicky is such a semite…! Any decent, thinking person will stand behind this demand: Try monkey Man and his lapdog Blair for War crimes and Crimes against humanity!

              • JenkPac Shakur

                Cheney, Bush, Obama, Trump, Hilary are simply puppets of world Jewry. That they willingly served the Jewish agenda should be enough to put them in front of firing squads if whites ever take back their countries.

          • ssgtnelson

            You mean that anyone can buy a uniform and take a pic? Those facts? You’re easily fooled.

          • stupiddy

            American men soldiers raping each other. It’s pretty common, according to the American military. So why would they have a problem raping Iraqi boys?


      • jtswife

        no its not, why do you say that? because Americans are not capable of such animalistic behavior? Disgusiting. I am ashamed!

        • Death to Liberals

          great, now give me court room level evidence, oh wait you have none. Please die tonight and let the collective IQ of the world rise.

          • Lana Me

            Um wouldn’t the evidence be the video itself? Or do you not know how evidence works? A brief definition — it doesnt matter whether you, yourself believe it cause you are no the dictator of the world or this country, it matters what really happened. And things like this happened. Not that you’d believe it but in 2004 I went overseas and a newspaper article in a different country had graphic pictures of american soldiers doing these things, only what I saw was to a muslim woman.

      • paladin867

        Why – because it does not agree with your confirmation bias of American exceptionalism?

        • Death to Liberals

          No you moron, because it is crap.

          • Ras Anbassa

            Your nome de plume has already summarized Your ability to add anything to any debate…!

    • DeeDee2Die4

      They hate us for our freedoms.

      • paladin867

        If you are speaking about those Western leaders who run governments, and use terrorism as political tools, for dialectical chaos (change) you would be correct – they hate us for our freedoms. When G.W. Bush said right after 9/11: “Evil has found willing servants” who do you think he was talking about?

      • kaibron

        Our freedom to torture, rape and kill at Abu Ghraib? Yeah, probably.

    • James

      If this is true. It is still minor compared to having heads cut off and being burned alive and also the mass executions. Even 10 year old children are cutting off heads. I have seen the videos and they are quite graphic. I would imagine watching these atrocities would change the way a person would think and behave even though they know it is wrong.

      • Hagbard Celine

        You are really going to go there and assign degrees of morality to immoral acts?

      • jtswife

        pardon me?

      • Raja Sajjid Zeeshan Pti

        If you thinks this is ok then I feel you need to go see doctor as you really low life really retarded worser then animal.

        • Death to Liberals

          prove it, it has been circulated for over a decade, no victims nothing coming forward.

    • yachty

      Do I care……no!

      • Hagbard Celine

        You cared enough to comment.

    • Barrington H. Brennen

      It is my view it should be said “men and women in the US military” did these terrible things instead of saying “The US Military.” This action would not be sanctioned by the General nor the President of the USA.

      • Keith

        You have never been in the military

      • Tobias Brown

        They were not isolated events. They were the program. You deny this?

        • Death to Liberals

          Prove it, come one, one real video, one victim statement with lie detector backup.

      • Ras Anbassa

        Perhaps these actions were not sanctioned directly by Prez, but as chief in command he is certainly ultimately resonsible! A future trial for war crimes and crimes against humanity US military and political leaders will stand at the Hague will certainly unfold that specific Connection! But then again, you’d have a just world…

    • Ralph William O’Brien

      This article is bull. If I was anyone in the right government agency I would hunt down and arrest anyone responsible for this article and press charges. This is not freedom of the press it’s propaganda and incites and supports the enemy.

      • Patrick Savalle

        The US is the enemy, you moron. This year alone you had military action in 100+ countries. You’re like a cancer to the world. 😉

        • Ralph William O’Brien

          It’s people like you that are the real enemy. If you support and believe this rubbish you are as moronic as your little sarcastic emoticon.

          • Keith

            The United States is the enemy.

            • Ralph William O’Brien

              I have read your profile and previous comments. You obviously live to post to these types of articles and supporting your liberal anti-American agenda. Whether you say so or not it is also clear that you did not spend a moment in the military beyond your boy scout group. It’s so easy to judge sitting on your couch collecting welfare.

              • Keith

                I served 6 years in the Marines, I have a successful construction business and some POS posting on the internet means little to me. I am not anti-America, I am a proud American tired of the lies of the war mongers, Scoundrels and Thieves in Washington DC that cause all the bleeding and dying but do not participate in any of the sacrifice. My oath was to the Constitution not to any of the Ash Hats that pretend to be American leaders.

              • Hagbard Celine

                The irony is strong with this one.

                • Ralph William O’Brien

                  I stumbled upon this article. There is no irony there. Look at my profile if you disagree but many of the posters on these forums have dedicated far too much time trolling and not enough time educating themselves. I do not deny that our military did some terrible things in the past within prison walls but I find it offensive that people believe American military soldiers would rape children.

                  • Hagbard Celine

                    Not only rape children but murder their family to cover it up.

                  • michiganpatriot

                    I’ve always wanted to live in in a utopian world……how is yours?

                  • jtswife

                    stop being in denial about how cruel Americans can be

                    • Death to Liberals

                      I wish we could bring home all our troops, expel all non American citizens and then cut off all money/military/food aid to the world. See how fast they kiss our a$$ to get a loaf of bread.

                      • Ralph William O’Brien

                        I agree. Let the world take care of their own problems. We used to be isolationists before World War I and we were quite self sustainable then. Time to go back to the way it was.

                      • Ras Anbassa

                        Guess you’ve shown where you stand in the presidential race…It’d be a laugh if Trump was barred from the UK as prez of the US. It might be Worth it having him for prez, just for that!

                      • Bibliofilen

                        As someone living in the rest of the world I’d second this motion if it wasn’t for the fact that I would feel so sorry for all decent US citizens getting locked in there with you.

      • Hagbard Celine

        Why has there been no denial from the government?

      • jtswife

        see its people like you that call others animals but yet American soldiers do this and all of the sudden its a lie! SMH

        • Ralph William O’Brien

          I’m sorry. Where did I call anyone an animal?

      • Ras Anbassa

        Torture them a little bit, maybe…?

    • elyb

      Why do people refuse to believe this is true as if the US military is not capable of such acts. Of course they are. Stop being juvenile and admit what you know about such atrocities that occur in all times, in all places on earth when men think they are threatened and have a right to do whatever they want when they gain the upper hand. When the ego gains power in circumstances such as these it can bring out the most demonic side of humanity. Don’t fool yourselves, it is nothing new and the US is no different than any other group of thugs when you get down to a base level. Grow up and see what you are seeing and then we can work to clean it up.

      • Death to Liberals

        PROOF? Where is it?

    • Wyte One

      Haha all this “proof” is based off of one person. Where is the actual proof? I know there is a very slim chance that this could have happened but I know many of the troops would have raised the flag on this had it happened. Stacking them in a cheerleader pyramid is one thing but raping a child I call b.s. on.

      Notice how Anonymous blocked commenta on their page and the sheer amount of brainless followers they have is astonishing.

    • leewacker

      It is psychological warfare to get us to distrust our military and others—-anything to make America and Americans look bad!

      • Draft Resister

        Nope, just common sense. The US military works for the banksters and the Military Industrial Complex.,

      • Eduardo Durán

        America doesn’t look bad, IS BAD!!

        • Sheila

          I agree and I am American.

        • Cornelis Brouwer

          I do not agree and I am not an American. As a military man I have served under US superiors and had US subordinates. Many of them with combat experience. All fine men and women. Is there a rotten apple between them, than don´t blame the others.

          • Peace Keeper

            Rest of the fine men and women in US army killed millions by bombing innocent women and children in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc. Think before you say and Then CIA make up the story or shot a film to cover it up like they did recently. World can only become peaceful if it becomes USA free.

            Who Bomb the japan?

            Who Started the world war II

            Who supported taliban against russia to break?

            Who killed millions of innocent by making a reason of Weapons of Mass Destruction?

            • Cornelis Brouwer

              1: For a very good reason.
              2: Japan in 1934 with the attack on China
              3: USA indeed.
              4: Bullshit.

          • jtswife

            do you say the same about Muslims? I wonder

        • Death to Liberals

          Until you need food and meds after an earthquake or flood etc. Then you blow us for a sandwich.

          • Ras Anbassa

            Beautiful imagery

    • Fred Hastings

      Has anyone ever thought. This is the same show for the women prisoners having the same results on Idiots that believe this is true? Visual as seen on camera is not always what it appears! It’s called Physiological Judo at it’s finest. Get a grip people !

      • BeachN

        You are saying this never happened? If so what do you base your findings on? Please share.

    • BeachN

      We want to know the names of the “men” who have done this and what they are doing today. Why does anything to do with males have to get sexual? Their animalistic behavior appalls me and always has. This is something that does not need a slap on the wrist.. This sickens me to the core. Will we have to have women prosecutors deal with this because men will identify with it too closely? Have some respect for yourself people and quit acting like a bunch of damn animals.

      • Currahee101st

        Okay, you’re an idiot, next…

        • McArthurdw

          Or a Lesbian…a bigot in any case.

          • Jay Libowicz

            Currahee and McArthur, you gentlemen are experts at arguing your viewpoint logically. Whereas others would childishly resort to ad hominem due to a complete and total inability to defend what they’ve been told to believe (since that is all one can do whose beliefs lack a foundation of fact and logic), that’s not you! Not by any means! Can you imagine the economic trouble and government corruption of a society full of people who did that, though? Imagine people arguing that 1 + 1== 2, and justifying it with empty emotionalism and character attacks, and basically anything EXCEPT mathematics. Transfer that analogy to what such a society would look like. Such arrogant fools probably wouldn’t even have the capacity to even begin to think that maybe their society’s current state is directly their own fault, and would probably blame shift as things continued to self-destruct around them.

            But that’s neither here nor there. Good thing you intelligent and verbose gentlemen have shown yourselves far above such imbeciles as in that entirely fictitious scenario! 🙂

            • michiganpatriot


          • BeachN

            If you disagree with what I say then share proof of what you believe. Personal attacks on someone who holds a different opinion than you is showing your lack of intelligence. I always find that laughable due to the lack on knowledge to address someone who differs with an intelligent reply. It is funny that you think I must be a Lesbo to have formed that I am far from that. I have a history of men thinking with their penis’s. I have many hours logged in at the court house watching men who think with their tools and not their brain. I have put several away for doing just that.. I have researched, done the work and dealt with the victims of these “Men”. Call me what you will as it does not affect me in the least. What I stated was the truth and I obviously hit a NERVE. If categorizing me helps you except yourself somewhat then have at it darling.

            • Simiansez

              BeachN, you’re throwing seeds of morality on barren soil.
              “None are so blind as those who refuse to see.”

            • Ralph William O’Brien

              You’re not just expressing an opinion but supporting the hate. I for one understand and believe there was wrong committed in these jails but the premise of this story is just wrong. I spent time in the military and I was there and I can tell you straight up that this article was written for its own agenda. Smear the U.S. military.

              • Hagbard Celine

                I am a veteran myself and could easily see things like this happening especially considering the lowering of standards for entrance to the army.

              • jtswife

                thats pathetic that you guys are defending these actions just because it slurs the almighty American military name

            • Cornelis Brouwer

              Join the Army, get trained and send to a war zone. One morning you will go on patrol and find along the road a child with a cut throat. (The Yugoslavia war) The next day you run with your squad to a fire fight. By the time you are there, you find some men with a Croatian tie. And if you don´t know what this is: Croatians used to cut the throat of their enemies and pulled the tongue through the slit. A few years later you will be send to Iraq. There you will experience that US soldiers who fell in the hands of Sunni´s were found back with their eyeballs cut out, tortured with hot knives, broken bones and their penis cut off. That all happened while they were will still alive. And finally their throats were cut. From then on you don´t give a dime for the welfare of your prisoners. So don´t come on board with your bullshit. If you don´t want this to happen, then only recruit priests and people without imagination. And before anything: Only vote for president candidates who promise to use the US forces only to protect US territory.

              • michiganpatriot

                So you are saying if this is true it is justified?

                • Cornelis Brouwer

                  I am not saying that.

              • jtswife

                protect US territory? Since when have we done that? And you are condoning this horrible act against another human being and pointing fingers at others?
                wow and I thought isis was inhumane

              • BeachN

                It goes without saying that I already considered all that you speak of before I formed my opinion. Two wrongs do not make a right . Never has , NEVER will.. One will NEVER justify the other.

              • Ras Anbassa

                “From then on you don´t give a dime for the welfare of your prisoners”. Hence the Geneva Convention! US is signatory to it…

      • Twisted1

        Read the article again. It says that while these men were allegedly doing this, female soldier were allegedly photographing them. So the woman supposedly took part in the rape and humiliation. If this even happened. For all we know this was an isolated case involving a handful of people, and while wrong, it is being exaggerated to encompass the entire military.

        Because you know, it’s wrong to judge all Muslims on the action s of a few radicals, but it’s okay to judge all Americans based on the actions of a few bad ones.

        • Cornelis Brouwer


        • jtswife

          no one is judging all Americans, judge scum Military ones

    • Jack Neill

      This is the most evil thing I have ever seen and no one will label it as such because of propaganda. Plain and simple.
      The only way to protect yourself is to arm yourself, the US could never do this to Russia or Pakistan or China because they have sufficient protection.

    • jdlech

      This only confirms what I’ve always suspected from the start. The United States has zero moral ground on which to stand. It was not “just a few bad apples”, and it was not limited to men. Women and children were tortured too. One would have to be an idiot to think otherwise. Unfortunately, America is filled with the willfully idiotic.

      • James Wherry

        Why do you think that the alleged videos were done by anyone but the same 11 idiots that took photos at 3AM over a few weeks in October, 2003? If so, I agree they should also be exposed and those guilty held accountable.

        • jdlech

          They did not work alone. This went all the way up to the White House with Stephen Cambone giving the order.

          • James Wherry

            I’ve posted a response, but it says “Hold on, this is waiting to be approved by MintPress News.” Dunno why: no swearing or obscenity by me and no citing of any website except the military’s reference to treatment of detainees. Frankly, they should be eager to post what I posted. If this is not up by Noon on Sunday, remind me and I’ll try reposting.

            • jdlech

              I’ve had that too. I have a post still “pending” for over a year now.
              And only a fool would trust the military to report condemning evidence on themselves.

              • James Wherry

                Where do you think the evidence on Abu Ghraib came from? It was all from the military. Only someone not familiar with the facts would believe otherwise.

              • James Wherry

                [Here. Let me try to re-post this. The only thing I can think that would have made the editors unhappy is my citation to the Army Publican Directorate.]

                I’ve seen no such evidence However, in order for it to get down to the 11 freaks, it would have had to pass through the hands of people like ME – Judge Advocates – and we would have said, “NO!”

                The SJA for V Corps during these events was COL Mark Warren. I know what he said to ME, when I worked at Camp Cropper: “Jim, if you see anything that event hints of
                criminal conduct, go get your Commander and stop it, but then call ME.”

                I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. Why do you think that CID immediately reported this when one Soldier brought forward the photos of what happened?!? Why no cover up by
                U.S. Soldiers in the chain of command??? Why was the 205th MI Brigade Commander
                relieved for permitting that sort of environment???

                We had two incidents, while I was there: in both cases, they were the “typical”
                thing you watched for – not dirty pictures with dog collars, which make me want
                to vomit still to this day. In one instance, one Soldier claimed a detainee was
                trying to head butt him into a barbed wire fence and so he punched him. Only
                problem is that the detainee’s hands were tied behind his back. Our Battalion
                Commander at Camp Cropper held a hearing and determined (of course) that this
                was excessive force; the SOP is to place a detainee firmly on the ground and
                wait for him to stop trying to hurt you. That’s standard doctrine and you can
                look it up online at the Army Publication Directorate under field manuals and other documents.

                The Soldier in question was an E6 (staff sergeant) and became an E4 and lost a half month’s pay for two months. He was removed from ever dealing with a detainee, again.

                I’ll apologize, because after 12 years, my memory has begun to fade, but I don’t remember the exact details of the other Article 15 recipient, but I do remember it was also
                excessive use of force and the Soldier received identical treatment.

                Incidentally, in both cases, do you know who reported the crime? Fellow MPs. There was no “thin blue line of silence” at Camp Cropper.

              • James Wherry

                Okay, apparently what set off the alarms was my use of the phrase “He!! no.” Really.

    • annebeck58

      It makes me wonder, too, what’s really gone on (and going on?) at Guantanamo. Even under Obama; what is really happening, there? Would events such as this be the reason why Obama and Co. are afraid to set innocent folk free and finally shutter the place?
      The more I hear about what the US military has been involved in, the more disgusted I am to see these idiotic words, “Support Our Troops”. They are not my troops. They are not my sons or daughters. Were they mine, I would (still) not support them or, in particular, such horrible people and their horrific acts.

    • Orangee333

      This isn’t so difficult to believe. Men and women who are drawn to the power of law enforcement and the military are often sexually perverse and seeking powerless victims. Rape has always been a weapon of war, a right of the conqueror. From J. Edgar Hoover to Joe Arpaio to James Steele to General Petraeus to Donald Rumsfeld, the list of the kinky and the seriously pathological perverts goes on and on. . . .

    • BeteNoir

      We’re creating enemies that our grandchildren will have to face.

    • MRHapla

      The takeaway? Keep the homoes out of the military. And the Muslimes out of the West, and especially out of America

      • gbizzle

        Is that what u get from this? Ur sick too!!

        • MRHapla

          Sick of the BullShht.

      • tetonmoon

        Go put a gun in your mouth, pull trigger and do the world a favor and please don’t breed and if you have please abort them now.. your kind don’t deserve to breath the same air as the humans and great creatures of this earth..

        • MRHapla

          Death and killing is the only thing you PCLibScum know, so I close with,,,you first , asswipe.

    • Big Wes

      Yeah, I’m sure Kasim hasn’t any reason to lie about it.

    • Qadir

      And then people wonder when Muslims from the middle east attack the US they call it terrorism but the biggest terrorists is the US they have been provoking the Muslim world for decades and with crimes like these which are surfacing people can now understand were the hatred is coming from and how it is justified to youth in those countries.

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    • Steve A Esebius

      No wonder there is so much hate from the middle east triggered to Americans even the innocent ones get caught up in that hate. Because that is not right at all if it is true that the soldiers did committee such evil and evil on Children. Could they be the current ISIS front-liners seeking revenge?

    • S Ann Love Favourite

      karma will come to you
      How if it happens to your kids or family ?
      What will you feel good ?

    • Steve Weinstein

      Too bad the only source cited, Seymour Hersh, later backtracked on those remarks, said they were off-the-cuff and said he was misstated on the Internet:

      “Many who blogged the revelation believed that Hersh was talking about multiple rapes committed by American soldiers. Nearly everyone took it for granted that Hersh had seen the videotapes himself because he’d described their horrifying soundtrack. And everyone did assume that there were in fact videotapes, which there may not be. (“Was it a video camera or a digital camera? Nobody was quite sure,” Hersh told students at Tufts later in the year.) The speech was so widely blogged that the ACLU says Hersh asked it to remove part of the video—including the sodomy allegation—from the organization’s Website, which it proceeded to do.”

      • Scott Baldwin

        I’ll bet you support the terror.

        • redrock64

          Seems he supports the truth, not the lies being spread!

      • Don’t buy the spin! This is called “damage control” by highly trained enforcers with the complicity of all levels of government and the 6 corporations who control 96% of the worlds media.

      • annebeck58

        Well, look at who runs the ACLU, and these follow-up actions are not surprising.
        I understood, from the words of Hersh, it was audio-tape. I also understood he was not the only person to come out with the truth.

      • Brandon Swords

        Regardless, whether it’s raping kids or blowing kids into pieces, everything they’re doing is not humane.

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    • Lie_Buster

      Old news. Seems the whole world already knew this except for the clueless head-still-in-the-ass Americans with that trademark stupid look on their faces (think George Bush) asking, “Why do they hate us?” One wonders if there are any dumber, more clueless creatures on earth than in the USA.

    • Greg

      Protecting the Constitution at work?
      Something Obama has said he doesnt have to do in signing the TPPA,
      I guess oaths of office are just a moral compass, and not an legal obligation.
      And now we have Daesh & ISIS there, gee I wonder why.

      • Matthew Liscomb

        So typical to think this is an “Obama” thing as if it could be “blamed” on one man. Never mind the military complex and other masses of power that really pull the strings. The president, no matter who it is, is nothing more than a puppet! Until that ignorance is enlightened, foolishness like these comments will continue to blind Americans to what’s really going on!

        • The Constitution clearly states that the President is “The Commander in Chief” …of these soldiers, he is ultimately responsible for their behaviour…albeit the then President was George W Bush at the time, whose Skull & Bones PsyOp’s induced PTSD mental state appears IMHO little better if not worse then his foot soldiers.

      • We have not had a real President of the United States of America i.e. someone independanty in command of their own mental faculties since the bloody brains of the Commander in Chief were blown out of his skull (& bones…cranium to ooze down his face) and spray across his wife, the presidential limousine and Daley Plaza (home of the first Dallas Masonic temple), “with military precision” by his own deputy (LBJ), government service agency & bureau chief’s (CIA – George H W Bush, FBI – J.Edgar Hoover, Secret Service – to name not a few) in a archetypally symbolic secret society assassination broadcast media message to remind America that it was no longer a democracy nor had been for sometime! Lest we forget, how America “woke in fright” to its oligarchical fascist masters and the world changed forever on the 22nd of November, 1963.

    • Zimmy Z Zimmerman

      and when the US sends its’ army their not sending their best ~ their sending criminals, rapists, drug dealers and some I assume are good people.

      • Jordan

        *they’re and *they’re.

        • grim3per


        • DLeVesque

          Hahahaha! Correcting peoples grammar online: the last bastion of the dullard. Incorrectly correcting only makes it funnier.

      • WhyNot?

        Speaking as a former vet who went in as an oblivious kid (17) who simply wanted money for college, I disagree with your assertion. They don’t go in there as criminals, but if they go into combat, esp with wars of convenience and aggression, they certainly are going to come out that way. Fortunately, for me, I was never in combat. But I can say categorically today, that I wouldn’t fight off a cold for this country. I’ve talked to nam vets and they relayed stories of placing grenades inside women and watching them blow up. No wonder so many from that era came back drugged out of their minds–to mentally escape from those demons. A couple of little facts: 1 out of 3 women vets will be either raped or sexually assaulted by their own & military vets are 5 times as likely as the general population to end up homeless. I say stop sending our kids to be screwed up for life, in one way or another. If there were more employment opportunities in the private sector, a lot fewer kids would feel a need to choose the military as an option.

    • Danny Guillot

      ANYONE still wondering why we are hated around the world?

    • US VET


    • jini man

      Stupid Homosexuals!

      • TiggyTiger

        They were more than likely not homosexuals. This is something men do in wars – heterosexual men – to other men and boys.

        • AJ

          No, it’s not. But these Soldiers were way out of line and are extremely wrong. But it’s not something that happens as a matter of course, like you’re implying.

        • elle

          i think they are fully hetero. the point is too punish or inflict pain & demorlize, no compassion or love there.
          It’s a tool to assert your power and demean your captive…excuse me “prisoner”.

        • Ras Anbassa

          And face trials at the Hague (or Nuremberg) for it…

      • Jim Rousch

        No, it’s not homosexuals. It’s a matter of soldiers being bastards.

        • James Wherry

          Sorry, Jim: you are an anti-soldier bigot.

          And yes, I am also gay

      • Lixer

        Like its different from heterosexual men who objectify, traffic, and rape women?

    • Bob Machinski

      Time and time again, throughout history and all empires and civilzation (even biblical herbrews), rape is part of war.

      • AlaiaLeighland

        that does not make it acceptable…

      • Jester1137

        Actual men don’t need to be shocked to be disgusted and horrified.

      • Scott Baldwin

        Part of Hebrew wars

    • MalMilligan

      Newsweek here references many thousands of pictures of various torture at Abu Gharib. So do lots of trusted authorities in the news service. Yeah I know Mint Press is a lying rag that rarely references any of their outrageous statements but what was done in some of these US prisons was totally beyond any semblance of common decency or US or International Law.

      • James Wherry

        Same 11 idiots.

        My complaint about the Loons of the Left is not that they think we are evil, but that they think we are stupid. We all knew full well that such criminal misconduct would result in the loss of the good will of the Iraqi people.

        Unfortunately stupid people on the Left cannot even fathom that we ever had the good will of the Iraqi people. I had a lot of people come up to me and shake my hand and welcome me to Baghdad and An-nasiryiah in 2003.

        For my part I taught US MPs law of war and ethical use of force. We constantly talked about winning the people over by NOT acting like Saddam.

        One question I am curious about though: bid you were opposed to the invasion, did that mean you supported sanctions that murdered 50,000 Iraqi children a year?

        • Greg

          So then are oaths of office legally binding or just a moral compass.
          Obama has mad himself immune from his oath of office in the TPPA trade deal.

          The female soldiers didnt see anything wrong there?

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    • James Wherry

      Not buying it for a moment.

      1. I know the MPs who opened Camp X-Ray. They were professionals who worked with the CSRC. I observed them for months on end in Iraq and they did not and would not tolerate such crimes. The biggest thing we ever dealt with in Iraq was two instances of unnecessary roughness – in one instance, a detainee tried to shove our MP into razor wire. He hauled off and punched the guy. The result? We busted the servicemember down two ranks, fined him half a month’s pay for two months, and permanently removed him from anywhere near detainees. The reason? The SOP is that you are to push, shove, or place such an individual firmly on the ground, until he stops trying to do you bodily harm, NOT that you punch him. The second instance was similar: unnecessary use of force, NOT perversion for which you WOULD be put out of the Army – for being gay – as well as for abusing detainees. With more than 27,000 detainees processed at Camp Cropper, that’s the “worst” we saw.

      2. The rambling narraive suggests the “witnesses” have not actually seen anything. This is a third-hand account. Mint is playing the “name and shame game,” becoming a megaphone for terrorists bent on lying about the USA.

      3. There are no women at Abu Ghraib, or children.

      • Narf

        …unlike under Saddam Hussein, who had whole prisons reserved for preteen children.

        • James Wherry

          Yeah. I went to Irbil and one of the other provinces in Kurdistan and visited several of the prisons. They were forts built by the Societs for Saddam to support the Anfal Campaign to exterminate the Kurds. When the Kurds liberated these prisons, they found women’s and children’s shoes and clothing in the basement of the prison. It was Auschwitz all over again.

          • tylerdurden

            1. no women and children at abu ghraib. the american army did not rape children and those pictures from abu ghraib were all manufactured.
            2. America also found tons of wmds during this benevolent war on terror.
            3. The American army is travelling around the world spreading peace and democracy and protecting America.
            4. The American government cares a lot about its citizens thats why it spends so much money to help the 15% of american citizens living in poverty.
            5. This compassion that america has for its own citizens is what spills over throughout the world when the US army is deployed into foreign territory to spead more love and democracy and peace.

            So many facts.

            • Jordan

              Keep drinking that kook-aid!

            • TiggyTiger

              You’re being sarcastic, right?

      • Jester1137

        This is possibly the stupidest attempt at a defense I’ve ever read.

        “People I’m friends with couldn’t do stuff like this. Trust me, internet.”

        The most logical conclusion anyone reading your post can come to is that you are likely complicit and still frightened of prosecution.

        • James Wherry

          You’ve responded to a 2-month old post. You have my real name. Report it to the police if you like.

          No, those Soldiers broke rules we put into place. That’s why they went to prison.

          The American Left never got off the ground until they discovered the power of hatred. To hate those of us in uniform you must first DEMONIZE Soldiers. You are simply a KKK member.

          • Jester1137

            You only feel kinship with those accused because of what you did over there.

            The really sick thing is… you’re proud of what you did to those boys.

            • James Wherry

              I’ll be curious to see, if MintNewPress posts my last post. Apparently it’s “waiting to be approved by MintPress News. I urge them not to cover up the truth.

        • Zimmy Z Zimmerman

          you scare me a little bit..

          • Scott Baldwin

            You better go to the safe room for cookies and crayons

        • Steve Weinstein

          His 2nd point is still valid.

      • Jim Rousch

        So you’re telling us that you’re an accessory to a war crime?

        • James Wherry

          How are the JAGs that worked to prevent war crimes accessories to war crimes? Is the US Senate an accessory for ratifying the Geneva Conventions?

          Again, the Left is like a cult that stirs people through hatred and fear and so demonizes all soldiers. Predictable.

        • James Wherry

          Uh, one of the guys who helps prosecute U.S. Soldiers for criminal misconduct?

          How is that a crime?

      • Lola Coulombe

        Nobody has to lie about the USA. Their crimes are horrenddous enough

        • James Wherry

          You mean like Russia, Oza?

      • tetonmoon

        You are an idiot ..

        Umm… female and ummm at Abu Ghraib..

        • James Wherry

          Ummmm, female, not at Camp X-Ray, not at Camp Cropper. Can you read?

          Photos taken at 3AM by a group of 11 idiots. If you are an American do they represent YOU? I’m a Soldier and the woman in question and her 10 co-clown-spirators do not represent anything we ordered, directed or taught.

        • James Wherry

          Ummm, Abu Ghraib is in Iraq – Camp X-Ray is in Cuba.

      • tetonmoon

        Oh wow than who is this women in this photo you lying tard?

        • James Wherry

          Gosh, I thought the Far Left eschewed the use of the word “Retarded” in any form. Typical Leftist bigot. Says one thing; does another.

          First of all, she’s a woman and a U.S. citizen. Are you really that stupid that you would try and claim that “all women commit perverted crimes” or “all U.S. citizens are perverts?” Only a moron from “move on dot org” would be dumb enough to do so, so why play “guilt by association” with anyone else in the military? Even the Guardian newspaper in Britain repudiated that screed.

          The woman in the photo was not, is not, and never will be a member of the 115th MP Battalion (National Guard) out of Maryland.. Within hours of the attack on 911, they went and stood guard at the Capitol to defend your Congress. They were then mobilized in place and served in the Capitol for 6 weeks. During that time, I regret to say, SSG Cropper died of a heart attack.

          They were then sent down to Georgia to prepare for the Camp X-Ray mission and went there and helped stand it up. During that time, they worked in a then-austere environment to do the best they could to provide food, clothing and shelter for the detainees while the rest of the U.S. government dithered about what to do with them, or whether to spend any money. Long after they left, Camp X-ray was finally abandoned in favor of the larger, more professional facilities that they did not have the privilege to live in. The 115th worked just fine with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and ensured full access to the detainees.


        • James Wherry

          I guess the “moderators” won’t let me point out your Lib-tard hypocrisy for using a versions of r e t a r d e d.

          1. The woman in question is a woman and a U.S citizen. Are you trying to tell us that women are perverts of Americans are perverts?

          2. If you weren’t so stupid that you can’t read, you’d see that she was not at Camp X-Ray or Camp Cropper, but Abu Ghraib, in photos taken at 3AM by 11 idiots.

          3. She also was not, is not, and never will be a member of the 115th MP Battalion (National Guard, Maryland). They went and stood guard at your capitol in Washington DC, about 2 hours after 9/11. They did so for the next 6 weeks and then were mobilized and sent down to set up Camp X-Ray. There, they worked professionally with the ICRC and worked to provide for the first Gitmo detainees in an austere environment, courtesy of your government.

          So, do you knuckles make a scrapping sound, when they drag on the ground?

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    • David Onen Ongwech

      Children should grow up and become future leaders, unfortunately, this may not be real if they are subjected to this kinds of violation by the same people who should protect and enable them become future leaders.

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    • Jonathan Buttall

      I remember the videos and photos of US soldiers torturing prisoners of war in Iraq with sexual humiliation and even molesting being involved. The entire world saw this on TV. So, raping boys isn’t hard to believe. The fact that the US no longer uses the term “Prisoner of War” alone is intended as a way of justifying crimes against humanity.

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    • Pingback: Evidence Of Alleged Sexual Abuse Against Underage Boys By US Soldiers At Abu Ghraib Remains Classified()

    • Umm Ashaad

      They’ve been raping, torturing and murdering those they come into contact with. This is nothing new, its business as usual for the u.s. military. Why do u think the sucide rate us so high, PTSD. Open your eyes….

    • borzix1

      All I can see is rumour. If they did it with cameras rolling, where is the footage? Where are the photos? Is there any evidence whatsoever?

      • FauxFacts
        The footage of them actually raping and sodomizing wasn’t released to prevent an anti-America war

        • borzix1

          Then disclose the footage before court as classified information, exclusively for the judge’s eyes ( and for the jury). Without that it is just BS.

          • Roger Lucas

            As if the US imperialist system would ever allow that to happen.

      • Jonathan Buttall

        Sexual molestation of adult male victims at the hands of US Soldiers were shown to the entire world on TV when we attacked Iraq. So it’s not a stretch to say children were victims too. You sure have the wrong profile photo!!!

      • Aparna Kishen

        I have to agree with Buttall here … u have the wrong profile photo, please change it before u insult it further by keeping it …..

        • borzix1

          I did not chose it. And I still do not know how it got there.

        • borzix1

          Thanks, I’ve done it, finally. But it is still a mistery to me how the masque got tere in the first place.

      • jj

        yeah right wheres the footage ? the footage is top secret as everyone knows , america denied many other things which snowdon proved were true with wiki leaks

      • Jim Rousch

        Wait a couple of decades.

    • wombleranger

      So just how many sexual psychopaths are in the U.S. military?

    • bobbyalpy

      If I were there I would have shot said soldier on the spot if this were true.I know it’s not because the only evidence is heresay.Show me one of these photographs or videos of these aledged rapes and I assure you they would be punished.No?You can’t?No evidence?Bullshit walks than…all is fair in love and war…lol.

      • jj

        punished , dont make me laught , the female soilder in the abu ghraib photos how long did she go to prison for ? what punishment did she get ?

        • bobbyalpy

          The punishment she deserves and no less.Remember they were Arab Muslim dogs,they did not fight in uniforms and we’re not soldiers.those caught engaging in war duties and not in the uniform of a nation state is a partisan,spy or saboteur.They are not entitled to any consideration under the Geneva convention or the traditional laws of war.They should have been shot down instantly,not been taken prisoner.The scum should count themselves lucky.

          • Sharifah

            The prisoners were scum?????? So these young children and women are criminals???? Really? What crime did they commit??? Irag and Afghanistan were only attacked for one reason and we all know what that is…’s open secret…OIL!!!!!! But because these ‘governments’ needed an excuse to steal oil, they made these innocent people to be ‘terrorists’. Do your own research and don’t be a blind ignorant person who believes the ‘government’ is looking out for you. They don’t care about you. It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. How would you like it if another country invaded your home and put you in prison for no reason except to take your oil, your wealth???????

          • Sharifah

            ‘Arab Muslim dogs’? Wow, the ignorance here actually makes me think if some people are able to think for themselves or are they simply blind????? These were innocent priosners. Do you really think the ‘government’ cares about you????? They don’t! Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded for one reason only and it’s no scecret except it’s an open secret – OIL! Just because these so called ‘soldiers’ were in uniforms, it doesn’t make them innocent. It actually makes them more guilty and they deserve a more severe punishment. What crime did these innocent women, children, men do???? Nothing! It’s their contries and homes that have been terrorised but somehow they’re terrorists????

            • bobbyalpy

              You seem deeply offended about one point of my statement while ignoring the main point.That anyone who engages in war duties or supporting war duties,while not wearing a readily identifiable uniform in the service of a nation state,is in fact a spy,saboteur or illegal combatant.Such people have no rights under the Geneva convention or The Hague convention and may be summarily executed.look it up.We were under no obligation to take them prisoner and the fact that we did shows our grace in the face of a dishonorable enemy.

          • Jester1137

            That you for actually being an honest racist.

            So many who share your worldview lie and waste the time of others.

            • bobbyalpy

              What does how I feel about arabs,have to do with the fact that anyone engaging in combat while not in a uniform of a nation state may be summarily executed under the Geneva convention?You can call me the devil if it pleases you,but you can not deny that the laws of nations are on my side in this.

              • Lie_Buster

                That can work both ways. So, now you’re saying that if they catch US soldiers, they should do likewise.

                • bobbyalpy

                  Pay attention…US soldiers wear the uniform of a nation state.If a U.S. Soldier conducts combat operations while not in uniform,than yes,they would be withen their rights to execute that soldier as a spy,saboteur or partisan under the Geneva convention.Aside from the fact that filthy arabs don’t follow the laws of war,no US soldier ever conducts combat operations out of uniform.So your argument is null.We are withen our rights to summarily execute any combatant who is not in the uniform of a nation state.Futher more,no person who is not in the uniform of a nation state is protected under the Geneva conventions and you may do with them as you please as none of the laws of war apply to them.

                • bobbyalpy

                  Pay attention…US soldiers wear the uniform of a nation state.If a U.S. Soldier conducts combat operations while not in uniform,than yes,they would be withen their rights to execute that soldier as a spy,saboteur or partisan under the Geneva convention.Aside from the fact that filthy arabs don’t follow the laws of war,no US soldier ever conducts combat operations out of uniform.So your argument is null.We are withen our rights to summarily execute any combatant who is not in the uniform of a nation state.Futher more,no person who is not in the uniform of a nation state is protected under the Geneva conventions and you may do with them as you please as none of the laws of war apply to them.

                  • Lie_Buster

                    “Filthy arabs?” Excuse me? Folks like you would scream their lungs out if someone were to openly refer to Americans, white people or jews as “filthy Americans” – “filthy jews” – “filthy white people.” With that kind of racial supremacist ideology, you don’t have a leg to stand on in judgment of anything. On everything else – especially about the Geneva Convention – you are factually wrong.

                    • bobbyalpy

                      No I wouldn’t.I couldn’t care less what anyone who isn’t American,thinks of Americans.Arabs are actually filthy and what’s more our enemies.Being an enemy of The United States is a losing proposition.No I am not wrong.There are no Geneva conventions protections for people who engage in combat while not wearing the uniform of a nation state.They can be summarily executed and they are for the most part.

                      • Lie_Buster

                        … except that Arabs are IMMEASURABLY cleaner than thou.

                      • Perrine

                        Thank you for this lucid description of the mindset of some yanks. Chilling.

                • bobbyalpy

                  If they catch a U.S. Soldier who is conducting combat operations out of uniform,than yes.Do you understand what the Geneva and Hague conventions are and that they only apply to the uniformed soldiers of nation states?Do I need to break it down for you again?You understand that enemies who are not in the uniform of a nation state,are not entitled to protection under the laws of war,right?Got it?

                  • Lie_Buster

                    Another clueless keyboard hunts and pecks out more of his ignorance.

              • Jester1137

                The Geneva Convention does not allow for “summary execution”. Everyone is entitled to a trial, although in some cases that can be a Court Martial.

                No one is presumed guilty just because an accusation is made.

                Additionally, a local population rising against an invading force is exempt from the uniform requirement so long as they bear their arms in the open.

                Don’t try to play lawyer.

                • bobbyalpy

                  You are wrong…the Geneva and Hague conventions explicitly exclude spies,saboteurs and partisans from it’s protections.It’s at the discretion of the soldiers meeting such people to determine their status.I spent enough time in the military to know that nobody engaging in war without the uniform of a nation state on is provided these protections.To carry their arms in the open is irrelevant…if they are not uniformed they are not protected…period.You don’t play lawyer…infantrymen don’t bring lawyers into battle and we take a dim view of combatants out of uniform who cannot be easily identified.We generally waste them.

                  • Jester1137

                    The crap you hear around the barracks doesn’t constitute a course in international law.

                    “The Geneva Conventions apply in wars between two or more sovereign states. Article 5 of the Third Geneva Convention states that the status of a detainee may be determined by a “competent tribunal”. Until such time, he must be treated as a prisoner of war.[2] After a “competent tribunal” has determined that an individual detainee is an unlawful combatant, the “detaining power” may choose to accord the detained unlawful combatant the rights and privileges of a prisoner of war as described in the Third Geneva Convention, but is not required to do so. An unlawful combatant who is not a national of a neutral state, and who is not a national of a co-belligerent state, retains rights and privileges under the Fourth Geneva Convention so that he must be “treated with humanity and, in case of trial, shall not be deprived of the rights of fair and regular trial”.[3]

                    While the concept of an unlawful combatant is included in the Third Geneva Convention, the phrase itself does not appear in the document.[1] Article 4 of Third Geneva Convention does describe categories under which a person may be entitled to POW status, and there are other international treaties that deny lawful combatant status for mercenaries and children. In the United States, the Military Commissions Act of 2006 codified the legal definition of this term and invested the U.S. President with broad discretion to determine whether a person may be designated an unlawful enemy combatant under United States law. The assumption that such a category as unlawful combatant exists is not contradicted by the findings of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in the Celebici Judgment. The judgment quoted the 1958 International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) commentary on the Fourth Geneva Convention: Every person in enemy hands must be either a prisoner of war and, as such, be covered by the Third Convention; or a civilian covered by the Fourth Convention. Furthermore, “There is no intermediate status; nobody in enemy hands can be outside the law”,[4] because in the opinion of the ICRC, “If civilians directly engage in hostilities, they are considered ‘unlawful’ or ‘unprivileged’ combatants or belligerents (the treaties of humanitarian law do not expressly contain these terms). They may be prosecuted under the domestic law of the detaining state for such action”.[1][5]”

                    You are an admitted war criminal. Soldiers in the field are not “a competent tribunal”.

                    You have just bragged about being a party to murder. Since the people you killed weren’t white, that’s cool in the USA and there is no chance at all you’ll be prosecuted.

                    That doesn’t mean your actions were not criminal, or that you would be safe if you admitted to the same actions while in a civilized country.

                    • bobbyalpy

                      Well…we will continue dealing with them as we always have.You can go make your case in Geneva and we will see who wins.

                  • Jester1137

                    Further detail –

                    ARTICLE 4 [ Link ] . — PRISONERS OF WAR


                    A. Prisoners of war, in the sense of the present Convention, are persons belonging to one of the following categories, who have fallen into the power of the enemy:

                    (6) Inhabitants of a non-occupied territory, who on the approach of the enemy spontaneously take up arms to resist the invading forces, without having had time to form themselves into regular armed units, provided they carry arms openly and respect the laws and customs of war.

                    • bobbyalpy

                      Except that under military law,the instant an American force enters a territory while engaged in combat,it is considered occupied.There is a long tradition of summarily executing spies,saboteurs and partisans and the clause you cite never saved a single one.We will always kill them,when we can and none of your legal gymnastics will ever change it.First Geneva must prove that we violated these laws and they have yet to do so.

                  • Jester1137

                    Lastly, US Special Forces fight out of uniform all the damn time.

                    You’re obviously fine with them being murdered if taken captive.

                    • bobbyalpy

                      US special forces do indeed fight out of uniform and when they do they know that we will deny their existence and that we will not save them if they are captured.We understand that we cannot claim protections under the convention in those cases and it’s a do or die situation.So yes…when delta force goes out,there is no picking them up if they fail.

                • bobbyalpy

                  The Geneva convention does allow for summary execution in the case of spies,saboteurs and partisans,otherwise we would have had many thousands of Americans brought up on charges these past 100 years.Now what constitutes the difference is hard to prove and we take advantage of grey areas.If Geneva wanted to make a big deal of it,Geneva would.Moreover,the muslims aren’t human so it’s more like burning ants with a magnifying glass….cruel,but not a crime.

            • bobbyalpy

              No need to lie.It’s only natural to put ones own tribe first and Americans are well known for exacting a terrible price from anyone who kills Americans with impunity.See Hiroshima,Nagasaki and Dresden as examples.We allowed the Japs and Kraut’s to recover because they submitted unconditionally and surrendered their states into our control.Just as soon as the lowlife arabs submit,they may be forgiven but not until.Until that time we will continue to kill them.

          • TiggyTiger

            You are assuming that there is something reprehensible in being Arabic, Muslim or a dog. I’m half Arabic, have Muslim friends and love dogs – and cats. You seem to be trained to dehumanise people and be contemptuous towards other creatures. How full a human being are you?

            • bobbyalpy

              My distaste for arabs and Muslims has nothing to do with the fact that it is entirely legal to summarily execute any person who engages in war duties while not in the uniform of a recognized nation state.You can harp on my distaste for your filthy people all you want,but you cannot deny that I am right in regards to that aspect of the rules of war and under the rules of war the people we took were not entitled to any of the rights of a prisoner of war.

            • bobbyalpy

              You’re right…It is unfair to compare dogs to your kind.I revoke my insult to canines.

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    • shabir
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    • Matt Foley

      What a bunch of propaganda BS. The writers of this article have no shame, traitors to humanity, spreading lies, if you ever spent time over in the ME, you would know not to trust them.

      • disqususername

        The US has publicly admitted almost all of this article on #AbuGhraib, and in such a way that this story makes perfect sense. Note this new information is simply taken from a public speech by a prominent US establishment journalist. i.e., practically a US government employee, well positioned to have inside information.

        The #US Gov initially admitted prisoners were sodomized with broomsticks and admitted that “one Iraqi doctor” sodomized boys in a more personal manner – without using a broomstick. If the soldiers were sodomizing prisoners with broomsticks, filming locals raping boys, and stacking them on top of one another naked, while laughing and taking photos, its hardly surprising some more of what was done has now leaked out. The only sort of soldiers who would do this are sodomites (by definition). The fact that American politicians and media make excuses for this, and only a couple of low level flunkies went to jail, speaks volumes about how far the US has sunk.

        When the scandal first broke the US even admitted that the soldiers who carried out these evil acts were trained to do it, and had actually attended a British run training course in these “interrogation techniques”. Ie, training soldiers to sexually assault prisoners. In the photos its very clear the US soldiers involved had developed a taste for it. The US should be ashamed. The public should be calling for punishment for those who have ruined America’s reputation. But instead, a couple of nobodies get some jail time despite following orders, and everything carries on the same. Enough of a program had been built around this filth that the US and UK actually have training courses for soldiers in how best carry out this stuff. Think about what that means.

        America is a modern day Sodom and Gomorrah, and surely judgement must be coming soon.

        • Ram6

          “Prominent U.S. Journalist” my rear end. This guy, Seymour Hersh, is an ultra lefty hack who has made it his life’s work to discredit the U.S. Military with as many obscene lies as he can think up. No proof only his word based on heresay second and third and fourth hand. If you believe this you’ll believe anything the mainstream media feeds the American public. I’ve got a bridge in Brooklyn just made especially for you to sell. Call me.

          • Jester1137

            You’re now arguing that Mai Lai never happened?

        • TiggyTiger

          Sodomites?? Are you suggesting that these men are gay? More than likely they see themselves as heterosexual and outside of a punishing the enemy context would be entirely heterosexual. This is classic war behaviour, buggering the enemy as an expression of conquest.

      • SuperTech86

        Do you think that might have something to do with the U.S meddling in the affairs of the ME since oil was discovered there in the 1920’s?

    • joop jansen

      Oh we killed, a few and oh yes we tortured a few as well, so what? Jewbama …..

      • Umm Ashaad

        Spoken like a true racist, xenophobic piece of excrement. Be careful what u wish on others…. and say its no big deal. Those are lives and many times children’s lives that were violated by the red white n blue.

    • fightr84

      I am an American, and from where I stand no country is perfect. Stop pointing fingers and making horrible ignorant comments and just agree that these people are wrong for this! This is a gross abuse of what we are supposed to stand for, and I as an American pray it is not taken lightly and justice is given.

      • Riyaz ahmed

        Ur the big ignorant idiot schycopath
        R u not aware what’s going on in this world under American government
        Isis +israel+mosad +9/11+hiroshima Na gasaki +Middle East invad

      • Jester1137

        British troops were in Iraq. Funny how we don’t hear about them massacring families and gang raping little girls, or torturing prisoners, or engaging in rampant sexual abuse of detainees.

    • Able

      Why do people keep asking why groups like ISIS exist? Don’t they read articles like these?

      • Stev Abdelkoui

        very good.

      • 8/05✨

        That explains how they kill their own people as well? I don’t think so…

        • Jack Falcon

          they are not their own people they are invading qatari mercenaries trained by the u.s to remove shia/russian influence in the region and suck at doing it so they rape/torture for fun while doing it.scum sticks together be it u.s or saudi or israeli

        • Riyaz ahmed

          Your profile showing u r a bad girl, filthy minded

    • Pingback: Je Suis Baga | Makokha()

    • Matthew Dec

      Now you know what’s waiting for you sheeple at the FEMA detention centers.

      • Satan’s Taint

        Tin foil hat is too tight, bubba.

    • Al Sharpton’s Accountant

      Personally, I shit on the author of this piece and all the leftist fucking pukes who comment here.

    • jesusvegdotcom

      Rape apologists usually ask “what was she wearing? why was she out late at night”? I’m waiting for those same people to say “well teenage boys get raped b/c…..”

      • Jester1137

        Read the comments.

        Because they’re Arabs. Because they’re Muslim. Because it’s totally normal for soldier to rape little boys during wartime.

        • jesusvegdotcom

          Did you not read the headline? It says US soldiers, not Arab.

          • Jester1137

            Sometimes, it’s scary how hard it is for slower kids to follow along.

    • Ismiley DelaRosa Ramirez

      Those Americans you speak of are foreigners not native to our land.. they are actually the same color as you new zealanders, british, spanish and even the Africans.. America a battle grounds itself has long been victim of the same atrocities you suffer, and stained with the blood of our ancestors.

    • Pingback: » [くに]【国際】「イスラム国」の元兵士「彼らがやっているのは革命でも聖戦でもない、ただの虐殺」=恐ろしい体験を語る―米メディア掲示板レスマトメ~速報版()

    • one percenter

      War crime. The videos were allegedly viewed live by Rummie, Cheney, and Bush. This amounts to snuff porn, for their enjoyment. Not only a war crime, but clearly perverse on several levels and shows you the depth of their corruption. This also the same gang that falsified intel to start a war that killed over a million Iraqis. Yet the idea they could perpetuate 9/11 to gain more power is too much to consider??

    • Cheri Lundstrom

      While I am ashamed of the behavior of these insipid morons, it is a fact that no powerful group ever in the history of the entire world can say that they have not been involved in atrocities. If one were to read the history of the Danes as they ravaged other communities this would be no surprise. For the Aussies and Kiwis who try to claim innocence, your lands were not inhabited when you got there. The ups and downs of power and wealth are eternal. and it is up to each of us as individuals to answer for ourselves. At one point the Danes were an issue as were the Portuguese, Italians, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese warlords. Personally leaders should bear a greater responsibility, but it takes a special person to follow these types of orders and we all know that the leaders do not always know exactly what is going on. There are no heros and never have been. Until we rise up and tell the corporations to go straight to hell, this sort of thing will continue to go on.

      • one percenter

        Pathetic. You’re trying to marginalize their actions with the same excuse every date-rapist uses. “but buuut I’m not the first! they ALL do it!” This is a war crime and they should get the death penalty under military tribunal, and every single person up the chain of command authorizing it needs to face the same tribunal or federal court, including Rumsfeld, Cheney, and Bush.

      • Jester1137

        “Sure, I beat a few children, but every parent out there has made SOME mistakes…”

        Save your time. No one is buying your attempts to distract and minimize.

    • Jimmy Tom

      This is why I don’t want to pay Federal Taxes. I don’t want a dime of my hard earned money going to horrific acts such as this. I don’t want to pay for wars in any way, shape or form. I want my taxes to better society, improve my community, and improve the world we live in. People wonder why terrorists have no problem recruiting, it is acts like these that make people want to seek revenge on those that scarred them or their loved ones for life. America needs to stay home and fix ourselves. We are one of the wealthiest nations in the world and one of the most ignorant, obese and intolerant as well. Our tax dollars should be spent on improving all of our issues at home instead of making enemies across the world. Our “defense” budget could give all Americans healthcare, feed the hungry of the world and provide clean drinking water for the world in a few years. Call me crazy but that may reduce the number of enemies we currently have. The only reason we need a military is because we stick our noses and seemingly other things where they don’t belong.

    • Kelly

      Omg that’s a heart breaking!where in the world is that acceptable? How harsh are these animals to do this to an innocent kids? They don’t have heart? They don’t have kids of their own? I can’t immagine the world we are living in now! Where is the justice in here? Is rapping kids make them win their dirty war against innocent people? I hope all the world would wake one day and notice the truth behind the scenes! This was one video. God only knows what more is going on?how many innocents are victims? How many women and kids been raped and tortured?

    • Babu

      Shame on humans

    • betty

      That’s not torture. . .that’s pleasure for those doing it

    • Ahmed Asgher

      The gallant American Army. May be Clint Eastwood can make a movie glorifying this peadophile?

      • Ewan

        Hollywood only makes movies when Yanks get their arses kicked – remember “Blachawk Down”? – glorifying those sorry Yankee SOB’s who lost to Somali militants. Clint’s movie is in response to the brilliant work done by Iraqi patriots who sniped the brains out of Yankee soldiers roaming and raping the streets of Baghdad and kept the coward yankees confined to the Green zone. So he turns some racist redneck (is that a redundant term?) into a Hollywood hero and saves the image of the typical American coward soldier who doesn’t have to fight a fair fight because airsupport is just a call away.

      • Michael Moeller


    • Pingback: | SHOCK CLAIM: US Soldiers Raped Boys in Front of Their Mothers()

    • Dogday Afternoon

      Errr, if everything is preordained, what is all the fuss about? If God wanted it to stop, wouldn’t he stop it? Don’t religious people believe that everything one does has already been mapped out? So, you have no choice if that’s the case. You really do talk a lot of trash..

    • Pingback: American Sniper: Nation’s Pride – Slaying Savages and the Importance of Education | News for the Revolution()

    • The UN report, with its compelling evidence of systematic
      torture and its finding Afghan accountability was “weak, not transparent and rarely
      enforced,” was so shocking the American-led coalition recently suspended

      “We have no evidence that supports the allegations” that
      Canadian detainees were abused or tortured, Harper told Parliament on April 24,

      Three years later, when an Afghan-Canadian interpreter
      told a Commons committee our troops used Afghan forces as “subcontractors for
      abuse and torture,” Defence Minister Peter MacKay shrugged off the
      “unsubstantiated allegations.” Such
      attitudes are hard to fathom now. There
      was no reason for complacency.–afghan-abuse-was-very-real


    • Kaleb

      People who would harm children this way are the fucking scum of the Earth. I’m not one to advocate violence but if these animals were lined up, shot in the head, and thrown in a ditch, I wouldn’t bat an eye.

    • Ocelotl Chimalpahin

      Jack Bauer rapin’ kids for freedom

    • Pingback: Power and Its Duty | Cogito, Credo, Petam()

    • ahmed Nasser Bihi

      It’s the government to blame, we should think before we vote this doesn’t even scratch the surface

    • Stephen Barlow

      YOu think theTORTURE Investigation was heavily Redacted to protect the GUILTY! Just Wait. WHY is ISSA not investigating EITHER horrific military actions?

    • DeduskaRiots

      American deserve 9/11 and Foley and what comes to them from front, left, right, top and bottom. What a piece of garbage people.

      • 8/05✨

        Oh shut up

    • Pingback: Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers - A Dead Drop()

    • Science Freak

      Incredible quotes here! “What is the big deal?” Can’t believe this! The big deal is that a civilised high Western culture pretending to be the big saviours of all mankind is doing this! And no matter who is doing so – it is disgusting!

    • gul

      AMERICAN are terrorists only .
      beleive are not Christians are terrorists

    • michael mazur

      Why would the sodomiser allow himself to be video recorded for the duration of this vile act, to know that he did not have control of the final disposition of the output ?

      Was he really an Israeli in an American soldier’s uniform who knew that in time it would come out to demoralise America ?

      What happened to the daughters of the female detainees – women have daughters too, don’t they ?

      Why weren’t they raped by other soldiers so inclined ?

      I think I’m saying that this was a set up so that a sodomising video recording would eventually come out, and that if the abusers were American soldiers it would have been underage girls also being raped.

      Why did that female soldier’s private video recording somehow become part of the documentation of the period shipped off to an official agency’s storage back home ?

      Why did the female video recorder not feel at personal risk to herself in the event the sodomiser felt threatened by not having control of the video ?

      Answer, she didn’t feel threatened by the risk of discovery because it was all by prior arrangement.

      Was she also Israeli ?

      • BlackJack

        ” I think I’m saying that this was a set up so that a sodomising video recording would eventually come out, and that if the abusers were American soldiers it would have been underage girls also being raped.”
        And Who the F says that that DIDN’T occur?????

    • Ovunc B.


    • Pingback: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front Of Their Mothers | The Ugly Truth()

    • Truth_Quest30

      There’s zero evidence here the claims really happened. “Seymour Hersh says” is proof of nothing.

      • kafenwar

        Keep dreaming.

        • Z3TA2

          ISIS and Boko Haram kidnap, rape, force into marriage, and sell young girls and women. That is undisputed. A lot more proof for that than the unsubstantiated allegations of Seymour Hersh.
          Enjoy your wishful thinking.

    • Pingback: Disturbing stories of rape from inside Abu Ghraib | InternationalScope()

    • winston smith

      Total power always turns into sexual perversion. Rape, especially homosexual rape, tells the story of who we are. Dumbed down in politics, sexual aroused by torture, murder by whim, the American story is not pretty. From thinking, reasonable patriots, to the scum of mankind. Can it get lower? Probably.

    • hellkamp123

      False Flag bs. In any case the purpose of war is to utterly destroy the enemy. Those countries who do not annihilate their enemies are instead annihilated by their enemies.

    • Jay Smith

      Is this website a front for isis and al-queda propoganda? Does anyone honestly believe these stories? These lies are being told to place mistrust in American citizens regarding our military and give cause for more bloodshed. The media bias has been against Israel, not with her. This is just further garbage being strewn about to destroy America’s name. Instead of slaughtering thousands, we take prisoners, house and feed them according to the Geneva Convention, and take care to minimize collateral damage. This is propoganda feeding anti-American thoughts and driving Americans away from their own country. This website is purposely dividing us from within, nothing more. Are we really expected to believe that both women and men participated in the sodomy of young boys in front of their mothers? Really? So, women and men, who are probably mothers and fathers raped young boys not for pleasure, but for torture? We’re not perfect, and I’m sure there are pedophiles and rapists within our ranks, but not an entire squad or platoon. Turn on your BS detectors, and realize when your leg is being pulled. Remember the lies we were fed about Israel and Palestine.

      • 8/05✨

        I agree and all these conspiracy theorists are gullible enough to thrive off of fake things like this too

      • kafenwar

        Oh, yes. And America is all cookies and milk, totally innocent of all wrong-doing. Right. CIA rhetoric all the way, bub.

    • michael

      This is nothing new. The American GIs went on a raping rampage in occupied Germany. It is well documented (read Hellstorm for example) but the mainstream media has never reported it. Conquerors always behave badly.

    • Facebook User
    • Facebook User

      The U.S. military especially the marines and army are raping women and kids worldwide including the U.S.! Nobody is talking about civilian rapes by the U.S. military at all! The truth is they rape more than any other group in the world!

      Www theusmarinesrape com

    • Gradus Quia

      Seymour Hersh is a lying Jew, not a well-respected journalist. If he had access to anything so explosive as this, he’d have been arrested by now for revealing it. If he had access to anything like this, he’s got to show it to all for credibility. But the best he’s doing is giving speeches, charging fees, and delivering innuendo and tripe as if he’s a UFO nut with the latest “investigation” in a paper folder to waive about.

    • Troy Townsend

      Im sorry but I think the pictures do not explain why U.S soldiors would incriminate themselves so easily, I mean women walking around passing notes and taking pictures with cameras in a high security prison, and then the thought that U.S soldiers are so dumb as to commit rape in front of prison security cameras. I need a lot more than just a picture of a bunch of guys naked on the floor, or the claims made by a inmate who obviously was not in there for stealing candy, that he climbed a door? How do you climb a door, never heard of it. I think that you are just trying to build hysteria, around the fact that U.S soldiers are now under heavy scrutiny for the inhumane treatment of its prisoners, by sharing this story, the photo and the accusations, why do not you wait for actual evidence before you support the accusations of terrorists? if you are so quick to back these accusations , I wonder what else you are quick to back, do possibly back the actual terrorist acts themselves? Yes the U.S soldiers may have treated its prisoners inhumane, and if they are guilty may they be subjected to justice, but please do not try to make the general public form an opinion on the matter, based only on our emotions, by sharing these, shock photos,and poorly founded accusations, that do not add up to a hill of beans. We are not stupid.

      • Landbeyond

        Congratulations! Unlike most commenting here, you still have a working brain. If you look into it, you’ll find that the allegations, and Hersh’s speech, are 10 years old. Oh, and Hersh later modified his story. What is described above never happened, the people who run this site have no shame.

    • Alan8

      Damn Nazis! Many of them should be serving life sentences, with hard time for the bastards that covered it up!

      Covering up felonies makes them Accessories to Felony After the Fact, an actual crime. (Hear that, Department of Justice?)

    • PithHelmut

      Gee you’re sick and tired hey of hearing crap. I’m sick and tired of wars! And cops! And rapes and pedophile rings! Getting involved in politics is not going to work. It’s an old system, a male system that makes no sense. It doesn’t suit women that’s why many don’t go into it. It’s just another way of dominating others. We need a whole new system. One that makes sense FOR EVERYBODY. It’s coming but the punks are clinging to the status quo. They don’t want it to go away, they don’t want to lose their grasp around our throats. I’m constantly disappointed with the women who rise to the top. The entire framework is skewed and is unfavorable to women. You are correct that the women in Congress are mum about torture. But most of those women who make it are essentially pseudo-males. They have to be to get where they are. Whatever sex, we need to value compassion not greed.

    • Grant Garrison

      This kind of EVIL must be erased from our planet. Anyone that would condone such behavior is EVIL and should be erased from our planet. You do not belong here. The abyss of pain awaits your soul. You are on your way.

    • OHDisqusNSA666100

      American men wake up.
      The neo-con conservatives want to rape you and your kids.
      They were only using the Iraqis to set a precedent and you let them do it.
      You let these guys chip away at the 8th Amendment which protects you from cruel and unusual punishment.

      American men better wake up, better watch some prison movies with rape scenes in them – the neo-con conservatives of the Republican and Democrat party are both coming for your ass.
      Watch your back, American men.
      God forbid Cheney is ever behind you when you aren’t looking.

      Check some prison movies guys, with rape scenes, The Shaw Shank Redemption, In Hell with Van Damme, that british movie SCUM, it’s going to be like them scenes in there. Deliverance. Only difference is, it won’t be just a movie. They’ll have you saying “do it to Julia” in a second. All because you thought torture was cool.

    • mehoppe

      Israel is guilty of many atrocities just as many other countries. Islam peace is a total lie. Need to look into history past and see all the foolish posts here. Sometimes I still think we are in the Middle Ages.

    • Bruce

      Crimes against humanity, being continued by BarBarack Heinous ObamAssassin; impeach him To Hague!

    • Kevin Schmidt

      This was known a decade ago! I remember hearing about it on Air America. No wonder they were forced out of business!

      Remember what Republican pResident Dubya and Democratic Republican Light pResident OBusha said,
      “We don’t (prosecute) torture!”

      • Landbeyond

        Alleged a decade ago. It’s the same story with the dates changed. There was no evidence before and there still isn’t. Hersh himself stopped claiming it was true.
        Now insult me if you like: it won’t change the facts.

        • Kevin Schmidt

          You can deny the well documented torture done by the US Government, but it won’t change the facts.

          • Landbeyond

            Who is denying the well-documented torture done by the US Government? Certainly not me.

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    • Ashayt

      Wrong…. Is wrong .. Stop trying to justify

    • ReQusant

      This isn’t even remotely surprising or shocking, this country is founded on genocide and slavery, their ancestors, the english were masters of torture, the rack, draw and quarter, the iron maiden… geezus, raping little boys is just a break time diversion…like having a smoke.

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    • facebookprogrammer

      None of this was possible w/out 9/11. Period. If you’re interested in learning more about how the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) helped clean up `ground zero` and covered up the link to the leukemia in the first responders, then feel free to Google “NNSA GROUND ZERO” and view all the leaked images.

    • jcbrook

      The first part of the story is inaccurate. Hersh didn’t make that speech to the ACLU last week. If you hit the link, the date on the story is 2004. C’mon! reporting errors like that should be avoidable.

      • Landbeyond

        Avoidable? Not if you are lying scum like this “reporter”.

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    • angel

      Fucking american fears.

    • Oscar Orbeo

      Oh well. If they get an erection when they see a young man’s ass, is because they are gay. What ever happened to the gool old custom of just having sex with female soldiers?

    • Pingback: ‘Classified Evidence: US Soldiers Raped Boys In Front of Their Mothers’ | Human Wrongs Watch()

    • onemansthougts

      If we put as much effort in to actually doing something proactive instead of bickering back and forth things might Might get better just mabey I read everyone’s comments and wow it allmost immediately became nothing but pesonal attacks on each other. We can’t even have a respectful debate with each other how are we to change anything or even try till we grow up as a people in all.well I think that about sum’s it up peace.

    • Guest

      If the story is true, it’s a horrifying shame. That said, why would anyone who fr equates this site protest homosexual behavior? The people on this site are the same people who demanded that the ban on homosex in the military be lifted. Homosex is an aberration when it supports the agenda, and it’s saintly when it supports their agenda/

    • Bishop Johnson

      Judeo Christians are the deadliest terrorists of all time

    • Lord Koos

      How to create thousands of terrorists.

    • Robert Sinyard

      horny yanks
      bloody sick

    • simone

      Brian Brian Brian. Islam has existed for thousands of years. Why the sudden issues? A naive yet poweful and highly toxic America, bowing to murderous Zionist. They are the problem with humanity. Our support and complicity with them is the biggest shame of modern times. Stealing water and electricity? What are you one mate?

      • Landbeyond

        “Islam has existed for thousands of years.”
        I think you’ve lost your credibility right there.

    • james


    • james

      America: when you are nuked with nuclear bombs and 10 cities are bombed at once and your eyes are melting in their sockets REMEMBER, REMEMBER, this is the result of your foreign “policy” or rather foreign terrorism and other brutal crimes….you will reap your reward….it is called KARMA.

    • james

      Criminal psychopaths……..when are the American people going to be outraged enough to say ENOUGH …we are the criminals, we have become the terrorists….when will the American people develop a conscience and say to jail with these malignant narcissists…..BUSH, CHENEY, RUMSFELD, WOLFOWITZ, and all the rest of these war criminal scum….CONDASLEAZA RICE, VICTORIA NULAND, NANCY SCUMBAG PELOSI, HITLERY CLINTON the Lesbian rapist whore and the rest of these horrific criminals that think nothing of raping and murdering little children…may all of you burn in HELL!!!

    • Vortex Creator

      Sick bastards.

    • Mark R. DeMist

      If this is true then many people should go to jail but until there is more proof than Seymour Hersh going on about “wait for it”, here come’s the truth any day now, I’ll hold judgment.

      • Landbeyond

        Very wise.

    • Igrar Aliyev

      My only wish is that a big f#cking asteroid hits this f#cking Earth and all of us f#cking, disgraceful humans are wiped out to f#cks …. how can humans, especially from so called civilized world, be so full of shit??? How can you rape a kid and film it??? I lost all my faith in humanity

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    • Bonita Houmita

      I cant begin to express how sorry i am , and all americans do not approved of such things its against everything we believe in and those who perpatrated such crimes should be punished severely, just as those war criminals did in world war 2 , so should those who are responsible for such horrific crimes especially those against children, it makes me want to throw up. This is not what we stand for and who we are , I demand justice and I want those who did such horrific things PUNISHED SEVERLY

    • Agnes

      Disgusting filthy hypocrits! Every soldier who EVER came near this prison should be thrown in prison for crimes against humanity for the rest of his life…or be hanged…safe money that way 🙂

    • Marouane Sibari

      What people should remember is that these are the people who formed ISIS later in Iraq, I’m talking about the prisoners of Abu Gharib. They are still traumatized by this experience that they have lost every sens of dignity and humanity.

    • Bonnie

      WTF is with these men???

      • Kevin Schmidt

        The CIA and Blackwater/Xe

    • nasvill

      We might blinddfold the truth to te world but oneday everyone has to repay 4 te injustice they commit. It’s just a factor of time so don’t say why wen something hits u .

    • I guess US Government has killed more humans than any other terrorist organisation did so far.

    • PithHelmut

      Women need to rule exclusively for at about ten years. Fix up the problems and turn the political sphere onto the internet like everything else. And we’ll clean up the planet. Men have had their chances. Women will stumble but the good men will back them up and they’ll learn. We need to put grace into our lives. This barbarity has got to end. It’s making us heave.

      • Fareed Mahomed

        The one taking the pictures of the rape of innocent boys was a woman soldier, you do realise that!!!

      • Kevin Schmidt

        Then run for office. No one is stopping you! I’m tired of hearing crap like that from women who like to blame men for all of the problems in the world, but yet do nothing themselves to change things for the better.

        By the way, all the women in Congress right now are deafeningly silent on the torture issue. So that blows your theory out of the water.

    • AS1124

      i am beginning to understand how the German people must have felt. The collective guilt and horror……

    • Mal Evans

      Of course, the conquered NEVER lie, right?

    • Ignas Bednarczyk

      The American military has alway’s been an embarassment. The reparation’s for their abuses are being felt, from victim’s and their associates who will die to avenge these abuses. The pretence that the American military is there to protect its public is made farce. Civilian’s are the victim’s of these revenge attack’s: now Obama is contemplating hostility against North Korea. Doesn’t he see this will add to the danger ?

    • John Webster

      We have to start executing all those guilty of such crimes. I am sick and tired of cover-ups. Officers as well as soldiers should be shot for these dreadful crimes.

    • HST1381

      If this was true the mainstream media would be all over this garbage report.

    • Christine Lincoln

      Many who enlisted in George Bushes would have to have been blind deaf and dumb to believe the lies , and to not know that war of aggression is illegal under ALL laws of this universe, known and unknown.
      “If you served in Iraq you are definitely a torturer and a murderer of innocents. Whether you yourself did or assisted directly or indirectly, you were part of an illegal invasion and occupation that murdered and tortured hundreds of thousands.”

      • Bob

        Who voted bush and the congress of the time into power? Bush and the congress of the time did not assume power, we elected them to office. Thus these crimes are crimes that we all are guilty of, for rape has always followed in the shadows of war.

        • messickc

          Unless you are claiming that we can see the future before we vote for them, your argument is invalid. Bush and Cheney were solely responsible for this mess, as they are self-proclaimed “deciders.”

          • Bob

            We the people elected men who have long held ties to the military industrial complex, and even Bush himself promised during his first election campaign, to invade Iraq. We knew both Bush and Cheney well, we willfully made ourselves ignorant of what they would do, because we wanted them to do what they promised to do… Invade Iraq.

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Until the Democrats regained the majority in Congress. Then Reid said their highest priority was the continued funding for the Iraqi war, and Pelosi took impeachment off the table. That makes the Democratic Republican Light Party just as guilty as the Republican Party.

          • Bob

            During the 2000 election campaign, bush promised to remove saddam from power. The method of accomplishing this could have not been war… But with Cheney as his second… Anyone of reasonable mind would have know war was their only goal.

    • ShakhBorout

      The world should have realized the reality of capitalism when Rutherford B. Hayes the 19th president of the United States warned: “This is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people no longer. It is a government of corporations, by corporations, and for corporations.”
      The US resembles a giant company colonizing and occupying markets across the globe to do business, by whatever it takes.

      • Bob

        Rape is the ugly server hiding in the shadow of every war that has ever been fought. The best of men may fall prey to this beast, as we the people send them to war, to hell and so their humanity is stripped from them.

    • Celene Skullz

      This is the reason ISIS exists.

      • Bob

        No, ISIS exist because of religion, and what we have done, pales in comparison to what ISIS has and does do now.

        The only thing that makes these alledged crimes worse is that we the people of the US, elected the government who sent young men to the hell known as war. Rape has always walked in wars dark shadows, always will walk in the darkest places left behind by war.

        • Kevin Schmidt

          No. ISIS exists because the US Government terrorist created the environment that brought them into existence.

          • Bob

            Um, no. ISIS is a radical terrorist group which could not exist if the locals didn’t support radical Islam. I will never excuse the failure of any man, to allow religion to trump defending their family from subjugation by religion.

    • Ted

      Yes, the ” good guys ” also rape. It is a bit off topic, but maybe this link about rape of French women by US soldiers, the liberators, will convince you that, yes, in positions of power and authority some people abuse this power. I was shocked. I never realized this happened. We were always told the Russians raped the women of Berlin.

      • Bob

        There exist a very different realm of crime when a nation organizes rape, such as the Iraq torture issues being raised, and when soldiers take it upon themselves to rape when they are given the opportunity to.

        It is sad, but rape has always followed in the footsteps of war. Men turned into animals, their humanity stripped from them, assert themselves over the weak. The strongest of men might rise above this temptation, and rightfully are called heros, and liberators, when they are fighting a just war. But make no mistake, rape will for all time, follow in the dark shadows of war.

    • Connie Daniels

      wow anyone can write a story and have no evidence and I guess you expect us to believe this, right??

      • debbiedowner3

        As you can see above, yes. Many do. Sadly, those writing the story blindly write what is presented to them. Classic potential for misdirection and misinformation yet it seems the majority of people here are sheep. Grazing blissfully unaware and unable to think past the box while truths go un-noticed and lies go un-exposed.

        • Bob

          It has more to do with wanting to separate ones self from the reality that rape has always followed in the dark shadows of war. Every American is responsible for our government, and if these claims are true, than there is no escaping our collective guilt, only acknowledging it’s existance and committing ourselves to avoiding future wars.

    • Glen Saunders

      Pure bullshit. Anything else you’d like to say to bring American Warriors down? If this was classified evidence you would know nothing about it. Pure fiction from the mind of a headline grabber.

      • Ted

        Not bringing anyone down, just stating the facts. There is nothing classified about this information, it is actually very well documented. And I am not sure it is fair to call University of Chicago and Routledge – Academic Publishers who have their publications peer reviewed “headline grabbers”. Check the notes and the sources. I invite you to quote yours. Have a great weekend.

        • Bob

          Your link is to a discussion about WWII, and not Iraq, or evidence of this claims authenticity. While I am not ignorant of what happens in war, there exist a whole new dimension of criminal liability if the US leadership organized rape as a form of torture to obtain questionable Intel.

          The rapes discussed in your link happened more on the spur of the moment, as that day’s battle was won. No less a crime, but not as daming as an organized form of torture such as this Iraq torture report suggest.

          Thus demands for actual evidence and not hear say, is not without its marit.

        • Landbeyond

          Ridiculous. There is zero evidence for this story.

      • Bob

        I prey you are correct. Though I fear many of our crimes are yet to be revealed. I am not so ignorant of history to believe our hands clean, and the responsibility of each citizen to vote to avoid preventable wars like Iraq. If these reports are true, every American (US) shares the blame, myself included.

      • OHDisqusNSA666100

        Why does saying don’t rape kids bring you down, warrior?

    • Welcome to hell

      U.S.A is a cancer going around the world

      • Bob

        Before the U.S., you had the British, Spanish, and the French doing the very same thing. Hell, look at what the Soviets did to Afghanistan in the 80s.

        War is hell on earth, no one involved has clean hands, even the civilians have dirt on their hands. This, like any other war past, is a stain upon every US citizen, as we voted for Bush, and the congress who authorized the war in Iraq. Those who were too young to vote for those leaders, failed to correct our mistakes in the years after.

        Make no mistake, we are all bathed in Iraqi blood, those claiming innocence, are twiced bathed for their ignorance of fault.

      • Kevin Schmidt

        Don’t worry! Fukushima is releasing chemotherapy around the world!

    • WilliamPatrickPond

      What’s the big deal? We did it to a whole country and then declared ourselves winners and ran away. We’re much like the chickenhawk bu$h when it comes to complicity. Why were we even there? What we did was shameful and cowardly. Now I suppose we could find who was really behind that decision. Who benefitted from the lies we believed? Of course we won’t punish the liars, they’re too rich and have powerful friends! It’s the American way! If we have to sodomize little boys to get our way, how is that any worse than murdering whole families? Murdering little children? Were those baby terrorists?

      • Tama’Re

        Its the American way, South African way, Australian way, New Zealand way, British way etc… over centuries past, until today. Please do not act surprised fellow commentators, this is how you have managed to accumulate such wealth and power as nations. The downside is, because lies were believed or truth, pain and brutality of others ignored at the benefit of said nations, the powerful few have ran away with it, drunk on power and unstopped or unstoppable are coming back for everyone! Injustice somewhere, is injustice everywhere. Whilst ‘good’ people obediently follow the deranged orders from above, there fails to be any good people! Not a few rotten apples, an entire putrid fruit basket from root to fruit.

        • Ignas Bednarczyk

          Untrue. The American’s in Afghanistan went apeshit-so did the French in Algeria-but it is not alway’s the situation where the soldier’s have no honour, as in the Ukraine now with Russian mercenaries. Terrorist’s are also guilty from the 1960’s of massacres up to today. That does not malign every person who has fought to defend their home against Nazis or other ruthless genocidal psychopaths.

          • wolf6541

            Russian mercenaries? You might be right but just in case, why don’t you google the former Blackwater now Academi and see what this is and what it has to do with Ukraine.

            • jdlech

              Blackwater changed their name AGAIN?

          • Remy

            What massacres do u mean?

        • Darryll Senior

          dont add New Zealand in this shit and my wealth came from hard work

          • UseOfFarce

            Well, it’s all about you!

          • DeduskaRiots

            You are peace of shit just like the Americans, nothing less criminals!

            • darryll senior

              at least i dont hide behind a false name shit head come out and play

            • Lisa

              You might just want to actually have a look at New Zealand history before you add us to the basket of being like Americans. We are the ONLY western country that has ever stood up to the US. In 1984 we became ‘Nuclear Free’. It created a complete shit storm for New Zealand. New Zealand refused to let any of America’s military ships into our waters if they were carrying nuclear arms. Needless to say the Americans were not to happy with this and countered by being complete bullies to us by economic means, hurting our
              exports (as a small nation we rely heavily on our export markets) and by
              distancing themselves from us. We were, as a nation put out in the Siberian cold and given the cold shoulder by other western nations supportive of the US. Since 2008 when John Key became our Prime Minister he has tried to forge a closer relationship with the US. Most New Zealanders’ I believe feel uncomfortable about this development. Kiwi’s are not as gullible as perhaps other nations, we have a real sense of fair play and do not like or accept the spin that the US and its allies have spread. I think it is fair to say that most kiwi’s question 9/11, most support a free Palestine and most of us only want what little military we actually have to only ever be involved in peace keeping initiatives. What you need to understand is that the vast majority of New Zealanders’ not only hold passports but use them on a regular basis. It is part of our culture to travel and see the world, this gives us insight as to how other cultures live. Travel opens the mind and makes individuals critical of what the media puts forth as ‘truth’. I am not saying that New Zealand has not been involved in recently supporting the Obama administration – but to state we are ‘criminals’ is rather off the mark. Before making generalised comments it pays to actually know what the nation you are criticising has done. And just a a by the by – we are still nuclear free and do not allow the American military in if they are carrying nuclear arms!

              • Ewan

                Where the F#ck did the Whiteys get New Zealand from – handed on a plate by the native Maoris? – Or lemme guess – God gave the White man someone else’s land ‘cos they didnt deserve it – ditto for South Africa and every third world cowed and conquered backwater the White man touched.

                • t

                  pretty much. but i don’t think the maori’s were the natives either. they got there the same way the euroeans did (by force)

                • Greg

                  Actually no, the British government didnt have a colonization policy of NZ, and a treaty was signed to protect Maori treasures, land etc and give them rights as citizens. NZ was actually colonized by a private company. It was a barren scrub land or swamp for the most part.

              • Allegra Az

                LOL! Stood up to US, You were and are irrelevant.

                • Mick Pacholli

                  …AND loving it! Dickhead!

              • You’re right… up to a point. David Lange was a PM you could be proud of. Sadly, that was a long time ago and New Zealand hasn’t elected another worthy statesman since. So let’s not rest on our laurels.

                • kunwil

                  Malice in wonderland…..that is such a cool name!!

              • alan marinko

                Hey Lisa, why don’t you check out the new food law bills that are set to whitewash your parliament. Sponsored by Monsanto, kiwis will be criminals for; giving home grown food to anyone (no handing your neighbour a lettuce), giving seed to anyone & growing organic food altogether – a basic human right! It was great what you guys did with the nuclear ships, but that was years ago. Update and check it out for yourself – please!

              • Cheri Lundstrom

                Just a question and I really don’t know the answer. Why do any of us really depend on exports? What is it that we can’t do where we are. Especially in a place were the seasons don’t include weather that makes growing food impossible. I get irritated as an American when they talk about our exports. This is all done for the betterment of corporations who do not share much of that wealth. Here it is factory farms instead of family plots. Money in general is just pieces of paper, what is so freaking special about paper? I commend New Zealand for standing up to the US but they still stole the land from the Maori just as the US stole land from many different tribes.

            • David A .Hereaux

              Americans? I’m an American and I can assure you, I had no part in this and I am totally against it.

              The American government is just a tool by the criminals that have captured it.

              Saying Americans is a pretty low life and ignorant thing to say. You POS!

            • TheOccasionalAtheist

              Let’s give credit where it’s due. The “Americans, Brits, NZ’s, Aussies, et. al.” aren’t responsible for the actions of our corrupt governments.

              It’s the greedy one who cause the problems, not the citizens but those with the money able to control the politicians selected to carry out their wealth-building schemes that turn us all against each other to distract from our real enemies, the 1%.

              The sooner we, citizens of the world, realize this and destroy all the nations, the better off we’ll all be, the sooner we can evolve and migrate from this planet to try and improve our chance of protecting what is good and noble about us.

          • Why not add New Zealand mate? You lot haven’t elected a decent human being since David Lange. A PM who had the balls to tell the Seppos to take their nuclear ships and and their foreign policies and rightly shove them where they belong.
            As an Australian I applauded his actions and bemoaned the fact that my country didn’t have the stones to do the same!
            Like it or not mate… you, like me and everyone else in the western world, are just as culpable of these crimes as the sadistic bastards who commit them. Why? Because we allow our governments to be mollified by the USA. Our silence, lack of action and in your case, complete denial, implicates us.
            When these things are done in our name and the name of our supposed “freedom loving” and “democratic” governments… then we are all to blame.

            • sharlock

              So I should have personally voted 1,000,000 times to ensure those who claim to do something in my name are not elected? err, is that exactly legal?

            • Greg

              Tory/Right wing governments win elections on the back of a minority voter. The last two election have been run by incessant statistics of popularity rather than how competent the National party elite are. Our currency trade banker wont be staying to lose in 2017, he will go within 6 months, or as soon as he signs the TPPA. Because the next government will be hamstrung by fixing legislation for a decade. At least his son is no long being touted as some presidential first son, and media reports have been notably absent since his pretend girlfriend lost the Miss NZ Crown.

          • Cheri Lundstrom

            And there was no body on the island when you got there right? Just because you work hard to steal land from the indigenous doesn’t make it okay.

            • Darryll Senior

              i am indigenous called a Maori so it is my land ha ha ha ha

          • Gloria Dean

            How did your family get to New Zealand?

          • Greg

            Exactly, though our elite in government get away with a lot, including having rent boys in parliament. Helens speaker of the house had one as a pet under his protection.

            • jdlech

              The problems will never change until the world holds the people responsible for the actions of their democratically elected leaders. Until then, leaders will continue to be free to commit horrible acts of depravity with impunity.

          • Marisol

            Europeans are advent pillagers. It’s in the blood

        • Truth_Quest30

          IBM, Microsoft, Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook accumulated wealth by raping young boys?
          Actually it’s the Muslim world that legitimizes pedophilia, adult men can marry prepubescent girls.
          Girls forced to marry adult men have set themselves on fire in Afghanistan.

          • Ewan

            Adult men can marry prepubescent girls – where’s the proof? but the West ALWAYS leads the prepubescent scandals in the 21st Century – ALL major paedo rings exposed in recent years are European in origin – deflection?

            • Truth_Quest30

              Don’t know how to use Google? By the way, biggest long term recent paedo scandal in the UK was by Asian immigrant Muslim grooming gangs. With a name like Ewan and the English way of spelling paedo, not American, why are you omitting that? Are you a liar?

          • Ocelotl Chimalpahin

            How when the biggest market for child prostitution in the world is white men, of primarily christian extraction. Get out of here with these bs

          • Gloria Dean

            Come on now.. Pedophilia.. – ummm we have the Catholic Church.. Human trafficking.. hmmmm Vegas – California – Texas…. Come on .. wake up.. my friend..

            • Z3TA2

              “We have the Catholic Church” I hate to break it to you, but the Catholic priest child abuse thing is a global problem, they do that in
              numerous countries, not just hours. And the existence of human trafficking isn’t even the topic of this thread, I was replying to this comment:
              “Its the American way, South African way, Australian way, New Zealand way, British way etc… over centuries past, until today. Please do not act surprised fellow commentators, this is how you have managed to accumulate such wealth and power as nations.”

              • jdlech

                Funny, how people cherry pick one instance to refute all the others.
                The vast majority of pedophilia in North America and Europe are by Christians.
                And I’ll bet the vast majority of pedophilia in the Middle East is by Muslims.
                Now guess who does most of the pedophilia in China? India? Africa? The majority religion of those areas, I’ll warrant.

        • Cheri Lundstrom

          You don’t recognize sarcasm easily do you?

          • jdlech

            Sarcasm is hard to identify on the internet.
            Especially when it’s the preferred mode of communication for bona-fide nutjobs.

      • Zulqarnain Khan

        True William Sir, what a nonesense, a very shameful clink on the face of USA which is called a modern, democratic and civilized country. Actually US is ruled by Pentagon and big corporations, America has pentagono-corporatocracy instead of democracy which will sink America.

        • WilliamPatrickPond

          Over half of Mr. Bu$h’s cabinet were dual Israeli citizens. I wonder where their first allegiances were? America has become a nation of sheep ruled by highly paid whores in the employment of the military industrial complex. We must have perpetual wars because our owners don’t have all the money in the world yet. No one must stand in our way and to question motives is un-American. I agree with you Zulqarnian Khan we are sinking now, but beware we want to take the rest of the world when we go.

          • james


            • Kevin Schmidt

              Actually, it’s the Global Corporate Elite Bilderberg Oligarchy, not the Zionists. Although, Zionists belong to the Bilderberg Oligarchy.

              • John Straight

                Which is of the Rothschild clan

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Every cabinet, both Democratic and Republican alike, including OBusha’s, have had members with duel Goldman Sachs citizenship. Follow their money. It leads to war with the people of the world, including We the People.

            • UseOfFarce

              Fun little “wars” have to be started, and therefore have to be started against somebody.

              • Kevin Schmidt

                We’re all terrorists now. Fun little wars have been started against We the People.

          • joemittelman

            An all encompassing statement. NAME THEM! I dare you. You stuck your foot in it, now put your money where your mouth is….NAME THEM.

            • WilliamPatrickPond

              That information is readily available online. “scooter” Libby, Wolfowitz, Michael Mukasey, Richard Perle,Douglas Feith are just a few that come to mind. Why are you interested in my money?

              • joemittelman

                Yeah….I saw what was online. A lot of supposition, but not one shred of evidence that any that come to your mind actually had a dual
                Citizenship. Finger pointing….hints…not a word of truth.

                • WilliamPatrickPond

                  Why do we give the apartheid state of Israel over three billion dollars in foreign aid? We owe money and yet we’re giving it away! They’re our biggest beneficiary of our stupid policy. Why does every politician have to kiss the a$$ of AIPAC in order to get elected? Why is the head of the FED always Jewish?

                  • joemittelman

                    First of all we give about 12 billion in aid to various countries around the world, most of which are not our friends and most of which hate us. Israel is the only friend America has in the mid east. The only Democracy, and only in the case of Israel, the money is given with the proviso that it is spent on the purchase of American weapons of defense. So….In Israel’s case, it is the only money that we give out so freely that comes back to us in the form of jobs. Also, they are tied at the waist to us in the area of Intelligence which they share with our CIA. Again, no other recipient gives us anything. Further, because they have been under attack from all of their neighbors for the last 66 years, they have developed many sophisticated defensive weapons, such as the Iron dome, of which was a dual involvement between America and Israel. Now you tell me what if anything America gets from the billions of dollars we give to Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, Yemen, Turkey, and any other nation on earth. Nobody has to kiss AIPECs ass. If you don’t think that we have untold numbers of
                    muslim groups funded with untold millions spreading it around Washington and also being deeply involved within our own government then you are blind. Get rid of your Jew hatred and look where the real problems lie….like for instance islam taking over all of western Europe and growing by leaps and bounds right here. In 30 years, all of western Europe will be under Sharia law.

              • John Straight

                I don’t know about Michael Mukasey, but the rest were behind the plan for 9-11, which first appeared as “Operation Northwoods”, to get pubic oppinion to allow going to war with Cuba, which was turned down by Kennedy, before Bush’s people assassinated him. Then was reapplied, for use with 9-11 to get the public to not raise a stink, about going to war with Afghanistan.

        • Lillie Baugh

          that is the best description of todays America I have ever heard nothing closer to the truth has been posted thank you for blatent honesty time for a reality check our government has sold us out

      • Watch It

        Israel rapes, tortures, and murders children all the time and there are still many Americans that think it’s perfectly justified as disgusting as that is although many Americans are awakening to the truth and, like most countires around the world, especially throughout Europe, are speaking out against Israel as they are no longer buying the lies perpetuated by the Western powers that be and the mainstream media they control.

        Israel massacred 550 children in 52 days this summer alone which included Israel blowing up FIVE separate UN Shelters killing children in their sleep, 3 hospitals, schools, and hundreds of homes and the innocent men, women, and children to smithereens and every time, Israel blames their victims for their own rape, pillage, and genocide. Not only is their not one shred of proof of Hamas using “human shields” but like in the case of the five UN Shleters they blew up, the shelters received no “warning” which would “justify” blowing them up anyways, but Hamas is NEVER in site. Besides, “human shields” WOULD NOT WORK anyways since Israel bombs them regardless. Most Americans don’t even know that ISRAEL, not Hamas, has been caught and photographed using children as human shields. Nothing justifies the land, torture, rape, pillage, and genocide that has been committed by Israel against the Palestinian’s for the past SEVENTY YEARS! NOTHING!

        • Brian

          you’re a good liar, the american media ignores the facts of what happens on everyday in israel, you are basically believing your own lies and drifting people toward you.
          do search.
          i have been to israel, i saw the real truth, i guaranty you they are none of the above.
          the whole world faces a dangerous religion called islam.
          there are no “israeliamericanfrenchrussianaustralian terrorists”, there are only “arab terrorists”, think how did it came to this?
          or how is it that in every arab country there’s a terror organization?
          did you see syria lately? kurdistan? or maybe iran? look how many death and the world doesnt care cause they cant blame israel.
          israel is protecting itself against an anti semetic world, what would you do if you had someone taking water electricity and money from you and than build a tunnel in a future purpose of killing you.

          well who am i writing this to? someone that probably has no meaning to life, someone probably islamic.
          now go ahead brainwashed, go deliver your lies and feed the media with faux truth, mercy is your key, but wisdom will never be.

          • Lee

            You are in deep denial. All of the above is true. Anyone who goes to Israel can see what is really going on unless they’re blind. The Israeli’s are very belligerent about their racism and hatred towards the Palestinians. When I saw first hand what was happening there that was the day I started seeing Jews in a completely different light. No longer as victims. The victims learned their lesson well from the Nazi’s and became like them.

            • Periapsis

              I got news for you, they were that way before the Nazis started exterminating them as the mortal enemies they truly are. They murdered tens of millions of Slavs, that was why many Ukrainians, Poles, Lithuanians, Latvians. Romanians and Russian fought with the Nazis. There were Russians flying jet fighters during WW-II, against the Jewish Bolsheviks who formed and ran the Soviet Union. For more than ten years after the end of WW-II Ukrainian guerillas assassinated Bolshevik Jews and other enemies before they were finally defeated. Jews are not victims, they are aggressors and genocide is always their number one motivation. Hanukkah, and Purim are two holidays of theirs which are celebrations of massive massacres against non-Jews. Believe me, the Slavs have little love for them, this one included.

              • joemittelman

                I have seen posts that are full of lies….but this one takes the cake. The JEWS didn’t kill any SLAVS. The millions upon millions of Slavic people killed were killed by Russian communists. The fact that in the early days of the Red vs White Russian revolution, there were many Russian Jews who joined the communist party because it was a way to overthrow the Czarist regime which for centuries had used Cossacks to murder Jews throughout Russia. After Stalin took over, there were very few Jews in the hierarchy of the inner Communist leaders….in later years, none. I know this for a fact because my Mother came here in 1909 from a little Village in Russia that had been wiped out by Cossacks. She remembered clearly the slaughter that took place. Yeah…Jews have always been aggressors you say: So what countries did they take over? Surely being so aggressive they must have had some success. In the Russian Revolution there were many Jews….but when it came to their percentage of the Red takeover, it was minute.

                • Periapsis

                  You are sadly mistaken, many of my relatives were killed by them. that means you are a troll.

          • eva

            Brian you are delussional im not islamic im not even left wing but i saw israel bomb united nations buildings this year with children in them and claim they know what they target. I can only assume you believe the ROW isnt catching in….when you say someone takes your electricity Israel blockaded aid, takes water from israel, acts with outrageous arrogance against international law then plays the victim card… o everybody is antisemetic because they wont allows israel bomb children or build illegal settlements.. boohoodhoo israel…

            • joemittelman

              You saw??? You were in gaza and you watched it happen? Your nose is growing by the moment.

              • Ewan

                There or not – Israel got caught this ONCE doing what they ALWAYS have been doing to the Palestinians – using a modern army airforce and navy against unarmed civilians and the world now knows her true murderous face – Cowards – they got their asses kicked in 2006 in Lebanon and in 2014, effectively kicked in the face by extremely brave, poorly armed, well trained commando raids into Jew held territory and so they literaly DID carpet bomb areas of gaza. They are now the #1 baby killers – right up there with the USA

                • joemittelman

                  Those lies sound like you are a paid advocate of the murderous hamas thugs who wanted more and more of their own people killed so they could go whining to the UN. They let the news people see only what they wanted them to see, and censored every bit of news that came out of there….so you and all the other Jew haters here heard only and saw only what hamas wanted you to see. “Extremely brave, poorly armed, well trained commandoes”???
                  They hid in tunnels safe from bombs while their civilians had nothing to prevent them from death….except for the IDF letting them know ahead of time when and where they were going to bomb. If hamas wasn’t so intent on slaughtering Jews, they could have spent the 90 million dollars those ruined tunnels cost them and the tens of millions those 12,000 rockets cost, and done something good for their own citizens. They couldn’t care less for those poor people who voted them in. Ahhh….but their leaders sit in foreign countries safely counting their billions of stolen money.

                  • hudson

                    Previously u asked eva if he or she was in gaza to see everything happen. So i ask you. Where u there in gaza too with the hamas? Hiding inside tunnels?
                    just curious.

                    • joemittelman

                      NO. Were you? I spent 2 years of my life defending my country….not in tunnels. How about you hudson?

          • Michelle

            Wow, Brian. You can “guarantee” that Israel doesn’t do any of this because you’ve “been to Israel?” LOL. You can’t even see the terrorism perpetuated by your own gov’t. How are you gonna see it when you go visit another country?

            • Paschn

              For starters, The Bolshevik Jew slaughter of 60,000,000 Russian Christians/Muslim – 7,000,000 Ukrainian Christians/Muslims – plus another (+/-) 10,000,000 through out Eastern Europe en toto AND the 60,000 German civilians in the Danzig Corridor sanctioned by the Poles, carried out by the CHEKA Jewish youth “groups” rather UNDERSCORES what “Brian” stated above. It was those 60,000 which by the way caused the regional conflict between Poland/Germany that the Central Bank boys used as a reason for… get this; Britain and France to declare war on Germany, not as we have been led to believe the “other way ’round”.


          • james


          • Zee

            haha Brian you made me laugh when you called someone else brainwashed.

          • Brandon

            If you think Islam is the reason for all this terror, you are the one brainwashed. Islam is a religion of peace & love and is EXTREMELY similar to Christianity. Don’t let the extremists define Islam. They have been taught a very twisted version of Islam. There are roughly 1.7 billion Muslims in the world and 99.9% of them practice true Islam and are very peaceful. Though they will probably fear any Americans because we are the “Global Police Force” Shoving democracy down everyone’s throats and our dicks in their children’s asses

            • mehoppe

              Sure they are.

            • PrinceAli

              Thank you for saying what you did. I am Muslim and it is True. We do not represent those nutty
              Crazy animals using their twisted version of Islam to represent True Islam. Thank you. Peace to my Muslim brothers, Christian Brothers and Jewish brothers who show compassion. For Oppression is worst then Murder.

              • Ewan

                Don’t be a KUNT by admitting there are ANY killer muslims on the scale the West wants us to believe, there are NO Muslim Crazy 1% running around committing terrorist massacres – mention ONE group who do this and it can be proven that they are always BlackOps – ISIS is the #1 Blackops operated by CIA-MOSSAD-MI5 – ISIS “Troops” are US-Israeli-British Special Ops troops fighting with a few idiot Muslim footsoldiers. ALL their outrageous acts (beheadings) were staged.

            • joemittelman

              Yeah, I see the results of all of these peace loving Islamists in Syria….200,000 innocent civilians slaughtered, and 10 million refugees with no home no food no water, wandering trying to get out of the way. Tens of thousands of muslims killing tens of thousands of other muslims and Christians. The religion of peace. What a laugh. And you people have the gall to point a finger at Israel who after sitting still for 12,000 rockets being launched at her citizens for 3 months in a row decided to make them stop doing it. How would you have stopped them? If they actually wanted to harm or kill gazan citizens, in the first two hours they would have carpet bombed that whole little entity and slaughtered hundreds of thousands of them. There were a total of 2200 (like a good day in Syria or Iraq) killed all together, of which at least half were definitely hamas fighters and a lot of the others were forced to be human shields.

              • Mariel Thomson


                • joemittelman

                  Brilliant reply. Either say something or shut up.

                  • joeisanidiot

                    joemittelman, I majored in English and I can tell clearly that you’re an idiot. The best grammar in the world doesn’t make up for ignorance about the facts.

                    • joemittelman

                      It took you a month to come up with that fascinating and stimulating remark?

                      And I AM THE IDIOT? Go back to sleep for another month and then try again to
                      be cute.

              • Ewan

                You’re Fkin idiot if by now you don’t see the full picture – the hand of the US in destabilising Syria with homegrown US trained terrorists. You’re a bigger Kunt for thinking Israel is a civilised democracy that restrains itself from crazy Palestinian terrorists – WTF are the Fake Jews doing in Palestine in the first place- Get the Fuk out of their country and there will be no trouble, but Honkies never learn do they?

                • joemittelman

                  If you think that swearing will make you appear in the least bit intelligent, you are so very wrong. It is a sign of no education, and a weak mind. Your idiotic remarks are a dead give away that you are a sub normal moron and have no business attempting to write anything in English. And no…..”honkies” never learn, they don’t have to. They are much smarter than whatever you purport to be….whatever color or background you answer to. Time to go back to the ‘turd grade and learn the English language. Also, time to get rid of the hatred in your soul…You dumb creep.

          • Britney

            Oh just be gone! How could you even utter such garbage! The whole world knows what Israel did and is still doing to the poor Palestinians!

          • Kevin Schmidt

            Islam can’t hold a candle to the horrors caused by Christianity.

            More people have been murdered, tortured, raped, looted and plundered in the name of Jesus than by all other religions, including Islam, combined.

            • bb

              Seriously? Random statements based on biased propaganda? Crazy people gravitate to religions as a means to manipulate its meaning to justify their twisted hatred and behavior. But judging a religion based on the actions of crazy people is no more fair than judging Muslims are the same as the extremists. There have been millions and millions of generous deeds, donations, mercy, assistance, etc given freely worldwide in the name of Jesus by genuine faithful Christians, so much more positive than negative. Not saying the negative isn’t valid, but let’s not forget the good that many do as well.

              Since the beginning of mankind, there has not been a single religion, race or country that has not had evil amongst them. All countries at some point in their history have had evil people representing them doing evil deeds towards those they try and/or do conquer but not everyone is evil. There are good people trying to do what they believe to be right even if based on bad information. They don’t know what they don’t know. And I’m not saying it’s right, I’m just saying none can clam to be guilt free. I just hope and pray mankind gets their act together before we destroy ourselves.

          • joemittelman

            Brian, a breath of fresh air and truth in an ocean of lies and bullshit in this thread.

        • Bokar

          A problem mate – genocide is when the population drastically decreases in 5-6 year (from 18 to 12 million for instance , but not specifically that case) .
          By far , all the people in the world will tell you that the number of “Palestinians”(who were not called “Palestinians” until 1967) , well , didn’t decrease .
          And now , cynicism that you hardly understand – Israel , the cradle of thousands of patents from many sciences , can’t properly dispose of … a million or two 80-kg walking corpses? Nah , one of the statements is not true

          • Ewan

            israel the bitch of the world, was not created and stolen from the Palestinians in 1967 – this illegitimate bitch child of rothchild-british imperialsm was officially born in the 1920’s by the Balfour “declaration” – one white shit giving someone else’s country to another white shit (who conned the world into thinking they were really jews) and was born in 1948. The subsequent ethnic cleansing by Irgun and Stern terrorist gangs (who later became the IDF) are well documented historical fact – Jaffa is a famous example of a Palestinian city entirely cleansed of it’s native palestinian inhabitants. BTW, Lufthansa had an ad running in a newspaper advertising flights to “Palestine” waaay before 1967 – so no Palestinians hey? – thats a bullshit lie you idiots have been told by the Golda bitch Meiers and founding fathers and mothers of the illegitimate european colonial excercise that is Israel.Go F&k yourself dumbsh!t.

            • Bokar

              less emo , more facts and objective thoughtsopinion .
              please give reference to ALL of what the jews in the Whole world went through before And after 1948 , 1880 till 1975.
              a “colony” for people who your father’s fathers tried so hard to rob,rape,plunge,dishonor,curse and kill. Those , they survive . and Those will f*ck up anyone trying to f*ck with their future , without holding much about the past . Be it invented nation or moles and traitors recruited by the same enemies of the past.
              Try to break Jews by 2000 year kicking , you fail , in the streets and by the government.
              Try to mess with us when we have assembled our own country? prepare for the worst time of your life, by the very same instinct that helped survive the two-millennia onslaught

            • Bokar

              admit it – there is no Genocide on all those you call “palestinians”

              • Ewan

                Yeah, killing non White, unarmed women and children with overwhelming force for their land and resources isn’t Genocide. They deserve it, ‘cos they’re not White.

        • K R

          Yea I call BS on that. they were storing and using the UN shelters for staging attacks and weapons. It has not been the first since this has happened and will not be the last.

          I presume you think they would never ever use kids as suicide bombers or anything like that. I mean its one thing to stage military offenses from schools and hospitals and totally another to send kids in with vests made of bombs.

          Yea Israel is the only bad guy here.

          • Ewan

            true, Israel IS the ONLY bad guy here – what else would you call a state that was only brought into existence as recently as 1948 on someone else’s land after ethnically cleansing it’s towns and villages using terrorist groups like the Stern gang and Irgun – BS to You

            • K R

              And that has to do what with them using UN shelters as staging points for terrorsist activities? I’m not even going to debate with you facts of 60+ years ago. I imagine history has a different take on it then you “think” you know. So in the mean time you hurt me so I’m going to hurt you mentality. Which is why they are still killing each other still after 1000+ years

        • joemittelman

          And where did you find out about all these children that the Israelis supposedly are raping and murdering?
          Al Jazeera? If any Israeli were caught raping anything from a fellow Israeli (Jew or not) or anything else with either 2 or 4 legs, he’d be tried and convicted and jailed. Israel, unlike her neighbors is a nation of laws that pertain to Jew and non Jewish citizen alike.

          • Ewan

            Really? it exists solely as a White colonial state in the middle east BECAUSE it massacred, raped and murdered it’s way into the middle east you idiot.

            • joemittelman

              I think you have Israel misconstrued, you dummy. For 1400 years islam has murdered, raped, enslaved, and tortured untold millions of Christians, Jews, and any other religion that they don’t like….including different sects of their own religion. Rape is a muslim specialty. Open your dumb eyes and look what is going on in Sweden, Holland, Belgium, Spain, France, England. Girls of 11 years old are being groomed and raped by muslim gangs and enslaved in their own country. You are a blind man filled with hatred and when you point your finger at Israel, you are lying through your teeth. Everything you say is a lie and the terrible things you accuse them of are being perpetrated every day in every country in the world by muslim thugs… know who they are don’t you? They are people filled with hate and a feeling of superiority. JUST LIKE YOU DUMMY.

      • Ana

        The ones that will pay will be the soldiers, they have already prepared a we did not know speech for the higher up positions such as the president. Little boys and mothers are not terrorists in this event. Interesting how the accuser is the guilty party. I don’t understand how anyone could look at a child or a suffering mother and continue an act that causes them any kind of distress, orders or not I would rather do jail time for disobeying orders than cause another harm at any level. Things have to change as a result of this or humanity has sank to a whole new low. I read that from this event will come a whole new awakening of souls that need a little shaking up, I personally hope so because if not all these brave souls have suffered needlessly.

      • Kevin Schmidt

        We didn’t run away. We stayed to control their fossil fuels, and build Taj Mahal military bases that sucked up trillions of tax dollars for blood money profits. That’s why we went there in the first place.

        Why do you think wars are waged, if not for wealth, territory and power?

        Of course, the greedy old men sociopathic chicken hawks tell the young men cannon fodder that they are risking their lives for God and country.

        Cindy Sheehan was correct to ask them, “For what worthy cause did my son have to die?”
        We must hold them accountable every single day.

        • joemittelman

          So where is all this oil that we killed all those people in Iraq for? Can you trace 1 barrel….just 1 that we took for ourselves? All that fossil fuel you talk about? Hmmmm….seems as if it stayed right in the hands of the Iraqi government. So if not there…..where else have we been killing to control all of that fossil fuel you rave about in the mid east?

          • joeisanidiot

            It wasn’t to take the oil. It was to ensure that US dollars were the only thing that Iraq’s oil could be sold for. Do you follow anything other than FOX news?

      • Am

        We are there simply to declare how powerful we are. That is humanities way from what not only the government taught us, but families as well

      • Isaac

        Many people already know who was behind all these atrocities. 9/11 was done by Israel, the Mossad, in complicity with Bush and cohorts, there are already many books, computer links radio talk shows on this matter. Washington is controlled by the Zionist Jews and 9/11 was a good excuse to wage a series of wars in Central Asia, Middle East and North Africa for the sake of Israel hegemony, dominance, supremacy in the region. The reason to go half way around the globe and kill millions of innocent people “FOR OUR FREEDOM” is the biggest lie ever pushed into the American people’s mind. War on terror is a war for Israel imperialism.

      • Periapsis

        When it’s your children being raped, sodomized, tortured, murdered by an invading army, it is more than a big deal. It is a motive for you to hunt down and kill them, as many of them as you can as a guerilla or a soldier.

        • WilliamPatrickPond

          you clearly missed my sarcasm.

      • Ricky Painter

        What the he’ll were white people doing in America is another question?making us Native Americans look bad..

      • Bob Hope

        Shut up dude.

      • Junis

        Can you now see how appropiate the following rap song is:

    • Lajuana Towns

      Let’s keep an open mind about this we can’t let a few bad apples make the whole military suffer,some went to the military to escape jail,or the streets.They did not join with a sense of honor,and pride of serving their country.Just like in this debate about police, their not all bad.

      • hdtex


        • kitkat

          So exactly when did you serve? I’m assuming you did because you know so much about the military. You seem to enjoy the freedom of speech that our soldiers fought to give you but have you done anything to earn it? Hdtex???? If you were to post stuff like this in Iraq against your own government or military they would kill you no questions asked. Just something to think about

        • doreen

          This is not about the military, it’s about cowards that abuse ttheir authority and others human rights and get away with it just like the police Department. Cowards degraceful animals

        • Ed Taylor

          So, because I am a 10-year veteran of the US Army, I am a pedophile torturer? Really?

          • sumthin28

            If you served in Iraq you are definatly a torturer and a murderer of innocents. Whether you yourself did or assisted directly or indirectly, you were part of an illegal invasion and occupation that murdered and tortured hundreds of thousands.

            • Bob

              No, the whole of the U.S. population is at fault, for We the people voted for the leaders who took us to war. Unlike the Iraqis, we held the power of the vote, and like a child, wielded it poorly.

            • Ed Taylor

              That’s ridiculous and uninformed and illogical. And poorly spelled. And, on behalf of my friends who were in Iraq, you should be glad you’re not within arm’s reach of me now. Ugh. I should never have commented on this stupid thread.

          • KrisL

            If you would like to torture pedophiles, I would be totally behind that!

            • Ed Taylor

              Now, that’s funny.

            • Kevin Schmidt

              That would be unconstitutional, and illegal.

      • 141park

        *they’re*….and…what hdtex said.


      OFFICERS …”fish rots from the head” … a few privates went to prison for partaking in a criminal orgy set up by OFFICERS that need to go to prison

    • lgray

      There are rapists & paedophiles in every job…they should all be discovered, tried, then executed if found guilty. The entire military should not be persecuted because of the evils contained within a few.

    • debbiedowner3

      Here’s a word of advice: If you’re going to release a story like this, do it when you already have the video linked. Don’t hide behind censorship cause all this is is bullshit – spin – hearsay until solid proof exists. This is fiction in what is now the video age. Haven’t you learned that yet?

      • RUserious?

        Post a video of children being raped?

        • debbiedowner3

          There are methods of posting credible evidence with tools such as blur/black box/etc. I assume you realize that else your comment only shows you’re trolling, immature or both.

          • Arnold

            read this testimony (2nd page)…/iraq/abughraib/151108.pdf about other rape incident(s) at Abu Ghraib.

            • debbiedowner3

              Your link is dead.

              Also, don’t confuse what I’m saying for wanting more links to more people claiming to say stuff. There’s plenty of that already.

              No, this story is irresponsible/Jr. High level reporting. It pulled data from another website of which all their links to their sources are dead/wrong as well. Conspiracy? Possibly. But do you release a story like this with a picture that has nothing to do with the story subject matter while bringing into the story your main focus: A video (either directly or indirectly) and not do one shred of homework first to validate? No? Then it’s not news. It’s more bullshit – spin – hearsay… News Writing 101 teaches you not to do that…

              • Arnold


                Perhaps cut and paste in your browser. I guess this web page does not support PDF.

                • debbiedowner3

                  Saw it – thanks – Looks to be where the quotes came from. OK. We get that. This story should never of been released though. It’s not a story. It’s propaganda, banter, pointless.

                  This video needs to be found and exposed. Blur faces, put bars over what needs to be but release this to say LiveLeak and really do the homework else the conspiracy theories and finger pointing will never end. If this is shown to be true, then wrath upon those who violated the children. But until then, stories like this have been told to bring wrath wrongly down upon others.

                  • hdtex

                    SOCIOPATHIC C@NT

                  • Cain McCallam

                    this bitch is crazy

                    • Unbelievable

                      Maybe her son is from the army..they would rather live in lies and take Prozac.

                    • Murad

                      He probably is one of these nitwits running around the u.s suffereing from PTSD and identifies with this shit! He probably had done shit and has his head deep in the sand. What can he deny–what have the Americans not done—the worst kind of terrorism in history ie Nagasaki and Hiroshiman to mention a few has been perpetrated by them not to mention the blood of the millions of Natives whom they massacred as they stole their land. What can this nutjob deny!! No wonder they come back and kill thie entire families in places like Fort Bragg etc. These are the ones with a bit of conccience—debbledowner3 get of the budweizer and the big burgers and off of the couch where you are obviously in a state of comatoze induced excessive alcohol and burgers or perhpas even meth! You are the number one terrorists but your days are numbered!

                      • Bob

                        Might want to educate your self on the dropping of the two A-Bombs. Had the U.S. invaded mainland Japan, we would have had to kill thousands of civilians, as their military leadership put their civilian population between our US forces and themselves. Further, the expected US casualty rate of a Japaneses mainland invasion was 2,000,000 wounded or dead soldiers.

                        That is before the Russians invaded and raped their way across Japan, and the U.S./and other allies couldn’t even have been a road bump to the soviet invasion by then.

                      • Paschn

                        That evaluation was, like the “holocaust”, propaganda to make it easier for the people to justify it’s use;


                        When you support that type of thing, you might want to include the part where Roosevelt along with other Prostiticians of the time had already committed multiple acts of war against Japan as part of the City of London banksters’, (not to be confused with “London” proper), plan to drag the co-opted U.S. into another world war. Further, ever so slowly evidence is coming out that the worm knew a first strike was coming in answer to those acts of war carried out against Japan.


                      • Bob

                        How we got involved in the war has no importance to the use of the A-bomb to end it. The fact remains, more people would have died in a land invasion of mainland Japan. You can use whatever arguments against it you want, but the fact is not in dispute that lives were saved when the Japanese were faced with extermination they couldn’t fight from the sky and the prospect of extermination from the ground by the Soviets… Both equally unstopable.

                        As for a first strike on Peril Harbor? Ok, so what? This happened 80 years ago. 160 years ago, we had open slavery. 140 years ago, behind closed doors slavery of anyone coming off the boat from Europe. If you are expecting an apology, you have a long time to wait, as there is not one to come from me.

                      • Bob

                        How we got involved in the war has no importance to the use of the A-bomb to end it. The fact remains, more people would have died in a land invasion of mainland Japan. You can use whatever arguments against it you want, but the fact is not in dispute that lives were saved when the Japanese were faced with extermination they couldn’t fight from the sky and the prospect of extermination from the ground by the Soviets… Both equally unstopable.

                        As for a first strike on Peril Harbor? Ok, so what? This happened 80 years ago. 160 years ago, we had open slavery. 140 years ago, behind closed doors slavery of anyone coming off the boat from Europe. If you are expecting an apology, you have a long time to wait, as there is not one to come from me.

                    • james

                      you are COINTELPRO to attack anyone who does not go along with the “official” psychopathic version of the “truth” —-LIES

                    • Big Jim

                      No, she’s telling it like it is. This “story”, posted Dec. 19, 2014, refers to Hersh’s speech of “last week.” It was actually in 2004. The “story” also refers to a Hersh speech “last June”, but that was also apparently in 2004. The link is dead. This “story” is not news, just sloppy regurgitation that does nothing to help get to the bottom of what was done in our name.

                      • Landbeyond

                        Exactly. The story seems to have disappeared from the Mint Press News Facebook page, but it’s still on their website. Best case is that they got 2004 mixed up with 2014. Worst case is really bad.

                  • Nebakanezer Xl

                    The classified information is right there before your eyes. If your wish of the video leaking becomes true your response will be something like:

                    “Yeah, okay, sure. We get it. Okay, but the video needs to be in higher quality. If not it’s propaganda, banter, pointless, blah.”

                    • debbiedowner3

                      OMGROFLCOPTERLULZ!!@111! (Did I do that right since your highest level of education probably ends at such complex reading and comprehension).

                      So in your pathetic attempt to make fun of a serious situation, you’ve actually just proven my point. Good job! Thank you!

                      See kiddies! He quoted me! So it MUST be true! It’s the internet! Don’t ever question it! Yup!

                      But really trolls… it’s been fun. You’ve proven my point beyond a shadow of a doubt. Move on now and don’t believe everything you read on the internet.

                      • Nebakanezer Xl

                        LMAO I DIDN’T QUOTE YOU.

                        Reread: “…your response will be something like:”? Wrap your mind on how I could quote the future you? It’s a joke. Of course the quote won’t be true unless you do, in fact, say/write that. I was just making fun of you in your lame ass attempt to dismiss a trending story because not all the evidence is presented, but enough is to be newsworthy.

                      • kfkhalili

                        Bitch is crazy.

                  • sumthin28

                    So are you saying we can’t punish rapists and child molesters without video evidence anymore? You don’t get to make up you’re own ridiculous standards of proof and dismiss this. There are multiple testimony’s documented of what went on there, and he claims the government is holding the video. The story needs to be told so it is not swept under the rug forever. It needs to be told so people know what their government did.

                    • debbiedowner3

                      Man… do none of you read? Obviously not. This is about irresponsible journalism so don’t put words in my mouth. Yes. Make a claim like this – AS SERIOUS AS THIS (do you really need to have such an obvious oversight pointed out to you?) and claim there is video evidence, then back it up and follow through – half assed journalism and deliberate misdirection is a major problem in today’s world events in case none of you have noticed.

                    • Landbeyond

                      Please link to the “multiple testimony’s (sic) documented” of the rape of boys in front of their mothers. Evidence of one crime does not prove another.

                  • Don Rameez

                    I guess in that case il want video proof of Isis raping women which there isnt also killing kids which thier isnt. Isis was formed after saddams execution. With news surfacing of of Americas aggression against iraqi children can you really blame isis stance to wage war with america?

                  • AS1124

                    you don’t need video to prove anything. Testimony is just fine.

                    • Landbeyond

                      Note that the “testimony” does not describe what the article alleges.

              • Ken Settle Photos

                I absolutely agree with you. This article is simply BS without any kind of proof to back it up. Statements from detainees is nothing but BS without any evidence to back it up. Stories like these, and in fact, sites like these, masquerade as “journalsim” when in fact it is nothing but a writer with an agenda on an op-ed blog with an agenda.

              • lacey

                When a woman is raped in the west is she required to film it before she is believed? You are either very naive or just don’t care to point a finger at rape victims. Don’t you think those people have been humiliated enough without people like you implying they are lying? Who in their right mind what lie about their child being sodomised or do you think just because they are arabs they would?! Debbie downer indeed

          • hdtex

            You are a SOCIOPATHIC C@NT,

            • debbiedowner3

              Go troll back in your Jr. High bathroom.

          • M.C.

            well, this was one really messed up way to ask for some masturbation material. What, does Pornhub not cut it for you?

            • debbiedowner3

              Oh look, another clueless troll – and a sick f*cker at that. You’re pathetic.

              • Biokovo

                maybe you should be raped to show some compassion for others

                • carter

                  Nothing could make it okay to say something like that. Nothing. Ever.

      • Herman

        @debbiedowner3 After glancing your profile’s 66 comments, I’m amazed that you actually spend time on this site, considering that all you do is tearing it down… So my question to you; what are you doing here? Unless, of course, you’re a troll…

        • debbiedowner3

          Please tell me again how you obtained your journalistic education background… yea I thought so. Looks like many here don’t question anything and believe what they’re force fed. You and others here sound like you’re late to go looting in the name of Ferguson again cause that’s what protests are all about right? Trolls…

      • reese

        You are part of the problem. You want to deny it just because you don’t want to here it. You know they are not going to post videos of kids being gang raped and just bot out their privates. smh

        • debbiedowner3

          Yet another prime example folks of an idiot who can’t read or comprehend what I’ve said. A headline, one line news reader. Psychologically, what you’ve done is jumped to a conclusion formed in your head, based on what YOU WOULD WANT and can’t see the overall real problem. How sad for you.

          • reese

            “folks of an idiot” smh

            • KaJa

              …don’t want to “here” it.

              • reese

                But at least you know what I am attempting to say used the wrong hear. And you are the one trying to call someone an idiot. I assume.

      • harmonikasavingsbond

        What you need to do, you deluded twat, is rape your own children then videotape that and post it. To tell the truth; it’s just because you want to see children fucked.

        • debbiedowner3

          Yet another prime example folks of an idiot who can’t read or comprehend what I’ve said. A headline, one line news reader. Psychologically, what you’ve done is jumped to a conclusion formed in your head, based on what YOU WOULD WANT to see. You’re so far the sickest wacko here.

          • Linear Equalist

            I’d say the woman wanting to watch videos of children being raped is the sickest one here. You’re the one calling for links to the actual videos with things blurred out for privacy. As if that gives any privacy. Unlike you, most of us here are decent human beings who don’t WANT to see children being raped, whether they’re blurred or not.

          • val

            all you can do is call people trolls we the you got no arguement, you dont have a clue what is happening in the world outside your blinkered little home, typical brainwashed yank, do you work for the usa forces then that why you call everything lies?

      • ROM OSOR

        But we dont have to see your video to believe you. Did you see the video of world trade center. We saw the video then we believed that it was Al Qaeda!!!!

        • debbiedowner3

          Wow – this may be the stupidest comment around. Troll.

          • emily

            You’re a retard and part of the problem. I don’t know any rape victim that recorded being raped so they’d have more evidence. You’re Fucking sick for wanting to see children raped, Fucking sick disgusting excuse for a human being.

      • iA

        Oh, his mistake debbiedowner3, come one guys, publish your true hard evidence as did Bush before he sought out “WMD’s” in Iraq.

        What a Joke country. I’m ashamed to be attached to the hip up North.

      • Guest

        Debbie, do you even know Seymour Hersh´s work? if you do i am shocked you could even think this is bullshit!!!

      • Britney

        Why? Because it’s happened to Arab children?

      • OHDisqusNSA666100

        It isn’t fiction.
        It’s true and one day we will have proof.
        The crime of aggressive war contains the seeds of every other crime, we already know some of what Bush did at Abu Graib which he tried to cover up, how could you not assume details like this to be true.

      • Kevin Schmidt

        The US Military already admitted the tapes exist by stating they will not release the tapes.

        • Landbeyond

          Please link to where the US military state they will not release the tapes related to this specific allegation.