Brazil’s Manufactured Coup: The ‘Shock Doctrine’ Returns To Latin America By
The Global South is growing unintelligible from the European South amid harsh austerity measures and other maneuverings that suit the rich and powerful at the expense of the poor and working class.
How Turkey’s Coup Attempt Spiraled Into A Dangerous Descent Towards Dictatorship By
‘What [Turkish President Erdogan] wants is a presidential system where he controls everything and everyone. I mean, you could say that he’s controlling everything and everyone right now -- he is, basically,’ Duke University Prof. Bahar Leventoglu tells Michael Nevradakis.
Former Reagan Secretary Paul Craig Roberts: Oligarchs Are True Purveyors Of Fake News By
‘That’s not a democracy, when three two-bit punk judges who don’t amount to anything overrule the majority vote of the British people! … There are not any democracies in the West,’ Roberts tells Michael Nevradakis in this wide-ranging interview.
The Ongoing ‘Fake News’ Battle Obscures The Truth About Fake Democracies By
Voters in a growing number of countries are casting ballots in a decisive rejection of neoliberalism, but forces in the EU and US want to keep the establishment train chugging along, refusing to let quaint notions such as democracy stand in their way.
Economist Jack Rasmus: Eurozone Benefits The Strongest Economies At The Expense Of The Weakest By
‘Greece has tied its tail to the eurozone, dominated by Germany, and it can never get out of this situation as long as Germany dominates the institutions, which it does, because the whole arrangement is great for Germany,’ the writer and economist tells MintPress News.
Greece’s Neoliberal Wolves In Anti-Austerity Sheep’s Clothing By
Far from representing truly alternative voices, three Syriza leaders crafted empty public images as anti-austerity renegades and champions of democracy and justice.
In A Mess Of Corruption & Neoliberal Austerity, Syriza Sells Greece Out To The Highest Bidders By
Rather than casting off the shackles of the EU, eurozone and IMF, the Syriza-led Greek government favors the ‘oligarchs’ it once vowed to tear down and doubles down on austerity measures, leaving Greek people to suffer through a modern colonial nightmare.
Wall Street Vultures Descend On Debt-Ridden Puerto Rico By
‘Any “bailout” that might occur … seems directed only at the Wall Street vultures who now control most of the debt,’ Déborah Berman-Santana tells MintPress News in a sprawling interview about the debt crisis in Puerto Rico.
Before The Brexit: Greek Voters Said ‘No’ To Austerity Measures, Got More Austerity Measures By
British voters had over a year to come to an informed opinion about a straightforward question on whether to leave the EU. Greek voters had eight days to consider a ‘creatively ambiguous’ referendum on austerity measures amid an atmosphere of tremendous media and government
Beyond Racism & Xenophobia: Brexit Supporters Reject The EU’s Neoliberal, Anti-Democracy Empire By
British voters bravely rejected a profoundly undemocratic, neoliberal EU, which is perceived as placing the interests of the financial elite ahead of the needs of ordinary citizens.