Documents Reveal How Shell Is Influencing University Curricula By
Shell is strategically targeting young people, academics, and business leaders, as part of a PR push designed to position itself as a low carbon leader.
Over 1000 UK Childcare Centers Close Doors Due To High Levels Of Air Pollution By
While the issue was most acute in London, the investigation found that exposure of young children to air pollution is truly a national problem.
Fact-check: Does Air Pollution Kill 40,000 Brits Every Year? By
Reports state that air pollution “causes” or is “linked to” 40,000 premature deaths in the UK every year — or 29,000, or 50,000, depending on what you are reading. But can these figures be trusted — and what do they actually mean?
Volkswagen Boss Paul Willis’ Shameless Defense Of Dieselgate By
The boss of the UK arm of the world’s biggest car manufacturer was hauled before MPs yesterday to answer for dieselgate.
300 Premature Deaths Linked To UK Air Pollution By
In 2014 David Cameron dismissed the pollution event as a “naturally occurring weather phenomenon”, prompting a scathing critique from the European Commission.
London Breaks Annual Air Pollution Limit In Five Days By
A study by the European Environment Agency suggested 14,000 premature deaths are attributable to the NO2 prevalent in the UK's smog each year.
Watch: Are England’s Forests Disappearing? By
2017 will be one to watch – and challenge – for nature.