US Military Admits: We Deliberately Bombed A Hospital In Iraq

Military spokesperson says "it's very difficult to ascertain with full and total fidelity" that no civilians were killed.
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    Photo of Hellfire missiles being loaded onto a US military Reaper drone in Afghanistan by Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson/U.S. Air Force

    Photo of Hellfire missiles being loaded onto a US military Reaper drone in Afghanistan by Staff Sgt. Brian Ferguson/U.S. Air Force.

    The U.S. military said Thursday that it intentionally bombed a hospital in Mosul, Iraq as part of its efforts to “eradicate” Islamic State (ISIS) fighters.

    The attack on the Al Salam hospital complex took place Wednesday at the request of Iraqi forces, with coalition aircraft using “precision-guided munitions,” Air Force Col. John Dorrian, spokesperson for the U.S.-led coalition against ISIS, told reporters.

    He said “it’s very difficult to ascertain with full and total fidelity” that there were no civilian casualties, whether in the building targeted or elsewhere within the hospital complex.

    ISIS fighters, Dorrian said, “were using the facility to fire heavy machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades at the Iraqi security forces in the area.” The strike on the “normally protected facility” allowed the Iraqi forces “to fall back to a more defensible position,” he said.

    The “protection of civilians,” he said later in the press conference, “has been a centerpiece, a foundational element of the campaign to liberate Mosul.”

    The military is not carrying out an investigation but rather an “assessment” of the strike, the spokesperson added.

    The battle to reclaim Mosul from ISIS fighters, which began in October, has left civilians, including roughly 600,000 children, trapped and facing a worsening humanitarian situation.

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    • tapatio


      For those who are unaware, James Wherry is the “resident” Zionist troll on Mint Press. His function is to denigrate the articles here and attack anyone who tells the truth about US Imperialism, Zionism, Judaism or its gods – the Rothschild-Bilderberg Predatory Empire.

      Mr Wherry is a former major in the US Army who was employed in “Civil Affairs”, the organization that involved in “enhanced” techniques to render populations docile and obedient to whatever puppet the Empire placed over them. He has bragged on Mint Press about helping to train the state terrorists of Uganda.

      Mr. Wherry is also what is called a “gay” chickenhawk – older men who prey on young boys.. It’s actually a sub-species of ped0phile who is too cowardly to actually run the risk of attacking children and turns their attention to barely legal young men. In Mr Wherry’s case, he obtained a young Filipino boy through a web site that handles such transactions, brought the boy to the US and “married” him. Presumably, the boy’s birth certificate is authentic (difficult to know in a country like the Philippines, where any official document is available for under $100). At any event, Mr Wherry appears to be a very, very dissipated 50-something and the boy looks like he should be in junior high school.

      I know this because James Wherry trolled me for some months, on this site, until I became sufficiently irritated. He was stupid enough to use his real name and a traceable photo, making it easy to investigate him and do a background check.


      “”I’m very happy about it,” James Wherry said. “Marriage is the bedrock of our society. I hope that same-sex couples can rejuvenate and revitalize marriage and give it the respect it is due.””

      Anyone wishing to chat with James Wherry on the subjects of Jew crimes, Jews defrauding of America and war crime involvement by US Army “Civil Affairs” could do so at this address…………….
      6300 MILGEN RD, APT 1403
      COLUMBUS, GA 31907
      OR AT
      6450 Way Ave Bldg 2839 • Fort Benning, GA 31905
      (Fort Benning is home of School of the Americas. Wherry has claimed that he has never worked at Fort Benning – he lied)

      I’m sure Wherry would also love to show how to buy boy s-x slaves from third world countries and show the one he brought home from the Philippines

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    • James Wherry
    • Susan
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    • Nobodywants Tologin

      Where did you read this fake news from, CNN?

    • Kagey1

      The illegal and immoral act was the action of ISIS in using a hospital as a base of attack. There is a clear wrongdoer here and that was the action of ISIS’s hiding behind civilians. In cases of attackers using civilian shields, those attacked have a legal and moral obligation to defend themselves even if innocents are hurt. The guilt for the death of those innocents is on those who used them against their will as human shields, not on the defenders who accidentally hurt or killed them.

      • Karendjenkins

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    • James Wherry

      Why would anyone think that the standard is that “no civilians would be killed?” This is being peddled by members of the Obama Administration, and it’s simply non-sense.

      The fact that ISIL goons are being treated in the hospital is not relevant: that’s what hospitals are for. The question is whether the hospital lost its protected status by being used as a Command and Control Center, a Weapons Storage Facility, or a Launchpad for snipers or rockets. If it did, then the second question becomes proportionality – whether the target is worth more destroyed than the injuries and death to civilians that such an attack would DEFINITELY have caused.

      • Retaliation

        The hospital was “empty” of straff and civilians, the Iraqi army tok over the hospital without clearing out the surrounding, because the Officers felt it’s going well…. then the night came and the counterattack by isis.. ~6 car bombs and a bunch of other stuff… the elite forces had be called in to save the team inside the hospital, so they managed to fight their way in and get the troops out, and called for an air strike to be able to escape…. so there was mismanagement from some officers on the ground.

        And this article is misleading and written by someone with no knowledge of the actual situation. Reading this article it sounds like the hospital was functional and patients got killed in the airstrike. The issue is rather that the infrastructure got destroyed. Civilians were not involved.

        • James Wherry

          That is typical of this website. It is a Shiite website run by someone who used to work for an Iranian news agency, PressTV.IR.

          The website shills for Iran and Syria, as you might guess.