Syria Peace Talks Falter After Rebels Boycott

Peace talks on Syria were derailed on Tuesday as Turkey-backed rebels boycotted the third round of meetings in Kazakhstan.
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    After two relatively productive rounds of peace talks in Astana had many upbeat about the possibility of finally negotiating a settlement to the Syrian Civil War, the third round of talks began today and appear to be dead in the water, with no rebels in attendance.

    The rebels argued they were “boycotting” the talks to protest Russia continuing to carry out airstrikes against targets inside Syria. The Syrian government sent a delegation and insists they’ll continue the talks, though at this point it appears to be just them, with Russian and Iranian officials.

    At the time of the first round of talks, the negotiations with the rebels were significant, including large numbers of important rebel factions. After those talks started, however, al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front virtually wiped out several of the rebel factions involved, accusing them of conspiracy for being in the talks at all.

    By the second round, what was left of the rebels at the talks was limited, but that they were still talking at all was noteworthy. With those rebels having scrapped their involvement, it does not appear the process has any future.



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    • imbroglio

      White Helmets Live next door to Al-Qaeda in Aleppo. —

    • allan Massey


    • tapatio

      The terrorists attacking Syria are very aware that they have lost. They want to stall until Reichskanzler Trump can get an invasion force organized.

      • Krishna E. Bera

        A few thousand American soldiers are on their way. Could get ugly if they directly fight Russians.

        • tapatio

          I’m American and was taught about war crimes in Officer Candidate School. I trust that these Americans are aware that they become criminals the moment they cross the Syrian border. The Nuremberg Trials eliminated the excuse of “following orders”.

    • tapatio

      Ms. Muhawesh – the TERRORISTS attacking Syria are NOT “rebels”. Please stop letting your writers use this MSM lie.

      • Krishna E. Bera

        Technically any Syrian who attacks the government is a rebel. (Terrorist also has a technical definition, requiring some acts intended to cause fear for political or other reasons.) The problem is there are a bunch of fighters who come from other countries – the large number who are paid are of course called mercenaries.

        • tapatio

          The Syrians who are with the terrorists are another matter. They may be traitors or simply fools They can be dealt with according to Syrian law, which was very decent before the country was attacked..

          However, the terrorists should never leave Syria alive – nor should ANY uninvited, armed foreigner.

        • imbroglio

          Those “rebels ” you mention are paid . If they use arms and kill civilians- they are are called mercenaries , / terrorists, and criminals.