Snowden: House Intel Report Is ‘Accidentally Exonerating’

'After three years of investigation and millions of dollars, they can present no evidence of harmful intent, foreign influence, or harm. Wow.'
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    Unlike the Green Party’s Jill Stein, not one Republican or Democratic nominee has voiced any support for the NSA whistleblower or shown any willingness to allow him to return to the U.S. as a free man. (Photo: Tony Webster/CC)

    A sticker calling for asylum for Edward Snowden seen in Berlin. (Photo: Tony Webster/flickr/cc)

    (REPORT) — The House Intelligence Committee on Thursday released a heavily redacted, declassified version of its report on National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower Edward Snowden, and Snowden charges that the “parade of falsity” contained in the report is “accidentally exonerating.”

    The report was several years in the making. A summary of it was published in September of this year just as Oliver Stone’s sympathetic biopic of Snowden was released in theaters—part of a growing campaign that seeks a presidential pardon for the whistleblower.

    At the time, Snowden slammed the summary of the report—and he wasn’t alone. “The report is not only one-sided, not only incurious, not only contemptuous of fact,” wrote journalist and author Barton Gellman after it was it published. “It is trifling.”

    In the full report (pdf), the intelligence committee neglects to mention Snowden’s well-documented critique of the Russian government at the same time that it charges—with no evidence—that the whistleblower is in contact with Russian spy agencies.

    The committee also seems to characterize Snowden as a bad employee for his repeated efforts to report concerns to higher-ups, but then goes on to argue that Snowden should have reported the NSA’s mass surveillance practices to the NSA inspector general (despite documented retaliation against whistleblowers at multiple government agencies, including the NSA).

    “Bottom line: this report’s core claims are made without evidence, and are often contrary to both common sense and the public record,” Snowden tweeted.

    In a statement, Snowden’s lawyer Ben Wizner, who also directs the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy & Technology Project, dismissed the report as he defended his client’s motivation for leaking the information to journalists.

    “The House committee spent three years and millions of dollars in a failed attempt to discredit Edward Snowden, whose actions led to the most significant intelligence reforms in a generation,” Wizner said. “The report wholly ignores Snowden’s repeated and courageous criticism of Russian surveillance and censorship laws. It combines demonstrable falsehoods with deceptive inferences to paint an entirely fictional portrait of an American whistleblower.”

    Read the whistleblower’s full takedown of the report on Twitter here:

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    • c_chandler

      whistleblowers have been lied about and harmed for longer than obama(the biggest abuser of the amaerican constitution).

    • GALT

      Draining the swamp requires the will, and the understanding of it’s nature,
      as well as defining the appropriate goals that we will strive to reach, and
      the plan to reach those goals.

      To claim that, “making america great again” is a goal, is neither intelligent
      nor possible….

      To seek to bring jobs back to america, as a goal, is neither intelligent nor possible…

      Like the “mythical promises” of the fledgling empire, whose expansionist visions
      were stifled by the victory of the then British Empire, we are no closer NOW to
      that promise, then we were when it was made. They were just “words” then,
      as the “above” are words now…..

      Is your goal to “save our democracy”? We weren’t designed or intended to be a
      democracy, we have never been a democracy, and in terms of being a “representative
      republic”, where the representatives ignore the will of the people, we are now
      further from “democracy” than we have ever been…..although the “aspiring oligarchs”
      a.k.a. founders/framers have made possible the reality that the present day
      oligarchs enjoy….which as a group, have to be the stupidest people on the
      planet, with the exception of those that serve them or follow them or believe them.

      Welcome to the “war of memes” in a divide to conquer world, where as the natural
      equilibrium seeks new levels, the most phobic of these is naturally rising to meet
      the problems we must overcome…’s solution, eliminate all the “other memes”
      that threaten yours……

      Shakespeare had a thought….

      “First we kill all the “oligarchs”.


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