German Intelligence Warns Saudi Arabia Is ‘Destabilizing Arab World’

The memo focuses particularly on the role of Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the 30-year-old son of King Salman who was recently appointed deputy crown prince and defense minister.
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    BERLIN — Germany’s foreign intelligence agency believes Saudi Arabia’s ambitious defense minister could endanger the Gulf kingdom’s ties with regional allies by attempting to cement his place in the royal succession, according to a memo released Wednesday.

    It is unusual for the BND spy agency to publicly release such a blunt assessment on a country that is considered an ally of the West. Germany has long-standing political and economic ties with Saudi Arabia.

    Under King Salman and his son Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the defense minister, Saudi Arabia is trying to position itself as the leader of the Arab world, the agency noted in the memo. Saudis with knowledge of the royal family say Salman is in his mid-80s. He has been in power since January, following the death of his half-brother King Abdullah.

    “The previous cautious diplomatic stance of older leaders within the royal family is being replaced by a new impulsive policy of intervention,” the BND said, citing the kingdom’s involvement in Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Iraq and Yemen.

    The Saudi royal court couldn’t immediately be reached for comment on the report and the Saudi Foreign Ministry didn’t return a call.

    The memo also warned that “the concentration of economic and foreign policy power in Mohammed bin Salman carries the latent risk that, in trying to establish his position in the royal succession during his father’s lifetime, he might draw the ire of other members of the royal family and the population with expensive measure or reforms, and also strain relations with friendly and allied states in the region.”

    Just months after his father became king, Mohammed bin Salman, 30, was named second-in-line to the throne, drawing rare public rebuke from a few senior princes. First-in-line to the throne is Interior Minister and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef, the king’s nephew.

    In addition to his role as deputy crown prince and defense minister, Mohammed bin Salman also oversees the country’s top economic council and Saudi oil policy.

    Washington-based think tank The Brookings Institution published an essay in September that said the prince’s “unbridled ambition has alienated many of his fellow princes,” adding that “he has a reputation for arrogance and ruthlessness.”


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    • baruchzed

      Barbarians…the House of Saud should be isolated and shunned by all other countries…don’t buy their oil, don’t sell them anything, revoke their visas. They are close with the Clintons and the Bushes, and play a huge role in US terrorism. Time to change this.

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    • Hassuneh

      Why dont the west just bomb them and replace the Royal family. Isn’t that what we did in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria?

      • ankit sunil verma

        i see a lot of people suffering from a syndrome called BUTTHURT.

        • Hassuneh

          another Saudi Wahabbism filth

    • Walter28

      Saudi filth.

    • Mitra Purusha

      So that means that US is destabilizing the Middle east and not bringing Democracy there?! Saudi Arabs support American banks and military with trillions of dollar. When American masters say where to go, their puppets go?!

    • marlon smiths

      words of wisdom to the WEST :
      stop supporting these Saudi thugs or your fate will be similar to theirs which is H E L L

    • marlon smiths

      the Saudi thugs and their masters , CIA+MI6+Mossad will have to pay for crimes committed by ISIS , Alqaeda, Boko Haram and other terrorist groups

    • marlon smiths

      The ruling Saudi family is CIA+MI6+Mossad puppet , along with the ruling families in Qatar, Bahrain, UAE

    • Fred

      These fish head Saudis created, organized, and financed Al Qaeda, ISIS, Al Shabub, Al Nusra Front, Khorasan, and all other terror and criminal groups. The sad part is that US and entire West support such sick Wahhobi Islamic fanatic regime.

    • Alex Alex

      You never see Saudis going around the world building hospitals, feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping the destitute or making peace; what they do instead is sending money to prop up terrorist cells around the globe for hate and violence. Islam is truly a dangerous and evil ideology concocted by deranged false prophet. How many people need to die because of Islamic violence before the world stand up and confront Islamic fascism?

      • Faheem Ahmad

        you can read below in response by AZYM, We all know Royal Saudi family is production of Britain and Americans as Britain left Saudia in 1932. Nothing more than this for your intellectual level.

      • Arachne646

        They are as Muslim as the Israeli government is Jewish. The Salman family are killers and druggies, Muslims in name only, and most Muslims are just as disgusted by the Saudi royal family as you and I are. They spend their money on propaganda and terrorism. Real Muslims spend their charity on the poor and on education. “Islamic fascism” as you call it, is the same, whether you find executions carried out in public squares in Jeddah, or not quite as many beheadings by Daesh, on their Internet videos. Either way, Muslims are the main victims of the terrorism, and Israel and the U.S. are the directors. Of course, the military-industrial complex is the stockholder.

    • nasim raza

      For the last 15 years same game is being played in Pak-Iran.Shiats vs.Sunnis. Militant groups and pol:parties are funded resulted thousands innocent died from both sides. Unfortunately sectarian war field is made Pakistan.

      • Arachne646

        Shia, Sunni, and other Muslims are the majority of the innocent victims. Of course, you did not mention Syria, Yemen, or Afghanistan, where the West, or the West’s weapons, have slaughtered millions of Muslims.

    • ayoola razaq

      There is no doubt in that! I’ve said it many times that Saudi is not showing good example of what Islam it lays claim teaches about peace and unity!

    • Rgarza42

      Let them kill their own . They have being doing that so far .

    • AZYM

      but we forgot that we are the one controling and pushing them to do this for lng time so we can suck thei blood


      Saudi Arabia (our #1 profitable puppet) made three Trillion dollar for oil in its history but only one Trillion Been spend on itself and rest of the two Trillion went to USA, England,Israel and rest of Europeans and puppet King and 3000 of their family

      Lebanon seizes 2 tons of amphetamine smuggled on private jet of Saudi prince

      President Roosevelt made historic agreement with Saudi Arabia. In exchange for access to their oil United States guaranteed the royal family’s to be on power, Saudi Arabia has been export of Wahhabi fanatics in the name of Islam is been one of the worst things to happen to Muslim and Arabs

      Iran(Persia) is the greatest culture in history, brought knowledge to the world and teach European from civilization to language and 2500 years ago brought human rights and was a home for Jews ,Christians and others for thousands of years

      BUT Israeli Arm dealers with USA arm dealers (BLOOD MERCHANTS)helped Sadam Hosuin To Make 8 year war on Iran,they help both side to prolong the war ,and They got 36 Billion JUST from Saudi Arabia and later made 55 billion for Kuwait War

      • tonvar

        There’s nothing royal about the Saudis. They belonged to a petty Arab bandit tribe depending on raids against other tribes and the like to survive that you rightly said were elevated by Roosevelt to royal status in exchange for oil. Their tastes may have changed because of their wealth but their mindset has not.

      • Gra

        More accurate to say that we’re their puppets.

    • Josh R

      Saudi Arabia,Qatar are the Most Brutal regimes in the middle east.All terrorists ideology of be-headings and cutting limbs ,all stems from The Wahhabi and Salafi ideology in these 2 countries.It is time for the US to break down these 2 evil countries and be responsible for once !.

    • tonvar

      There’s a vernacular saying that roughly implies “if you hand over the keys to your car to a bunch of monkeys, expect trouble”. And that’s what the world has done by handing over the control of it’s energy needs to the Saudis, Qataris, Kuwaitis and assorted monkeys. They are essentially tribes rooted in the 7th century who would have still been driving camels today had they not been sitting on seas of oil and Muslims would have been having a go at each other to sort out their religio-tribal cat-fights in the safety of their own countries. Instead the petro-dollars shoveled in their direction has seen their fights metastasize around the world threatening to take down the rest of the world with it. The sooner we admit that the world has a Muslim problem, the sooner we can develop real tools to tackle the menace.

      • Gra

        They’re actually the least devout of all the Muslims, as well as being the ringleaders of all the malcontents and producers of the poverty and mis-education that sends so many of their kids to Wahhabism and a magic carpet ride to 69 virgins. Take away Saudi oil money and Western consumption, and the suicide bomber doesn’t exist.

    • WHAT! A ruthless and arrogant 30 year-old billionaire Saudi Prince! I AM SHOCKED!

    • Jason Bourne

      We should kill all of the Princes. Every single one of them.

    • half tilted

      with friends like Israel and Saudi Arabia
      America will surely be the loser!

    • chuck

      The Saudis are the head of the snake. We can bomb ISIS but we are only hitting the body of the snake. WHO cuts off the most heads? ISIS or Saudis? It’s called pan-sunni-ism.

      • Arachne646

        The Saudi “justice” system. And we hear nothing about it in the media, although we know that “IS”/Daesh beheads people. Maybe you’ve heard Saudi Arabia is head of the UN human rights agency! 🙂

        • chuck

          Wow! That explains a lot. I looked it up and you are correct. Also explains Israel’s problems in the UN.

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    • buraydah

      I am not questioning the accuracy of the German intelligence agency’s conclusion, I am just saying going public with these information and jeopardizing the relations with Saudi Arabia must be the last attempt by the Germans to win military contracts or a sign of frustration for failing to get these lucrative contracts where US, France, and now even Russia have been cultivating.

      • Gra

        You said it boss. If it comes out of our leaders mouths, it’s a protection scheme for sale.


      This comes as no surprise. The Saudis have been getting away Scot-free with barbaric killing of their own people, the royals hoarding their wealth and all the while stirring things up. Some believe the Saudis were behind 9/11. If one reads “The House of Saud”, with George W. Bush a “featured” guest, it becomes somewhat clearer. The Saudis are ruthless egocentric maniacs who have been sheltered by the U.S. for 50 years.

    • herman flippen

      I vote for carpet bombing the entire country!!! The rings these idiots wear on their head make great bullseyes!!!!

      • John Perk

        Though I would agree,but you can,t carpet Bomb what you want to STEAL.

    • robk1968

      What? The Saudis are destabilizing the Arab word? *gasp*

    • Christine Glass

      How will we know when it is “destabilized”? Doesn’t seem stable at present. A country, the only one on the planet, where women cannot drive is quite out of touch with reality. A country where they behead people in the town square is uncivilized. A country where the elite can do as they please, but the common people are oppressed has very unfair, hypocritical leadership. Go Game of Thrones—we await the end result of your struggle for power. Would love to see ISIS move in there and clean their palace.

      • Gra

        Pssst..They are ISIS.

      • Arachne646

        The people of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not the Salman family. I wouldn’t wish Daesh on any population.

    • Scotas Hawwa

      We knew it for ages, the meddling of the Saudis in the affairs of the Arab countries. Once King Saud or his successor plotted to assassinate president Nasser through one of the Syrian Republic ministers. They directed the policies of the Arab countries from behind the scene (Veil) while keeping silence and indulging in the pleasure their wealth can buy. They were considered then to be a fountain of wisdom, have a most calculating mind and charted policies. They supplied most of the weapons to Lebanon IN ORDER TO INTENSIFY THE LEBANESE cIVIL wAR AND TO KEEP IT GOING, AND GOING?

    • Ceptemus

      The Saudi family and the rest of the gulf state royals wear that turban on there head to hide their yamakas.

      • Ronald Jones

        Such misinformation.

    • Robert Stone

      Now that Germany warned us, what do you think the empty suit Obama is going to do? He’s going to do what he always does–nothing, until it’s too late.

    • bardavidi

      The German Intelligence has a History of being highly accurate in its assesment and prediction of situations on the ground……..While we are busy pre-occuping our resources on Iran which has never been an invading force for centuries in the mid-east the ones we should be focusing on are Qatar and Saudi who are responsible for agitating and Indirectly aiding all Wahabbi Terrorists in the world.Not to mention their new Invasion on Yemen for the third time in 50-years……..The house of Saud is undeniably the most Evil of all the Muslim-Nations…..

    • Slingerss

      And, lets not even get started on Saudi Human Rights Violations. For example, the death penalty for a Palestinian Poet, and the female worker who had her hands chopped off and held hostage by her Saudi employers, the foreign woman who is about to be stoned because she was wrongfully accused of adultery by a SA citizen. …………SA is the true Terrorist Threat in the Mid-East.

      • tonvar

        But it can’t be. Saudi Arabia has been nominated to the UN Human Rights Council! Yes, you can make this up!

        • Joe Giron

          UN is a big joke.

          • Christine Glass

            Seems so

            • disqus_dmukTWgNMk

              Saudi Arabia, US, UK, Israel all seek unrest in the middle East

          • Arachne646

            Yes, that’s what will happen when powers like the U.S., UK and Canada, etc. ignore it.