Russia’s Success In Battling ISIS Has The US Scrambling To Play Catch-up

Washington tries to impress Iraq to prevent Baghdad from turning to Moscow.
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    The Russian-led counterterrorism operation in Syria is so successful that it is “unnerving” Washington, CCTV reported. As a result, last week US leadership decided to act so as to prevent Iraq from fostering ties with Moscow.

    The Chinese media outlet believes that the operation to free hostages in Northern Iraq followed this new logic. Last Thursday, US and Kurdish forces managed to free 70 people from a prison located to the west of Kirkuk. The operation saw the United States lose its first soldier in combat since Obama launched the campaign to degrade and ultimately destroy Islamic State.

    However, Carter stated that similar missions, which redefine assistance if not blur the line between combat and training, could be conducted in the future.

    The operation took place on the same day as Vladimir Putin’s approval rating hit a new high reaching 89.9 percent. The Russian leader is increasingly popular at home due to his efforts to help solve the Syrian crisis, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM) explained.

    However, Putin’s campaign, which has both diplomatic and military components, does not go unnoticed outside of Russia and especially in the Middle East.

    CCTV believes that the US-led hostage rescue operation was a show of force aimed at Iraq’s leadership. The mission was meant to send a clear message to Baghdad, which is rumored to be planning to ask Moscow for greater assistance in its fight against Islamic State.

    Meanwhile, extremists are reported to be fleeing from key areas in Syria largely due to the Russian-led aerial campaign, which was launched less than a month ago.

    The United States, according to the media outlet, will not let Iraq leave the fold.


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    • Rajan Rojan

      obama is a little angry girl

    • John Doll

      Too late world. As long as Obama is Prez he will only take us backward. This is proof positive that Obama and Kerry are abject failures in their chosen profession. Kudos to Russia for taking the bull by the horns.

    • dingding

      US decided to put boots on the ground and in their 1st mission they lost 1 man. lol sloppy joes

    • Ron B

      “U.S. scrambling to play catchup”. Washington and the Coalition have had two years to injure ISIS in Syria. They have done little in that time. Then Russia shows up, and in the span of a month has done more damage to the terrorists, with far fewer aircraft. Just last week I read an article stating Russia fly’s more sorties in a day than NATO/Coalition fly in a month against the terrorists. It appears to me, that Putin is the man with the plan. I wish him well in his struggle against the terrorists.

      • Look it is a good thing that at last, someone is kicking IS arze.

        Scrambling to play catch up has consequences, for one the defense budget will need to be increased in order to counter the so called threat that they created in the first place and second to that it enables the Russian and the Chinese MIC’s to do the same.

        While conflict remains all the same players remain in the game and cannot be replaced by peace appreciating altenatives.

        Bottom line, while conflict continues, the Oligarchs win and the financial elite will continue to rake in the profits funded by taxpayers revenue….

    • Master Hamachi

      How exactly did it help that US and Kurdish forces managed to free 70 members of ISIS from a prison?

    • ties

      Putin is without the worlds best leader and a great person…. All the lies the American media can say, just proves that Putin is the man and for the people of Russia and the people of the world… Putin is the only world leader fighting the One World Order criminals that control America’s government and the EU’s government and NATO…. Slowly countries people are seeing and voting there billionaire criminals out of office… Russia and China don’t want war America’s criminals have robed the American people dry and need new recourses…. America has a few runners for president that are not professional politicians and that is our only chance to start getting these mega rich criminals out of office….

    • SeaNote

      Putin is the Arab’s bagman. He’s being burqa’d. The good news is the Kurd’s will be getting the US support they should have been getting all along. A Kurdistan is all the USA will need in the middle east.

    • Gane V

      The campaign against Serbia in 1999 averaged 138 strike sorties daily. Against Islamic State in Iraq and Syria: seven. Don’t tell me Obama doesn’t have soft spot for ISIL.

    • Partha Roy

      Read the very informative article – “Presstitutes at Their Work” by Paul Craig Roberts. Very informative ….


      And yet neither one of them can stop ISIS?
      Good Show!

    • Mainstream Media Propaganda

      ISIS = Sunni Mercenaries sponsored by the US, NATO, and Gulf States.

      Wake Up!!

    • nickportland

      In my opinion it is in US interests to keep Assad in place as a bulwark against any potential Saudi pipeline. Right now the Saudis are largely dependent upon the US to protect their shipping lanes. If a Saudi Arabian pipeline directly to Europe is established it actually increases Saudi Arabia’s latitude to abandon the US dollar and start selling resources for Euros instead. This could potentially dislodge the US dollar as the world’s global reserve currency, which could have catastrophic consequences around the world but most especially here in the United States. To my view the smarter move is to reach a political agreement with the Russians. Concede Syria and Ukraine in exchange Russian cooperation with a new foreign policy regimen in which both parties agree to a de facto weapons embargo as part of a program to discipline our respective client states, starting with the most egregious human rights violators of them all, Saudi Arabia. The tail has wagged the dog for far too long.

    • Lee Morgan

      america wasn’t trying to win a war there, nor have they in Iraq or afghan. because they powers that be in this country are making a lot of money off of these little wars, same thing in Vietnam. and have any of you ever thought that everytime we go to war in 1 of these countries that the drug grown there be it opium, or cocaine ends up being an epidemic here? well thank our gov for that to. anyone remember the cia getting caught doing it in nam? and yet they wont allow those flag draped boxes full of bodies shown on tv because they know it will infuriate americans and they will want there little wars stopped just like the media wouldn’t say that woman that was an aid worker in Syria who was taken hostage they wont say how she was beaten and gang raped repeatedly for a year. they say she was married off to 1 of them. and they do this because they think all of you sheeple are to stupid to know the diff. CAN YOU PROVE THEM WRONG?

      • Mainstream Media Propaganda

        ISIS = Sunni Mercenaries sponsored by the US, NATO, and Gulf States.

    • Ashemnat99

      What success exactly are they having? Their planes are breaking down, Isis has lost little to no ground, Putin is still pleading for the US to join their plans and give them intelligence (what happened to the Russia/Iran/Iraq intelligence office?). Putin takes great joy in trying to humiliate the US whenever possible but where are all the announced victories that he would love to throw in Americas face? Again, what ISIS territory is he bragging about taking? Maybe I missed it.

      If his operation is doing so well then why not just continue and show the world how great his forces are doing? Why keep showing anger that America won’t cooperate with him? Why would he need this cooperation? Why? We already know and all the experts have weighed in. He has no grand ideals about fighting, much less winning against ISIS. He’s trying to foster an image of global leader who can fix the problems in the Middle East. The problem is no other countries are playing his game and he keeps getting angry and throwing insults. Why do this? After all, things are going sooooooo well. (yeah, I’m being sarcastic).

    • Tom N April Long

      What success, they’re leveling everyone and everything… To the likes of WW1 and WW2… I’m so tired of hearing that somehow Russia with their inferior intelligence, inferior pilots and inferior hardware are beating us at the same game. They’re not, they’re doing the no holds barred air campaign flattening everything that moves then coming back and flattening it again when the ambulances show up.. So yes, they are succeeding with no regard or accountability. Russia, we are different I wish very much to remain that way. It takes a very amoral country to do what you’re doing to cities and villages in Syria and I’m not talking by accident or misidentifying a target either. It moves, you blow it up period is your success… Why have you found it fit for the last month to call all of your attacks only against terrorist? It was the only way you could validate the slaughter you were about to commit against civilians fighting a civil war….

      • Sumi

        It works with Jihadists! 🙂

      • marti

        ” It takes a very amoral country to do what you’re doing to cities and villages in Syria..”

        Ha, ha, ha, ha! Excuse me but you are sooo amusing and cant stop laughing. And you really believe that we are morally superior?? Ah, yes, of course. We destroyed Iraq and Libya because we were seeding the seeds of democracy and for your right to vote.

        Dont shake your head too hard, You might hear mexican maracas

    • Bill

      First off the Saudi’s do pretty much as they please. As for the United States we have a president who micro manages everything. It does not work. As for Russia their strikes have been stopped do to plane failure. and repair time. So the whole topic is about 4 days old.

    • tempest411 .

      Saudi Arabia is an American ally. ISIS is a completely unedited version of Saudi society. Hence, the Saudis don’t want the U.S. to do ‘too’ much against their ISIS brothers…

    • Cheetahe

      It is very unfortunate that the Obama administration at the prodding of the State Department and its Turkish and Saudi allies has minimized damage to the ISIS murderous terrorists. Now that Russia is serious about eliminating these killers from Syrian territories, the ruling elites who make policy are getting nervous. They should get very very nervous now because their policies are flawed again by shoving the Kurds and the average folks in Iraq and Syria into the protective lap of Russia.

    • Raymond Beck

      Obama’s only concern is public relations, polls, elections, a “legacy,” not a workable effective foreign strategy. Putin senses American weakness and takes advantage at every opportunity

      • Tom N April Long

        lmao, you’re a Russian troll. But I agree to a certain extent.. Most of his Military foreign policies have been in earnst and departing Iraq and Afghanistan were campaign promises that to the greater part were not conducive to the conditions in those countries. ISIS just walked all over Iraq and the Taliban is just waiting for the day all US forces leave. There is no way, not in a million year, Obama could of told me, “Iraq’s military could protect themselves,” at the time we left.

        But the current conditions are what they are and I’m behind him on the fact no boots. These countries need to muster the funds and the manpower to fight for themselves. If we keep doing it for them, it will be endless.