Proposed GOP Bill Would Be First Native American Land Grab In 100 Years

The Utah Public Lands Initiative was proposed by Utah Congressperson Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz and seeks to “roll back federal policy to the late 1800s
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    Activists in New York's Union Square rally in support of Native-Americans battling the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

    Activists in New York’s Union Square rally in support of Native-Americans battling the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

    Two Republican congresspeople are seeking to pass a controversial bill through the U.S. House of Representatives that would seek the first land grab of Native American lands in 100 years, members of the Ute nation have warned.

    The Utah Public Lands Initiative was proposed by Utah Congressperson Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz and seeks to “roll back federal policy to the late 1800s when Indian lands and resources were taken from tribal nations for the benefit of others,” the Ute Business Committee said in an article for the Salt Lake Tribune Saturday.

    Bishop and Chaffetz will present the bill to the House in few weeks, and if passed it would see 18 million acres of public lands in Eastern Utah downgraded from protected lands and turned into oil and gas drilling zones that are exempted from environmental protections, Think Progress reported earlier this year when the bill was unveiled.

    “The actions of Bishop and Chaffetz would seek to divest the Ute Indian Tribe of their ancestral homelands,” the committee added while also bringing back “failed policies of tribal land dispossession that have had a devastating and lasting impact upon tribal nations for the past century.”

    The bill proposes to make more than 100,000 acres of the Ute reservation lands for the state of Utah. “This modern day Indian land grab cannot be allowed to stand,” the committee argued.

    The nation further slammed the legislators for utterly failing to consult and work with leaders of the Native American community in drafting such a bill when it proposes taking away more than 26 percent of its lands.

    “Representing more than a quarter of these eastern Utah lands, the tribe should have been a major participant in the development of any bill to address problems in federal land management. We were not,” the committee warned in their article.

    The news comes as more than 100 Indigenous groups have been organizing major mobilizations against the Dakota Access pipeline which sparked a wave of international solidarity.

    The US$3.8 billion pipeline would carry shale from the Bakken oil region in North Dakota to oil refineries on the Gulf Coast.

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    • Chris Shirah

      The bottom line is that it is a land grab, the PLI is meaningless in respect to this issue. The treaty of 1868 has never been rewritten and it gave millions of acres to the Indians to own, not use, OWN. They were pushed out of the way because of gold and now because of oil. The United States will never honor a treaty with a weaker partner if there is anything for big business to gain. The only BS I see is the normal everyday treatment of a sovereign people. That treaty is still in effect but as American’s our word is worthless as usual.

    • Larry Stauth Jr

      What a bunch of BS… not the work of the Congressmen, but the obvious slanted opinions, disguised as facts.

      The PLI ADDS Miles of Conservation lands, and the only “reversal” of anything related to Tribes is the compensation for usage. As in, the Indians tribes would get a larger percentage and say in usage.

      The PLI also protects from future President changes, such as reduction of Conservation lands.

      The PLI creates permanent protection for MILLIONS of acres of land and was written with input from all aspects, including Conservationists and Representatives from the local tribes in the affected counties.

      It is one of the most comprehensive plans to protect Wilderness…

    • circlingthedrain

      Crimes like this one emphasize the need for good people to VOTE. Being at the top of the Earth’s evolutionary ladder means that humanity is responsible as stewards of the land. Bishop has been feathering his nest selling public land for so long, he seems to believe it is his birthright. Pigs like him must be replaced.

      • Larry Stauth Jr

        You, are obviously very delusional, or you are simply not paying attention.

        Highlights of the PIL

        “Provides permanent, Congressional designation for 1.4 million acres of the Bears Ears

        “Protection is provided via two National Conservation Areas and a large-scale wilderness

        “A newly created Public Lands Initiative Planning and Advisory Committee has been
        added to oversee implementation of the PLI. Members of the Committee are the same
        persons and local officials who helped craft PLI during the three-year planning process.”

        AND.. MOST VITAL!! It acknowledges that all “Existing rights” are still in effect and does not change them.

        “Subject to valid existing rights, including the rights of a tribe, each wilderness area established under section 101 shall be administered by the Secretary of the Interior or the Secretary of Agriculture as appropriate in accordance with the Wilderness Act (16 U.S.C. 1131 et seq.), except that

        (1) any reference in that Act to the effective date shall be considered to be a reference to the date of enactment of this Act.

        (2) with respect to wilderness areas that are administered by the Secretary of the Interior, any reference in the Wilderness Act to the Secretary of Agriculture shall be considered to be a reference to the Secretary of the Interior. “

        • circlingthedrain

          The language of a bill such as this is glad handing and misdirection to hide the little part, that is not spelled out, that gives mining, drilling and welfare ranchers the means to steal resources for industries that should not have a future anywhere on Earth.
          The name on this bill is an obvious red flag. Bishop has made a name for himself selling out federal land as if he owned it.
          I may be idealistic, but delusional I am not.
          I may be less well read than some, but ignorant I am not.

          • Larry Stauth Jr

            “The language of a bill such as this is glad handing and misdirection to
            hide the little part, that is not spelled out, that gives mining,
            drilling and welfare ranchers the means to steal resources for
            industries that should not have a future anywhere on Earth.”

            Please, point me to the passage of the actual bill, that does such a thing?

            Is it the 1.5 MILLION acres of Protected lands? Or the fact that individuals from local Indian Tribes, along with Conservation groups helped write the bill and have representation on the PLI Commission?

            I know.. it’s the past where there is language changing the fair compensation for land use, where as the actual Indian Tribes get a direct cut of the deal, versus it going to a “general” funding established by the Federal Government?

            No, can’t be it… must be the part where the Federal Government can’t pass any laws affecting the change to existing Treaties?

            You know.. maybe you should actually take a few minutes to read the full context of the Bill, before responding.

            “I may be idealistic, but delusional I am not.”

            Actually, based on your response, you seriously conflict with yourself on that statement.

            “I may be less well read than some, but ignorant I am not.”

            Nobody knows everything, everyone is ignorant to some extent. Me, I am ignorant about how someone can possibly make judgement calls, based on propaganda, and not see they are proving themselves to be both delusional AND ignorant of the truth.

            As in, ignorant just simply means “unknowing”, and based on your actual comments AND replies, you do not actually know the content of the bill.

            Maybe you should start with learning the English language, before you try reading the multiple page Government document.

      • Larry Stauth Jr

        The only criminals, are the Oil and Gas Industries, which were left out, and their financing of the Democrats, to further their agenda.

        Keeping in mind, the Oil and Gas Industry has prospered extensively in the last 7 years, under Obama.

        And Hillary Clinton has fully endorsed (while Secretary of State) the Natural Gas Industry, on the global scale… of course, many people recalled when Bernie Sanders pointed it out, but now that Hillary is the Democrats candidate, they need to shift the focus OFF the real people promoting the industry and deceive the people (like you), that do not get that Republicans have long stood for real protection of lands and the individual States to govern themselves.

        • circlingthedrain

          Obama is most certainly a corporatist– that’s what the party should be called, since it has a more or less equal following from red and blue. The fossil fuel industry must be sent the way of the fossils– into history. In order to do that, the old two party stranglehold on our government must be broken.

          • Larry Stauth Jr

            The Two Party system is NOT the problem… it is the laziness and unwillingness of voters to properly vet the information they are given.

            You can have a hundred Political Parties, and it wouldn’t change the fact that people treat their politicians like they do their favorite athletes.

            As in, if anyone says anything against them, the messenger is biased. They fail to see the purpose and scope of the opposition, and then they make and accept excuses.

            Example, Obama… when the issue with the Feds spying on citizens came about, the Obama drones merely wrote it off as Racist Hate.

            People just do not get, the Constitution states clearly The People are in charge and the Politicians, aka Government, is a representation of the people.

            So, when a politician steps out of line, it is the people that voted for that individual that need to hold them accountable, not the opposition! The opposition is just there to bear witness and insure all sides are represented.

            This is why the Founding Fathers broke the government into sectors, where as, the Senate represents the individuals States, the House of Representatives represent the smaller sections of states (like counties) and the President representing the country as a whole.

            They gave the power to write, modify or remove laws to ONLY Congress, but gave the President a vote in the matter (in signing or Veto of laws).

            It is through that breakdown, that we see the points where We, The People… need to be proactive and We, The People, need to insure those we vote to represent us (as individuals) is doing their job.

            Ignoring the fact they vote themselves raises, or exempt themselves from their own laws, are cues that the people are not paying attention… as We, The People are the only people held responsible to hold them accountable… YET.. we don’t and then we whine and complain when they do stuff… and then we listen to other people, who are only interested in making money with ads on a webpage… making a mockery of actual facts, and so deceiving the people…

            As said, doesn’t matter if there is the two party system or not.. right now, they are all politicians and they are protecting themselves, first. And anyone else second… and every single one of them take special interest money, because those that vote for them excuse anyone saying otherwise.

    • Gaia Song

      Bishop and Chaffetz are shameful in their genocidal ambitions. They need to be stopped in their greedy tracks.

      • Larry Stauth Jr

        Sometimes people like you just prove how gullible you are…. the PLI does more to protect lands and existing treaties from Federal Intervention…

        But you just take the word of anyone telling you what you want to believe.

    • Ed

      Obviously these miscreants are on the take.

      • Oraliatwinters1

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      • Larry Stauth Jr

        Obviously you don’t bother to actually vet sources for information… as in, it would be more likely, given the actual facts about the PLI, that the publisher was more on the take.

    • tapatio

      Looks like Washington is entering the final stages of their genocide of the First Nations – just as their Zionist masters are doing in Palestine.

      • Larry Stauth Jr

        bahhah.. Yes, and here we have another fine example of the use of propaganda, to sell lies.

        Here is the link to the ACTUAL bill information, including the actual bill… you will note that part of the bill is the protection and prevention of the Federal Government, via the President, from modifying the “Protected” lands…

        As you might also find various information, regarding the numerous Special Interest groups, such as several Conservation groups and Indians Tribal Council, that included input.

        It might also catch your attention, that 90% of this was written to draw a balance of many areas needs, IN respect of the existing treaties.

        So, it’s more like the publisher of this is more trying to create confusion and distortion of facts. And proving people like you are mere puppets and unable to actually figure out who is really doing what.

        Like the facts the Democrats have been the ones fighting for Corporate America.

        Which explains why the Oil and Natural Gas Industry has prospered MORE in the last 8 years, than they did in the previous 10… COMBINED!!

        • tapatio

          Chuckle-butt, you must have pulled the idea that I’m a “puppet” from a dark, smelly aperture on your body

          Your comment about the Dems is more than obvious. Obama is the worst bank/corporate wh0re in US history and HELLary is going to make Obama seem like a saint by comparison.

          • Larry Stauth Jr

            No, actually I got the distinct impression that you allow yourself to be played by what ever source tells you what you wish to hear (or read), from you very own comments.

            Such as the use of the terms Washington, Genocide, First Nations, Zionist and Palestine.

            You automatically took the information, which is obviously cherry picked and distorted, to connect it with another political idealist views.

            The fact you refer to Zionist, infers you live in a paradox world, because the Conservatives, generally, do not use the term, except for Conservative Muslims.

    • Cherokee Bodywork

      Native American Land Grabing been done sence the white man came to turtle island
      medicine turtle cherokee

      • Larry Stauth Jr

        Please, read for yourself… do not allow yourself to be deceived. The individuals are actually trying to protect the treaties and land. Namely, from allowing future President’s to make modifications to protected lands, like they did in North Dakota.