Obama’s New Executive Order Banning Donations To Edward Snowden Challenged With 33 Cent Donation

Kristopher Ives only sent Snowden 33 cents worth of bitcoin, assuming that it would in fact be intercepted by the government. But for him, it was a statement, more than a donation that he expected to land in the electronic purse of Snowden.
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    Demonstrators holds up banners with the photo of Edward Snowden during a protest outside of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, on Saturday, Oct. 26, 2013.

    An Oregon man decided to openly troll President Obama, in an act of protest against the treatment of political exile Edward Snowden. Kristopher Ives is a software programmer who taunted President Obama to come arrest him for openly breaking the law and violating an executive order that bans people from sending donations to Snowden.

    Snowden, you will recall, was the former National Security Agency contractor who leaked classified files to journalists back in 2013. He later fled the U.S. and was granted temporary asylum in Moscow.

    Kristopher Ives only sent Snowden 33 cents worth of bitcoin, assuming that it would in fact be intercepted by the government. But for him, it was a statement, more than a donation that he expected to land in the electronic purse of Snowden.

    “It’s not much but it’s the principle of the matter,” Ives posted all of this on Reddit, writing: “Please come arrest me. I live in Oregon and my name is Kristopher Ives and you can reach me at 503-383-1047.”

    Ives said in an interview with The Oregonian that this was timed with Obama’s executive order being announced on the Internet on Friday.

    “I don’t want to play the tin foil-hat person,” Ives said, explaining that at first he thought the news of the prohibition was a joke, “but it just seemed so odd to (sign an executive order) on April Fools.”

    But Ives looked it up on the Federal Register, and sure enough, it was very real.

    The order reads: “Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities.”

    Specifically, Ives explains, this seems to prohibit Americans from sending Edward Snowden bitcoin donations.

    Ives said that Snowden is this generations “Deep Throat“, the FBI official who leaked information about the Watergate scandal to The Washington Post, leading to President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation.

    The business technology website ZDNet agreed with Ives’ reading of the executive order. They published a piece on Friday as well that noted that the order “effectively rules out donations to Edward Snowden.”

    “In a post on Reddit’s Bitcoin subreddit, members pledged to donate to the whistleblower’s relief fund, despite the wording of the new executive order suggesting that doing so was illegal,” ZDNet explained.

    Ives told Oregon Live that nearly 1,000 donations worth $46,342.09 have made their way to Snowden’s Bitcoin account since the signing of the executive order on Wednesday.

    The Reddit thread claims that the donors have used “Edward Snowden’s Official Legal Defense Fund” donation site launched by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange (link).

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    • Carlee Veldezzi

      I am not some bleeding heart progressive, by any means. I consider myself a moderate conservative and have never supported Bradley Manning, as his actions were truly just pointless activism. Snowden however, in my mind, is a true hero. This is a guy who knew what he was risking, but knew the deep and terrible implications of what was happening. His actions directly resulted in changes to the law that protects our privacy better, and, more importantly, giving the free market incentive to force tech companies hand in giving us better technology to protect our own privacy.

      Snowden directly changed, for the better, the lives of you, me, and every US citizen. He has had to suffer immensely for it ever since. It was a truly selfless act that I think any of the founding fathers would have regarded as extremely noble. Very few citizens of this country would sacrifice themselves to this degree for us. There is no justification for siding with the state on this issue.

      In the ashes of WWII, we decided collectively, that illegal and deeply harmful laws and orders by the state are not to be followed. After the Nuremberg trials, we hung many people who were simply following their own states laws and orders of their superiors. We have to remember this precedent, because it very much applies here.

      It can be easy to forget in this day and age, that the government is meant to serve the people, not vice versa. What was happening was not only not serving us, but deeply harming us. Snowden was in a position to recognize this and do his duty. So many others also were in position to warn us, but were understandably, not willing to risk their livelyhood to expose it. Thankfully this man was.

      I can never hope to be as brave or as selfless as him, but if donating some bitcoin helps him be slightly better off or more comfortable, its the least I can do. Bless you Snowden. Thank you.

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    • The Poetroll

      Money for the KKK, with their white sheets and red necks
      Money for Memories Pizza, so they can turn “the gays” away
      Money for the NRA, who provide the tools to kill our kids
      Money for our senators, who cheat and steal and talk talk talk
      Money for oil companies, Kochs, and frakking frackers
      But no money for a whistleblower, who reveals our flaws

      • Brittany Forbes

        The smartest thing I’ve read in the comments.

      • gellero

        NRA protects your freedom, Dork….

        • dorothee


      • Nate Richey

        You do realize Memories Pizza doesn’t turn gays away, they just don’t cater at gay weddings. There’s nothing wrong with that.

        • Matt Wilson

          Yes there is….

    • Gear Mentation
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    • roadapathy

      Great president, but he is wrong concerning Edward Snowden. This is social psychology 101 stuff here! Silence the whistleblowers and we’re in deep trouble.

      • Roger Wilco

        Seriously? He’s a great president? What have you been smoking?

        • roadapathy

          Look at that! You can’t even summarize one piece of evidence to support your claim! You just insult and that’s all you have. Maybe you need to read more and write less.

    • And this time Obama is wrong. I support him on a lot of things but not this one, but that’s us liberals, we are not blind followers, we can distinguish right from wrong.

      • Biggd4355


      • Nice Ride


      • exstitcher

        At least we’re smart enough to know that it is not OK for the government to be so intrusive, even when we ourselves have nothing to hide.

        • yep

        • Ddrew

          Smart enough to know, but too lazy and complacent to do anything about it (all of us)…

          • exstitcher

            Afraid you have to speak for yourself there, Ddrew. Some of us are working, and have been since the introduction of the misnamed and insidious Patriot Act, to change the status quo.

            • Ddrew

              I am 1000% against the Patriot Act… What are you specifically doing to “change the status quo”? And, have you supported politicians who have supported and expanded the reach of the patriot act?

              • exstitcher

                Really? First of all, your second question is unanswerable, for a variety of reasons, all of which I will not go into here. And I will not entertain or respond to any further remarks or questions as to who I support politically. Suffice it to say that I research to determine the best of what are often the least worst choices and that I vote. Which is more than about 85% of the people in this country can say.

                As to your first question, I work as an activist. Have done for years. Of course, all of this work is done on a volunteer basis. My country has given me much. I have no problem giving back.

                What I *do* have a problem with, however, are thinly veiled accusations from someone who has, as far as I can see, done nothing except complain about the failure in others while not offering anything constructive.

                So, I ask, Ddrew, what are your bona fides? Do you actually have any? Or is your activism limited to pointing fingers away from yourself so you can take minimal responsibiility?

        • Oh, you got a lot to hide, honey. You just don’t know it yet:)

      • Ddrew

        Not a “blind follower” huh? You say that in the same sentence you point out that this administration is attacking a whistle blower for showing the world how our government was (is) blatantly ignoring our constitutional rights. If something like this does not end your support for a politician, what does? Bottom line: you will vote democrat next election regardless of the horrible things this administration does. Conservatives will vote republican regardless of any of the great things this administration does. Disagreeing and “not following” a politician are two different things.

        • Oh where do I even start debating something with a person who obviously missed the day when Logic was distributed? First of all, Obama is not up for re-election, second he has done thousand of good things so if there’s a few that I disagree with, as a non-blind followers I will point them out but that doesn’t mean I’m gonna turn totally against him. As for you comparison of democrats and republicans it sounds really stupid. Republicans are against everything that is good and fair: against the environment, against gay people, against the Constitution when it’s not convenient to them and a million other stupid thing. You know what, I’m done discussing things with an idiot. Go drop off a cliff.

          • Ddrew

            My question was what would your “chosen” politician have to do to lose your support? While I was not around when “logic was distributed” I am convinced you must have been sick the day that literacy was distributed. I am 100% NOT a republican, never compared republicans and democrats, I simply pointed out that sheep (like you) will vote along party lines regardless of their parties successes or failures. The way you imply that there is actually a “good” political party and an “evil” political party makes me think you’ve watched too many disney movies. You really believe one party is good and one is bad? THEY ARE BOTH THE SAME. The reason our politicians can ignore the will of the people and the constitution is because they know morons (again like you) will vote along party lines regardless of what they do. Barack could punch a baby in the face and you’d still find a way to defend him. Our constitution is our most sacred document. If a politician, regardless of political party breaks those rules, they should not be in power any more, regardless of the good they have done.

        • Why did it take you so many letters to spell the word T.R.O.L.L.?

          • Ddrew

            I am not 100% current on your web forum lingo, so what does T.R.O.L.L mean? I assume it is some kind of acronym based on the way you threw a period after each word… Either way, what I assume a T.R.O.L.L is (the way you said it) someone who doesn’t agree with what you and the majority believe. No one else should have an opinion but you right? Free speech for all, unless they are saying something you don’t agree with, in which case they are a “T.R.O.L.L. How about you put your country, ethics, principal above your political party… You don’t “blindly follow” my a**. Your another sheep in the herd…

            • Internet Troll: “A person whose sole purpose in life is to seek out people to argue with on the internet.” http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Internet+Troll

              • falde

                An Internet troll would be anyone that use the urban dictionary as a reference.

                Also a quite useless definition. How do you determine that the person you called a troll has arguing on Internet as his or her. sole purpose in life. And how do we know that you don’t? You’re as likely to be a troll with the definition you provided.

    • Robert Nordgren

      Government is afraid that we will know the facts of how they plan on rolling out the fascism everywhere

    • Lexicon.Luther

      I think a better analogy would be to compare Edward Snowden to Daniel Ellsberg who released the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times.


    • Craig Smith

      I can donate mony to the KKK or the NSM… but not Edward Snowden or WikiLeaks?
      Hate groups are allowed, but whistleblowers are not?
      Seems legit…

      • Sean Taylor

        and don’t forget to add to the coffers of Memories Pizza in Indiana.

        • exstitcher

          OK, now that^^^ was funny. 😀

    • hasanhh

      How do we donate to our national hero?
      I’ve got a hundred l can send.
      Besides, unlimited corporate contributions is free speech. Burning the American Flag is free speech. And I ain’t supposed to send money and a thank you note -or AS a Thank You note- to someone who tried to warn US of an emerging Stasi state?

      • Andri Þorvalds

        The US surveillance society is far beyond Staasi East Germany.

        • hasanhh

          With the DEA revelations Tuesday and Wednesday, you are probably correct. See Snowden + DEA

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    • robertjustrobert

      Yes ,national liberty allignance.join up in your area we need you.the j.c.penny corperate u.s.a.is & has been shut down, don’t ever believe the talking head news.

    • Max Casey

      Doesn’t anyone understand that Executive Orders are not laws and have ZERO effect of law?

      • Brandon

        Clearly from all the posts here the answer to your query is a resounding NO!

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Zero effect? Then why do it?

      • exstitcher

        Really? Too bad the Japanese-Americans in the U.S. during WWII didn’t realize they didn’t *really* need to go to those internment camps.

      • traveler19491

        Actually, Max, according to this legal dictionary, they do have the power of law, unless overridden by the courts or an act of Congress. I normally support the President, but not this time.


    • mehoppe

      Only the government can do illegal activity.

      • hasanhh

        And “reality” is “classified”.

    • res0r9lm

      I thought that porch monkey worked for US citizens so why is he trying to order his bosses around

      • Humanity

        You can’t use that word. Randall is taking it back.

      • RyanB


      • exstitcher

        Rude and ignorant. Ugh.

        • res0r9lm

          Who is the ignorant one that thinks executive branch can create laws?

          • exstitcher

            And, evidently, reading comprehension is not your strong suit since I never made that claim. However, Executive Ordeers can and usually do, have the force of law. Look it up, smart guy.

            • res0r9lm

              Learn to spell dumbass

              • exstitcher

                Name calling. The last bastion of the truly ignorant. Especially after having their true ignorance pointed out and having as an only defense the ability to attack a typo. Pathetic.

    • GALT

      Sorry children….but there are no common law or equity courts, so
      whatever you think the “constitution” means or says….is WRONG.

      Too many factions, too much ignorance, too much information.

      “To conquer, first DIVIDE.”

    • Mordecai Irony

      Barry is just jealous that people aren’t donating to his illegitimate crak smoking butt monkey lifestyle.

    • Tobasativa

      When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty–Thomas Jefferson

    • jyatt7

      Eff Obama the wannabe dictator !!!!

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        How about something a little more accurate? Obedient servant of the ruling elite?

    • soylent green

      Snowden is a world hero.
      he proved the hypocrisy of totalitarianism and the criminal intent of US government which has run amok is rampant and still needs to be checked.
      Bless Snowden.

      • Snipaho

        Edward is a great American hero. I consider him my brother. He is a man of amazing strength and courage to do what he did. He has given up his high paying job, his home, his girlfriend, his family, his future, and his freedom just to warn you of a crime in progress being conducted by our leaders. Edward exposed the US Military’s secret surveillance spy machine that the U.S. government has been secretly building and using illegally against its own citizens in direct violation of the 4th Amendment to the US Constitution. The NSA has even been using it against our friends around the world which is, and rightly so, causing a chilling effect on our relations with these “sovereign” nations. This has epic ramifications that have yet to even unfold.

        May our Lord & God bless Edward Snowden and keep him forever safe from the government’s secret police and their assassins. Edward Snowden is a true American patriot in the sense of George Washington, John Adams, Samuel Adams, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and Patrick Henry. Those heroes were men of intellect, passion, and ambition and Edward Snowden is now squarely and firmly up in the lofts of their ranks. Love you Edward!

        • soylent green

          history will judge, but my opinion of him could not be higher.

        • DavidMacko

          Edward Snowden for president in 2020 unless Rand Paul or Gary Johnson become president after the 2016 election. In that case, Edward Snowden for president in 2024. He will still be quite young.

          • Mytakeis

            right on there about rand or gary, plus ES first needs to be found innocent of crimes through nullification of accusations by a jury of peers, then maybe join politics if he so desires.

            • hasanhh

              Here is an E.S. defense point: What is the reasonable doubt? That none of US americans are dealing with a reasonable situation, that being the Stasi state institutions that have emerged.
              To parody John Dean, “We have a cancer growing in the gov’t.”

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            They will kill him.

            • hasanhh

              You are likely correct.

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                They did JFK and RFK, and they were both of the power elite.

                The vast security apparatus belongs to the super wealthy.

                • John Birmingham

                  JFK tried to repeal Federal Reserve Act….Bobby wanted the whistle blown

                  • TecumsehUnfaced

                    Executive Order 11110? What would you recommend for more info?

    • Tim

      Yes Obama, the Republicans and Democrats want to see Edward buried 6ft under but luckily he is safe in Russia.
      Guess what? They want to do the same to everyone of us who supports him, and are in the process of a build up to eradicate Constitution loving Americans…………
      The N.W.O. will not stop until We the People stop them.

      • Scott

        I never thought I would see the day when I would rather even have Putin as president than what we have in there right now. Putin would make a much better president than Obama is and could ever hope to be.

      • hasanhh

        They wouldn’t give him a decent burial. The gov’t hates him like Satan hates Jesus.

        • Biggd4355

          or the coyote hating the easter bunny.

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    • Tony Danza

      Illegal to send donations to a hero against corrupt government while dirty politicians line their pockets with illegal campaign contributions in exchange for keeping silent on massive illegal activities, sounds like the red white and blue to me. I love my country, but I am ashamed of what our government has become… Slave owners that enslave the American citizens.

      • common sense

        I’m not sure how anyone can be prosecuted under this. First it has to be proven that what he did was against the law in a ‘significant’ and ‘malicious’ way. I think any normal human being can see what he did was quite possible ‘significant’ but not ‘malicious’ at all. On top of that giving money as charity I suppose could be cited as freedom of speech no? Also, how in the world can the government dictate who can and can’t receive charitable donations? And last but not least this is an executive order, not a congressional approved law, so really Obama can go shove this up his you know what and we can support a true HERO from here on out.

        • soylent green

          don’t think for a minute that a Republican president will nullify this. cronies kill.

          • jonnyamerican

            No need to nullify something that was never made a Law! Just because Obama signed an executive order does not make it a law. There is a Process required to make laws in this country, and simply signing an Executive order does not apply!

            • soylent green

              one by one the government picks off individuals. the BLM didn’t care about legality , it takes men with guns and bullets to file these kinds of objections because the people that impose these orders have the same thing.
              altruistic legal positions require a firm backing….

              • jonnyamerican

                You are correct and I respect what you say. I was just pointing out that a Law can be nullified but an Executive order cannot because it is not a law. They are passing laws that are illegal and now a rouge President is writing executive orders calling them laws….ALL are illegal and we will have to fight to stop them from enforcing illegal laws that are in Violation of The Constitution and Bill of Rights..

                I am a big fan of nullification and a side member of the 10th amendment movement. States need to nullify ALL federal laws that are in violation of our Supreme Law.

                • soylent green

                  I live in Ohio.
                  states rights run amok but the socialist capital in between two union power houses is built by imported labor from Mexico and propped up by jobs from the military industrial complex…. they say Columbus is a test market representative of the nation ….. if that’s still true the future of the nation is bleak.

                  • jonnyamerican

                    Yes it is. David Rockefeller said that they will bring hostile foreigner labor displacing Americans from jobs and providing them ALL the government FREEBE’s they need and Americans will financially pay for those services and their own displacement. This has been a plan that was set into motion over 100 years ago. It was the 50 year plan, but they had a problem in the 50’s, so it got stalled for 50+ years, the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve was Dec 23 1913! They expected to have the creation of the NAU official by 2012. It has happened, we ARE a North American Union, Americans just know it yet and it is being hidden from us, but starting to surface. George W. Bush signed the Security and Prosperity Partnership for a North American Union, even though he denied it later, it was a signed agreement and the measures of the agreement are being carried out and have been since.

                    Remember the NAFTA Highway, we now call it the XL Pipeline! They just keeping heading for their goal and change the name and plan to continue the slight of hand to achieve our destruction paid for by the American tax payer.

                    By the way, I was very active in the anti-illegal immigration movement since 2006, trust me when I say, it’s a BIG problem!

                    • soylent green

                      50,000 strong in central ohio …estimated.

                      • jonnyamerican

                        Time to De-militarize your police departments before it’s too late!

                      • soylent green

                        Too late. Already have latino immigrants on the force…..

                      • jonnyamerican

                        We have the same problem down in Arizona and is why I’m moving to Montana. There has been an exodus to the north. Montana, Eastern Washington and Eastern Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, are all conservative states and mostly European. The people up there are away and feel as I do about where our country is heading. People in Montana actually talk to each other. They train together. They Hunt together. I plan to be gone by next winter, January at the latest.

                      • soylent green

                        Recall the line in Red Oktober?

                      • LanternGuy

                        He who runs from himself never gets far.

                      • hasanhh

                        Illegal Alien Police.
                        We are then Occupied.
                        The Constitution says that the Federal gov’t is obligated to protect US from foreign invasion. The states from foreign invasion.
                        And since Reagan, none of the Bush, Clinton, Bushie, Obama clans did.

                      • soylent green

                        Yeah…welcome to the breakfast party…..

                  • jonnyamerican

                    I believe the SPP agreement requires the US to bring TOO the labor force already here (Illegals) their Family and Children and is why we see Obama now doing so. They are going to Fly their Family here at our expense! Also, the Government is part of a union program to get the illegals to sign up into the unions….starting to get the picture how it is coming together (The Plan) and why you are seeing what you are seeing there in Ohio? The Unions are about to become VERY powerful soon.

                    Another problem coming and is part of the plan, our Governments, state and federal, are going to be replacing American Citizens that are in Law Enforcement with newly arrived Immigrants from Hostile Nations. Will they be legal citizens? Who knows!!!!

                    • soylent green


                  • hasanhh

                    “Soylent Green is made out of people.”

                    • soylent green

                      Im” soylent green”…not Soylent Green.
                      Im what People make out of people…

                      • hasanhh

                        I’m slightly confused about how you explained your name. Can you re-word the second line, please.

          • Craig Smith

            Does anyone really think Romney would have been better?
            0bama supports the 1%, but Romney IS the 1%!

            • soylent green

              I know a Mormon slumlord that loves Romney and McCain… nuff said.

        • BOBT12

          You are truly speaking common sense. The government is always speaking in double think, hoping they can fool the people.

          “Government, lawyers and courts are always double-talking the people. They do things that common sense says violates the Constitution – but they aren’t ignoring it – they find ways to change word definitions so they can trick the people into volunteering away their Rights. Volunteers can’t claim injury!”- Jay Evenson

        • jonnyamerican

          No law written that VIOLATES the constitution is a legal law but an ILLEGAL law. This is a law that never became a law because it did not follow the legal requirements to become law. Therefore, you CANNOT be prosecuted for violating an Executive Order that IS NOT LAW written with no legal basis that was passed by the House and the Senate.

          In fact, Obama is an ILLEGAL law!!!!!!!!

        • Skeeter96

          A point that you are missing is that the attorney general does the bidding of Obama, and attorney general decides what he will prosecute and what he won’t, all that he needs to do is find a sympathetic judge.

          Remember how Eric Holder decided that he would not prosecute Lois Lerner, nor would he prosecute under the Defense of Marriage Act, because he determined it was unconstitutional? Given that track record, what then would prevent him from seeking prosecution of someone that violates an illegal law?

          • hasanhh

            Who is L.L.? Need to identify.

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              You can start with Wikipedia.

              • hasanhh

                I did. IRS abuses, correct?

                • TecumsehUnfaced


          • Craig Smith

            Do you really think this is all about 0bama? Your naivete is just adorable!

        • Craig Smith

          It’s simple really… they have him , and anyone who supports him, declared a “terrorist”.
          Any social activist or civil rights group can be declared a “terrorist group” and the government can then use funds dedicated to fight the “war on terror” to attack these people. Welcome to the 21st century.

      • SD

        You’re fine, don’t worry about it….love of Country does not mean love of Government.