New US-Trained Rebels In Syria Gave Their Weapons To al-Qaeda

Reports out of Syria suggest that the group immediately took its weapons and vehicles to al-Qaeda territory and turned them all over to them.
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    It’s already been heavily reported how badly the first class of New Syrian Forces (NSF), also known as Division 30, did after being trained by the US and sent into Syria. There were 54 of them to start, and last week Centcom conceded there were only “four or five left.” This may still look like a runaway success compared to the second class.

    The second class entered Syria by way of Turkey on Friday, and according to reports there were between 70 and 75 of them in total. Today, reports out of Syria suggest that the group immediately took its weapons and vehicles to al-Qaeda territory and turned them all over to them.

    A statement from al-Qaeda’s Syria branch said the group’s membership had agreed to give them everything in return for “safe passage,” and that the leader of the second class, Anas Ibrahim Obeid, plans to issue a statement repudiating the US training strategy.

    Obeid told al-Qaeda he “tricked” the US coalition because he wanted their weapons. Ironically he would’ve been one of the top ranked NSF forces left, after Lt. Col. Mohammad al-Dhaher resigned this weekend, complained the program was “not serious.”

    The latest loss speaks volumes about the state of US vetting of its “pro-US” rebels, at a time when reports suggest they intend to dramatically lower those vetting requirements in the future for the sake of faster arming of rebel factions.

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    • Chuck Lynch

      When we were training these guys we already knew they were Al Qaeda……that’s the whole purpose of the Administration’s foreign policy…to train and support ISIS and Al Qaeda to push Assad from power.
      Do any of you still think YOUR country is on the side of truth and justice….like it was during say WWII?? If you do, please go back to the drawing board and think again!!!

    • Chuggins

      They need to change the name to diversion 30.

    • Raymon

      This is old news

    • jaymack47

      nuke that part of the world, time to kill all of them, end of problem.

      • abe lim

        you’re an idiot. you realize every one we kill, we make 40 new potential new ‘terrorists’

        GTFO, we don’t need to be there in the first place. And stop our politicians from arming them.

        • jaymack47

          well smart one, no we should have never gone in those rat holes to begin with, but we did, make 40 new ones huh, well nuke them to. time to quit fooling around and wasting any more treasure on them useless things, we also can keep our damn nose out of things, do not allow any of them over here, end of problem.

          • abe lim

            you’re an idiot… everyone would hate us even more than they do right now if we nuke a country. Plus you fail to realize the only ‘terrorists’ attacking our country are the ones funded by our own government.

            • jaymack47

              they hate you any way, best wise up.

              • abe lim

                Sure they do…. they hate us for our freedoms right?

                Your solution to nuke them is as childish as cutting your arm off, because you keep scratching it, and you want to stop it from being sore.

                Let me ask you this, the Chinese and Russian invade the US and overthrow our government and Wallstreet, because they were corrupt…. half the country agrees with the new government they install, and the other half doesn’t… you and I are on the half that disagree.

                They drone strike your family, and kill your spouse, parents, and kids… do you take up arms against the Chinese or Russians? or are you a submissive little sheep? If you and I take up arms against the Chinese and Russians they will call us both terrorists. Does that give them the right to nuke us?

                • jaymack47

                  you make no sense,

                  • abe lim

                    takes some thought to understand what I wrote.

      • Jalil Al-Hamza

        Spoken like a true terrorist.


      Way to go Mr. POTUS

    • Mahan99

      Arming any of these so-called Rebels is a mistake. There is no such thing as a good terrorist….it seems we did not learn our lesson with Bin-Laden and the Mujahedian in Afghanistan. They became the Taliban and Al-Qaeda!

    • Molon Labe

      Mint is a Muslim backed news agency….. This was meant as a feel good story !

    • Rod Kreinbrink

      Way to go Obomo……Support your local terrorist.

    • scott

      Sure Right I am The Ob Clan will get right on it.

    • NY NY

      The Kurdish are the only true warriors over there. The US government needs to realize this if we wish to keep our own troops off the ground.

      • Jalil Al-Hamza

        The Kurdish are a bunch of U.S. payed, armed and backed land thieves, fighting a proxy war, in the name of Western hegemony