Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought

Nestlé is draining California aquifers, from Sacramento alone taking 80 million gallons annually. Nestlé then sells the people's water back to them at great profit under many dozen brand names.
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    The Arrowhead Mountain Water Company bottling plant, owned by Swiss conglomerate Nestle, on the Morongo Indian Reservation near Cabazon, Calif. Photo credit: Damian Dovarganes/AP.

    The city of Sacramento is in the fourth year of a record drought – yet the Nestlé Corporation continues to bottle city water to sell back to the public at a big profit, local activists charge. 

    The Nestlé Water Bottling Plant in Sacramento is the target of a major press conference on Tuesday, March 17, by a water coalition that claims the company is draining up to 80 million gallons of water a year from Sacramento aquifers during the drought. 

    The coalition, the crunchnestle alliance, says that City Hall has made this use of the water supply possible through a “corporate welfare giveaway,” according to a press advisory. 

    A coalition of environmentalists, Native Americans and other concerned people announced the press conference will take place at March 17 at 5 p.m. at new Sacramento City Hall, 915 I Street, Sacramento. 

    The coalition will release details of a protest on Friday, March 20, at the South Sacramento Nestlé plant designed to “shut down” the facility. The coalition is calling on Nestlé to pay rates commensurate with their enormous profit, or voluntarily close down. 

    “The coalition is protesting Nestlé’s virtually unlimited use of water – up to 80 million gallons a year drawn from local aquifers – while Sacramentans (like other Californians) who use a mere 7 to 10 percent of total water used in the State of California, have had severe restrictions and limitations forced upon them,” according to the coalition. 

    “Nestlé pays only 65 cents for each 470 gallons it pumps out of the ground – the same rate as an average residential water user. But the company can turn the area’s water around, and sell it back to Sacramento at mammoth profits,” the coalition said. 

    Activists say that Sacramento officials have refused attempts to obtain details of Nestlé’s water used. Coalition members have addressed the Sacramento City Council and requested that Nestle’ either pay a commercial rate under a two tier level, or pay a tax on their profit. 

    Cracks in the dry bed of the Stevens Creek Reservoir in Cupertino, Calif. Photo credit: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

    In October, the coalition released a “White Paper” highlighting predatory water profiteering actions taken by Nestle’ Water Bottling Company in various cities, counties, states and countries. Most of those great “deals” yielded mega profits for Nestle’ at the expense of citizens and taxpayers. Additionally, the environmental impact on many of those areas yielded disastrous results. 

    Coalition spokesperson Andy Conn said, “This corporate welfare giveaway is an outrage and warrants a major investigation. For more than five months we have requested data on Nestlé water use. City Hall has not complied with our request, or given any indication that it will. Sacramentans deserve to know how their money is being spent and what they’re getting for it. In this case, they’re getting ripped off.” 

    For more information about the crunchnestle alliance, contact Andy Conn (530) 906-8077 camphgr55 (at) or Bob Saunders (916) 370-8251 

    Nestlé is currently the leading supplier of the world’s bottled water, including such brands as Perrier and San Pellegrino, and has been criticized by activists for human rights violations throughout the world. For example, Food and Water Watch and other organizations blasted Nestlé’s “Human Rights Impact Assessment” in December 2013 as a “public relations stunt.”

    “The failure to examine Nestlé’s track record on the human right to water is not surprising given recent statements by its chair Peter Brabeck challenging the human right to water,” said Wenonah Hauter, Executive Director of Food & Water Watch. She noted that the company famously declared at the 2000 World Water Forum in the Netherlands that water should be defined as a need—not as a human right.

    “In November 2013, Colombian trade unionist Oscar Lopez Trivino became the fifteenth Nestlé worker to be assassinated by a paramilitary organization while many of his fellow workers were in the midst of a hunger strike protesting the corporation’s refusal to hear their grievances,” according to the groups. 

    The press conference and protest will take place just days after Jay Famiglietti, the senior water scientist at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory/Caltech and a professor of Earth system science at UC Irvine, revealed in an op-ed in the LA Times on March 12 that California has only one year of water supply left in its reservoirs.

    “As difficult as it may be to face, the simple fact is that California is running out of water — and the problem started before our current drought. NASA data reveal that total water storage in California has been in steady decline since at least 2002, when satellite-based monitoring began, although groundwater depletion has been going on since the early 20th century. 

    Right now the state has only about one year of water supply left in its reservoirs, and our strategic backup supply, groundwater, is rapidly disappearing. California has no contingency plan for a persistent drought like this one (let alone a 20-plus-year mega-drought), except, apparently, staying in emergency mode and praying for rain.” 

    Meanwhile, Governor Jerry Brown continues to fast-track his Bay Delta Conservation Plan (BDCP) to build the peripheral tunnels to ship Sacramento River water to corporate agribusiness, Southern California water agencies, and oil companies conducting fracking operations. The $67 billion plan won’t create one single drop of new water, but it will take vast tracts of Delta farm land out of production under the guise of “habitat restoration” in order to irrigate drainage-impaired soil owned by corporate mega-growers on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley. 

    The tunnel plan will also hasten the extinction of Sacramento River Chinook salmon, Central Valley steelhead, Delta and longfin smelt, green sturgeon and other fish species, as well as imperil the salmon and steelhead populations on the Klamath and Trinity rivers. The peripheral tunnels will be good for agribusiness, water privateers, oil companies and the 1 percent, but will be bad for the fish, wildlife, people and environment of California and the public trust. 

    The Delta smelt may already be extinct in the wild!

    In fact, the endangered Delta smelt, once the most abundant fish in the entire Bay Delta Estuary, may already be extinct, according to UC Davis fish biologist and author Peter Moyle, as quoted on Capital Public Radio. 

    “Prepare for the extinction of the Delta Smelt in the wild,” Moyle told a group of scientists with the Delta Stewardship Council. 

    According to Capital Public Radio: 

    “He says the latest state trawl survey found very few fish in areas of the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta where smelt normally gather. 

    ‘That trawl survey came up with just six smelt, four females and two males,’ says Moyle. “Normally because they can target smelt, they would have gotten several hundred.’ 

    Moyle says the population of Delta smelt has been declining for the last 30 years but the drought may have pushed the species to the point of no return. If the smelt is officially declared extinct, which could take several years, the declaration could change how water is managed in California. 

    ‘All these biological opinions on Delta smelt that have restricted some of the pumping will have to be changed,’ says Moyle. 

    But Moyle says pumping water from the Delta to Central and Southern California could still be restricted at certain times because of all the other threatened fish populations.” 

    The Delta smelt, an indicator species that demonstrates the health of the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta, reached a new record low population level in 2014, according to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s fall midwater trawl survey that was released in January. 

    Department staff found a total of only eight smelt at a total of 100 sites sampled each month from September through December 

    The smelt is considered an indicator species because the 2.0 to 2.8 inch long fish is endemic to the estuary and spends all of its life in the Delta. 

    The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) has conducted the Fall Midwater Trawl Survey (FMWT) to index the fall abundance of pelagic (open water) fish, including Delta smelt, striped bass, longfin smelt, threadfin shad and American shad, nearly annually since 1967. The index of each species is a number that indicates a relative population abundance.

    Watch Nestle’s CEO declare water “food that should be privatized, and not a human right”:

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    • JamTrip

      The video is available here:

      • ManWithAnOpinion

        No, it isn’t.

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    • John Forisek

      If you ever see how much water use for fracking you to shut up about Nestle forever

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    • Craig Lornson

      quite amazing, that a State that gets 85% of the water supply from Nevada’s Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam, as well as Utah, complain about someone else taking and profiting from their own water source. Try real conservation, time to tell your rich folks in Southern Cali that their lawns need to be rockscaped, I cannot imagine how much water is wasted in the Beverly Hills/Bellair areas alone, not to mention Palm Springs and the 85 golf courses that are green as all get out…Hopefully, our next President puts and end to all of this liberal talk about everyone sharing, and no one profiting from anything, what made America GREAT was Free Enterprise, and the large corporations that employ thousands of Americans are moving to Mexico and other countries for reasons just like this- take the profit out of the business, and you put an end to it. Sacramento cannot afford to have Nestle Corp pack up and leave, at least the 1000s of full time employees there cannot…

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    • Brigadon

      California is stealing that water from Utah in the first place. They have nothing to complain about.

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    • Linda Schertz

      I love how liberals blame capitalists, when their liberal policies fail. Yeah, all that water they pumped into the delta to save the smelt.

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    • arista80

      I don’t see how anyone could argue that this is a misuse of water. There is no more important of valuable use for water than to drink it. If Nestle were pumping the water out of the ground and sending it to the ocean, that would be wasteful, but packing it in a way that people want to drink it? That’s not wasteful. People drink it! Look at it this way. If Nestle wasn’t in the bottled water business, and people drank tap water instead, the 80 million gallons would still need to be used, but people would just get it from their taps rather than from Nestle’s bottles.

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    • Sandy

      funny thing is I see a lot of Americans on tv carrying nestle water all the time , they are there own ecoterrorists lol. Nobody takes US serious anymore because of such things…puppets

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    • psadna1

      Rent a U-haul and MOVE.

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    • Zumba900

      Shut them down….period.


    • exDriver

      So you think they are getting a cheap price for their water in California only “65 cents for each 470 gallons”. In British Columbia Where they operate a bottling plant, they only pay “$2.25CAD per million liters”that’s = to 1.77 per 264172 US Gallon. you’re getting whole heck of a lot more money than we do so that they can raping our aquifers. Nestle is just another Swiss company that shows it is unethical in business just like their banks were when the families of the holocaust tried to get their money out of their bank accounts.

      • barstew

        And for some balance on the topic:

        There’s no rape going on. The Hope aquifer is healthy and quickly replenished.

      • Lin A

        Well I guess you should be complaining to your government not Nestles who have a binding contract they pay for. You people are too much always going after the business rather than your elected government.

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    • Jenn Gentile

      I would then suggest Californians as a whole, start to conserve water. They are a wasteful sort and live in their little world of “California runs the planet.” Why dont you go to areas like bevery hills and belair and tell them to turn their sprinklers off.. Or stop refilling their pools. You can’t blame all of your troubles on a corporation when in fact you do it to yourself, and instead of taking the blame, you point fingers and beg for sympathy.

      • Chunk Basker

        That was a pretty ignorant thing to say. I don’t think you even comprehend the immeasurable damage these companies are doing to California. Under droughts everyone should be forced to follow water regulations. California Government needs to step up new water regulation laws that prohibit profiteering off water during extreme times of droughts.

      • JJ CN

        wasteful sort? actually Californians have been cutting back for years and still do

      • buckieboy

        Good evening Jenn– I feel compelled to respond to your post (9 months later-lol!) I agree with your comment that Californians are irresponsible, entitled, rotten brats; however, two wrongs does not constitute righteousness. Nestle epitomizes greed and all that the term unethical represents. I don’t think calling them out is “pointing the finger” nor “begging for sympathy,” but rather highlighting the fact that large corporations such as Nestle is motivated by profit only while innocent, underprivileged and marginalized go unheard and underrepresented. Taking water from a community to sell it back to them is unethical, immoral and should be down-right illegal.

    • Pingback: Protesters Deliver Petition To Nestlé Waters: Stop Stealing Our One-Year Water Supply And Go()

    • David_Driver

      The market for bottled water is fairly static and doesn’t change much. Those who fear city water and those who buy extra water as a security measure against social or natural disaster are not going to limit their purchases.

      If you boycott bottled water from California, Nestle would probably welcome it. They could then leverage their out-of-state market share – which combined is, with little doubt, far greater than their total sales in California alone – and use that power to drive-down bottled water prices inside (just) California. This (combined with the force of a boycott) would put many smaller bottled water companies out-of-business. This would enable Nestle to increase their market share inside the state, which would necessitate them using even more water to meet the new increased demand, resulting from the larger market share.

      Only if Nestle’s production system is more efficient than the aggregate of those who lost business to Nestle’s increased market-share, would there be a reduction in water usage from bottled water. But even then, it’s just trading one company’s water usage (for sale, for profit) for another.

      Since the demand for bottled water is not likely to change and the unintended consequences of trying to ham-handedly limit demand rather than stop the flow, is both dubious and very likely counter-productive, another measure is needed.

      And luckily, there is a very simple one: A tax.

      If Sacramento will simply impose an export tax on all bottled water sold outside the state, then companies like Nestle will be forced to raise prices on that exported water to cover the cost of the tax. This will cause them to become less competitive outside California. They will lose part of that market-share and as other non-California bottle water companies fill that void with lower prices than Nestle, Nestle will be forced to reduce production of bottled water to meet the constraints of the lower demand their smaller market share will imply.

      This alone has the dynamic necessary to reduce water usage by Nestle.

      The proper solution here, if one is needed, is simply to tax bottled water exports. California should probably be attempting to limit water exports at this point anyway. It is obvious that we need the water here, more than we need to be selling what precious little we have.

      In the end; it is the California legislature that determines where the water goes. Whether it’s to farms, to cities, into the ocean to preserve a species of fish, or to business – it is the state legislature that has the responsibility to act.
      And if they’re afraid of saying the word “tax”, then maybe that’s because they’ve abused the process so much in the past, that they’ve lost sight of what a tax is really meant to accomplish!

    • Joey Porter

      You do realize the state of California is dumping billions of water from reservoirs in the middle of a drought to protect a non native spieces of smelt?? The outrage should be at them. Nestle is literately a drop in the bucket. Only when liberals in this state have to leave “floaters” in their toilets will they finally wake up.

    • Pingback: Bara'a @Baraa1k988 | Twitter Spy()

    • terrilynnmerritts

      Nestle isn’t stealing anything let alone “the world’s water.” They had a permit to BUY water in California and that is what they have been doing. The permit wasn’t renewed but they would have renewed when asked to and presumed it was fine or that the permit had been extended for them. They pay the same amount for the water as the locals pay. No one is obligated to buy water from Nestle but it is NOT stolen.

      • edevasin

        They don’t pay tiered rates like most of us do. If they really paid as much as the locals they would be paying a much higher price and wouldn’t make as much profit. Wouldn’t that just be awful?

      • SRVES339

        Head firmly planted in beach sand is “terrily,” who is clearly a corporate apologist…

        You may want to consider just how Nestle “develops” these sweetheart deals… by buying off politicians, it’s the American way!

        Corruption is “just business” in terrs world… not in mine!

        • Lin A

          They must also buy Canadian politicians because they have secured the same agreements here. When you use terms such as “head in the sand ” and “corporate apologist ” you come off as a liberal spewing rehtoric. Nothing unusual or uncommon about that.

    • Seapost

      A substantial portion of corporate CEOs are dangerous sociopaths who should be behind bars for the good of society. Take Nestle’s Peter Brabeck for instance. Really – Take him away.

      • Lin A

        So judgmental!

    • Sandi Hornsby White

      I personally boycott Pepsi and Nestle. They both buy up water rights and fence off wells to keep indigent people and critters from using the water. My Xmas gifts this Christmas was cocoa and a $50.00 donation to Save the Children so new wells can be dug and provide water. I also buy my chocolate chips from Single women-mothers-farmers in Brazil. Not Nestle Chocolate chips or Dryers Ice Cream or water in my house. Read labels and look on their websites for products to boycott, globally.

    • jim hockley

      smelt is not the only thing endangered. frogs, lizards, turtles, other fish, herons, ducks, geese, mammals and other birds who eat them. here in central sierras i’ve seen many species disappear including thrashers, toads, turtles, bluebellies, skinks, and almost every variety of snake that wasnt crushed on the road or killed by people and their pets. then what are the hawks, mammals, and owls gonna eat. and now with the trees dying even the over abundant tree sq is way diminished. the chain of life is very fragile here and when you remove even one species the effects branch out in every direction. we be in deep doo doo and it’s all dried out.

    • Phobia Frenzy

      This criminal is talking about privatization of water, which is definitely a human right.

    • paul moses

      I’ll tell you some people are real morons…have no clue how things work and have way to much time to post nonsense on sites like this.

      • stephglory

        You felt the need to advise us to be on the alert to the rise in the ” real ” moronic population, to point your finger at them that are without a clue, to instruct the population on proper use of their ” way too much spare time ” (* note the two Os in the word too when used in the > sense) and while closing you hinted that you might enlighten readers to post proper subject matter ” on sites like this ”

        I for one felt shorted by one, such as yourself so fortunate to be privy to the percentage of morons per capita, He, with the ability to sense which of us that is in possession of clues, obviously educated in the field of The Proper Use of One’s Spare Time ( as it would relate to POSTS on sites like this.) displaying your use of the word ” to” rather than ” too ” , Showing that you have a healthy understanding of conservation, ( as it relates to ” sites like this “)

        Now here is where I feel cheated. I mean common man! This is the payoff for all your efforts DUDE ! I believe I speak for most of us here when I ask for starters…What is your ANSWERS to. . . What should be done with ; a Foreign Corporation REPORTEDLY monopolizing and the overusing of our resources, Then reselling the same back to us at a huge profit, without proper contract to operate a process or processes, that REPORTEDLY hasten the rate of extinction for many of our already endangered wildlife. While having advanced knowledge that these processes will adversely effect and cause further hardship to other HOME BASED companies as well as the local population and habitat during this period of near disaster.

        • Lisa Lewis


    • paul moses

      The American way doesn’t mean it has to be an American company you idiot.

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    • signdoc

      How much money did the State or any municipality pay to Drill the Wells used to reach the water?. None!!!!. Therefore Nestle owes no one but the Reservation where the Plant is located. That is Indian Property, NOT any Local or Government Property. They Owe only the Indians Period.

      • Thomas Costello

        You do realize that an aquifer can extend for many miles past where they actually drill right? As well as being underneath many different municipalities.

        • signdoc

          Then let those Municipalities drill the Wells they need!!!!. Nestle doesn’t owe them squat!!!!. I had to drill mine here and many of Us are on that particular one. And I am saying over 300. Wake up Thomas Costello.

        • signdoc

          Are You as retarded as they are?. As You said, it can run for miles past where Nestle Drilled right?. Many Municipalities. Let those Municipalities drill Their own Wells and pump the water to Their Constituents. Problem solved. Dim wit

    • Pingback: Nestlé has been pumping water from a national forest with an expired permit for over 25 years | Vortex: Conscious and Courageous()

    • Tsudo

      So California uses 38 billion gallons of water per day (US Geological Survey).

      That’s 13,870,000 million gallons a year.

      Nestle uses 80 million gallons a year in its water bottling plant, or about 0.00058 % of California’s water annual usage.

      The water bottling plant pays the same fee as residential users per gallon, employs local workers and sells an american made product to consumers who freely choose to buy it.

      Shutting them down:
      – will recoup 0.00058% of the water supply that california uses
      – lose a bunch of people their jobs and income
      – cause the importation of bottled water from somewhere else to replace the loss of the locally made product

      Sounds like a great idea.

      Perspective… get some.

      • Rennie Press

        Thank you! And don’t you love those blaming NESTLE – when it is OUR OWN state government allowing this?!?

        • a friend

          That’s like saying blame the law-makers, not the murderers. Do you realize what a filthy dirty corporation Nestle is? Slave-labour chocolate, slave-labour coffee, needless waste. Claiming they have more right to our resources than we have. Look at their products. Baby formula that’s basically water with chemicals in it (and they say mothers’ milk might not be good for baby). Enriched drinks for the elderly – again, sugared water with a list of chemical ingredients that one can barely pronounce. They are among the greediest of corporations and care nothing for those they negatively affect with their unscrupulous practices.

          • Rennie

            Nestle COULD NOT BE SELLING THAT WATER if our state government didn’t allow it. As for all that other stuff – we are talking about WATER in CALIFORNIA. It is the JOB of OUR government to ensure, as a first world country, we have continual access to water, electricity, mail, roadways and everything else they take our tax dollars to do!

            • a friend

              Totally agree that it shouldn’t be allowed. We’re talking about water, but also about the corp. that is benefitting from it. As such, it’s relevant that they are a scourge, and by saying “not in my back yard’, all you’re asking is just to send them somewhere else. They do this on all corners of the earth. Again, you’re right. Government should be providing the things you mention, but when this scourge is in all of their pockets, it’s again relevant to go to the source of the problem – Nestle.

              • Rennie

                Re: they do this on all corners of the earth. They bottle water to sell. You ARE aware that there are MANY countries ‘on the corners of the earth’ where ALL THEY HAVE TO DRINK is bottled water? Where they get their ‘clean’ water out of rusty tanker trucks? Yall need to quit assuming it’s only lazy first world peoples needing bottled (or stored somehow, I agree plastic isn’t necessary) water – for some, it’s ALL THEY HAVE….

                • a friend

                  So you support an ethically dead corporation because of that???

              • signdoc

                A Friend, how much did the Federal or Local Government pay to drill those wells?.

              • paul moses

                I gues then we should shut down all corporations since everyone of them uses some amount of water and or resources.. you really are an idiot.

                • a friend

                  For you to interpret what I said as shutting down all corporations, you should really be careful of exposing who the real idiot is.

                • RiseUpShineDown

                  You’re why we can’t have nice things.

          • paul moses

            Maybe you should move to where there is no water then you would have something to complain about.

        • RiseUpShineDown

          And you’re doing what about any of it?????

          • Rennie Press


      • a friend

        And then you put all those plastic bottles where??? In the ocean?? In the landfills?? Very few really take the time to recycle them. And didn’t Hitler put fluoride in the water to make POW’s more compliant? Add to that the fact that it’s a toxic industrial waste that is enormously expensive to get rid of appropriately. Those 2 factors explain why unscrupulous governments allow it to be hidden in water. Economic gain at what cost?

        • Tsudo
          • Rennie

            Tsudo, don’t bother trying to convince these posters with facts. They don’t care about facts…although I do appreciate your trying!

        • keitho

          All the bottles I drink I recycle. The city picks them up every week

        • Dani Gray

          They recycle them in ways unthinking people can’t imagine. Ever see that movie called “A Civil Action”? They were dramatized, but nonetheless true in many ways. These people were destroying the earth by dumping their toxic chemicals into waterways and land. They were poisoning whole communities and killing off wildlife for sheer profit. These people were and are rich. They paid fines and settled out of court and they were still rich. Do we dare think that they suddenly decided to stop making money and stop polluting the earth? Because we are the bigger fools if we do. What happened then, to all the industrial waste that they continued to make? Where do they dump it now? And how is it that they continue to get richer and richer every year.

          I’ll leave you all to figure it out. But might I suggest reading not only the labels of the foods that you buy in the grocery store…but read the ingredients of all products including, baby products, shampoo, dishwashing liquid, detergent, polyester, Ajax, GMO foods (and now trees) bottled water and bottled anything. Don’t be satisfied with that, go look them up and see what they do to the human body. Then ask yourselves some hard questions about the world we live in.

      • Jude F Hebert

        very interesting point.

      • Phobia Frenzy

        Nestle is a planet polluter company with its plastic water bottles that are tossed into the nature every where.

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    • Rita Koechowski

      Let Hershey pump Pennsylvania water and bottle it for sale. Last I heard they’d had record amounts of snow.

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    • Jenny

      The solution is simple; boycott bottled water companies. Use reusable water bottles and stop paying money to these goons. I stopped using bottled water ages ago, though being in Canada I don’t have this problem. I feel sorry for Californians and people in other countries who are predated upon by these snakeoil(water) corperations.

    • Coy Callahan

      they waste more than whats made, look up how reverse osmosis works, normally three gallons of water to make one gallon of reverse osmosis water for drinking, so 4 gallons of water just to sell one, they should stop production, Or we can just boycott them

    • Pingback: Yet again, rules don't apply to those with enough money - Cali drought - Page 2 - Pirate4x4.Com : 4x4 and Off-Road Forum()

    • Patrick Dennison

      That’s your intelligent opposing argument?

    • Pingback: Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought | Leftist Views and News()

    • lilibaiyu

      Dear Governor Jerry – Please put a cork in these horrific corporate loopholes before you start haranguing citizens to stop watering their lawns and taking showers. This is RIDICULOUS. Why are the fracking companies, corps like Nestle, the almond industry, etc EXEMPT from water rationing only to place increased restrictions on the citizens of this state? Please do the right thing – we know you know how and if there was ever a situation that needs amending, this is it.

      • hairymary

        These companies are exempt from the rule of law and from common sense because they pay millions of dollars to corrupt politicians that’s why. The democratic process is flawed and inhabited by self interested arseholes rather than public servants.

    • ESTEE

      Nestles is also known to be against fair trade practices: or Besides child slavery, which doesn’t sound like fair trade to me, Nestle’s (and others) use GMO sugar in their products.

    • Pingback: Fracking und Wasserklau einfacher zu ertragen als die Wahrheit | alternativepresse()

    • Shannon Skinner

      Are you kidding me??? Where’s the water that we’re selling to you guys from Canada??? I guess it’s not good enough or we said screw you because we were getting paid pennies for it??? Who demands the water?? If the public doesn’t buy it then they don’t have a business, but you STILL buy it cuz it’s cheap.

    • The CEO seems to be under some kind of delusion that the World needs Nestle. As if they are providing some kind of service to mankind and it’s vital that they keep making a profit. Well I’ve not bought a Nestle product for over 20 years and have survived quite happily. I suggest that others boycott them and put this nasty company out of business.

    • Chuck Ferraris

      If people want to stop Nestle from selling so much bottled water, find the labels they sell under and STOP BUYING IT! It’s not like this required a lot of thinking. I’m sure it can be googled and stop buying their water. Start using reusable containers and use the water purifying machines (we have them all over in Las Vegas) instead. But I can guarantee that you can drive by any Costco or Sam’s Club or grocery store and find people buying case after case,

    • David

      Water should not be turned over for commercial bottling or fracking operations during a severe drought, period.

      • Shannon Skinner

        The united states is one big commercial country… so yeah, that ain’t gonna happen.

    • Reasoniam

      Here’s another waste of water
      Bluffdale releases water bill for NSA data center |

    • Reasoniam

      Here’s another waste of water
      Bluffdale releases water bill for NSA data center |

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    • 1AminoAcids
    • majc

      Stop Nestlé and their entitled actions against us..and stop Fracking in California.
      This is no joke. We only have 1 year (if that) of water left for the whole state and we supply about 1/3 of the nations produce. Enough is enough.

    • Pingback: Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought | Straight from the Horse's Heart()

    • Paul VeuCasovic

      I think if u got a water company in California u are out of business for a long while there can be no bottling water company there

    • Robin Stach

      I think the fact that they headed over to pakistan and destroyed an entire villages water where they have few resources is even more disturbing than this. Unfortunately money runs the world regardless of whether the things it does may lead to less money eventually for a large group of people since excess consumption in the short run does not lead to excess consumption in the long run. These companies have found ways around the antitrust and anti-monopoly laws.

    • doridori

      INSANITY REIGNS. This has to STOP.

    • The Doctor

      I wonder if Nestle is subject to the same water restrictions as the rest of California?

      It’s time to shut the Nestle water bottling facilities down.

    • geri

      how I conserve H20. Perhaps it is time to shut Nestle down?!.

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    • Brady Mitchell

      Meanwhile, 60% of southern california’s water usage is irrigating lawns….. lol

      • Brady Mitchell


      • majc

        That is a false statement. California provides the 1/3 of the nation with vegetable and fruit produce. Lawns in most neighborhoods are drying up, and we have horrific wildfires when it gets hot. This is no laughing matter. People will die without water.

    • roystr

      a bribe can go so far…..without water.

    • jim Whitson

      Nothing tough about this one This is a disaster for the people living in California Nestlé’s makes CoCo Get the water from someplace that has plenty of water

    • Pingback: Nestlé continue à voler l’eau de la planète en pleine sécheresse | Info()

    • Brent

      This is a tough one, it has a lot to do with states rights, personal water rights, and buying this water from a Sovereign entity which are the local Indians since this water comes off their Reservation…

      • roystr

        not when they chose to take the cash.

      • shawn ofthedead

        what a load of crap if you have this much money you can control this much stuff and even more. what a greedy bunch of selfish people. its amazing how many piles like this live amonst us

    • One year ago I started a project called http://www.Water.Gift to create a real alternative to bottled water, which I’m now putting all my energy into – applying the magic of Social Ventures to get people more engaged, empowering them with the tools, funding, an organization and a reward system to remedy this unfortunate development. Let’s join forces in creating improved access to Clean Water! 😀

    • Pingback: Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought | THE INTERNET POST()

    • Kirk Bruner

      Never mind the money. Make them STOP!

      • LACD

        Nestle Waters does source water from all over the country.

        • Nestle shouldn’t still be in business. People have been calling for boycotts since the seventies because they sell formula powder to mothers in developing countries who can only access dirty water. It’s killed I don’t even know how many babies. No one cares about the babies. Well, enjoy not having enough water to drink, then. We speak of caring for “the least among us” for very good reason: that’s where it starts, and then when “they” get away with hurting the vulnerable, they come after the rest of us.

          • roystr

            so,boycott them.

      • JoshuaLam

        They will learn their lesson the hard way when we are all dying of thirst and their industries collapse due to malfeasance, corruption, and reckless resource extraction bringing on massive ecological collapse. Unfortunately, these are such idiots that they will simultaneously blame the government for their problems while still demanding the government rescue them. Such is their stupidity.

        • majc

          In the meantime we Californians get to look forward to dying? This is BS.


      Why anyone chooses to live in California with its high taxes, high crime, drugs, traffic, overpopulation, poor schools, etc. It offers nothing but misery for most.

      • Santa Barbara is perfect, low population, beaches on one side of town and mountains on the other. Low crime…sunny spring-like weather year round. Wonderful downtown area that you can walk. I wouldn’t live anywhere else. Utopia.

        • evosmash

          also crazy expensive, one of the most expensive places to live in the country and is getting overpopulated

          • Because everyone wants to live here, but it is not overpopulated compared to other cities.

            • It’s overpopulated. You’re in drought. That tell you anything? If the land can’t support you, there are too many of you.

              • There’a drought because of lack of rain. California is a vey large sate…much of it is wilderness or hardly populated at all. Learn some geography and climatology.

      • blackjackbouvier

        Napa Valley is really nice, too – do you live in Indiana?


          I will concede that parts of California are very scenic and that much of northern California is better than its southern half. Taxes and crime and the mind numbing liberalism that prevails is enough to make me pessimistic on the overall California liberal experiment.

          • Kirk Bruner

            You know nothing of California if you think it’s all populated by “liberals”, whatever they are. Have you ever heard of Bob Dornan? California is home to a HUGE conservative population. Ronald Reagan ring a bell? Pete Wilson?

            • Orange County, yo…

          • blackjackbouvier

            You are correct – you do not belong here – we liberals do not want any more of your kind 🙂

          • Guest

            there’s always one douchebag who tries to turn every comment section into politics… Don’t feed the trolls.

          • Joe Pearson

            As opposed to what, fool? The “Texas” or “Kansas” Conservative experiment? You know nothing about California except what you read on right wing bullshit sites. Go away.

          • I’m a former Navy brat. The best public schools I attended in my K-12 years were either run directly by the federal government or located in liberal areas of the country. Conservatives like to keep us all dumb.

            • All Knowing

              “Conservatives like to keep us all dumb.” You, apparently, are one of their success stories.

      • Kirk Bruner

        Yes, it’s really terrible out here. These darned beaches and mountains are horrifying. Whatever you do, don’t come out here.

        • So visit them as a tourist. THE LAND CANNOT SUPPORT YOU.

        • roystr

          long as you folks out there leave the great lakes water alone. its all good.

          • BJ

            Nestle has been taking your great lake water by ships and bladders for the last 10 years and selling it to China. They have water issues as well. These dirtbags in DC sell us off every minute to fill their own personal pockets . Wake up its an environmental and We The
            he People problem. Water will become the resource the word will be fighting over. Check your facts on the water of the Great Lakes before they become the Great Lake Beds.

      • gringo

        there’s always one douchebag who tries to turn every comment section into politics… Don’t feed the trolls. Thankfully, he will never move here, we can just count our blessings on that point.

        • This whole site is political. Where have you been?

    • Susan Blanton

      Perhaps Nestle should take some of that profit from selling bottled water and offer to build a desalinization plant for California. The oil companies that are fracking in California could chip in.

    • 1945207

      Please list the names of the Nestlé bottled water companies. I believe Arrowhead is one of them.

      • Sandy Cravens

        Ozarka is another, which I was disappointed to see. No more for me – boycotted it.

    • NHPatriot11

      Since when does water the state agrees to sell them equal stealing? if the state cared about the people, they wouldnt sell that water to Nestle.. Government is the problem here.

      • Kirk Bruner

        Greed is the problem here. Greed is the problem everywhere. Greed is what led America, in 1980, to begin a forty-year orgy of job exportation that cost over a hundred million jobs from a nation of only about two hundred million workers. The government didn’t do that. The private sector that was made rich by American workers and consumers, gave the shaft to those same Americans. Reagan pared down the government to the point where nothing was done about it. The private sector had free rein to abandon those who built their companies. How anyone expected a capitalistic economy to function with all the circulating capital removed is a mystery no one wants to explore. Government got out of the way, and you’ve got what you seem to want. NOW you want government to insinuate itself into the private sector’s business?

        • The government *did* do that, in part. NAFTA and GATT and membership in the WTO and all the other little insane trade agreements we’ve gone into as well. None of those businesses would have moved overseas if we hadn’t given them tax breaks for it. That said, no one was forcing them to move even after so many tariffs were dropped. They did still choose to leave.

      • Dumb-ass conservatives always strangling the government with inadequate funding are the problem here–if CA were getting enough in tax revenue it wouldn’t need to enter into insane agreements like this. And if it IS getting enough, wonder what happened to all that money… the one Democratic governor you guys bothered electing between Wilson and Schwarzenegger was recalled! Brown’s been there one term… you can’t blame him for everything.

        • Brian

          that is a cop out I think…I have no love for conservatives, but nobody has made the democratic legislature make these deals. The legislature has been under D control for a long long time

      • majc

        Maybe also the ruling the Supreme Court made that “corporations are people” is also a problem here. If Nestlé was a person…it would be a psychopath who’s only concern is “the bottom line”. Corporations don’t give a crap about human life. They’d kill people all over if it mean it raised their bottom line and their shareholders would be happier. Corporations are inhumane.

    • xyz

      “Nestlé pays only 65 cents for each 470 gallons it pumps out of the ground.”

      Wait, so how are they stealing?

      • How much do they charge per gallon of their bottled water again? What’s their annual revenue?

        • Brian

          that they made a good business deal does not equal stealing. Stealing is theft of something that they didn’t have a right to.

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    • mrmiller

      Here’s how you fix this. Buy stainless bottles..about $8.00 online or at Ace or at TArget or at any one of a thousand places in the country. Take the top off the bottle, put it under your tap, fill, replace top. No plastic bottles…no $1.29 a bottle for water……….no BPA’s……….How freaking hard can it be?

      • Kari Hope

        Are you sure you know what’s coming out of that tap??

        • Robbie

          Municipal tap water, which is tested and regulated, is safer than plastic bottled water, which is not.

          • xyz


        • mrmiller

          Yup. Every bill has a chemical analysis printed on it. It’s very cool and I’d put Nestle water up against my Colorado water any day.

          • a friend

            You’re happy with the fluoride in it too???

            • Brian

              fluoride is harmless

              • a friend
                • PaulM

                  I watched this video. All it basically said was too much fluoride can lead to fluoridosis, but was careful not to say that the amounts of fluoride in tap water would never, ever lead to this. She implied that fluoride in water supplies is harmful, but didn’t flat out come and say it, because after 60 years, there’s still no indication it is harmful. I’m not saying it is or is not, I’m only pointing out that her argument was devoid of real information.

            • mrmiller

              No, not at all. That’s why I have a Britta. The whole point of this is not buying into the bottled water scam. Go back to my original post.

        • LaurieH.

          Take a closer look at what is leaching out of the plastic bottle into your “pure” bottled water.

        • Will Phoenix

          I had to write about bottled water and plastic bottles a few times. The tap water does indeed involve more tests and regulations. Legally-speaking, not all bottled water goes through all that. Some plastic bottles are safer than others you have to check the number of plastic. Mind you, the same people that preach bottled water no matter what anyone tells them, quite often make their safe bottles dangerous by exposing them to extreme temperatures which actually makes the safe bottles dangerous too. It’s been a couple of years since i wrote these articles so unfortunately I am going to look just like every onter person online spouting off with no proof. Feel free to research this though. if i still had the links i would post them.

          • That’s why you do what mrmiller said and use a metal bottle. I recommend Liberty Bottles, which are actually made here.

        • majc

          Just get a Brita water filter.

    • DP

      Democrats just want to help people and do whats right but the mean old republicans just won’t let them, Of course Republicans just want to help people and do whats right butt the mean old democrats just won’t let them…..

      • a friend

        Greed isn’t restricted to just one or the other. It’s the prime motivation of both. This isn’t a political thing. It’s a greedy-politician-of-any-stripes thing. Getting money out of politics would serve us all best, but there are just too many at the teat of the corporations to have it change.

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    • Not defending, just quantifying.

      Ironically the city of Sacramento “loses” 135 gallons per day per connection, due to leaks, or almost 50,000 gallons annually; PER connection.

      Also has over 60,000 people and businesses without water meters! Yep, use all you want, we can’t check!

      The entire state of CA’s water distribution system leaks over 220 BILLION gallons a annually.

      So should we worry about 80 million gallons that are distributed, or 220 billion “lost” via leaks (i.e. pumped but never reach their destination)?

      • Kirk Bruner

        Where do you get your figures?

    • gonzomatic

      this makes my butth0le contract with anger

      • xyz

        why? they paid for the water

        • gonzomatic

          They paid for the water at a residential rate and are then reselling it for profit, mysteriously though nestle isn’t subject to the water restrictions everyone else faces.

    • Everyone needs to see the documentary (it may still be streaming on Netflix) called “Tapped”. You’ll never drink bottled water again.

      • mrmiller

        It’s on Hulu Plus now.

      • PaulM

        So we can’t drink bottled water, and we can’t drink tap water, and it won’t rain. I guess we die, then!

    • I’ve been boycotting Nestlé for well over 15 years… so I’m not really sure what else I can do. Does anyone know if there is a petition going around anywhere?

    • Pingback: Evil Empire Of The Bush Family Pushes To Privatize The Worlds' Water Supplies()

    • Mrs_Snoopington

      Why do Californians keep electing Democrats for governor? We have a man-made-global-warming believer in Jerry Brown. But he is not being honest about his plans to provide water or reduce water use.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Maybe it’s because the Republicans are better at putting up clowns even more evil in appearance and/or deed?

        • Mrs_Snoopington


          • TecumsehUnfaced

            You prefer the Republican expression of evil then? You don’t get Social Security?

            • Mrs_Snoopington

              You need to answer my question first and then I am happy to reply to yours.

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                I thought I did by the question I returned. Appearance is only appearance, and fundamentally unimportant. Operation is what coumts.

                • Mrs_Snoopington

                  In answer to your questions… First both my husband and I were life-long Democrats until 2004. There is an age-old maxim that goes something like, when one is young one votes Democrat (idealist I suppose) and when one is older, Republican. In the 1990’s we became tax payers dissatisfied with public schools, a real mess. We did not like the public schools in Portland and paid very, very high taxes for them. (Our adult child cannot read, needed expensive post-high school tutoring for dyslexia.) In Portland, only property owners pay taxes for public schools. Not very fair, I’d say.

                  Second, you make a startling connection between the Republican Party and Social Security. SS is forced on us. I’m distressed that I must use Medicare. (Medicare is paid through SS.) Doctors customarily are pessimistic toward Medicare patients. I’ve experienced this personally and it’s strange. One day I was Mrs. Snoopington, a patient, the next day I was Mrs. S., a Medicare patient. It has been a most unsettling circumstance, I can tell you. My doctor informed me a few months ago that Medicare would not pay for a med I’ve been on for two decades.

                  • TecumsehUnfaced

                    That’s why we must dis-intermediate all health insurance companies. The 30% skim we suffer from them should be longer tolerated.

                    Obamacare is really Romneycare. It was written by and for the the insurance companies. It is another one of Obama’s acts that is essentially traitorous, like the TPP trade agreement.

                    Also, remember that our medical system is largely a construction of Rockefeller and their confederates, who bought up all the medical schools in various ways and shut half of them down. From a clan icy in blood enough to massacre workers, women, and children at Ludlow a century ago (and continued with crimes more surreptitiously done), we can’t expect a decent, caring medical system without the money ready to buy feelings that are for sale.

                    Then there are the big pharmaceutical companies with all their tricks and corrupted politicians to extract our wealth for drugs largely developed by our tax money.

                    Maybe you can move to Cuba. They have plenty of doctors and even lend them out to Venezuela.

                  • tehheh

                    And people who rent from a property owner pay property taxes because the owner wouldn’t rent space to occupants if they weren’t making a profit. I would like you to describe the other types of taxes you’d like to see. Or is the amount paid? Thank you.

              • I think you need to make a relevant point first. At least once in your life.

      • m00ndog

        What do you mean “keep” electing Democrats for governor? Three of the last five governors and six of the last ten (going back to Warren who was elected in ’43) were Republicans. That was for a total of about 43 years for Republicans and 30 for Democrats. Seven of the last ten years had a Republican governor.

        • Mrs_Snoopington

          You are correct. I am referring to Jerry’s record run of four years. That Arnold fellow was a piece of work.

          • Okay, trying to dissect the stupidity of your statement, are you suggesting Jerry Brown moonlights for Nestle? And that Arnold did that before him?

            • Mrs_Snoopington

              Hateful attack alert!

              • Accurately pointing out that you are a stupid person, who presents statements clearly not a hateful attack, princess. Now, tie Jerry Brown to Nestle or the drought.

                • You might want to try to be a little less condescending Yamanoor. You seem fairly intelligent, and just making decent points would do nicely.

                  • That wasn’t condescending. I made a statement clearly indicating her stance was wrong, and why. I was quite nice about it too.

            • Nestle’s must have SOMEONE on the inside (although I don’t know who) or they wouldn’t be able to get away with taking millions of gallons of water from a drought area. The same as up here in BC Canada…I believe they’re paying $2.25 per million liters…who’s pockets are getting lined?! Nestle’s is evil, and they’ll do whatever it takes to get what they want.

              • Either that, or our lawmakers are pretty stupid to not realize that the water is being siphoned off. Nationality, party affiliation etc., do not differentiate politicians necessarily. With more proof, we will know.

        • Jeffrey K

          90% off politicians are to blame. Sick of hearing people blame one side when they all have blood on their hands. Do you agree?

      • Jeffrey K

        Because only democrats are to blame. SMH.

        • DP

          Democrats just want to help people and do what right but the mean old republicans just won’t let them, Of course Republicans just want to help people and do whats right buit the mean old democrats just won’t let them…..

          • Jeffrey K

            Lol… yep 90% or more are to blame all parties lie and only interest is money, money, money. Our government was suppose to be for the people. The constitution was created to limit the power of the government and they have no right to try to change it or act as if they are above it. That is our law to keep the government in check. But they all think it’s a joke and they are above it.

            • Kirk Bruner

              It’s voters’ fault.

              • Jeffrey K

                You sir. Are ignorant. So the greed hit politics and it’s voters fault? I guess in a way that statement hold some value, but only because the voters don’t have the balls, to stand up and say enough. The politicians say anything to get elected and the ignorant vote lol.

      • Kari Hope

        Your DEMOCRAT governor got your state out of hole deeper than the abyss. Are you really that ignorant?? Your last REPUBLICAN governor (Arnie) left the state with horrific debt. Stop being so stupid and pay attention fool.

        • Marcos

          Jerry Brown is doing the same thing Scott Walker is doing. He is delaying payments to people and counting that as money saved

      • I don’t believe it matters a gnat hair who you vote in these days. They all work for the same side…corporations! I boycott all chain stores and restaurants. I only shop at places where I can meet the owner and know who I’m supporting. It’s not easy, but at least I can sleep at night.

      • Danielle Miller

        with exception to this he’s actually been a really great governor and way better than past ones in terms of making california a great place to live. Unfortunately this is happening and most of the PSAs and water stuff is “shower less” when most people have been taking short showers for decades….but then this bay agreement happens. We’re all pissed off at this don’t worry.

        • Will Phoenix

          Don’t forget the whole illegal alien license thing though too, OK?

      • Kirk Bruner

        Brown has delivered the first three balanced budgets in a row in decades. He’s played hardball with everybody including public employee unions. Everybody is mad at him except taxpayers. He must be doing something right. If you’re not a mad-made-global-warming believer, you’re next in line for extinction. Try reading science instead of opinions. Go to a science website for science, not Fox “News”.

        • Steve Wagner

          mad = man? Just helping out I know your a stickler!

      • Brown’s only been there four years. Who was there before him? After the previous Democratic governor was recalled? And who was there BEFORE Davis was recalled? Wake up.

    • Mrs_Snoopington

      Look. This shocking scandal has a very simple solution: stop stealing Cali’s water! We are Cali natives and last summer we moved back to California after living in a state for 40 years that has too much water falling from the skies, Oregon. First thing we griped about is this story about Nestle. It boggles the mind. It is immoral. People, the solution does not require complicating it with complaints about population, immigrants, claims of ‘Euro Empire,’ fracking, etc. You will get more people involved in your cause. Like my husband and I who are conservatives. (I agree with PETA about closing the zoos.)

      When is the next protest? Who is organizing it? I’d like to go if my legs hold up.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Good for you. You might also consider looking for protests against the corporate agriculture and fracking that is eliminating your potable groundwater.

        • Mrs_Snoopington

          I mistakenly marked the “down arrow” beneath your comment, sorry. Well, to the average citizen I think corporate agriculture is too complex, one needs to do extensive background study to get a handle on what one is protesting against. But water! Good God Almighty!

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            I agree. Both Republicans and Democrats play from decks stacked and marked by the ones surreptitiously buying them.

            There are the Greens, but they simply don’t have the financial resources needed to advertise and gather wide support. If they put up Dr. Jill Stein again, I’ll vote for her.

            The best prospective alternative is a labor party that was suggested by a guy calling himself, “Maxwell”, who comments on AlterNet. Maxwell has a point in saying that there’s no point in labor supporting the Democrats who fail them anymore. The Unions would provide more money than the Greens are getting now.

      • Danielle Miller

        well I can agree with you here – if there are protests going on I want to be a part of them. All I can find is this

    • J Hall

      If you want hurt Nestle, simply boycott their products. Their own shareholders will do the rest. I have pledged never to buy any Nestle product again during my lifetime. That should be a couple of thousand dollars. Now multiply my action by a few million and see what happens.

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    • Broadnax

      All those who drink only tap water can complain. Others have no standing to make trouble.

    • Cathlin Hidalgo-Polvani

      LA TImes Article March 25, 2015 – Why almond growers aren’t the enemy.

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    • John M

      There’s a simple solution, STOP BUYING BOTTLED WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • J Hall


        • mrmiller
          • Thanks so much for posting Nestle’s brands. I’m sooo disappointed that I won’t be buying Häagen-Dazs anymore. Again..thanks for the info!

            • mrmiller

              You know…above and beyond the “boycott” thing….almost all of Nestle or any other major food conglomerates products are so compromised by chemicals used as preservatives that they are deadly. I’m sure there are a great many local places to get some seriously delicious ice cream. Buy local…buy fresh…live longer. Cheers….

              • Luckily I live in the relatively clean mountains of BC, just outside a small..very small town. I have my own garden and most everything I eat is local. Once in a while I splurge on some Häagen-Dazs..but “sigh”..not anymore. I stopped shopping at chain stores and restaurants about 10 years ago and my health improved. I’m friends with the people that own our one little grocery store and know where they get everything they sell, so I’m in a pretty good wise. I feel for those that live in the city and are forced to drink any of the water there..bottled or tap. I’ve got a beautiful well with no chemicals in it..Think I’ll stay. “Cheers” back atcha!

      • Agreed. Everyone needs to see the documentary (it might still be streaming on Netflix) called “Tapped”. You’ll never drink bottled water again.

        • John M

          I haven’t seen it, but I don’t really need to. Bottled water is a waste. We spend bucket loads of money to make sure the drinking water coming out of the tap is perfectly safe to drink. Safer, in fact, than bottled water. Tap water is regulated by Federal, state and local EPA’s and local water authorities. There are literally thousands of people in the country who’s sole job is to make sure drinking water is safe. Bottled water is regulated by the FDA. Not only do the not regularly test bottled water, they don’t have enough people to do it if they wanted to. I saw a report where they have a total of 2 people for the whole country responsible for bottled water. And they don’t do testing. They just do paperwork and if something happens, they investigate it. There’s literally zero up side to drinking bottled water.

    • Andrew Weaver

      The California Governors office declared a state of emergency due to drought conditions. Yet the governors office, state departments and agencies are knowingly jeopardizing the health and safety of California citizens by poising our water supplies due to Fracking. And depleting our water supplies by expanding economic development. You can’t declare a state of emergency for water conservation to only then pump toxic chemicals into wells and expand houses, businesses, strip malls and schools with known limited water supplies. This is an outdated policy that is harming the public and needs to be fixed.

    • Tom B

      This is the 1% taking what they want and sell it to us at profit. They control government, they make the laws and the rules. We need a Greenland style uprising. Fire the politicians and prosecute the bankers and CEO’s like the Nestle guys. I mean how does Nestle get away with all the stuff they pull?? All in the name of profit. Shameful behavior. I do not buy anything with Nestle on it.

      • Broadnax

        Don’t buy any bottled water at all.

        • J Hall


          • Broadnax

            The chocolate is good. The problem is not the company but the habits of those who insist on drinking bottled water brought in from long distances.

        • mrmiller

          Don’t by any Nestle at all…

    • Michael

      Man are these guys messed up! Go home!

    • The Pathetic Earthling

      This is a rounding error and a distraction. 80M gallons is 240 acre-feet, about as much as 500 households use in a year. The almond crop in California uses 3.4MM acre feet — 1.1 trillion gallons — annually. If you want to do something about water availability you need to meaningfully change the agriculture in this state. That means taking on the alfalfa business, not Arrowhead water.

      • veryjerry

        So companies using public water to sell back to us is fine, but a business that provides goods and jobs should be cracked down on? I don’t follow.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Both the almonds and the alfalfa go mostly to China. By that we’re exporting most of the water here under discussion.

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    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Why do you defend corporate vampires? For which one do you tool yourself?

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      You’re comparing the openly vampiric Nestle with credit unions? You must have a very bad one breaking the law as furiously as JP Morgan.

    • Nicole Marshall

      first of all, the most important thing that needs to change is how corporations are treated under the law. When corporations were given the same rights as humans, that’s where all our trouble began. Corporations are NOT people. They only have one agenda, and that is to make money at the expense of all else.

      • Bob

        Say it often and say it loud . Corporate rights are an abomination . Greed is their doctrine .

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    • Apartmani Mistral Mimice

      also is there single one reason to buy bottled water for 1000 times price of tap water in first world country like USA? being little brainwashed from mass media, ha?

    • Apartmani Mistral Mimice

      poor americans, i feel pity for you ..look where corporate greed brings you … that is why we europeans will never accept TTIP, never .. btw, solution for nestle is simple: mass boycot

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Hey, stay alert, you’ve got corporate-bankster prostitutes on top too. Who do you think is doing what for what messing with the nuclear power in the east that feeds you your gas to stay warm in winter.

      • Jerry Hart

        The European empire is funded by corporations built on foreign soil and its corporate industrial military machine. Not to mention every last European country accepts funding from the USA. Enjoy you false sense if erou trash smugness.

      • J Hall


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    • Jimmy James Jr.

      Getting close to anarchy, I believe, unless when water runs out in California, the Government buys it’s water back from Nestle.

      • will yom

        I hope by anarchy you mean that people will self organize and finally take control of their lives instead of letting governments and corporations tell them what to do, instead of perpetuating the lie that anarchy means disorder and chaos.

        • Tom B

          Right on. We need less government, and a government for the people, not for banks and corporations.

          • will yom

            We need to put an end to illegitimate hierarchal centralized power structures and promote decentralized platonic structures where people have direct and equal say in to what goes on in their communities without having a middle man politician or a figure head “leader”.

        • moderationpreferred

          Sadly when things get too bad and people get afraid all they would need is someone like Jean Paul Marat to inflame them and there will be bloodshed. Starting with those who have caused the problems and their families then going on down to average people. It has happened often throughout history but no one ever wants to believe their own people would be so uncivilized. Fear and desperation though overcomes civilized behavior and you end up with a mob mentality.

          • will yom

            That’s why it’s crucial that we build strong grass roots connections and promote strong communities, so that when desperate times come people don’t feel as helpless and isolated knowing that they a have others to count on and vice versa. Building self sustaining communities and promoting critical thought and analysis will help to prevent others from so easily installing fear.

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    • Kimberly Anne Wagg

      Someone, somewhere should blow this plant to smithereens. The CEO of Nestle is a hateful man. He say’s humans do not have a basic human right to water.

      • Gollocks Murray

        Gonna take alot of water to put out a giant Nestle plant fire…that would be very sad indeed… maybe we could organize a flood of letters to Jerry Brown and senatorial/congressional leader hopefulls, maybe.

        • Tom B

          There has been a boycott for decades against Nestle. Has not bothered them one bit. Blowing up one water bottling plant won’t cause them to flinch. And politicians are just pretend. They do the bidding of the 1%. Indeed they are part of the 1%.

      • Mrs_Snoopington

        If you do that can I blow up Planned Parenthood? My guess is you’d say “No.” Don’t even bother to answer, I know all the arguments, thank you.

        My point is both the Left and the Right have targets but the Right will be the only side that gets the bad press.

    • ChuckfromTacoma

      California needs to close the southern boarder to reduce the influx of new residents, depleting the resource. Maybe a building moratorium is in order. Nestle is providing a purified version of the muck the extract and selling it to people that want to buy it.
      I have invested in Nestles as a part of my retirement plan. Nestle has many employees earning family wages.
      Please shut your commie mouths and go help the farmers in the San Joaquin Valley kill off the snail darters so they can feed the nation.

      • Mark Hensley

        Oh look over there. It’s the immigrants.
        Not the crap company I invested in that is sucking our water supplies dry.

        Holy cow. Talk about self ceneterd egotistical a selfishness.

        Chuck is just your typical ignorant bigoted racist GOP teabilly Republican.

        • ChuckfromTacoma

          Only the illegal immigrants, but wth, if there is not enough water to support the population, they need to do something rash. Maybe we should step up and increase funding for abortions and birth control. Plan B in gas station and fast food restrooms. There are things that can be done besides putting American workers back in unemployment lines and closing more factories, reducing the tax base for the county and state.
          (Mark, please edit your post so that it makes sense)

          • Mark Hensley

            Typical nonsense republican bs.
            Reducing the tax rate etc.
            Yeah, like all those broke bankrupt Republican states.
            Or go back to all the years when California was getting run into the ground by Republican Governors.
            Republican voters are like women who get abused by their husbands. But keep going back to them.
            Or do you want to pretend things in California were better under Reagan Or Schwarzenegger?

            How’s your stock portfolio doing?
            Or do you want to pretend it was doing better under That idiot GWB?

            Only a true moron would try and blame the drought on Immigrants.


            • TecumsehUnfaced

              That was good.

            • boxofivehands

              Mark Hensley…you are Awesome!

              • Patrick Dennison

                Awesomely narrow-minded and stubbornly opinionated…just on the ‘opposite’ side. I haven’t read any practical solutions from anyone, thus far.

            • PJones

              Only a true moron would try and blame the drought on Nestle.

              (I speak moonbat.)

              • Mark Hensley

                I agree. As submoronic as blaming it on illegal immigrants.
                The reason behind the drought is simply because of us humans messing up our Eco system.
                But, when a state is running out of water, then a company shouldn’t be allowed to drain it, so they can sell it elsewhere.

                How’s your stock portfolio doing.
                The other republican teabilly here refused to admit his is doing much better under Obama than it was under Bush.

            • ChuckfromTacoma

              When was the last time California had a republican legislature?
              Where did I blame the drought on illegal aliens (or immigrants SD you like to call them)?
              My point, if you have the brains to grasp it, is if there is so little water that morons want to shut down a good, viable business and put people out of work, maybe it is contime to slam the door shut. Put a few hundred people out of work, plus import more people that you don’t have water, or work (you are closing businesses for lack of natural resources) for doesn’t make a lick of sense.
              I recognize that it is California. I moved out in 1981 because of the stupid that is pervasive there. You just continue as you must and I will continue to fight against allowing California to pipe water from our Columbia River or any other NW source.

              • Mark Hensley

                If you take a look at the history of California and its leadership, you will see that the state,must like America went down the toilet with Repubkican governors. And we’ll under democrat governors.
                Simple facts.

                Republicans are economy killers.
                You probably moved, because like most who move away, you failed in achieving your goals.

              • Actually from Washington

                Just admit that taking water from a DROUGHT is INSANE. It’s monumentally STUPID management on Nestle’s part. It’s not a difficult concept: take something plentiful and sell it where it’s not plentiful. Taking something scarce and selling it where it’s plentiful is idiotic.

                Arrowhead water is for sale here in the NW. So if California gets water from MY Columbia River or any other NW source, seems to me it’d be paying them back since California’s water is being brought up here.

                • ChuckfromTacoma

                  The Arrowhead water sold here is bottled here. We do not get it from California.

                  • Actually from Washington

                    No it’s not – Arrowhead is sourced from 11 places in CA, one place in British Columbia, and one place in Colorado.

        • ChuckfromTacoma

          Is everything partisan with you. Do you really think that the democrats are any less corrupt then the republicans? Is it weird that I campaigned for gay marriage and legalizing pot, yet voted for Romney (R) for POTUS (Obama is really bad at it), yet voted Inslee (D) for governor here. You just put me in whatever box makes you feel manly son.
          Is everybody that disagrees with your opinions racist?
          You may be right, I may hate Mexicans. That would include my wife, her sister and brother, my nieces and nephews. Would that need to extend to my children and grandchildren?
          Did you go to Banning High School by chance?

          • Mark Hensley

            You actually voted for Romney?
            This just gets better and better.
            Tell me. How bad is your investment portfolio doing, if Obama is so bad at being president.

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              Why are you laughing? Both are greedy sociopath disasters.

          • Patrick Dennison

            Bravo. Don’t agree with Romney as a choice, don’t agree with Obama either. Two corners cut from the same cloth. But, I understand your point, unlike these other yahoos. The worst thing people can do is vote solely along party lines or stubbornly vote for a party platform unilaterally, even if there are ‘parts’ they don’t agree with.

        • ChuckfromTacoma

          Don’t blame me or Nestle if your state can not sustain all of the illegal immigrants that crawl over the fences or whatever other way the sneak in to use up all of your nonexistent resources. You have water and electricity for 35,000,000 people so see what happens with no more rain or snow and 40,000,000 people.
          Maybe you folks can build desalinization plants and suck the Pacific dry like you have the San Joaquin Valley or the Colorado River.
          You go you proud political hack.

          • Mark Hensley

            How does your wife feel about you calling Mexicans “wetbacks”.

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              How about asking how she feels about the CIA gathering financing from drug money for coups and subversion?

          • Mark Hensley

            Btw, 7.5 percent of the population in California are illegals. Of which 60% are Mexican.
            But you want to blame the drought on 3.5% of the population.
            Typical teabilly republican math.

            • Will Phoenix

              Do you have a link to those stats? I am curious.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Why don’t we blame all the American government corruption that has teamed up with the corporations and cartels murdering and impoverishing the peoples south of us?

          • AU>miner

            Hey Chuck Texas has a way larger border with Mexico! Just saying!

          • Patrick Dennison

            🙂 Kudos. You tell ’em Chuck.

        • Patrick Dennison

          OK, let the immigrants stay…YOU and 12 million other people LEAVE. Any way you cut it, there are too many people…and the people that were born in California have first right. Them, and the Native Americans.

          • DrPlokta

            There’s plenty of water for all of the people in California except for the farmers, who use 85% of all the water. It’s only farmers who need to go, and then the state will have enough water for 100 million people. And will need to import a lot of food, of course, but food is cheap.

            • Patrick Dennison

              With Food Stamps, food is FREE. Yeah! I love America.

          • Will Phoenix

            It’s OK to use the word “illegal”. Mind you, see my post above, we don’t need to get selective about history or we will all be off the continent once people go back far enough.

            • Patrick Dennison

              I didn’t use the word ‘illegal’ because some that were ‘illegal’ before have been granted ‘amnesty’, but they still don’t belong. After 34 years I was laid off…but then the company hired lower paid (formerly) illegal workers.

        • Will Phoenix

          I believe he was referring to illegal immigrants but since he chose to name-call he chose to be ignored in my books anyway.

      • You have completely failed to grasp the core concept.

      • Tom B

        Investing in this criminal corporation for profit for yourself says it all. No need to say anything else.

      • Jerry Hart

        Commie mouths? We have citizens going to jail for pumping drinking water out if their own ponds. A commie would be someone like you that places an entity above humanity. Commie is you.

      • moderationpreferred

        What an incredibly ignorant comment. First you do know that California was part of Mexico for hundreds of years and didn’t actually become part of the US until the mid 1800s do a good many Hispanics were there long before your ancestors were. And really ‘commie mouths’ just because people don’t agree with you. How very childish. Want to talk commie go see Putin, you’ll get along great with him, he has many of the same outlooks as you.

        • Will Phoenix

          Let’s not get into any nonsense about what California used to be or we will all end up moving back to the desert where life began. Let’s avoid selective history recall and assuming we know anything about anyone’s ancestry. That just divides us. The one fact that is certain is that some people who live in California are here legally and others are not. When the experts looked a tt hings a long time ago none of them ever said: “Let’s remember we have to account for all the illegal aliens that will eventually end up here.” Perhaps they should have but they probably just foolishly assumed that laws in place would be enforced.
          The minute Chuck engaged in name-calling he showed us he no longer wishes to be part of an intelligent conversation. Simple.

    • PJones

      This is a lot of anti-capitalist noise about nothing. Eighty million gallons amount to practically nothing in the over-all scheme of things. Consider first that water used for agricultural irrigation is measured in acre-feet, and one acre-foot is about 325,853 gallons. That means we’re claiming here that Nestle processes about 245 acre-feet of water for us to drink. But according to the Department of Water Resources, California agriculture uses roughly 34 million acre-feet of water per year! THAT’S ABOUT 138,487 TIMES THE 80 MILLION WE’RE TALKING ABOUT HERE. Pardon me while I go enjoy a Nestle Crunch bar and a cup of Nescafe.

      • laurie66bay

        The LA DWP had a water main break a few months ago because they don’t bother maintaining their pipes, and they didn’t bother even responding to it for hours and water poured out for a ridiculous amount of time. This publicly owned outfit lost more than 80 million gallons in that debacle alone. But the complainers only want to push propaganda about Nestle which is a proverbial drop in the bucket.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          This is what happens when the wealth sucking of capitalist vampires deprives the people of the money need for infrastructure maintenance.

          So, please get your priorities ordered and start fighting all the boondoggles draining us.

          • laurie66bay

            lolol. The money is being stolen by a coalition of unions and liberal politicians. DWP has been drained to fund fat unions benefits and pensions and programs for liberal LA City politicians while the water system crumbles. (Meanwhile rates for consumers of this public entiry continue to skyrocket) Nice try, but swing and a MISSSSS!

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              Hi, corporate troll, still blaming the social anemia caused by your owner vampires on the unions, eh? Your kind are never satisfied with how much people and the unions defending them are screwed over by big money.

              By your howling we all know I hit your where it hurts. Your disinformation game is very important to you. You and your bosses are all very much aware that you would all be swinging from ropes, if the people realized what you were doing. Even Henry Ford admitted that, and Jay Gould openly used your kind to play the people.

              • laurie66bay

                lololol. You got me. I’ll have to report back to my Zionist Corporate Masters that the people have organized and are onto us and we will need to move on to a new country to rape and pillage.

                Hope you do well on your new medication. lolololol

                • TecumsehUnfaced

                  Thank you for putting me right as to how infantile you are. It’s clinically interesting how such immaturity as yours has already developed scorn for principle.

                  • laurie66bay

                    A piece of advice. Try to speak normally. When you try to use big words and you use them incorrectly, it doesn’t make you look so good. lolololol.

                    • TecumsehUnfaced

                      Thank you for showing that you read English as absently as you cut and paste insults from the collection gathered by corporate microcephalics masquerading as trolls.

                      • laurie66bay

                        Lol. People of mediocre intelligence always think using 50 cent words impresses people. A piece of advice. It only impresses people who aren’t that smart to begin with. Regular people see through it. It just makes you look like a bloated gasbag with delusions of grandeur. lololol

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        Only berzerk trolls like you do use so much silly “lol”. When are you going to grow up? When are you going to use English in an adult way? Instead of a silly childish way? For sake of logic and clarity, rather than for the sake of vampire corporations?

                        You always look like an absolutely empty gas bag. Figure out why.

                      • laurie66bay

                        lololol. What did I warn you about using words to try to impress. You didn’t even spell it right. lololol
                        Perhaps you were an 80’s kid and are thinking of the video game, Berzerk. lololol
                        Do you still live in your mom’s basement?

                      • TecumsehUnfaced

                        Little girl troll is back to using capital letters to express her native howling.

                        Thanks for telling me there was a game called “Bererk”. is that where you learned to express yourself so weirdly?

                • TecumsehUnfaced

                  Have a little truth to laugh at:

      • Patrick Dennison

        🙂 Bravo.

      • Mrs_Snoopington

        Nothing!? Excuse me but it’s shocking to steal water in a drought-stricken land . . . and I am not “anti-capitalist” in the least. The average person does not give a whiff about gallons and acre-feet. It’s bad – what is that phrase the media use — optics.

        • PJones

          First of all you make it obvious that you’re not bright enough to be anti-capitalist. Instead you’re their clueless tool. Secondly, I stated facts at which you spew nonsense. The blatant point eluding you is that no one is “stealing” water any more than the people who farmed that lettuce you had on your salad at dinner stole the water that made it possible. That’s the entire point. Nestle is purifying and PROVIDING drinking water, and using only a tiny fraction of what California agriculture is using to feed much of the nation — and OF COURSE they don’t do so for amusement. You’re just too simple to grasp reality when it’s pared down for you. In future, don’t address me unless you can make sense.

          • Mrs_Snoopington

            Personal attack alert! That makes sense.

            • PJones

              Again you fail to comprehend. I didn’t “attack” you. I simply identified your presenting problem that’s keeping you from understanding what is said. I had just explained in detail, citing a source, that the amount of water in question here is but a tiny, INFINITESIMAL faction of what goes to growing food in California, only it goes to wather to drink. Yet without displaying even a flicker of mental recognition — AS IF IN RESPONSE(!) — you simply, immediately reverted to your same, unaltered “stealing water” chant that I had just demonstrated is pure B.S.
              You can trust that if I had wanted to call you names I’d have used a least one name. But what I did was DESCRIBE for you that you’re “not bright enough” for this discussion, because it’s what you proved to me beyond question.

    • blair houghton

      This is illogical. People are going to drink water. They can drink it from the tap or from a bottle. What they drink from the bottle they don’t drink from the tap. So there’s no missing water. But a lot of people can’t drink their tapwater. Either it tastes bad or is simply unsafe to drink. Those people need a supply of bottled water. Shutting down a company that sells them bottled water is depriving them of safe, clean water to drink. So this article is trying hurting people because it doesn’t understand what the water system is about. If you hate Nestle, that’s no reason to hurt innocent people.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        You’re getting a bonus from Peter Brabeck!

      • Muchomass

        Ok, so some municipalities have non potable water and people need clean bottled water. And you think that the option to pay anywhere from a dollar to 5 dollars a gallon is OK? What if the State, in the near future nationalized the Nestle plants and delivered water to needy constituents at cost under an emergency bill that categorized water as an essential component of life and as a natural and non replenishing state resource to valuable to sell. The issue is not entirely about the water which as you say could be construed to be zero sum in this case but rather the roll of the State and its commitment to its inhabitants v. corporate greed. Nestle would be just fine if they got out of the water business.

        • PJones

          You want to know “what if” all that? Well, if the efficiency of government in other areas is any indicator, we’d soon be paying MORE to get the same, and having to deal with all the promptness and courtesy of the DMV any time we want to register a complaint.

          If you put the federal government in
          charge of the Sahara Desert, in five
          years there’d be a shortage of sand.
          ~ Milton Friedman

          • Cathie Reid

            Shock Doctrine disaster capitalist Milton Friedman and his Chicago Boys economic ideology has led the way for the corporate welfare that is a leading accelerant of climate change and wealth inequality. Increased regulatory, accountability and oversight framework to sustainably manage resources based on a balanced biosphere approach are what’s needed to address this underlying cause of societal and ecological disruption.

        • Kevin McAuley

          So in your opinion Nestle should purify and bottle the water for free? Why would anyone do that? If someone wants to go to the river extract water, process it, and store it until they want to drink it, they can do so. I guarantee doing that will cost more that a dollar a gallon. Nestle is buying the water for the same price residents are. They aren’t even getting a discount. This isn’t about corporate greed. This is about paying someone for their skill and labour. They had to invest in large scale water treatment systems. As it is they provide a wanted service. If you don’t want to pay for bottled water, use the tap. The water is being consumed at the same rate, the shortage is no different. Maybe having 35 million people living in an area without the resources to support 35 million people is the bad idea. There is plenty of water in other states. Feel free to move to Michigan. They have lots of water.

          • ultratog1028 .

            They don’t purify the water. They simply use tap. The state purifies it.

            • Kevin McAuley

              Then no one has any reason to buy it, and all they are guilty of is selling something for more money than they paid. Use the tap water. No one is being forced to buy it from them. You really don’t understand the concept of freedom do you? Why should you be able to buy it from the city but Nestle should not be allowed to? It isn’t like the tap is dry.

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                Tricky, aren’t you? Forgetting on purpose the energetic pursuit of creating markets by bamboozling advertisements, au Edward Bernays, eh?

        • blair houghton

          The government wouldn’t nationalize Nestle, they’d buy water from them and give it away.

          There’s nothing wrong with Nestle being in the water business, except that their bottles keep the oil business in business.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            No vampires allowed. Break their fangs and revoke their corporate charters. We will be much better off.

      • Cathie Reid

        Where you state “So there’s no missing water” – your assertion is incorrect. Removing source water from a watershed that is not downcycled into that watershed removes it from that ecosystem. It is also a safe assumption that most of the bottled water from each of Nestle’s source water and bottling plant operations is exported out of that groundwater source ecosystem and consumed/downcycled (and likely wasted/polluted) elsewhere.

        • blair houghton

          The headline says “stealing world’s water.”

          I don’t think it’s being exported to Pluto, so you’re wrong.

          And Nestle is paying for it. So you’re wrong.

          And it’s an infinitesimal drain on the watershed, wherever it is, compared with all the rest of the usage in that watershed. So you’re wrong.

          • Cathie Reid

            For what intent do you defend industrial activity that is violating to the local ecosystem and municipality? The water is being “stolen” out of the ecosystem through deficient legal and regulatory framework protections. The water is being removed from the local ecosystem and hydrological cycle.

            Nestle is not paying for it on a full cost accounting principle for the externalities that it is exacerbating.

            Any drain on a stressed watershed should be subject to sustainable management. Any industrial activity that contributes to draining a stressed watershed should be fully taxed and managed and permitted only with stringent ecological sustainability assessments. Your strawman argument to distract from Nestle’s immoral/unethical business model -“compared with all the rest of the usage in that watershed” does not negate the fact that this form of corporate welfare is detrimental to the future environmental and economic prosperity of the Municipality and watershed stakeholders.

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              You do a much better job than I in simply stating the case without anger. I tend to resent their mendacity in presenting fallacies and omitting truths that to come this they had be fully aware of.

              • Cathie Reid

                That you are speaking out against injustice to the citizens and the land in this Municipality is courageous and beneficial to counter the false narrative that industrial and other “economic” interests promote (against the common interest). I have been aggressively educating myself in all facets of the causes of the accelerating structural deficiencies (and disinformation) that are leading us towards increased insecurity and extinction (including source scientific studies and legislative/legal documents).

                As a cancer survivor, I understand that with any illness (including the cancer in society that is corporatist/elitist, opportunistic greed) it is natural to first be angry, then resigned/despair (that prompts many to be non-voters which is the worst surrender of democracy), but educating oneself builds resilience and the knowledge to tackle the disease head on. It’s no different when confronting bad faith and corruption. Removing the anger deprives those with veiled intent of their most cherished weapon of attempting to cloud your focus with diversionary disinformation. Keep up the good fight.

                • TecumsehUnfaced

                  That was charming of you, especially when you do that stuff so well yourself, especially when I’m been taking heavy fire from corporatist clowns elsewhere.

                  • laurie66bay

                    lolol. You call that heavy fire?
                    Someone asks you how your day is going, you probably get all defensive.
                    “Why do you want to know….so you can report it back to your corporate masters???”

                    Tip…all helicopters look black at night.
                    They aren’t coming for you. lololol

                    • TecumsehUnfaced

                      Sorry, you aren’t the heavy fire I was talking, little troll. You don’t even understand what Investor-State Dispute Resolution is.

    • nonyabizzz

      Isn’t this the yahoo that thinks everyone should pay for water?

      • Kevin McAuley

        If you don’t want to pay for water, feel free to collect rainwater and drink it. Or maybe you would prefer to drink it direct from the ocean or river? Because otherwise you have to pay for it because you aren’t buying the water. You are buying someone’s skill, time, labour, and equipment to purify it, store it, and deliver it to you. If you expect them to do that for you then you support slavery.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Why let some vulture grab it off instead of processing it much cheaply through our government like it’s always be done? Is it your blood that you’re favor of getting sucked off?

          • Kevin McAuley

            why should you be able to buy it cheaply from the city but a company can’t?

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              So the company can raise prices and mercilessly the people’s extract wealth? Nobody owes vampires blood. If you want to give vampires of your own blood, you’re free to do so.

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              Do you believe in corporations destroying the people’s seed libraries, so the vampires can drain off the people’s wealth for no new service except for specious patents and corrupt rule application?

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              How do you justify the raping of ourselves and our postal system by savagely corrupt individuals and corporations? After all our postal system was built by the people’s money for the people’s benefit, not for looting by a gang of vampires?

            • Cathie Reid

              Municipal water is managed locally and more likely to be done in a sustainable way to the interests of the local population and environmental considerations. Multi-national corporations extracting massive water withdrawals with no oversight/accountability or long term environmental (including watershed/aquifer/habitat &species at risk considerations)…that export that water out of the local ecosystem and hydrological cycle…are not paying for the full cost externalities of their ecologically destructive activities. The corporate profits that they extract (to the detriment of the local ecology and future economic prosperity of that Municipality) are not taxed fairly…if at all, given corporate welfare tax subsidies (that industry lobbies into the deficient system) and due to aggressive “tax avoidance” strategies often involving offshore tax havens.

              Corporations, lawyers, accountants and bankers and congressmen profit far in excess of any “consumer” or municipal benefits to the detriment of the local ecosystem. Collectively, with other similar industrial activities that are not fully taxed and managed sustainably, we are destabilizing our climate and the future of our civilization.

        • nonyabizzz

          it’s called ‘taxes’, silly. You know, water treatment? I do have a water bill. It’s fine. Maybe you’d like to live in Colorado, where they will fine you if they catch you collecting rainwater.

    • Heroic Hal

      I don’t love Nestlé, but if Nestlé is taking 80 million gallons out of the Sacramento area water resources each year and those resources serve, say, 1 million people, then that’s 80 gallons per area resident per year. The anti-meat crowd tells us that a single hamburger represents the use of thousands of gallons of water. In theory, all the drought-afflicted residents of the area would do much, much better for themselves by reducing their annual meat intake by a pound (and that much only because some of them are already vegetarian) than by pointing fingers at

    • Pingback: Nestle Continues Stealing World’s Water During Drought | Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch()

    • Jameson Triplett

      This whole controversy about Nestle bottling water in Sacramento. Should we revoke their permits to bottle water and ship out of state? Maybe. Are they evil, “Big Water” corporation that’s sucking out all of our water? No, Not even close. Articles say they pump 80 million gallons annually, like ZOMG! The agricultural water use in this state is somewhere around 34 Million Acre-Feet of water (that’s one acre of land covered in 1 foot of water). Calculating that out, that’s roughly 7.8 x 10^12 Gallons (thanks google!). So Nestle is taking on the order of 1/100,000 of the water that is used for Almonds/Strawberries/Fruit/Kale etc. That’s roughly 1 drop in a 10 gallon trash can of a bucket.

      You want to get angry about water? Let’s talk about how much water goes to producing Beef and exporting that out of state (anyone up for becoming Pescatarian or Vegatarian?). Or almonds, perhaps we should stop exporting Almonds to the entire country. One almond takes about a gallon of water to make. How many almonds do we export? What did you say? 99.9% of all the almonds in the entire country are produced right here in California? That’s 2 Billion lbs of almonds annually, 100 almonds to a lb, and you have 200 Billion (with a B!) gallons of water on almonds… Are you getting the picture?

      Let’s face it, California is going to go right off the water cliff, and there isn’t a damn thing you or I can do to conserve our way out of it. So prepare for higher food prices, senatorial blathering about water shortages and emergencies, or maybe some cool innovation around sewage and desalination.

      America just isn’t set up for conservation, no one has the political will to really do what it would take to conserve enough water (or oil, or gas, or anything) to not run out next year if we don’t get rain. It might even spark the next great depression, and what a hoot of a time that would be.

      Yes I googled most of this, and yes I did round the numbers a little.

      • Barbara Anastasia

        Brilliant comment, Jameson. Thank you for taking time to add perspective. Sunlight is the best disinfectant.

        Tangentially, I must say….I liked Governor Moonbeam a lot better than the poster child he’s become for one of my least favorite conservative tropes: “Everyone’s Democratic when they’re young and poor, and Republican when they’re old and wealthy.” His duplicity (especially opposing cannabis legalization and here, his environmentalist roots) is so transparent. He’s become a “DINO*saurus Rex.” (Democratic In Name Only) Sad, but true. Another one bites the dust.

      • gespin3549

        Excellent analysis.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        So if we line the selfish water privateers up, how many bullets do we need? Or how many square meters of Vanatu do we have to make them buy to be imprisoned on?

    • tod

      (I am going to copy and paste this everywhere I can and I hope that others do too)

      For those interested in learning more about what really is going on in the world behind the scenes, please look up my posts on my facebook page from March 18th-March 22nd.

      I have researched everything from paranormal, ufos, secret societies that rule the world, ancient aliens, current aliens, religion, metaphysics, conspiracy theories about chemtrails, geoengineering, GMO, corrupt corporations owning all media for propaganda, demons, archons, djinn, inter-dimensional beings, hidden break away civilizations, awakening, channeled messengers, Galactic Federation of Light, Zetatalk, poleshift, Nibiru, Illuminati, Bilderberg group, false flag attacks, divide and conquer tactics used against countries, races, and religions.

      There’s info on how to stop the New World Order agenda, how to free yourself, ideas on free energy, ideas on a free society, on how to solve issues in the world, meditation, how to heal yourself naturally, corruption in police, military, elites, corporation, religion, politics, and so much more.

      This type of info not your thing?…let me prove it to ya by simply asking you to go out before sunrise and look at how clear the sky is…then watch as these remote controlled planes or holographic ufo that project an image of a plane start spraying chemtrails back and forth across the sky where the sun is coming up.

      You can see the plane with no contrail or chemtrail just start up and lay down line after line of spray trails that spread out. Off the east coast of the US they use aerosol bomb dispersal to make huge banks of clouds that roll inland and then start sending out planes from east to west to fill in the cross sections.

      Please wake up to what is really going on in the world, I have spent 20 hours this past weekend composing my life’s work of research into these topics and feel that I have been guided by God to deliver this message at this point in time.

      I put out a lot of generalized google and youtube searches to point you in the vast areas of research because there’s simply too many links to share them all but there’s also a lot of disinformation out there to “debunk” these topics.

      Those in control don’t want us to figure this out and will do anything to stop us from uniting, so they have agents that are used as experts to bring up these topics before actual credible whistleblowers leak this stuff. They then have other experts on their staff that blow their other experts claim apart because it was designed that way to begin with.

      Other disinformation agents use multiple accounts to seek out all those who oppose them to discredit or kill these researchers. I am willing to risk my life to save everyone else…..I will probably be assassinated like so many before me but this is my mission and now is the time to get informed.

    • Scot

      Is this water drawn from wells on an Indian reservation?

      • Cathie Reid

        Likely avoids having to adhere to water regulations, environmental assessments, higher tax rates, etc.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Precisely. The Indians would raise a howl, if the state started diverting water resources from the reservation. Hopefully, negotiations would ensue that would shuffle Nestle right out of the deck and off their land in return for state attention to some other legitimate grievance(s) that the Indians must have a lot of.

    • Dr.Gonzo:The Gonzomate Warrior

      We have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

      Water is vital to sustaining life, so according to this principle, we have the right to public water. Additionally, liberty is also involved, as being forced to pay for an essential life sustaining resource makes a person a slave to the institution who controls the distribution of said resource.

      Therefore, while the privatization of water concept is absolutely morally detestable, it also infringes on individual’s basic human rights. Stop the greed, stop the obsession, stop the selfishness. It is not only against basic common sense, it is also absolutely unnecessary.

      • Kevin McAuley

        Sorry but no. You can have water, there is a big ocean right beside the state. Feel free to drink all you want. Oh you want it processed? Well that takes someone’s time, equipment, and skill. To demand they do that for free is to infringe on their liberty and make them your slave.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Why let some vampire suck our blood when we can continue using our taxes to prepare potable water?

          • Kevin McAuley

            Nothing is stopping you, yet you want to stop them from using their much larger tax contribution to buy water for the same price you can. No one is making them buy water from nestle. I assume you want to boycott nestle, and I hope you plan to boycott the farmers that use far more water for irrigation for the sake of evil profits.

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              Really? you’re being mendacious about Brabeck’s ambition to control all the water resources?

              Why wouldn’t you want to also boycott the corporate farmers grabbing water resources unfairly?

              Are you a corporate tool working to extract the wealth produced all for your master?

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              Please note that there is nothing fine, noble, or deserving in a larger tax contribution, that was adjusted hugely down by corruption, since all large corporations know it’s far cheaper to buy a politician than to pay taxes.

        • Dr.Gonzo:The Gonzomate Warrior

          Wrong. We had public water systems in place before these corporations started siphoning everything off for obsessive profit.

          They are not slaves when they have all those other products they sell. They do not need to be in the water business to flourish.

          I’m sure you will be just fine with them moving into the business of charging people an air tax next. Your line of thinking is killing the very place that gives us what we need to survive, and allowing people like this to take more and more from people while continuing to charge more and more to simply live.

    • deannaM

      the CEO of this corporation needs locked up NOW and so do ALL the politicians and/or “public servants” that made this possible

      • Kevin McAuley

        What crime did the CEO commit?

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Corrupt government representatives to letting him privatize a public resource, so he can drain the wealth of the people for resources the people had for themselves.

          • Kevin McAuley

            Well first off privatizing resources is not illegal. “The people” is a pretty overused term. After all the people that own Nestle, and work for nestle are “the people” too. They are buying the same water you can for the same price. They are just reselling it. No one is making them buy it and it isn’t like they are destroying your ability buy it. They are not stealing anything. They aren’t even declaring the sacramento river to be theirs. They are just buying water from it the same way anyone else can.

            • Cathie Reid

              “privatizing resources is not illegal”
              Largely immoral, when not managed sustainably and when violating the existence of other species. As for the people that own Nestle – the majority of them do not live in the Municipality or ecosystem that is being exploited and do not pay taxes to offset the externalities. Solutions lie in a new resource based, steady state/circular socio-economic framework being offered up by the populace (as it will never be offered top-down).

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              Heh, now we know that we’re dealing with a really devious one, when he ignores the vast separation of fairness and justice from legality bought by and serving corporate money.

              Your mocking of “The people” is rather slimy. It means that you support slavery, since slaves and slavers are people too. It’s rather slimy of you to equate the privileged few owning the company as “The people”, rather than the ruling sociopaths mercilessly exploiting other people and uncaring of the misery they cause.

              Your “just buying” is a mendacious transmogrification for what is really ripping off the resources for absurdly low corruptly manipulated prices. It’s the piracy of inserting oneself as an unnecessary intermediate in order to extract the wealth of other’s labor, like the private health insurance industry, a collection of vampires that you must have breathless dreams about.

    • jaymac1500

      If this were anywhere else I would upset, but being as it is CA, I can only laugh. Serves the pretentious fools right!

      • CN LBC

        Your comment is pretentious..

      • David Taylor

        Gee, you’re a F***’in idiot.

        • jaymac1500

          What’s the old saying – ‘it takes one to know one”.

          • DH234

            Your the one that said ..”if this were happening anywhere else I would be upset”…it is happening all across the country, Nestle gets all the water they want, unlimited, in Florida, from springs….and the water table is depleting quickly….to call all in Ca. as fools is pretty strong comments…and wrong….idiotic, probably…

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              Where it’s not happening, it may happen later, or something much worse.

      • Syl

        Then be upset. They are doing the same thing in Canada and other places in the world

    • m00ndog

      No surprise. Nestle is an EVIL corporation. I’ve been boycotting them since the late 70’s when it was revealed that they were giving free baby formula to new mothers in Africa. They gave just enough to allow the mother’s natural milk to go dry so, when the free formula ran out, the mother would be forced to buy their formula. This put a severe hardship on the mothers who were generally very poor and often had no ready access to clean water for the formula.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        Just their sanitized blurb on Wikipedia swirls with whiffs of the infernal. How could competent government let such a corporate ogre get so big?

        • m00ndog

          That’s easy. They bought the people running the government.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Agree. Another powerful argument against large private corporations.

            • Kevin McAuley

              No it is an argument against large governments.

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                How so?

                • Kevin McAuley

                  Large government wields more power than small government. the smaller the government the less impact they have to “sell” things they don’t really own simply because they pass a law saying they own it. To get control of that power means getting elected, and in the media dominated world, getting elected requires money. Money comes from large donors who in exchange for giving them election funding, they want special treatment once they become elected. The less the government controls, the less power it has and the less influence buys. The cost to get elected does not reduce based on power, but the willingness to fund it by large donors goes down as the influence it buys diminishes.

                  • TecumsehUnfaced

                    What a nonsensical mishmash of pseudo argument with only haphazard attachment to reality!

                    Money comes from large donors? Doesn’t that show how dangerous large corporations and very rich vampires are? You just shot yourself in the foot in regard to the outrageous power they exert to the vast distress of the people they prey upon.

                    You’ve have provided no argument at all in relationship to the size of government.

                    You are a corporate propagandist working to keep swindling people of the wealth of their labors.

      • Mrs_Snoopington

        Planned Parenthood is also a corporation, are you aware of that? Their annual domestic income is $1,000,000,000. They are THE most evil. They lie, poison young girls and women, steal men’s future offspring.

        • m00ndog

          What does this have to do with Nestle? I don’t see the point of your comment.

    • bfg

      There was a time when, in order to make a profit businesses would produce something. Now they can steal something from the commonweal and sell it back and the only cost is packaging and advertising. We are complicit in this theft when we buy what they sell. If we all stopped buying bottled water this guy would soon be on welfare.

      • deannaM

        not as long as chlorine,ammonia,and fluoride is being forced on public water supplies.i flush my toilet in the bathroom and i breath chlorine in my living a room.i have no choice but to bathe in it but its so bad i have to use filtered water to rinse my dishes the gaseous smell is so bad .i live on about 700$ a month and while i am forced to pay for this poisonous water i am also forced to buy bottled to drink.its not nestle ,i avoid them like the plague ,but if i cant get to the reverse osmosis dispenser in one of the local grocery stores to fill gallon jugs ,i have to buy bottled.

        • tomocean

          You do realize that unlike municipal water sources, bottled water has a fraction of the quality regulatory oversight and testing? In fact, the testing requirements for bottled water are laughable. But if it makes you feel better to spend exorbitant amounts for water when you could get a cheaper, cleaner source right from your tap, then by all means do so.

    • meanwhile, crystal geyser wants to do the same thing here in mountshasta. when will california get serious about the drought and start regulating this resource extraction industry??

    • Dennis Hastings

      AWESOMELY self serving garbage being spouted by this man. Water comes from rain, which comes from evaporation. His whole spiel about whether or not it’s a human right is just insane. Using his logic, once a ‘price’ is set for a ‘water product’, then we as a people not longer have any rights to the water. Don’t fill up a water bottle from a mountain stream… Nestle owns that. He needs to be exterminated.

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    • GaryReber

      Nestle famously declared at the 2000 World Water Forum in the Netherlands that water should be defined as a need—not as a human right. Nestle is obviously benefiting from a “corporate welfare giveaway,” being able to acquire California water at 65 cents for each 470 gallons it pumps out of the ground – the same rate as an average residential water user, but the difference is they are hoarding the water supply by draining 80 million gallons per year and reselling, after filtering, at a substantial profit, while California continues to run out of water. The company is not employee-owned, but narrowly owned. The allocation of water throughout the state should be organized and sold by a Citizen Land Bank, owned by every individual Californian.

      Additionally, we need to build desalination plants that do not harm marine life, and finance their formation using Citizen Land Banks, whereby the citizens, as individuals, of the State of California own the new infrastructure.


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    • KeithBender

      Picture: A Vulture and it’s nest with baby Vultures …….(refer to Nest Lee Lo go,just how low will they go? )
      and the Nest Lee Jingle ??? Remember that? NNN EEE SSS TEEE ELLL EEE EESSS. NN EE SS Tea mocks the Bloody mess. N.E.S.T.L.E.SS Stealing from your Nest .

      Water is only 70% of the Human Bodies composition……. So, the Slavery Work ethic applies. “They Own you”.
      Are you not “EN THRALLED” with the idea? Sacrifice Sacramento? Has a sardonic ring to it

    • JNWesner

      A corporation is allowed to continue draining the aquifer, without regard for human need or the importance of protecting underground water supplies? Why can’t, or don’t, the people of Sacramento stop this immediately? Then to turn around and buy your own water back in bottles is the height of stupidity. Is anybody paying attention?

      • Phobia Frenzy

        the corporation has cronies in the congress, but people don’t!

        • JNWesner

          Pho, I submit that we do have some representation — the liberal Democrats. There are some in both houses. If you check their voting records, you can find who they are. But if people maintain that the two parties are just alike, we’ll keep sending Republicans to vote for their sponsors.

    • BD70

      And when California water is all gone then what?

      • Mrs_Snoopington

        Well, start praying. If that’s repulsive, try it first. Lightening won’t strike, I promise. After we moved to the Sacto region, my husband and I prayed daily to God to please give us rain. It rained about two weeks later…hard. Strangers were thanking us for bringing the rain with us (we just moved back to Cali from Oregon)…and I told them to thank God.

        I keep wondering how much water it takes to abort a baby.

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    • Beau Jeste

      What about fracking and tar sands? Is that using any Cali water?

      • jchastn

        Millions of gallons a year are going to fracking in CA

        • Kevin McAuley

          You are hereby banned from ever complaining about the cost of fuel, food, or transport of any good.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            An autocrat, eh? A silly one.

            • Kevin McAuley

              How am I an autocrat? When did I express a desire for a single supreme ruler?

              • TecumsehUnfaced

                Okay, by what assumed right are you imperiously banning complaints against the profiteering in the face of environmental destruction?

                Though that was autocratic, you are in truth a tool for the oligarchs.

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    • mike

      He has some points to be sure but the fact no one has become ill due to GMO’s is only an opinion. What if someone got ill and they just did not went to admit it was from GMO’s? That is the most likely situation.

    • Doris

      you are all allow them to do so , so stop complaining , stop buying Nestle products .

    • David

      Why cant they just bottle water from somewhere else?

      • Free2speak

        They are!! Everywhere they can they do this, it is a business model. Here in BC Canada they have the same plant draining our water for near free and selling it back to us at massive profits as well.

    • dbwells

      Nestle is a big contributor to the currant administration in the White House so don’t expect any help from them. Pretty sure they will be big donors to who ever is in power so the only way to stop this company is raising awareness in the public eye.

      • DH234

        I don’t think they have a federal approval for these actions…the states control their water and the state legislators are the ones getting the support…no need to go higher up….

    • n10dkf

      Publish a list of all the name brands under the Nestle’ umbrella, so we and others can boycott ALL of their products. I, for one, will not give one cent to this fascist corporation!

      • Jacquelyn Long Smith

        I found this list and tried to delete all but what was found in the US.
        Aqua Pod
        Acqua Panna
        Arrowhead (USA)
        Calistoga (USA)
        Deer Park (USA)
        Poland Spring (USA)
        Zephyrhills (USA)
        Ice Mountain (USA)
        Nestlé Aquarel
        Pure Life/Pureza Vital/Vie Pure
        Ozarka (USA)

        • JNWesner

          Why do people pay outrageous prices for bottled water anyway? Does your home not have pipes? I’ve never bought a bottle of water.

          • Spanky

            Some cities *cough* Flint, MI *cough* have allowed companies to pollute their water ways.

          • KenSterling

            I have my own well, but the water has a huge amount of Iron and Calcium and isn’t very thirst quenching, so I have a series of filters and am installing a ‘Reverse Osmosis’ system too. . . . No more Bottled Water for me !

            • jchastn

              Thank god that our community has good clean drinkable tap water! A little filtering and I feel fine drinking it. That is the case in most of the PNW. But Nestle is here too, stealing water. Stop buying bottled water!!!


            You may change your mind if you move to California and drink the water.

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    • Sander Neels

      this man needs to die. seriously. kill this man!!!

      • Kevin McAuley

        So murder someone because they sell a product people want? why not call for the murder of anyone drinking bottled water ?

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          So you believe that vampires should be allowed to corrupt governments into giving them public resources cheaply so they can drain the people’s wealth.

          • Kevin McAuley

            They are buying it for the same price you can. And yet you call for their murder. You don’t agree with them, and so you feel they deserve death. Since they don’t agree with you, should they also be entitled to call for YOUR death? Also you keep over using the word vampire. They are a business that is not breaking any law. They are taking a product you can buy and repackaging it, then selling it for a profit. And for that you think they are vampires. So to anyone that makes a profit – are they vampires too? Since the government takes things and effectively sells it back to you, are they vampires? Should everyone work for the state and receive only what they need regardless of rarity of their skill, and effort of their labour? Do you ascribe to the maxim from each according to ability, to each according to need?

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              You are mendaciously trying to put words in my mouth. I never called for their murder.

              You are a very programmed cut-and-paste ideologue.

              Of course, they are vampires. They are greedily extracting the public wealth to their own profit, corruptly and mendaciously.

              The yammer beyond that is just your screwed up and simplistic understanding of economic theory throw out to “win” by confusion. Stay on point.

    • Kurtis Engle

      Wow. That guys spiel is exactly the same as the corporate boss in the sci-fi movie about the not to distant future distopia. It is very clear why he is the boss.

      • Karisa Keahey

        My daughters were into a comic book that was made into a movie. I shared a clip on this guy on FaceBook and one my daughters said “this is like “Tank Girl”. That is scary, imagining a world like that becoming reality.

        • Kurtis Engle

          ‘Tank Girl” is exactly the movie I was thinking of.

          So, you are telling me I’m not wrong. And Nestle Inc is.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Nestle is a corporation built by and for the sociopaths to facilitate their feeding on the rest of us.

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    • paul moses

      Its the American way… just like they steal our money and then give part of it back to us in services most of us dont need.. so whats the point again…

      • Kathryn Hopping

        It’s not the American Way. Or the British Way. Or the Japanese Way. Or French, Nigerian, Colombian…’s the CORPORATE WAY. And we need to destroy them.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          The corporate way is so natural to Libertarians/corporatists that to protect ourselves we do need to destroy them, or at least their power.

      • Karisa Keahey

        No this is Corporatism, or Mussolini’s form of Fascism. I have family that served in the Dutch resistance during WW2, they left the United States in the 1980’s because they saw the signs that this country is headed for fascism.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Unusual family you’ve got there. That’s the kind of consciousness I wish I had in mine.

        • paul moses

          How come you didn’t go with them… we could use less idiots like you… we have enough walking around…

          • Karisa Keahey

            First off, I was a child at the time. Second, I now have relatives that I am carrying for and they don’t want to leave. If I had a choice and it was possible to take my disabled relatives with me, I would join my daughter and her family in Finland.

    • Addison DeWitt

      Smelt today, humans tomorrow.

      • Mrs_Snoopington

        Addison totally love your choice of avatars, one of my favorite British actors, George Sanders. He and Dame Margaret Rutherford MBE were never in a film together, I think.

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    • TecumsehUnfaced

      We need to recover the water of Jerry Brown’s perfidious brain and body.

      • Your1Friend

        What ever happened to him?

        Perhaps all of those pesticides, herbicides, and GMOs destroying California’s Central Valley have taken a toll on him as well.

        He really appears to have sold out.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Why is the corrupt American government still going after Snowden when the true enemy of America’s people is Peter Brabeck and unprincipled company he leads?

      • Mrs_Snoopington

        Did you vote for the current “corrupt American gov’t.” i.e., Barrack Obama?

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          How is voting for the “lesser of two evils” important to you? Is it relevant to the fact that this government is thoroughly corrupt?