This Map Shows You Just How Many Prisoners Are In Each US State

Four of the states in the US have a higher prison population per 100,000 than any nation abroad.
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    State numbers:

    State incarceration numbers

    The incarceration rate in the US is the highest in the world.

    According to the American Civil Liberties Union, although the US is home to only 5 percent of the world’s population, it boasts 25 percent of the world’s prisoners. About one in 100 American adults are behind bars, the Economist reports.

    If those stats aren’t enough to shock you, consider that the state of New Hampshire alone has about the same number of prisoners as the entire country of Israel.

    Now that’s shocking, right?

    Of course, the overflow of prisoners in the US causes all sorts of problems. For starters, it’s expensive to incarcerate people. Those pushing for prison reform have been steadily raising their voices.

    Here is a visual aid that helps elucidate why. The map below compares prisoner populations in individual US states with prisoner populations from different countries around the world.

    To create the map below, we used US prisoner population estimates from the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Their most recent survey reports final counts of prisoners under the jurisdiction of state and federal correctional authorities on Dec. 31, 2013.

    International prison population estimates come from the most recent edition of the International Centre for Prison Studies’ World Prison Population List.

    Each state is labelled with the country that has the closest corresponding number of prisoners per 100,000 people. Not every state has a close match, states that don’t have a nation with a similar prison population per 100,000 are labelled “no equivalent nation.”

    Some states have prison population rates that are larger than any other country in the world, these states are labelled as “higher than any other nation.”

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    • The answer is as plain as the nose on your face…

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    • Travis Peterson

      Yes it may be higher in USA, but many of these other country comparisons still have its criminals running around free on the streets, believe me I know.

    • AffinityNetNews

      All prisons are for-profit corporations. All so-called ‘Law Enforcement’ are for-profit corporations. All have DUNS #’s ( Data Universal Numbering Systems Inc.) with Duns and Bradstreet, and are traded daily on the NYSE as corporations.

      All courts have DUNS #’s as well. All courts are a privately owned off-shore corporations copyrighted, trademarked and registered and are managed under BAR Incorporated at the Financial District of London City, England, for Crown Corporation founded by the Nights Templar in the middle ages for Vatican Incorporated the oldest, wealthiest corporation on the planet at 2000 years and counting.

      There is no Constitutional Representative ‘government’ based on the organic Constitution of 1776, ratified in 1789, only a massive spider’s web of over 185,000 corporations since and before 1933, in direct collusion with the Bank of International Settlements, IMF, and United Nations, for Crown Corporation, BAR Incorporated and ultimately Vatican Incorporated, pursuant to, Act of 1871, 22 USC 613, Trading With The Enemy Act, The Emergency Banking Relief Act, The Treasury Act, The Buck Act, HJR No. 192, 22 USC 612, The Emergency War Powers Act, Public Law 87-297, Patriot Act etc., and numerous international treaties that usurp any constitutional laws such as the Geneva Convention of 1938, that re-classified all sovereign state within the Union as: ‘hypothecated corporate fictions’ which included all asset holdings and citizens as corporate fictions under the direct subjugation of the United nations.

      The USA Is A Corporation, United States Code Title 28, 3002 (15) (A) (B) (C) 15, (A) means a ‘Federal Corporation.

      ‘Acts’ are not Constitutional Law, they are merely ‘corporate policies’. They are ‘Acting’ as in ‘pretending’ to be law but are in-fact, de facto (unlawful) fraudulent without lawful interstate nexus, authority or jurisdiction pursuant to General Order No. 1, Title 28 3002, (15) (A) (B) (C)

      In 1917, The Trading With The Enemy Act, was passed and CON-gress passed provisions that defined the American People as … ‘Enemies-of-the-State.

      Research: America Is A Corporation.


    • James Smith

      The drug war is a blatant communist manifesto and those illegal constitution subjugating laws were enacted and done so for one purpose only…. and that was to bring to fruition their communist new world order manifesto, just like in all other countries, that went and forced communist did it in this same fashion. Where the problem lays is…. the cops, judges and politicians are in fact the main criminal illicit drug distributors and they were caught red handed laundering 385 billion in cash with an average of 1.2 trillion in profits per year…. The real deal extremely stupid police, when the time was right, were made to act against the U.S. Constitution, to successfully blackmail them all …. like right now with the communist u.n. scumbag obama trying to usher in one world communist government.

      • Poonam Srivastava

        I agree that the draconian drug laws have a lot to do with the high prison populations. Now if that is because of communists or Obama, who came much earlier and much later than those laws, i don’t rightly see how. The drug laws, mandatory minimum sentencing, three strikes, etc. though, do contribute. Still why would those laws be put in place. Who benefits?

        • James Smith

          The communist new world order benefits by controlling the whole planet…. anyone who wants to control the whole planet is a blatant sociopath, a communist and cops judges and politicians are in fact sociopaths.

    • Poonam Srivastava

      It may be expensive to house criminals for the government, but isn’t it at the same time extremely profitable to private prison subcontractors and owners??????

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