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    Calling All Journalism Students

    Are you the next Glenn Greenwald?

    Do you have what it takes to become an investigative reporter?  Demonstrate your talent and you could win a $1,000 scholarship and a chance to have your report published on the MintPress News website alongside your photo and bio reaching readers from across the nation and world. The top 10 finalists will also be given the opportunity to have their investigation published on our website which could jump start your journalism career.

    That’s Not All: The 10 finalists will also be placed in a drawing to be selected for a PAID INTERNSHIP opportunity with MintPress News which could transition into EMPLOYMENT within our global news organization.

    Have you created original journalistic content? Are you aware of a hard hitting issue that deserves national news coverage?  Are you thinking up new ways to tell a story with video and/or online news reporting? Are you politically aware and news savvy on a national and international level? We’re looking for students pursuing studies at the crossroads of journalism, human relations, international affairs and political science. If you’re on the cutting edge of news reporting beyond the classroom, this scholarship is for you.

    The MintPress News scholarship fosters investigative journalism skills in undergraduate and graduate students developing projects at the intersection of investigative journalism and social justice issues.

    Our goal: To revive hard hitting & informative news reporting by shining a light on journalism students across the nation who strive to bring a voice to the voiceless.

    The scholarship program is targeted to individual students creating projects that further the ideals of video and/or online news journalism through the lens of social justice and human rights. In a headline news driven industry, we hope to encourage journalism students to help revive hard hitting, informative reporting by covering issues often overlooked by the media, and to create original content that is not already saturated in our news.

    How To Apply

    Students from diverse backgrounds, from across the nation, and who have a passion for keeping real informative journalism alive are strongly encouraged to apply and submit YOUR BIG investigative report to along with a cover letter as to why you should receive this scholarship by March 1, 2014.



    Three students will receive scholarship awards of $1,000 each for the 2014-15 academic year.

    Top 10 finalists will have their report, picture and bio featured on the MintPress News website and social media channels for an entire week each.

    Scholarship winners will also have the opportunity for their BIG investigative report, their photo and bio to be featured on the front page of the MintPress News website and social media pages reaching readers from across the nation and around the world.



    The deadline for the 2013-14 academic year is March 1st, 2014.



    Online news reports require at least two original interviews, more than 1000 words, originally sourced content.

    Video reports require original video footage, at least two original interviews, at least 2 minutes long – independently produced video packages only.


    For more information about the MintPress News scholarship contact us at .


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