Iran Calls Saudi Arabia To Task Over Promoting Terrorism

Rouhani said a Saudi-led coalition that has been bombing Yemen since March has prompted a humanitarian crisis and greater poverty in Yemen, saying these were among the main causes behind the spread of extremism in the region.
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    TEHRAN, Iran – Iranian President Hassan Rouhani accused archrival Saudi Arabia Sunday of promoting poverty and terrorism by continuing to bomb Yemeni rebels and supporting armed rebels fighting to topple Syrian President Bashar Assad in Syria.

    Addressing a conference in Tehran, Rouhani suggested that destroying Syria won’t strengthen those governments in the region which support the anti-Assad rebels.

    “Does the weakening of Syria benefit its Muslim neighbors? Does the destruction of Syria lead to the strengthening of Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates or other countries? Who is pleased by Syria’s destruction other than Israel,” Rouhani said.

    Iran is one of Assad’s main allies and has provided his government with military and political backing for years.

    Rouhani said the  (ISIS) and other armed groups are defaming Islam by resorting to barbaric acts and that has led to Muslim states forgetting their common enemy: Israel.

    “How many bombs and missiles have you purchased from the U.S. in the past year,” Rouhani asked in an apparent reference to Saudi Arabia. “If you had distributed the same money among poor Muslims, none of them would have gone to bed hungry.”

    Rouhani, a moderate politician, said a Saudi-led coalition that has been bombing Yemen since March has prompted a humanitarian crisis and greater poverty in Yemen, saying these were among the main causes behind the spread of extremism in the region.

    Rouhani’s comments highlight the struggle for regional supremacy between Shiite powerhouse Iran and the Sunni kingdom of Saudi Arabia that has played out in conflicts in Bahrain, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, where Saudi Arabia is leading an Arab military intervention against Shiite rebels who are backed by Iran.

    The Yemen conflict pits President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, a U.S. ally, against the Iranian-backed Shiite Houthis – who control the capital, Sanaa – and military units loyal to ex-president Ali Abdullah Saleh.

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    • Norm
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    • Nazmul Hoque Chowdhury

      This is a good question as the Saudis were never eager to help poor Muslims but try to force their Wahabi doctrine on all muslim nations. They want to keep Miskins so that they can distribute their Zakats/ fetras to them by forcing them to being radicalized with their hinious doctrine of wahabism. They are never interested in providing aid to build a Bridge/Roads/Hospitals/Factories whereas if you ask for a help to build Madrassa or Masjid they are more than eager to provide. The main objective of this saudi monarchy is to promote their doctrine of wahabism by which they can belittle our Great prophet and his teachings. They call themselves as sunnis but in reality they are those monafeks which our great prophet had forcasted will be here some 1500 years ago.

      • Micheal

        There is No such thing called wahabi. It is determined used by sufis, shias and the non-Muslims, to demonize the True Teaching of Islam.

        Imam Mohammed ibn Abdul Wahhab taught and reform the people, who strayed away, worshipping & seeking help from graves of dead people, he called the Muslims to worship Allah Alone, seeking His help alone, return to purified teaching of the Prophet as was understood and practiced by his companions.

        12 Rabi Awwal, is the date the Prophet died. Those who holds events to celebrate prophet birthday. This was never practiced by his companions, nor the first 3 generations of the Muslims. There are many different issues where it can be clearly shown how most of the Muslims have strayed from true purified way of the Prophet, but time doesn’t permit…

        • Norm

          So how many millions more need to die before Sunnis and Shiites manage to decide their 1400-yr feud of which one of them is the true successor of Muhammad that should be entitled to continue his legacy of pillaging and subjugating the rest of the world?

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Actually, that was pretty much resolved before the vicious Empire-ZioNazi invasions and manipulations, like the Shrub’s illegal invasion that cost about 1.5 million Iraqi lives.

            So, you ZioNazis straddling Palestine and the Empire are the real pillagers and mass murderers of the world. Thanks for drawing it to our attention.

            • Norm

              See: “Understanding the Sunni-Shi’ite Divide”

              Although in your particular case, Tecumseh, “understanding” may be a bit too much to expect given your already manifested lack of any reasoning skills. So just make sure you go over it and acquaint yourself with some of the pertinent historical facts, a process you should have no problem doing given your already manifested plenty of facts-free empty space available in that tiny appendage above your neck substituting for a brain.

              • TecumsehUnfaced
              • Micheal

                The article you have sighted “Understanding the Sunni-Shi’ite Divide”, is an incorrect narration of the true version of what happened.

                There is a reason why Prophet Mohammad was given sons, the One True God, take them away. The prophets of the One True God, was never succeeded by the children in leadership, because they came to deliver a message, rectifying mankind upon the obedience and worship of the One True God.

                There is narrations and accounts in the lifetime of Prophet Mohammad where he choose Abu Bakr in areas of leadership and Abu Bakr showed how he was best person, in his character and deeds, Prophet Mohammad testified to this. Based upon actual statement of the Prophet, he choose Abu Bakr to be his successor. Ali, gave his pledge to Abu Bakr, then Umar and then Othman.

                A Jew, Abdullah ibn saba, who had claimed he was a muslim, is the one who created the first two fractions that broke away from the true teaching of Islam. He is one who went to different Muslims who had recently converted, sighting that Ali should have been the leader not Abu Bakr, Umar and Othman. Due to the strong leadership of both Abu Bakr and Umar, he wasnt able to do anything, but started when Othman took over. Since Othman was soft natured person, he took advantage of the opportunity.
                Eventually he created group who was ignorant and brain washed them, to oppose Othman, eventually murdering him. When Ali took over, he rejected them, even banishing them. This group was known as khawarij.
                Ali wanted to bring the Muslims together first so that they would have capability to deal with this group, but some of the Muslims wanted to take revenge. This resulted in civil war, eventually Ali was murdered by this group, due to division of the Muslims. Muawiya took over introduced succession based upon family.

                Although this was not true Islamic system, it keep the Muslims together. Also, Prophet Mohammad foretold that Caliphate (true Islamic system) would only last for 30 years. So after Ali was murdered and the muslims choose Hasan, after 6 months, he gave his pledge to Muawiya, in order to keep the unity. He was advised such by his grandfather, Prophet Mohammad.

                Regarding Hussain, those who had falsely claiming, they were supported him, came to him claiming they would support him against the oppressive leadership. When he decide to gather army, they abandon him, thus allowing the army of Yazid to slaughter them.
                Although, this is where Shias broke from the Islam, they are the one who created circumstance. They celebrate the incident of karbala but they are responsible for that. They have stray so much that most of them are Not considered Muslims. The Iranian government, its scholars are Not Muslims. Also Assad and his regime are worst than Iranians. This is based upon their beliefs their Imams share in divine qualities like the One True God. In Islam, No one shares in worship nor divine qualities with Him.

                So based on popular beliefs, there is No two main groups of Muslims.

                • Norm

                  The only problem with that is that while you people are conducting meticulous scholarly debates on the exact One True Islam and its exact origins, other Muslims are slaughtering hundreds of thousands of each other and are uprooting millions of each other in the name of Allah. I wonder if this ever becomes a topic of discussion for you guys as you sit and explore in detail the latest rulings about women’s menstruation cycles and the proper length of a beard.

                  • Micheal

                    I don’t have the ability to deal that sort of problem. We have the Saudi Gov’t, who is upon this path, trying to deal with it. They have already eradicated from their country, like Al Qaeeda & bin laden (who was expel & his citizenship revoked). I don’t say that the Saudi Gov’t has 100% Islamic system, don’t say they don’t have faults and commit mistakes, but they are the closest to Islamic system we have now. The way of the salaf, we look what is good and try to make it better. Also we look what is the cause of the problem, like how a doctor who do with their patient, and try to treat the problem.
                    Don’t feel that we are not trying to deal with the problem, but you have to understand there are others who benefit from the chaos and blood being spilled.
                    In the country where I live, we have muslims leaving to join ISIS, and there is concern with the general Muslims and non-Muslims. Wherever I am questioned by others, I try to clarify what is the True teaching of Islam. For it is easy to explain in person, than just typing, sorry if you haven’t gotten a comprehensive understanding.

                    • Norm

                      What percentage of Muslim youth rooting for or planning on leaving to join ISIS, that you have talked to in the country where you live, do you reckon you were able to dissuade so far by clarifying to them the True teaching of Islam?

                      • Micheal

                        I don’t know except what is broadcasted in the media, since I don’t associate myself with these type of Muslims. I clarify to the general Muslims and non-Muslims

                      • Nazmul Hoque Chowdhury

                        Then you better stay with your Wahhabi brethren and don,t mingle with real Muslims.

                    • Nazmul Hoque Chowdhury

                      It seems you are in accordance with this Wahabi Saudi Government who recently formed an alliance with few Muslim countries some without their consent.Except some Wahabi governments in the Gulf no one is really interested in joining this alliance.Of course some poor countries might join for the sake of the petro dollars handouts.But no one really believes in this farcical alliance. As they know Saudi Wahabism is the root cause of this terrorism.Like the USA they also want to hide the ugly face.

                      • Micheal

                        Only very ignorant Muslim or a non-Muslim would use the term wahabi as a label. You choose what you are.
                        Also you seems very much aware of the politics that exist with the Muslim countries. You should be more concerned about yourself and your relationship with your Lord.

                    • Nazmul Hoque Chowdhury

                      Dear Micheal please answer me one another thing.If God has taken away sons of our prophet so that no hierarchy can be established (as per your assumption) – How come this Saudi wahabi kings become kings hereditary.Is it Islamic?

                • Nazmul Hoque Chowdhury

                  I don,t know how and where you found out that Abu Bakr was indicated by prophet Muhammad to be the next leader.But which is documented and can be found even today that Prophet himself indicated by pronouncing in Gadir E khom in presence of 2,50,000 Sahabas that Hazrat Ali is his Maula who considers Prophet Muhammad his Maula holding hazrat Ali,s hand high.

                  • Micheal

                    That was a hadeeth that I quoted. Please produce reference for what you have quoted

                    • Nazmul Hoque Chowdhury

                      What I quoted is also a hadeeth.

                      • Micheal

                        Then quote your reference and it is authentic based on who?

          • Micheal

            Shias came out from a rebellion from the oppressive leadership, but has since strayed away from Islam, and most of them are not considered Muslims.

            Most of the Muslims are Not consider sunnis (ahlus sunnah – people who follow the way of the prophet as understood and practiced by his companions). Like Sufis, Jamat Tabligh, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood (egypt), etc. Time doesn”t permit me to give you details how all these different group strayed away from the true teaching of Islam.

            Islam means Total submission to the One True God. It calls mankind to worship the One True God Alone, negating any worship to anything else. Islam has a complete and perfect system for every aspect of our lives, the problems due to the ignorance and straying of the Muslims, hence the reason for the turmoil and problems that exist.

            • Norm

              Is there any Islamic faction today that follows the One True Islam that you espouse? Which is it? Where? Hizb ut-Tahrir?

              • Micheal

                Hizb Tahrir is from the Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt.

                Based upon my knowledge and personal experience, there are some scholars and students of knowledge that are upon the True Islam. Alot of them are located in Saudi Arabia, also some parts of the Muslim world.
                They have groups which ascribes to them and call themselves salafis, but in many circumstances they lack knowledge, the attitude and behaviour, thus resulting alot of the general Muslims and non-Muslims, getting incorrect understanding of the true Islam

                • Norm

                  Any specific names of individuals and/or groups that could be checked to see what they stand for? Or is it all just a hypothetical assumption of yours about an unattainable theoretical Islamic ideal?

                  • Micheal

                    When I said based upon my knowledge and experience. It means, I have encountered and studied with the various groups of muslims and their versions of Islam. I have had the opportunity to sit with most of knowledgeable to the scholars, living right now.

                    Some who have died, decade or two ago, like Sh Abdul Azeez bin Baz, Sh Ibn Othaimeen, Sh Al Albani (Jordon), Sh Muqbil (Yemen). Those that are living, Sh Salih Al Fawzan, Sh Abdul Mohsin Al Abaad, Sh Wasiullah Al Abbass (India), Sh Mohammad Adam (Ethiopia). In Islam, having Bsc or PhD in Islamic theology doesn’t make one a scholar of Islam, so alot of those in the West, who have such, are just considered preachers, researchers, etc.

                    Since I prefer to be careful with my Islam, I stick to those quoted above. I do not say those who call themselves salafis, are not upon that same path, but my experience taught me that in many circumstances, they lack knowledge, proper attitudes, approach in teaching others.

                    • Norm

                      Thanks. So would this be closer to the views of Ali al-Halabi and Mashhur ibn Hasan Al Salman, or those of Rabee Al-Madkhali?

                      • Micheal

                        Yes. I prefer to stick to older more senior scholars, since they have more knowledge and wiser

                      • Norm

                        Well, as long as you can appreciate the preordained reality of the relative stability afforded to you Salafi quietists by a Hashemite king who maintains a peace treaty with Israel, with the protection of both the IDF and the US military holding back the jihadists from chopping your heads off, and his.

                      • Micheal

                        I don’t know what you are speaking about. It is not part of our way to get involved in politics and those in authority, except to advise them, pray for them and obey them as long as it doesn’t involve disobedience to the Creator.

                        I don’t call myself salafi, although I aspire to be like the Salaf (Prophet & his companions), I am not worthy of that name, since they were people who change the state of everyone they encountered, toward righteousness and prosperity.

                      • Norm

                        This is not entirely true, since the way Islam managed to spread from a tiny tribe in Arabia to conquer the vast territory from Morocco to the Philippines was mostly via the sword, not through “righteousness and prosperity” per se. You can’t really claim that you “stay out of politics” when you support the enforcing of your beliefs on others against their will, e.g. the death penalty for apostasy: ”Whoever changes his religion is to be killed” as recorded by al-Bukhari, Ahmed, Abu Dawud, al-Nasai, al-Tirmidhi, and ibn Majah, to take just one example.

                      • Micheal

                        Maybe you should try to do more research how Islam was spread. I am not saying the Muslims wasn’t part of battle against various countries, but Not as the aggressor, rather to defend themselves.
                        The first battle, Badr, was started when the pagan Arab took all the Muslims possession in Makkah and was carrying it to sell in another country. The Muslims went out from madinah to retrieve it, the pagan decide to send an army to fight the muslims. 1000 full armed pagans fight about 100 muslims barely armed.
                        First battle with the Romans occurred, when the Prophet sent a messenger and the Romans decided to murder him. In our time, if an ambassodor is murdered in another country gov’t, this would be considered an act of aggression.

                        Regarding the apostasy, this is only relates to Islamic state. As Muslims, we believe that Islam has a complete and perfect system. A Muslim has to have complete faith that Islam is the only way, if he has doubts, then his Islam is in question.
                        Quran ‘there is no compulsion in religion..’ meaning we cannot force anyone become a Muslim, nor can we change what is in the heart. No true Muslim who understands his religion correctly, would rejects his faith for anything else. I am telling you this from myself, not even I given the world nor put in the harshness of punishments, would I gave up my religion. I am a Muslim, not because I believe I would get paradise, how much virgins I want, I am a Muslim because I am convinced Islam is the only way and whatever I do is for the One who Created me and everything else.
                        So while Islam doesn’t force anyone to become a Muslim, it doesn’t accept rejection of faith. Death penalty comes after the person has been advised by the people of knowledge and the person shows no remorse or regards. Also if someone changes religion to other, if they remain quiet and move away, without making his conversion public, then that is between them and his Lord on the Day of Judgement.

                      • Norm

                        I hope you understand that in exactly the same way that you are unwavering in your faith, other people are deeply grounded in their own belief systems, each totally convinced that theirs is the One True outlook and all the rest are misguided, and there is absolutely no objective way to “prove” which is the “correct” one. Even you, who hold that everything is preordained by the Creator, have to admit the fact that other faiths do exist, and to come up with a strategy as to how to best coexist with them within a shared physical reality from which you can’t simply escape by scholastic arguments.

                        Meanwhile, there’s a Clash of Civilizations war going on at this particular moment in history around you. While in ancient times the question was which ideology was going to dominate all others, today it is the choice between Pluralism and Totalitarianism, with only Pluralism offering a way out by separating Church and State through democracy and tolerance for freedom of expression for all. If you think that places like Saudi Arabia or Jordan could provide your learned scholars a political shelter indefinitely, consider that with current oil prices the ruling families in Saudi Arabia and the GCC are going to be financially bankrupt within 5 years and, along with Jordan, will be consumed by Sunni and/or Shiite radicalism unless the West intervenes militarily there.

                        So any way you look at it, your continued physical existence for the foreseeable future is dependent on the victory of Western democracies against radical Islamist totalitarianism. The only “price” for you to participate is respecting and tolerating all others who also accept the principle of freedom of expression for all. I think you’ll agree with me that this seems to be what your Creator has intended, or else our reality would have been completely different.

                      • Micheal

                        We believe mankind was created for the purpose the worship the Creator Alone. All the Prophets came with one Message, worshiping the One True God Alone, negating worship to anything else.

                        The One True God created good and evil, and gave mankind a choice. Whatever is their choice they would be put to account on the Day of Judgement. Not because there are so many different religions and systems, means that the One True God accepts or pleased with it, rather He allows for a reason.

                        Democracy existed in the time of Jesus, with the Romans, yet we do not find a single statement in the Bible, where Jesus endorses this system, yet the christians are those who propagate it. This is due to Paul incorporating the Roman beliefs, practices and system in christianity, to make it more acceptable to the Romans to convert. In your understanding, you may feel that democracy, give man the choice and freedom, based on my studies and experience, I understand it to be the opposite.

                        As I stated before, Islam has a complete and perfect system, whether we live in Islamic country or non-Muslim country. We obey the laws as long as it doesn’t go against our religion. You would find that the Muslims in any non-Muslim country, have the lowest criminals than any others. This is not believe we believe in democracy or the laws, rather Islam teaches us to be the first to keep peace. Even if our religion or self are being oppressed, we are not allowed to conduct protest / demonstrate, nor any sort of violence, rather always be patient and try to be better in our actions and statements.

                      • Norm
            • Nazmul Hoque Chowdhury

              As you repeatedly stated “Time does not permit”. What is the definition of being a Muslim? Who believes in one and only Allah(creator)? The answer is NO. Because in any form nearly each and every one in this planet believes in creator.Some call them God or Lord or Allah or by any names .But only who believes In Muhammad is the Muslim and has Imaan. Now try to understand what Allah wants us to believe and act accordingly

              • Micheal

                For a Muslim, it not sufficient just to believe in the Creator, also required to worship Him Alone, seeking His help alone, We believe Mohammad is the final messenger of Allah, who came with a perfect and complete message and system for all mankind until the Day of Judgement.

                Quran – Allah says – Say: If you love Allah, then follow me,Allah will love you and forgive you your faults, and Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

                So you need to follow the Prophet what he said and practiced. The best people to understand and follow the Prophet was his companions.

        • Nazmul Hoque Chowdhury

          It seems you are one of those followers of Abdul Wahab from Najad – who in your words wants reform by force. believe me no reform is needed as Our beloved prophet has completed the task and will remain as it is till the day of qiamat. Whoever talks about reform is there to undermine the sanctity and supremacy of the Prophet. If you are against worshipping & seeking help from dead peoples graves you should not visit the grave of our prophet in Medina during your hajj .

          • Micheal

            Imam ibn Abdul Wahhab only tried to return the Muslims to what Prophet Mohammad and his companions was upon. Due to the Muslims mixing with other cultures like Greek philosophy, hinduism, etc in the past, they strayed away.
            Alot of the practices and beliefs of the sufis, is contrary to what the Prophet and his companions were upon. Time doesn’t permit to quote each of their practices, showing how they strayed.

            When we visit the Prophet grave, we send salam to him, and an angel conveys the message to him. We do not worship or seek his help. We should only worship and seek help from Allah. If you believe we should worship or seek help from anyone else then your Islam is in question, and your judgement is with your Lord, if He would permit you in Jannah.

            What supremacy of the Prophet? Which Muslim in their right mind talks like that? You believe you love the Prophet so much? Do you have the same attitude, behaviour, practices, etc, like how he was? Do you pray or fast, teach & help the people, like him, whether Muslims or non-Muslims.

            Many Muslims now, live the lives, contrary to how a Muslims should, some don’t pray or fast,and even if they do, pray without proper devotion, like chickens. You know how they feel they love the prophet, by participating in practices that the Prophet didn’t sanctioned, nor his companions did? These practices, celebrating the birth of the Prophet? miraj nabi, etc, do you feel you love the Prophet more than Prophet`s companions, do you feel you better than them?

    • Ask Rouhani about Iran’s bombing of the Jewish community center in Argentina

    • Do I hear the Pot calling the Kettle black?

    • roundthings

      Pot calling the Kettle black

    • Truth finder

      Rouhani is hypocrite Shia regime evil

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Rouhani asks good questions that everybody should be asking. But then Iran has its own oil.

      • Norm

        Actually, a good question would be why the country with the fourth-largest proven oil reserves in the world has decided to embark on a “peaceful nuclear energy” program consisting of megalomaniac weapons-grade uranium enrichment supplemented with heavy-water plutonium production and accompanied by ICBMs development that can only be used for delivering nukes…

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Typical frantic try of disinformation from the stupidly mendacious.

          Can I hire you as a clown?

          Will you work for server’s wages?

          • Norm

            Let’s start with can you answer my question. But do take your time and study the issue first, you’ve already been completely destroyed on the History of the Holy Land topic with your lack of knowledge of factual evidence-based truth.

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              Destroyed by disinformation?

              Ha, ha!

              Here’s the evidence based truth you can’t figure out. What gang of European thugs invaded Palestine, viciously assaulted the indigenous people, drove 3/4 million of them from their homes, bulldozed over 600 of their towns and villages, ambushed their neighbors in another vicious land grab, surreptitiously developed a nuclear arsenal to terrorize the world, concocted the utterly evil Oded Yinon Plan, sent Mossad agents into Lebanon and Syria to fvck up their countries…?

              Whether or not you can answer that, you have been utterly destroyed, little mendacious hasbara troll.