Factcheck: 4 Mainstream Media Lies On Russian Airstrikes In Syria In 2 Minutes

As Russia began air striking ISIS strongholds where US military has failed, American media didn't waste any opportunity to blatantly lie and fabricate information about Russian airstrikes in Syria, including posting old photos of Syrian casualties blaming them on new Russian military action.
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    • silversmith

      I saw suspect walking toward officer with his left hand in his pocket . Obvisously he was commanded to assume a submissive posture . He continued toward the officer, was shot in the front initially then twisted around 360 and took more rounds . Here was an officer whoz life was threatened and justifiably took out valid threat( with left hand in pocket on gun?,knife?,icepic?) that was not responding to commands . This officer will be exonerated ! This is another Jessie and Al show !

    • joe

      US media is reporting for publicity not for facts. It is pretty dangerous there for anybody. One of the CBS reporter was raped in Egypt. It is scary world. Syrians opposition are nothing but thieves. They get US weapons from US fools and sell it to ISIS. US does not want Russia there because of it’s foolishness not finishing job. The amount of weapons US has used in middle east so far exceed both 1 and 2 world war. It is disaster so far, latest result in Afghanistan is proof. How a laser GPS guided can hit hospital? That is what they did so far?
      Any way once Russians done with these thieves opposing Assad ISIS will be straight heading for Mr Assad will be killed there. Or If smart Hot dog US will finish them. US no 1 in weapons but in operators. If they still want that superiority they must import Chinese like apple and dell did.