Despite Iran’s Compliance, State Dept Attempts To Undermine Nuclear Deal

Rex Tillerson's hastily arranged statement before cameras at the State Department reflected the competing forces pulling at the Trump administration as it develops its policy toward Iran.
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    While the US State Department was obliged to admit that Iran remains in full compliance with the P5+1 nuclear deal in a report to Congress, they are clearly not happy about that fact, and with President Trump openly looking to “renegotiate” the deal, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson attacked the pact in general.

    Indeed, Tillerson’s comments gave the appearance he didn’t know about the compliance, even though he was the one who signed the letter in the first place, as he attacked the P5+1 deal as a failure and accused Iran of  “unchecked” nuclear ambitions posing a grave risk to the world.

    Iran was never particularly close to nuclear weapons, and its leadership has repeatedly ruled out developing them. The P5+1 deal allows Iran an extremely limited civilian nuclear program, and since its implementation, both the US and IAEA have repeatedly affirmed Iranian compliance.

    Which means if the US wants to weasel its way out of the deal, which they clearly do, they need to invent some other problem, with Tillerson claiming that Iran’s status as a “state sponsor of terrorism” could justify backing out of the deal.

    Yet “state sponsor of terrorism” is a largely arbitrary designation dependent on US law and not fact, and Iran was one of the handful of nations saddled with that label when the deal was reached, meaning that it would be a particularly weak excuse to scrap the pact. Still, beggars can’t be choosers, and the political goal of scrapping the deal is likely to ultimately trump the lack of a plausible justification for doing so.



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    • Keen

      Pretty much describes Tillerson’s rhetorics:

      Iran complied to all demands proving it doesn’t have nuclear weapons.
      Tillerson: No they suck, we have to attack them.

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    • tapatio


      1) NO evidence, of any sort, has EVER been produced of an Iranian nuclear weapons program. The production of industrial and medical isotopes also produces trace amounts of “weapons grade” material – quantities far too small for weapons production. NPT Commission inspectors have never found more than these trace amounts.
      2) Netanyahu, the Israeli PM, has been screaming about an “Iranian Bomb in a year or two” FOR TWENTY-FIVE YEARS. So far, he has accomplished nothing other than looking like a fool and using the AIPAC/Rothschild-Bilderberg cartel members to blackmail the United States Government.
      3) Iran has NOT ATTACKED ANY COUNTRY IN 250 YEARS. Iran does provide support to Hamas (the ELECTED government of Gaza), Hezbollah (formed by the legitimate Lebanese government to resist an Israeli invasion of that country), Syria (the LEGITIMATE government of Syria fighting against the FOREIGN TERRORISTS attacking that country).
      4) Israel can not attack Iran independently without the use of Israel’s nuclear weapons. Israel has no transport for troops or equipment. If Israel used conventional missiles, Iran is a HUGE target, very difficult to attack. Israel is a tiny target – EASY to attack and Iran’s conventional missile force is equal to Israel’s. If Israel used nuclear weapons, the entire world would turn on Israel and the US could not protect it’s Jewish masters.
      5) If the US were to attack Iran, a 2011 Pentagon report stated that war with Iran would cost three to five times the US casualties of the Vietnam war and would destroy the US economy. That is IF Russia and China didn’t aid Iran. In that case, either the US would be defeated conventionally or destroyed in a nuclear war.
      6) There are hundreds of thousands of Christians, Buddhists and followers of other religions in Iran. Even almost ten thousand Jews (hated by Israel because they are a constant black eye for the Jews’ state). These people all follow their own religions in COMPLETE FREEDOM. The ONLY restriction on their practice is that they may not preach their faith in public. Conversion back and forth between religions, is not uncommon.
      7) Homosxxuality is as common in the Middle East, Including Iran, as in the rest of the world. The primary difference in Muslim countries is that open sxxual displays are strongly frowned on in their culture – especially so for gays. It’s the same in Nebraska or Mississippi. Only, the disapproval is official for Muslims. It’s a punishable offence for a married hetro couple to kiss in public. Gays who demand what they see as “Gay Rights” on TV are in grave danger.
      8) In Iran there is almost no homelessness, No Iranian child goes to bed hungry. Iranian health care is excellent and FREE. Iranian education is excellent and FREE. Severe poverty almost does not exist in Iran. SAD THAT AMERICANS CAN’T SAY THE SAME ABOUT THE UNITED STATES.