Daesh: The ‘Enemy’ The US Created, Armed, And Funded

To delve into Daesh’s convoluted money trail, one must first explore its equally convoluted origins. And in both areas, the role of the U.S. and its allies can not be ignored.
By @RobertFantina |
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    KITCHENER, Ontario — Out of nowhere, it seems, Daesh, also commonly referred to as ISIL or ISIS, spontaneously formed, a group that perverts aspects of Islam for its own violent ends, and threatens, we are told, all that the civilized world holds dear.

    The “war on terror,” governments inform their citizens, has a new front. And that front is Daesh.

    Let us not be too hasty. Things are not always what they appear. Daesh is well-financed, and that money must be coming from somewhere other than a ragtag band of malcontents. Daesh soldiers have advanced weaponry and sophisticated communications methods. They have tanks and Humvees. None of these can be obtained without significant funding. Though the source is quite illusive, there is some evidence that will lead to a trail.

    First, we must look at Daesh’s origins, and even that is not easily discernable. Writing for The Guardian in August 2014, Ali Khedery suggests:

    “Principally, Isis is the product of a genocide that continued unabated as the world stood back and watched. It is the illegitimate child born of pure hate and pure fear – the result of 200,000 murdered Syrians and of millions more displaced and divorced from their hopes and dreams. Isis’s rise is also a reminder of how Bashar al-Assad’s Machiavellian embrace of al-Qaida would come back to haunt him.

    Facing Assad’s army and intelligence services, Lebanon’s Hezbollah, Iraq’s Shia Islamist militias and their grand patron, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, Syria’s initially peaceful protesters quickly became disenchanted, disillusioned and disenfranchised – and then radicalised and violently militant.”

    It is interesting that Mr. Khedery says that Assad’s “embrace of al-Qaida” came back to haunt him. It brings to mind a parallel situation in the United States. (Actually, there are many, but we will look at only one.)


    Examining the theories of the origins of Daesh

    In the early 1960s, when the U.S.-supported leadership of Iraq was becoming just a bit too big for its britches — at least in the United States’ view — in wanting to challenge Israel as a major player in the Middle East, the U.S. decided that its leader, Abdel Karim Kassem, had to go. Selecting a virulent anti-communist party to throw its support to, the U.S. worked closely with a young man named Saddam Hussein. We all know how well that ultimately worked out. The source of much, but not all, of the unrest in the Middle East today can be traced back to that U.S. decision.

    Other theories on the formation of Daesh are also worth considering. Yasmina Haifi, a senior employee of the Dutch Justice Ministry’s National Cyber Security Center, asserted that Daesh was created by Zionists seeking to give Islam a bad reputation. “ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s part of a plan by Zionists who are deliberately trying to blacken Islam’s name,” she wrote on Twitter in August 2014.

    And finally, it has been more than suggested that Daesh “is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East and to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region,” as Garikai Chengu, a research scholar at Harvard University, put it in September 2014.

    Yet if the United States’ role wasn’t that blatant, it certainly existed, according to Seumas Milne, a columnist and associate editor at The Guardian. He argued in a June opinion piece:

    “[T]he U.S. and its allies weren’t only supporting and arming an opposition they knew to be dominated by extreme sectarian groups; they were prepared to countenance the creation of some sort of ‘Islamic state’ – despite the ‘grave danger’ to Iraq’s unity – as a Sunni buffer to weaken Syria.”

    No matter how one looks at it, there are many possible causes that spawned Daesh. As we look at its funding sources, it may all become clearer.


    Funding and materiel, courtesy of Uncle Sam and his friends

    In Daesh’s role as opposing Syria (just one of its many roles) the terrorist outfit is believed to have received funding from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, as part of their opposition to the Assad regime.

    But it also generates its own income, having taken control of local businesses, taxing others, and selling oil. Among its customers, incredibly, is Syria. Since Daesh controls much of the oil-production infrastructure in the country, Syria has little choice but to purchase oil from the very group that seeks to overthrow its government.

    Reports also indicate that Israel is a main buyer of Daesh oil. The sale is not direct; oil is smuggled by Kurdish and Turkish smugglers, and then Turkish and Israeli negotiators determine the price. As a result of these oil sales, Daesh has annual revenues estimated at $500 million, according to data compiled by the U.S. Treasury.

    In November of this year, Russian President Vladimir Putin claimed that Daesh is being financed by at least 40 countries — including G20 members. With such widespread financing, it will be difficult to defeat Deash.

    The U.S., in its misguided and destructive foreign policy toward the Middle East (its misguided and destructive foreign policies toward the rest of the world are topics for a separate discussion), also provided Daesh with a vast arsenal.

    Last year, the Department of Defense, bragging about advances against this new “enemy” in Iraq, issued a press release: “The three strikes destroyed three ISIL armed vehicles, and ISIL vehicle-mounted anti-aircraft artillery gun, an ISIL checkpoint and an IED emplacement.” Commenting on that statement in Alternet, Alex Kane wrote:

    “What went unmentioned by the Pentagon is that those armed vehicles and artillery guns they bombed were likely paid for with American tax dollars. The arms ISIS possesses are another grim form of blowback from the American invasion of the country (Iraq) in 2003. It’s similar to how U.S. intervention in Libya, which overthrew the dictator Muammar Gaddafi but also destabilized the country,  let to a flood of arms to militants in Mali, where France and the U.S. waged war in 2013.”

    The U.S. left untold amounts of weaponry in Iraq, and as that country descended into civil war following the United States’ odd salvation of it, that weaponry was free for the taking.

    So even if, as suggested above, the U.S. didn’t give birth to Daesh, it has certainly nourished it.


    A merry-go-round that never stops spinning

    It is interesting to note that U.S. taxpayers are spending $615,482 every hour to fight a “war” in which the “enemy” is being well-financed by countries with whom the U.S. has full diplomatic relations. Does this not make it appear that “victory” over this enemy is not the goal? With many countries financing and supplying Daesh, might the world’s largest supplier of weaponry, the U.S., not be too interested in losing such a lucrative market? It’s worth noting that the United States’ “foreign military sales rose to a record high of $46.6 billion for fiscal 2015.” With such a healthy cash cow, would the country’s power-brokers really want to end war? Why kill the goose that is laying such pretty golden eggs?

    As the U.S. and its hapless allies continue this “war on terror,” an ill-defined and nebulous “enemy” if ever there was one, Syria and Yemen seem to be bearing the brunt of the violence. As in every modern war at least since World War I, innocent men, women and children are the most frequent victims, suffering unspeakably and dying horrible deaths. And, somehow, the world’s most powerful military machine, owned and operated by the U.S., is unable to defeat Daesh. It must, therefore, continue to arm its allies, which are arming Daesh. So the U.S. provides funding to countries to fight Deash; some of those countries transfer money and armaments to Daesh, who the U.S. is bombing. And it seems that this deadly merry-go-round will continue its endless spinning.

    And why shouldn’t it? The U.S. can, with ever-decreasing credibility, pretend to stand as a beacon of freedom and liberty, arming revolutionaries and destabilizing governments that displease it, while arming allies of the country in revolution, which in turn assist that country. So this “war on terror” never ends, and neither do the abundant profits from war-making. And when possession of the moral high ground is just an illusion, when rhetoric spewed from the mouths of hypocritical politicians to get the citizenry to wrap themselves in the flag and shed a tear for apple pie, motherhood and Old Glory, and when the almighty dollar is always the bottom line, nothing is going to change.

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    • a person from Algeria

      Hey Robert Smeagles bin laden was a CIA agent before they tell hime to become a terrorist and creat qaeda and attack the 2 tower in 2001 at the name of islam now because of those peapole licke daech now the terrorisme become related to the islam and some peapols think daech is the real islam

    • Robert Smeagles

      What a load of crap. Why not just tell the truth or will that hurt your funds somehow? ISIS is a splinter group from Al Qaeda Al Qaeda was armed by the US with stinger missiles to fight the Russians in the 80’s before the cold war ended. 30years later and it’s our fault? We didn’t create Al Qaeda and do you remember that zany character Osama bin Laden? He funded Al Qaeda with his Saudi Arabian wealth which got him kicked out of the family. Ohh but your story is so much more interesting than the truth huh?

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    • k.leen

      Confused about the Syrian crisis, just remember the 15 kids that were beaten and tortured for writing on their school wall. Their mother’s that were threatened with rape in Daraa. The Female sit-in in Damascus.The death of Mohamed Masalmeh for standing up for the kids and one of the boys killed.The millions of refugees, the homeless and starving, those in torture centers.This revolution doesn’t belong to ISIL,it isn’t a proxy war for Putin, the US, Iran or Saudi Arabia. It belongs to the brave defectors that left the Syrian Army because they refused to shoot their own people and the brave Syrians who stood up to a Tyrant and his regime. The people will overcome and will be victorious, because it is their country.

      • James Wherry

        Amen. 26,000 photos of the emaciated corpses of Assad’s victims were hosted at the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

        The conspiracy theories don’t work, when the truth is evident before you. The Syrians did not “live in peace” before 2011. The Hama Massacre could have told you that.

    • neroden

      The underlying story is the Merchants of Death. Weapons manufacturers need to sell more weapons, so they need to blow up the old weapons, so they start wars.

      If you assume that US policy is being run by military contractors who want to sell more ammo, you’d correctly predict nearly everything the US has done since 1980.

      • James Wherry

        The “underlying story” is a brutal dictatorship getting what it deserves.

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    • Katherine Hegemann

      I do hope nobody is surprised.

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    • James Wherry

      Once again, we have yet another Jew-hating hoax for an article. The purpose of this page is to make up a fake linked based on unknown “reports” between ISIS and Israel. This is being done to further the cause of hatred toward Jews and Israelis and to undermine the strength of the relationship between Israel and America.
      Responses on this thread show this news site is a haven for Jew haters.

      1. The author willfully attempted to mislead readers by omitting facts. One large fact is that SYRIA IS ONE OF THE LARGEST BUYERS OF OIL FROM ISIS! http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/syrian-regime-iraqi-kurds-among-those-buying-isis-oil-official-n232381


      In fact, it’s “a great deal of oil” that Assad is paying for. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2015/12/11/isis-selling-great-deal-oil-to-syria-assad-us-official-says.html

      This started in 2014 and has now continued through the end of 2015. http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/26/obama-accuses-syria-of-buying-oil-from-isis/

      2. Israel has no land connection to ISIS and makes it an impossibly oil producer. The prices that the smuggelers are charging in Turkey are reported as much as $200 a barrel. Hey, I thought Jews were these “evil, money-grubbing mizers” who watched every last penny. With oil at $34 a barrel and Egypt happily selling oil to Israel, why would Israelis need it?

      3. ISIS has made it clear it hates the Jews as much as their unindicted co-conspirators, tapatio and Tecumseh, from this webpage. http://www.timesofisrael.com/islamic-state-head-palestine-will-be-graveyard-for-jews/?utm_source=The+Times+of+Israel+Daily+Edition&utm_campaign=cfb84bd101-2015_12_27&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_adb46cec92-cfb84bd101-54728605

      • NDMA

        Jew hating? Naw dude : just genocidal entitled monetary pirate hating … I’m from Vancouver, one of the most expensive cities in the world … plenty Jews here : I only don’t get along with the Rabbi’s who I’d dare call BS to their face (hehe some of ’em on my facebook too, rofl : to their facebook too then i guess, hehe) ; somehow entitled pirates don’t seem to like that 😛 …

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b060645017a50c55954e473e957f892aade07884cfba00b7c83b147501b75d3b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e7f5eb09fd9aadb3170e39a1f8e0d6afafc4297a3c23ae5141b4c2f86d131af0.jpg

        • James Wherry

          As if Islam does not “entitle” the Muslims to dominance and subjection over non-Muslims. Heck, Muslims are not even permitted to make friends with non-Muslims. Now that’s the definition of a ‘cult.’

          • NDMA


            “Muslims are not even permitted to make friends with non-Muslims” where’d ya get that rubbish from? That’s pretty stupid : absolutely ridiculous … I can’t even rebut that it’s so outrageously pathetic : it has no merit … Maybe your kind are trained to think that so you never learn the languages well enough to understand “why are your kind killing us on lies”? 😛 “Muslims to dominance and subjection over non-Muslims” ??? You are thinking Jews : not Muslims … Just because we don’t want to interact with people that behave like genocidal meth addicted dependant pirates : doesn’t mean we’re anti social 😛 We just don’t care about what you had for dinner or other trivial cr*p : ending wars and stuff , well, your kind’s livelihoods and futures are dependant on that … so maybe your kind doesn’t want to talk about that 😉

            https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8cc00f47d5dc613546003e65409def20708ae031d9c0386e4fd035b66d6c2d3f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37fa3c31ef798b8d7c32d573e0cb260937becd817b7153c813ab7c104b835b96.jpg

            • James Wherry

              The precurosr to “all those bad things that Americans do” is that someone in YOUR country did something to deserve the invasion, including murder thousands of our own citizens. To ignore this, you make up fake conspiracy theories about 911 because if not, then it’s game over.

              For Pakistan, “Your government made a deal with al-Quaeda: we’ll let you live here in the Winter and then you can return to Afghanistan in the Spring and continue murdering U.S. Soldiers. O’Sama bin Laden died there as did Mullah Omar. You can’t use your country as a haven for our murderers and then act surprised, when we come knocking.”

              For Yemen, “Al-Quaeda has been there for years, directing attacks against Americans and others from your regions. Same answer as above.”

              • neroden

                You’re dead wrong about Yemen. Please look up the actual history of Yemen, because the history is that there was never any significant al-Qaeda presence until the US moved in with drone strikes.

                Instead, what happened was that different tribal chiefs involved in a clan war told the US that the other side was “al Qaeda”, and got the US to bomb their enemies. The same scam was worked by tribal chiefs in Afghanistan, incidentally.

                And the invasion of Iraq was because the US was hellbent on invading Iraq. The poor citizens of Iraq did absolutely nothing. We know that all the excuses made up by G W Bush were fraudulent — it’s been documented.

                The 9/11 conspirators were mostly from Saudi Arabia, and al-Qaeda is primarily funded by Saudi Arabia. Which is of course the US government’s bestest buddy. This makes the US seem really, really hypocritical…

            • James Wherry

              Making friends with non-Muslims. Oh. I thought you had some background in Islam.

              As I’ve written, violence, hatred and bigotry get their starts early on, in the small things
              that we allow or do. When you call someone an “in%$el,” you judge and denigrated them and degrade them to a “thing,” less than human. According to the Koran, Muslims may not befriend non-Muslims, as Isalmweb, an Islamic website, has stated:

              QUESTION: “Is it okay to have a Christian teacher or friend? I look forward to your answer.

              ANSWER: : All perfect praise be to Allaah, The Lord of the Worlds. I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allaah, and that Muhammad, is His Slave and Messenger.

              “The term friendship means love and affection. Therefore, it is not permissible for a Muslim to befriend a non-Muslim, whether he is a Jew, a Christian or of any other religion. Also, it is not permissible to socialize with them or befriend them because this leads to loving them and being loyal to them. Allaah Says (what means): {You (O Muhammad) will not find any people who believe in Allaah and the Last Day, making friendship with those who oppose Allaah and His Messenger (Muhammad), even though they were their fathers, or their sons, or their brothers, or their kindred (people). For such He has written Faith in their hearts, and strengthened them with Rûh (proofs, light and true guidance) from Himself. And We will admit them to Gardens (Paradise) under which rivers flow, to dwell therein (forever). Allaah is pleased with them, and they with Him. They are the Party of Allaah. Verily, it is the Party of Allaah that will be the successful.} [Quran 58:22]

              “The matter is even more forbidden and more serious if the friendship is between a Muslim woman and a non-Muslim man, or between a Muslim man and a non-Muslim woman, because this involves evil that leads to committing Zina (fornication and/or adultery).

              “Therefore, a Muslim should be very careful and cautious about this, because being friendly to non-Muslims is very serious. Allaah Says (what means): {O you who believe! Take not as intimate those outside your religion(pagans, Jews, Christians, and hypocrites) since they will not fail to do their best to corrupt you. They desire to harm you severely. Hatred has already appeared from their mouths, but what their breasts conceal is far worse. Indeed We have made plain to you the signs if you understand.} [Quran 3:118] Besides, the Prophet , said: “A person is upon the religion of his friend, so you have to choose whom you befriend.” [Abu Daawood, At-Tirmithi and others]


              • NDMA


                Cherry picking verses and interpretations when your own faith has been modified over the ages for a king’s c*ck (aka divorce) : is why Islam’s true followers know EVERY religion is made up and don’t allow the efforts of pathetic power hungry simpletons destroy their perception of the faith … so when you quote these crooked interpretations (probably setup by Zionist / Mossad / Mason moles/corruptors like nodisinfo.com/zionist-mole-omar-aka-fustuk-bakri-supports-fake-woolwich-attack/ ) … only stupid sheep even bother wasting their time on the rhetoric and get back to using the teachings towards their own service in this world : for you I am guessing that’s genocidal entitlement? yea… the world is indeed waking up : Russia is retaking the Middle East, the Chinese are retaking Africa … watch the Natives get North America back : just realize … you peasant pirates brought it upon yourselves 😛

                • James Wherry

                  There were 86 churches damaged or destroyed during Morsi’s reign of terror, short though it was. Egyptian police looked on while it happened.

                  Try rebuilding one and see if a mb attacks you. It’s already happened.

                  As I wrote, I have nothing against the Su’fi or the Ahmadi, but Muslims refer to the Su’fi’s as “the Inventors,” because most of what we love about Sufi’ism is made up and not part of the Koran or the Hadiths.

                  And both the Ahmadi’s me Sufi’is are slaughtered in Muslim countries as are the Ba’hai.

                  • neroden

                    I’m not sure why you haven’t spotted that the Israeli government is run by a combination of Revisionist Jews and activist Haredi Jews — the latter group are the equivalent of the Wahabbis of Saudi Arabia, while the former group are pretty much openly ethnic bigots.

                    Peas of a pod. Fundamentalists are the same the world round, whether Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or Hindu.

                    Meanwhile, Muslims in Indonesia continue to operate peacefully as they always have.

        • James Wherry

          Does that include the Muslim pirates off the coast of Tripoli who attacked, captured and enslaved American Sailors in the Mediterranean Sea during the late 1700’s? We were minding our own business on the open seas, and doing no wrong, yet here you came along and attacked us.

          When the Ambassador for Tripoli was asked under what authority he took and enslaved free men, he replied, “Allah wills it.”

          “Thomas Jefferson and the Tripoli Pirates: The Forgotten War That Changed American History,” by Brian Kilmeade (November 2015). Apparently the Muslims believed that God had given them all the world to conquer and that this included Americans from the New World.

          • HanzP

            “We were minding our own business on the open seas, and doing no wrong…” — I am pretty sure that’s never happened in the high seas — by any country in the history of civilization.

            • James Wherry

              And your comments justify the capture and enslavement if US citizens any more than black Africans by Muslims because. . . ?

              The Americans were fishermen and seafaring traders.

              • HanzP

                I am not justifying anything, just pointing out the fact that “doing no wrong” is not how the the industry of trade works, or has ever worked in history. Trading on the high seas was certainly NOT an exception to this rule.

                • James Wherry

                  Bottom line: the Muzzies started it. I’d to encourage you to read the new book on that war as it forever changed America.

                • James Wherry

                  Then I am missing your point. What the Muslims did in the name of Islam was a crime. They started it, we did not.

                  • HanzP

                    You are full of sh*t — is that more clear?

      • cliff njikang

        Where did you suddenly come up with ”Jew haters”? Jews were not even mentioned in the article! Why do you suddenly start scoring the net for alternative views of the crisis in Syria? it is clear that even you are developing a constipation from the official line that you get fed by the ”Official News Channels” and realise that there is something not quite right!
        Poor sod! Even your invented and ridiculous figures for the oil price in Turkey of $200/barrel show what a dunz you are! Why don’t you supply a reference as you have so freely supplied in your other ridiculous assertions? At least you are admitting that you know that your NATO partner Turkey is selling ISIL oil stollen from Syria and Iraq. And what do you think ISIL does with the proceeds of these oil sales? It arms itself and pays its fighters. And what does it do to the War? it prolongs it! And who gains? The arms suppliers! And for your information, that is what the article is about! Dumbo!

        • James Wherry

          1. I tend to think allegations against Israel are synonymous with “Jews.” Earlier articles have worked night and day to try and link ISIL with Israel and this article is no exception, or did you read it? “In the early 1960s, when the U.S.-supported leadership of Iraq was becoming just a bit too big for its britches — at least in the United States’ view — in wanting to challenge Israel as a major player in the Middle East, the U.S. decided that its leader, Abdel Karim Kassem, had to go.” It is into the context of MPN that my comments are made. Become a regular reader and you’ll see the hoax.

          2. Cheer up, though: it’s also an American-hating article as well. ISIL has been found to have American-made weapons because (a) they confiscated them 18 months ago, when they over-ran the Iraqi Army which threw down its arms and fled; and (b) those arms are for sale on the black market.

          I freely concede that the mainstream media acknowledges that the U.S. is selling TOW missiles to its allies who in turn are giving them to the Free Syrian Army. Despite my sympathies to anyone wanting to bring Bashir al-Assad to justice, I continue to urge America’s government to stay TOTALLY out of the Syrian Civil War: America never wins in those circumstances.
          3. On another thread, I acknowledged that the $200 mark may have been $200 per tanker, and not per barrel, but what I remember reading was $200 per barrel. Your little fingers aren’t broken: look it up, Buttercup. You, too, can do research, and then we’ll all clap and applaud for you. Heck, we won’t even engage in the low-level name-calling you and your cohorts prattle on with.

          • Edlyn Pell

            You tend to think wrong. Israel is not synonymous with Jews by any stretch of the imagination. If only for the fact that there are thousands of Jews all over the world who publicly denounce the actions of Israel and directly oppose every aspect of Zionism.

            *Just FYI, being against Zionism does not make you anti-Semitic. I know that may be hard to comprehend when your head’s full of propaganda but it’s true.

            • James Wherry

              Edlyn, MintPressNews does not like my response to you (it was polite), so I am going to cut it up and post it in sections. That usuall works.

            • James Wherry

              Edlyn, there is no “place” for those Jews to go. Europe is struggling to take in 1 million Arabs. We have 15 million illegal aliens, here. What the posters to this page want is (1) an ethnic cleansing of all Jews; (2) Genocide – the destruction of the Israeli character of the nation; (3) Islamic Supremacy in which all non-Palestinians living in he area must submit to the Muslim vision of the nation and none else; and (4) that they be killed in the process, once again driving from the middle east, with the clothes on their back.

              I support a two-state solution because it ensures a majority state for each party and the right to self determination and no, no one does have to move, but I’ll bet anything that YOU would demand that the 2 million Palestinian Arabs in Israel be allowed to stay, while the 300,000 settlers in the West Bank must be ethnically cleansed.

            • James Wherry

              The posters here are aware that the Jews lived in the area for over 500 years, since they helped Suleiman wrest control of the land from the Crusaders. The Jewish community in Hebron came from that time.

              The posters here are aware that Jews emigrated to the area lawfully under the Ottomans from 1850 to 1919. They are aware that they emigrated lawfully from 1919-1948 under the Mandate.

              They are also aware that the Muslims drove the Jews from 27 other Arab nations they had lived in, since before the coming of the Arabs. This includes the various expulsion orders in Iraq (Baghdad was once 20% Jewish), where the Jews were content to live and NOT emigrate. Hundreds of thousands lived in those countries and were illegally expelled. Like the Mandate territory, many of these nations were former Ottoman Empire nations. In point of fact, many of the Palestinian Arabs who fled before the advancing Arab armies were BORN in the same country as those advancing Arab armies!

              Yet the posters here pleasantly ignore the legal immigration and the hundreds of thousands of Jews illegaly expelled from their own homes with the clothes on their backs and demand that the Israelis (ONLY THE JEWS) leave the area, or die.

            • James Wherry

              Edlyn, please read to the end of my post, if you will. The attacks on “Israelis” are limited to JEWS on this webpage, so I am right in making the connection others have.

              Some of these posters are crude and hate Jews.

          • neroden

            If you think allegations against Israel — a government with a very long record of international criminal activity, including their nuclear weapons program — are synonymous with “Jews”, then you’re a lunatic. Get over it.

            The US is quite obsessed with supporting pet governments even when those governments are causing nothing but trouble. Number one on the list is Saudi Arabia, because oil. In the Middle East, number two on the list is Israel, for stupid domestic political reasons related to Christian extremists who think that Israel needs to exist to bring about the “End Times”.

            • James Wherry

              Funny,!how all the anti-Israeli protests end up at JEWISH synagogues or graveyards.

              As long as the Jew-haters make the connection, so will I.

            • TecumsehUnfaced

              You will get no where with this fanatic hasbara troll. You can refute him securely a hundred times and he will come back yammering his zombie lies again.


              The only time you can talk to him profitably is when there are others present for whom consideration demands that you bankrupt the Zionist con game.

    • tapatio
    • In either case, the Isis cannot be so well equpped and so difficult to counteract, if it did not get huge economic and material support from some really big governmental institutions, or some secret brotherhood abusing such institutions. Then one must ask the question if the governments that own these itstitutions are in charge or not.

    • jstroncheck

      Wow another propaganda piece. 2008 the US took over direction of AQ. When convenient they called it ISIL. The pattern is, send in AQ (nationally) and then send in the drones to kill US political monsters enemies. MintPress is another propaganda rag

      • fizzed

        You’d think it was propaganda if all you read was US media. Broaden your reading and you will learn that US media is feeding you propaganda. You can find investigative journalists endorsed by retired CIA directors, US generals, etc, that find that our ally Saudi Arabia funds ISIS, NATO ally Turkey buys ISIS oil, and that while we say fighting ISIS is our top priority, our actions say killing Assad is more important. And with ISIS now threatening Assad, why would we be against ISIS? Think, why have we not destroyed ISIS’s oil revenue for years? Until Putin shamed Obama into destroying the oil truck convoys recently.

        ISIS does not even have an aircraft, you really think 25,000 people living without electricity and sewers could survive if we didn’t want them to? Doesn’t it seem strange our media treats the ISIS threat as serious, ginning up fear, though you are more likely to die by lightning? That we spend as much to fight this near nonexistent threat as we did during the Cold War? Then, everyone on earth was in likely danger of death without warning. That was real risk, FYI. Why are GOP candidates bragging about shooting down Russian jets? Putin could vaporize us in 20 minutes. ISIS could maybe provoke an angry American to buy an assault rifle at Walmart and go berserk. Does official US news really add up to you? Try to strong check evidence.

        • James Wherry

          Most of the allegations you make HAVE been proven in the U.S. media – Turkey/Sau’di efforts to prevent genocide in Syria by the Shi’ite government, all of it.

          What you DO with that information and the conclusions you reach are where we draw the line.

      • NDMA

        I like how you call MintPress that : shows ‘which side’ (aka natives called them ‘paleface’) you’re on ; there will be no more tolerance for simpleton peasants, monetary slavers and pirates 🙂


    • NDMA

      I still feel this holds generally true ; one must understand the real reasons and causes for terrorism if they ever hope for it to stop … and please : don’t blame entire governments for the actions of the most ruthless racketeers … there are many honorable souls, soldiers included ; who serve simply because if they didn’t input their honor to the institutions they’re a part of : nothing would be left … … …

      WW3 isn’t about guns and bullets : it’s about when honor and integrity is re-empowered with all the vigour that entitlement and greed is today 😉 In this world : if I must be a slave, I would rather be Japan or Russia’s slave ; but otherwise … I will live long and die free slaving to serve all life on this planet 🙂

      • NDMA

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f22a1d6537d51819d40d37d4d3d6a1a97f884c3ee25a8d9be86c2b42e06c4427.jpg Oh yea, and Saudi Arabia is not Islamic : they are monetary slaves and murderous rackteers using religion as cover being commanded from the CIA in Switzerland ; wish they applied their wonderous imagainations towards something greater than creating sheep to herd 🙁

        • James Wherry

          If Faisal was directed by the CIA, why would he cut us off from the oil over Israel? If he was killed by the CIA, why would his family then help the USA?

          • NDMA

            Wow, that’s pretty impressive there James : trying to muddy even this issue … that speaks epic volumes … Newsflash : why ya can’t sway my opinions … an intelligence agency killed a blood uncle of mine : Ekramul Alam … he was a nuclear physicist (I have a brother named after him) : our family was just a really educated family (the Alam last name is a prominent bloodline for educators) in our homeland when he was executed the day before his wedding … killing him : made us, in a relatively short period of time, create some of the largest organizations on this planet making us one of the most influential families on the planet … now? one uncle is a British Knight and another is a Nobel Laureate : greed was never an objective nor challenge for our kind 😉 Ya may be able to muddy things for the sheep : but I’m not going to respond to your point because my cognitive dissonance can’t even comprehend what you wrote (nor does it care to : my subconscious has other tasks to complete, hehe) 😛 The pirates messed up : s’all good tho … the future is going to be fun 🙂

        • jstroncheck

          Another propaganda spore you are

          • NDMA

            Really? I’m a retired dot-com nerd ; I do this outa my conscience 🙂 And a privileged enough family that I don’t fear “foreign intelligence agencies” 🙂

            • James Wherry

              Conscience? You know Israel is not “going away,” therefore you advocate for a position that can only end in a conflagration that willl destroy 6 million Jews and 6 million Palestinian Arabs, negating the need for a Palestinian state, in any event.

              • NDMA

                You think the will of pirates is that omnipotent? rofl : enjoy your life dude, really 🙂

                • James Wherry

                  No idea where you got that from. I think the Jews have been hunted and hated out of all Arabic countries. They have nowhere else to go and will stand and fight. They hold 1% of the former Ottoman Empire, when they once made up 5-6% of it. They are already trapped on a sliver of land on the Mediterranean Sea. You have the other 99%. Look you well to it.

                  • NDMA

                    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4cffb8006b706e2d669ad37e10f9c5f393260c5d21bd1e78d325e60159be58d.jpg They can go to Texas : America seems to have lots of empty homes and no problem giving them money 🙂

                    • James Wherry

                      Texas does not want 6 million Palestinian Arabs.

                      Your claim the Jews want to take over all the world is absurd: why give back the Sinai, then? That place is twice the size of Israel. No, there is only one place they’ve ever wanted ot claimed. Jordan is Palestine, and the former Ottoman Empire Muslims known as “Palestinian Arabs” can live in the rest of the former Ottoman Empire nations such as Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, Iraq, etc. They actually do, already.

                      • NDMA

                        Not at all, let the Palestinians have their land ; https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a4cffb8006b706e2d669ad37e10f9c5f393260c5d21bd1e78d325e60159be58d.jpg PUT THE RACIST INHABITANTS OF ISRAEL IN TEXAS … PUT THEM WITH THEIR OWN KIND 🙂

                      • James Wherry

                        The Palestinians are named after the biblical “Philistines.” They lived in 5 cities, priarily around the Gaza Strip. Israel won the lands of the West Bank and the rest of Israel from the Jebusites, Perizites,Hittitiest, Amorites and others who no longer exist.

                        Sounds like it’s time to deport the unlawful inhabitants of the West Bank – the Palestinians – and send them back to Philistia. True, Israel DOES lose the city of Eschol, being one of the five cities the Philistines once inhabited.

                        When can you start packing the Philistines up and shipping them out?

                      • NDMA

                        Yea, but let the people who don’t need guns and militarization to survive there stay; let the gun toters go to the other gun toters ; but that would defeat the objective of Israel being a militarized launching point for dominion over that region of the world in Imperialist / NWO ambitions ; wouldn’t it? Yea, that’s why it has to fail : just watch 😉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u0AbIEH4biA remember : the world is seeing who the real terrorists are 😉

                      • James Wherry

                        Hmmmm: not sure what the topic is – gun control or Israel. Has the US ever used Israel as any sort of “launching post?”

                        * We refused to sell arms to Israel in 1948.

                        * We opposed the take over of the canal by Britain, France and Israel.

                        * We convinced the Israeli government not to destroy thenEgyptian Third Army,

                        * We urged Israel to stay out of the first Gilf War, even as they were fired upon.

                        Have we ever used them to DO anything?

                      • James Wherry
                  • NDMA
                  • neroden

                    You’re actually wrong; Jews were never “hunted out” of Yemen, for example. There *are* Arab countries which expelled Jews. There are also Arab countries which did not.

                    Also, although Iran/Persia is not an Arab country, it is a Muslim country, the Jewish community there is still perfectly safe, peaceful, and happy.

                    • James Wherry

                      Open hostility and hatred are other ways of driving Jews out. But yes, there were varied situations. Pogroms and riots were also a big part of that. Should we also consider the Aden Riots? “Following the 1947 UN Partition Plan, Muslim rioters attacked the Jewish community in Aden that killed at least 82 Jews (1947 Aden riots) and destroyed a number of Jewish homes.[5] Early in 1948, accusations of the murder of two Muslim Yemeni girls led to looting of Jewish property.[6][7]” Ah, yes: missing children and allegations that “the Jews did it.”


                    • James Wherry

                      A few months ago, there was an article in Time or a similar magazine in which a reporter went to interview a Jewish family that returned to Yemen – the only one of its kind.

                      When the reporter stopped to ask directions from a local Muslim merchant, the merchant replied, “What do you want with that Jew? God has d@mned him to he!!.”

                      The reporter went to the Jews’ home and saw that it was a “compound.” This family lived in a fortress in a hostile country.

              • NDMA

                Yeah, just like how Rome “is not going away” and “Hitler” is not “going away” … karma dude : it catches up with even the most entitled killers … One day ya gotta watch some documentaries from death row inmates and their last thoughts : the killers who didn’t get away with it 😉

                Yahoo was the busiest website in the world one day : where is it today? ROFL, hope it doesn’t “go away” 😛 You can have your delusion : I’ll have mine, umm k? 🙂

                *Now to learn more about how Nazis were hunted for their crimes* 🙂 They were just “following orders”, right? 😉


                • James Wherry

                  And you think that the murderous intolerance of the Muslim world isn’t catching up with them, today? Rome is a good comparison to Islam’s collapse.

                  But sure: I’ll give Israel 400 years. The Jews were driven out of the nations that made up the rest of the former Ottoman Empire to a tiny sliver of it. I say they should keep it.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Faisal executed by the CIA? That was something I hadn’t ferreted out yet. But it reasonable in the light of all the other assassinations and coup d’etats they executed.

      • James Wherry

        Glad the “documentation” is in a “forthcoming book.” Perhaps instead of trying to make a fast buck on a book, he could share some of it with us now – in the public good, of course.

        Why, exactly, should Israel NOT work to destroy Syria? Syria has a 70-year old declaration war on Israel. Syria funds and supports Hezbollah and Hamas to make terrorist attacks on civilians.

        I question America’s involvement, but since Iran and Syria made war on America, heck, why not? This is blow back.

        • jstroncheck

          Perhaps, because of your support for murder in Syria you should get a prize? Who can justify a war of aggression?

          • James Wherry

            That was my question to you and the other Assad apologists.

          • NDMA

            He’s a peasant Israeli … his economic well-being (as a good debt-driven slave) is dependant on the genocidal pillaging of other peoples … on so many levels : it’s okay … did they really think they were superior enough to conquer us all? 😛 rofl : stupid delusional pirates : that’s all they are 😛

        • NDMA

          Well, who is the pirate? 70-year war : what about before that 70 year? At that 70-year mark did Israel threaten the whole world with nuclear weapons and false flag terrorism via https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Samson_Option ? 😛 Karma b*tch pirates : it’s coming 🙂

      • James Wherry

        Actually, the U.S. initially pursued a diplomatic solution, at a time when posters to this webpage claimed the U.S was arming terrorists.It did eventually start to fund rebels in 2012, but too slowly. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/us-syria-held-secret-contacts/ar-BBnRZvO?ocid=spartandhp

      • James Wherry

        Why didn’t you bother to mention that SYRIA is the chief financial backer to ISIS by buying large quantities of ISIS smuggled oil??? http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/syrian-regime-iraqi-kurds-among-those-buying-isis-oil-official-n232381

        In fact, it’s buying a “huge amount” of ISIS oil.

        It started in 2014 and continues even this month. http://www.cbsnews.com/videos/us-syria-buying-millions-of-dollars-in-oil-from-isis/

        • NDMA

          That’s an Israeli lie : If you were a real Muslim, you would have called them by their true name … the stupid mercenary/monetary-slaves that they are : just like you? 😛 … are you http://www.hangthebankers.com/israel-paying-students-to-spread-propaganda-online/ ? https://duckduckgo.com/?q=israel+isis+un+report The world will not fall to the slander of simpleton peasant pirates! Your kind went too far when it took the name of our faith to spread hate and genocidal entitlement : ya’allz messed up … now watch your simpleton peasant pirate kind LOSE IT ALL 😛 AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA http://www.frequency.com/video/masonic-symbolisim-on-isil-isis/201570195?cid=5-323

          • James Wherry

            I am not a Muslim, freak show. The term “Daesh” holds no meaning to me as an English-speaking American. I don’t use “ISIS” because that was the name of a Saturday morning children’s TV show in the USA, so I prefer ISIL.

            Dismissing Public Radio International and the claims of President Obama as “just lies” answers nothing. PROVE TO ME that Assad isn’t funding ISIL: I’ve given you the source of the reports and the evidence. Your turn.

            • NDMA

              I’m not going to waste my time debating with you ; I don’t have to prove anything to you : I’m not a peasant nor your slave 😛 … 🙂 I’m very different from your kind … WW3 : can’t wait ’til the peasant pirates are finally put in their place 🙂

              https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8cc00f47d5dc613546003e65409def20708ae031d9c0386e4fd035b66d6c2d3f.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/3496d0a85e209725e2a20aca85ca92bae271a918cfca1cc9f25a61751258d69b.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/8786312f9c42cfd528648a640f5d760df3abcff9c03e9ff80566765e81a1e48b.jpg

              • James Wherry

                Fine: then you’ve failed to prove your point, and now you cite a Rabbi (for some unknown reason) who I treat wtih contempt. I’ll presume you’re ALSO familiar with his statements about the Jews who perished in the Holocaust??? This Rabbi is YOURs and you can have him.

                • NDMA

                  Failed to prove my point? rofl : why would I need to explain myself to a pirate? I smart enough to realize they were engineered to never understand ; hint … The Natives weren’t savages, the Africans aren’t inferior … WW3 : when the pirates lose everything they’ve ever pillaged 🙂 Enjoy your show 🙂

                  • James Wherry

                    You’ve been given evidence and you didn’t confront or refute it. It’s not uip to you to tell me if you did or did not persuade me. You made the false allegations against Israel and never supported it or backed it up.

                    It’s my right to say it and I do: you are not persuasive. This is not your personal dictatorship: I have the right to have a say in my own life.

                    • NDMA

                      Excellent : just make sure your right doesn’t extend to genocidal entitlement like over the Natives or Africans … nor marginalization : economic or otherwise ; oh wait, ya can’t do you… your way of life is dependant on that : do as you wish, we will do as we see fit to protect those we consider our loved ones 😉 Have fun at the show 😛

                      • James Wherry

                        I’m completely in favor of demanding equal rights for Arabs living in Israel.

                        Islam’s alternative is “don’t let the In^%$&ls live in our countries.”

                      • NDMA

                        Really? that was Islam’s alternative? Syria wasn’t having people of all faiths live their happily? Israel’s right wing isn’t demand Christianity’s expulsion from the nation? Come on now : let’s give credit to where credit is due 🙂 Yea, must be something about them not being dependant (indebted) to the Rothschilds that I think the pirates have a problem with 😉

                      • James Wherry

                        The Alawaite’s created a coalition of minorities to offset the Sun’ni’s. As to them being “happy,” the protests for democracy happened all over Syria.

                      • James Wherry

                        Syria wasn’t permitting the majority Sun’ni’s to participate in a democracy. It was torturing and abusing them. I could think of a few things that should be done.

                        Israel’s government has condemend its extremists. The PA and Hamas have glorified their’s.

                      • NDMA

                        Why do we have to submit to the whims of genocidal pirates nuclear threatening pirates? Israel’s nuclear & terrorist threat is so real it has a name : how real were the WMDs of Iraq? about as real as the rest of the delusions of ‘scared of their own shadows’ pirates 😛 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/94b088c3fa8c5dfafe557255077d3db0d30a953fba5157e9c7f5e56cddc15b0f.jpg

                      • James Wherry

                        For starters, you didn’t have to make war on Israelis. But having failed to murder all of them, you could have voted to end your war against them and agreed to recognize them. Then Israel would not have a need for nuclear weapons.

                        As to the American in the photo, we don’t see America conquering countries: America was attacked by al-Quaeda and demanded the Taliban turn them over. When the Taliban refused, America did go in and is now leaving. No conquest, no looting – like what hte Koran permits for Muslims.

                    • NDMA

                      Excellent, Good for you : can you do that without empowering the killing of anybody ; or is your nation’s economy dependant on that?

                • NDMA

                  Failed to prove my point? dude, you may have failed to understand over your cognitive dissonance, I was never trying to prove anything to you ; I realized what kind of person you were from your words well into your first batch of replies ; I just needed to keep both of us chatting so everybody else could see how both of us were 😉 WW3 : it ain’t about guns and bullets ; that’s for peasants 😛

                  • James Wherry

                    You are right: there are others reading, and it’s my job to empower them and show them they do not have to be afraid to say “no to non-sense.” We are both playing to the galleries.

                  • TecumsehUnfaced

                    Bull’s eye!

            • NDMA

              https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/78247d3f5b30b09c61f0d718b1e925360c668300f633d1dd44660d8dc445db99.jpg The world is waking up : the claims of pirates are starting to fall to the wind 🙂

              • James Wherry

                Apparently, the world is not deceived:


                • NDMA

                  ROFL : Bolivia ; the first country to give rights to the planet Earth ; yea, they must be real evil 😉 ya know what I realized : if the Mafia says something is a bad idea … It’s probably great for one’s future 🙂 I don’t think pirates are stupid, just specifically think a way different (they think they’re so smart they can make up excuses to … would let them play at that delusion longer but they kinda killin’ too many now) than those with any real sense of integrity (aka not the spineless attitude that will back anything for the best return) : WW3 … when the world doesn’t have to debate what should have been obvious in the first place 🙂

                  • James Wherry

                    Sorry, your Canadian is lost on me. If you’re waiting for WWIII to clarify that YOU were right, you’ll find that I am pretty much sitting back and waiting for the same thing.

                    Feeling’s mutual, pal.

                    Oh, well: at least you’re a welcome change from tapio and Tecumseh.

                    • NDMA

                      So… what ya figure is going to happen to Israel in 2022? 🙂 Nothin’, eh? like how the world was supposed in end in 2000 (although I’m pretty sure the only people that fell for that were corp idiots who hired half-@$$ed programmers in the first place) ROFL

                      • James Wherry

                        ? I’ve never heard of any prediction about 2022, so I have no idea. My guess is as follows:

                        1. America’s economy hits the wall and is no longer permitted to print/borrow itself along. More and more rich Americans move abroad and renounce citizenship.

                        2. Oil is at 10 a barrel and Russia and the Arab nations are dying because of it. Petro-archs flee to safety.

                        3. China asserts its world control more and more aggressively.

                        4. Putin is still President and still trying to reignite the Cold War for nostalgia’s sake.

                      • NDMA

                        Really? Nothing? You haven’t come across any above top secret documents about Israel pertaining to 2022? I know Hasbara did well to muddy up the search results but I saw them before Hasbara got to it 🙂

                      • James Wherry

                        I’m a service member living in Columbus, Georgia and cannot lawfully have a connection to any foreign government.* I guess this is another crackpot conspiracy theory.

                        * Views expressed do not respresnt those of the U.S. Department of Defense or any component thereof.

                      • NDMA

                        I’ve seen old propaganda films that billed WW2 as the war to end all wars too : made me so hopeful about WW3 but that bubble was kinda burst when I realized it was the same old politicians record… rofl

                      • neroden

                        You’re a service member?

                        I’m so sorry. I suggest you read _War Is A Racket_ by General Smedley Butler (ret.).

                        The situation unfortunately is pretty much what it was then.

                      • James Wherry

                        Sorry, I’ve already been to war so the cynical propaganda doesn’t interest me. Over-threw a horrible dictator and ended several genocides. Later returned to turn security responsibilities over to the new democracy. No regrets.

        • NDMA
          • James Wherry

            Well, here’s the reason that I hate Bashir al-Assad: 26,000 photos of the emaciated corpses of his victims. http://www.voanews.com/content/syrian-defector-leaks-shocking-photos-of-torture-victims/2485428.html

            Here: take a look at each of these and tell me why the deserved to die. Why were they given no food or water by the Syrian government, as they were tortured to death? Was it just “a waste or resources.

            Are you happy to see these dead bodies, NMDN? Does torture make you happy?

            Do you want to pee on them?

            Every Gulf Arab government opposes Israel. Your argument is a hoax you created to hide the filth of a dictatorship.

            • NDMA

              https://duckduckgo.com/?q=israel+daesh+un+report ISRAEL is the cause of Daesh (and they’ll empower any other terrorists in the area to achieve their intermediate objective of regional conquest) … and the FAILED greater Israel project … the world is not dumb enough to believe your BS 🙂

              • James Wherry

                You didn’t give me a good review of the horror photos of Syria’s torture of dissidents over the past 4 years. How’d you like them? These are not photos from 2011-Present, but from the ’60’s onward, with the Assad family.

                The “cause” of Daesh is Syria: it welcomed Jihadists to pass through into Iraq to murder American Soldiers, from 2004-2009 (likely to 2011). It armed them, trained them, helped them with contacts, etc. Some of those jihadists would later return to Libya to start that uprising against Qadafi.

                Syria confronted the Arab Spring with violence and murder – that is the real cause of the rise of ISIS in Syria: the Syrians – who love their soccer, cigarettes and a bit of whiskey now and again – welcomed “the Devil Himself,” in the form of ISIS.


            • NDMA

              https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/96df3e6c7434c6e5ef6236047558789f2265f841604addada6b6e82fc78dfde4.jpg Here’s why I can’t hate anything : I know the Christians didn’t do it 😉 I know the type of people that did : I don’t blame peasants for the actions of masters like you or I … if we want to do something, we create the social conditions to do it … how can we blame sheep for being led to the slaughter? Especially when we both know there are forces far more powerful in this world 🙂 I’m going to get back to serving my purposes : you enjoy yours … lemme know how that show turned out, umm k? 🙂

              • James Wherry

                Who started the First Crusade – also known as the Jihad – to enslave all of the world and to “fight against the kafir [infidel] until he submits and pays the jizya [blood money to be permitted to live]?”

                (9:29) – “Fight those who believe not in Allah nor the Last Day, nor hold
                that forbidden which hath been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, nor
                acknowledge the religion of Truth, (even if they are) of the People of the Book,
                until they pay the Jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.”
                “People of the Book” refers to Christians and Jews. According to this
                verse, they are to be violently subjugated, with the sole justification being
                their religious status. Verse 9:33 tells Muslims that Allah has charted them to make Islam “superior over all religions.” This chapter was one of the final “revelations” from Allah and
                it set in motion the tenacious military expansion, in which Muhammad’s
                companions managed to conquer two-thirds of the Christian world in the next 100
                years. Islam is intended to dominate all other people and faiths.

                • NDMA

                  Sorry what? https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/37fa3c31ef798b8d7c32d573e0cb260937becd817b7153c813ab7c104b835b96.jpg Every true Muslim knows that religion is made up : no intelligent person will kill for a made up thing ; you’re operating at a level of the goat class that only dependant (need substance or direction from others) sheep think at … The world actually isn’t like that 😉

                  • James Wherry

                    A friend of mine who is an attorney who has worked for the PLO would tend to agree with you: she knows quite a few “Islamic atheists,” in Gaza and the W.B., but who would be murdered, if they spoke up, so they are “ethnically Muslim Arab.”

                    But when 86% of the Muslims in Egypt think it is okay to murder someone who converts from Islam, “WE HAVE A PROBLEM.”

                    I also have served in Iraq and Djibouti and I know quite a few, as well. My complaint is not about Muslims, but about Islam, itself. Those 109 verses are always there to rear their ugly heads. It started with the Kaharjities in the 8th century. Today we have ISIL, al-Shebab, Boko Harem, the Wahabi’s, the Salafi’s, the Twelver’s, the Elevener’s, etc.

                    God bless the Su’fi’s and the Ahmadi’s – but they are mrudered by the same, as well.

        • NDMA
        • NDMA
        • TeeJae

          He probably didn’t bother to mention that Syria buys ISIS oil because the article above does. Did you read it? It says, ” Among its customers,
          incredibly, is Syria. Since Daesh controls much of the oil-production
          infrastructure in the country, Syria has little choice but to purchase
          oil from the very group that seeks to overthrow its government.”

          It goes on to discuss how Israel also purchases that oil.

          • James Wherry

            NDMA did not in his post, however.

          • James Wherry

            Then that means the article itself was dishonest. To acknowledge the significant sums of oil Iraq is producing and then to say “it’s ISRAELs fault for supporting ISIL” is completely dishonest. Shouldn’t the title of the article include how Syria and Iran also helped create Daesh???

            As to alternatives for oil, how about (1) Iran; (2) the world market?

        • NDMA

          That’s a BS Israeli lie : I’m not going to dignify responding to this any further … It’d be like me calling you a Muslim : when you could just as easily be nodisinfo.com/zionist-mole-omar-aka-fustuk-bakri-supports-fake-woolwich-attack/ ROFL 😛

          • James Wherry

            The assertion comes from the President of the United States – he has no need for you to “dignify” him.

            What you meant to say was that you wish to salvage some small amount of your dignity, now that this was pointed out.

        • cliff njikang

          James Wherry, I really wonder whose side you are on! Isn’t it strange to you that everbody seriously fighting ISIL and terrorists is on some kind of black list? Iran and Russia: Western Sanctions, Kurds: high on bombardment list of Turkey, Assad’s Syria which is being swallowed up by ISIS: demonsed by the western media on trumped up charges. One really begins to wonder why those claiming to be there to fight ISIS and terrorism don’t want anybody to touch the terrorists!

          • James Wherry

            It isn’t strange at all, Cliff. Use your common sense.

            Let’s step away from the middle east. Why is China “winning’ at competition in Africa and how is Russia trying to win? Well, first of all, they give bribes, which would be illegal for U.S. corporations and for which they are in fact fined. But secondly, they say, “Hey, the US over-steps it borders, when it preaches to you about gays and minorities, and your strong arm dictatorship powers. They do the same thing to us! Forget America and come do business with US because American threatens the very EXISTENCE of your one-party rule.” I’m not going to look it up, but that is virtually verbatim from a recent speech by Putin to African nations.

            Now let’s jump back to the middle east and – SURPRISE – it’s the same argument! Syria, Iran, Russia and China are all human rights abusers who are sick of us criticizing and sanctioning them and so they’ve made their beds together.

            Russia also wants its warm water port

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    • James Wherry

      I will quibble and then disagree and then agree.

      1. Quibbling. I praise the Guardian for connecting Bashir Assad’s decades of human right abuses with ISIL’s rise. However, it would be a dis-service to the human beings of Syria who make up the vast majority of Syrians, who are secular and “like their cigarettes, their soccer and their occasional whiskey.” I think it’s fairer of them that Assad’s government made the Syrian Sun’ni majority “Welcome the Devil, Himself,” in the form of ISIL. That’s a LONG way from saying anyone wanted members of an 8th century Islamic heresy (Kharajites) to come in and take over.

      2. Disagreement. I believe the countries named gave arms to ISIL. You should see the commentary from the Guardian as to why: fellow Sun’ni’s were being slaughtered in Syria and oppressed in Iraq, so they went with the effective groups. These ARE, however, groups that would like to murder me, and the readers of this website, which I DO object to.

      But that’s a far cry from trying to claim that CIA agents were walking up to ISIL officials and offering them TOW missiles. I know this story did NOT make that claim but the phrase “weapons from Uncle Sam” is misleading and implies that. “What did our administration know, and when did it know it,” however, are legitimate questions, especially when the White House was running for a re-election and denying supporting ANY terrorists (while apparently doing so). Yes, I’m angry about that. You should be, too.

      The day I heard the leader of al-Nusra pledge that “The day after we take Damascus, we will set our sights on Washington DC,” was the day I said out loud, “Yep, this is yet one more ‘civil war,’ we should never, ever get involved with. Mexico, Korea, Vietnam, Lebanon, Somalia. With the tenuous exception of the Korean Peninsula, the list is ugly and obvious.

      Worse yet, whether it is our the usual “unintended consequences of good intentions,” or not, the news has been clear that weapons and rebels trained by the USA have fallen into the hands of ISIL and al-Nusra and will be used to hurt innocent Syrians and American civilians. The arms we gave to Iraq were given to a weak and corrupt government. Those of us who served near Mosul knew that the local Generals herded sheep and goats on the bases and sold the meat to their own Soldiers for a profit. We knew or suspected there were ghost Soldiers and I remember thinking about the likelihood that arms were being sold off by those same Generals, just as soon as they could, when I was there in 2008-2009.* I am quite sure that the SIGIR reported these concerns, as well.

      The US should have seen it coming, and when the records are declassified, I have no doubt that it will be shown that the same military intelligence analysts who were told to shut up at CENTCOM have been telling the administration exactly what is written in this article. Bottomline: it’s only “all Bush’es fault,” if you stop and don’t continue it. Once you do, you own the pig.

      Good article, except I will once again politely ask to leave the service members out of the “evil designs to perpetuate war.” We have no other desire than to leave and go home. I’m happy to discuss that, if you actually believe otherwise.

      *Views expressed do not represent those of the U.S. Department of Defense, or any component thereof.

      • Mubashir

        So…influenced by Arab spring, the Syrians Sunnis rising and fighting against Asad never asked for assistance to bomb Asad’s forces, right? And if they ask US and Arabs to bomb Assad, guess who will Assad ask to help him? Russia !!

        • James Wherry

          I think the newspapers are quite clear that some of the rebels have repeatedly asked President Obama to bomb Assad’s forces. If memory serves me, the head of al-Nusra sent a sarcastic request to President Obama. But has President Obama ever bombed Assad’s forces?

          President Obama is mostly criticized for abandoning his “red lines,” not enforcing them. The only military action has been against ISIL and others of their ilk.

          I would not extol the human rights record of Russia or its treatment of Muslims. Didn’t all mosques in America used to have posters about Chechya?

          • Quisno Rodonovich

            I would say quit teasing the bear or he may strike back. my grandfather told me once that The motherland holds its interests well and since Russia has beaten off the chains of the Globalists at least to the point that these same Globalists want to ham string Russias government at the dissemination of the US empire that we all should be looking at a nuclear war if The neo Cons get their way .
            Then I ask where doers Assad and Syria fit into the picture? Stay out of that playground and come home and protect our borders which Obama has left open to ISIS ISIL as ISIS has set up shop in Tennesssee now.

            • James Wherry

              Hey, Quisneros, I got some news for you: that’s my favorite line, too. So Iran and Syria spent 2004-2009 exporting IEDs and EFPs into Iraq and managed to murder more than 1,000 US Soldiers and maim ten’s of thousands of my brothers and sisters in the US Army.

              Syria became the “Gateway from the West to Iraq” for Sun’ni jihadist terrorists. Those terrorists developed ties to the other Sun’ni’s in Syria as well as supply lines, contacts and weapon suppliers.

              America didn’t DO anything to Syria: the Shity’ites did it to themselves. As to the Iraqi’s, hey, don’t blame us: we left like you wanted and you PROMISED THAT EVERYTHING WOULD BE ALRIGHT.

              Well, itwas alright for me: I went home.

              And all that Iran and Syria got was BLOWBACK.

              Merry Christmas.

              • Quisno Rodonovich

                And a Merry Christmas to you sir and a happy well fought new year. The Globalists have their finger prints all over this mess. The Shiites as well as the Sunni’s have been given weapons by this out of control government. And when you say I wanted them to come back home I would tell you sir that once we got there we should have killed them all like David was supposed to have done to them thousands of years ago. But he stayed his hand and allowed them to live from which God told David that his actionsa then would affect his people in the future to come.
                I want strong borders not an empire to try to rule others. This is common sense given to us by the people who built this nation. We have weapons hidden in the bulwarks of this Military junta which could take us to far reaches of this solar system. Theres a constant battle being fought internally within this nations power structure and it weakens this nation. But then that is my line in the sand.
                Oh ands I never promised anything would be alright I read the bible also.

                • James Wherry

                  You are correct 100%.

                  I’m here on Times Square having dinner and thinking that tickets to the new Musical “Hamilton ” are really hard to get. I had an offer for a single ticket for $750 (regularly $455), and I just couldn’t swing it – by a long shot.

                  But how great to suddenly have a musical about one of America’s forgotten forefathers who is buried over at Trinity Church and was a true patriot and Libertarian, and I couldn’t help thinking about what ALL of our Founding Fathers warned us of, of “Military Adventurism” and “Foreign Entanglements.”

                  Best to stay at home and take care of America First.

                  • Quisno Rodonovich

                    Amen Brother

                    These social organs were constituted so as to enable them to develop
                    harmoniously in the grand air of liberty. Away, then, with quacks and
                    organizers! Away with their rings, and their chains, and their hooks,
                    and their pincers! Away with their artificial methods! Away with their
                    social laboratories, their governmental whims, their centralization,
                    their tariffs, their universities, their State religions, their
                    inflationary or monopolizing banks, their limitations, their
                    restrictions, their Imoralizations, and their equalization by taxation! Even to
                    now, after Totalitarians having vainly inflicted upon the social body so many
                    systems, let them end where they ought to have begun — reject all
                    systems, with the trying of liberty —> liberty, which is an act of faith in God
                    and in His work. The body politic being destroyed from within by those who would lead but to where for now The world awakens to their plots!
                    (as it is)

                    • James Wherry

                      I would wish you were right about the world waking up. Perhaps I’m too skeptical for my own good. At 50+ I’ve reached the point of thinking that “maybe the world should get what’s coming to it, if that’s the only way some people will figure out how wrong and stupid they are.”

                      • NDMA

                        You don’t see the blatant alternatives and move away from monetary-driven economies as waking up? That’s okay : as i said before … I realize the “peasant pirates” (what else is a killer for $, someone who will attack whoever their payor says) were engineered to never understand … I figure the same is true for pirate navies of history 🙂

                      • James Wherry

                        You mean like the Muslim Navies who kidnapped and enslaved American Sailors because “Allah” gave them the authority to do so off the Tripoli coast?

                      • NDMA

                        Is that like the Chosen people of today? Are Muslim navies doing that today? Are your kind’s militaries doing that? 😉 Yea : please, when picking these contrasts … choose something your kind doesn’t do to a more significant level … remember : Natives and Africans ; stupid peasant pirates picking on us like them will be the last mistake their slave (monetary/rothschilds) kind ever make 🙂 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/96df3e6c7434c6e5ef6236047558789f2265f841604addada6b6e82fc78dfde4.jpg

                      • Quisno Rodonovich

                        We are all born into ignorance. This does not mean that ignorance should be our life! Man was meant to be creative. Man was made to question to reason. Yes the chemicals in our foods and waters tend to decrease our abilities to reason But there are enough in the upper echelons of society who think for themselves and many still wonder what is in the society to place them in in reach of their mortality.Many see that they along with others are being plundered by those who wish total power. Its time to address ones strengths of mind and beliefs and kneel in silent prayer to ones maker, for hasnt he promised his hand in guidence , all we need do is just ask him +in need acording to matthew?
                        We cant save the ignorant only those who want freedom and Justice and Gods word. We are almoist at the end of this Sodom and Gamorah

                  • neroden

                    Ah, but the only reason we have a standing army is to serve as mercenaries for certain large corporations. It’s been that way for most of the last 150 years, since the end of the Civil War, with the exception of World War II.

                    Have you read _War is a Racket_ by Smedley Butler?

                    • James Wherry

                      I have not, but no, we actually have a military mission. I’d be interested to see what happened, if we sat back and let ISIS and al-Quaeda do what they would. You understand that their top 100 targets do NOT involve the word “Republican,” right?

                      Let’s see how far screaming “PLUTOCRACY!!’ IT’S THE PLUTOCRACY’S FAULT” will get ha.

              • NDMA

                Let me guess : 9/11 was about WMDs? 😛 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/b8478ea2dd79a449d61f5a811b03863b27355a282adcb744ebcc14814a8e6b64.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fcada6e10b32a3747e802e56d30fd7284ef6d679eac5b19c040a9f8d159086b5.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/f22a1d6537d51819d40d37d4d3d6a1a97f884c3ee25a8d9be86c2b42e06c4427.jpg

                If you bloody pirates would just stop killing our rightful leaders : maybe we “wouldn’t be doing anything to ourselves”, umm k? WW3 : when the pirates are finally put in their place 😉

                • James Wherry

                  It’s nice to see a bunch of American children sending the Muslim world a message.

                  To answer your question, “No.”

                  One only has to look at the 1993 bombing of the Trade Towers to get the answer.

                  “According to the journalist Steve Coll, Yousef mailed letters to various New York newspapers just before the attack, in which he claimed he belonged to ‘Liberation Army, Fifth Battalion’.[8] These letters made three demands: an end to all US aid to Israel, an end to US diplomatic relations with Israel, and a pledge by the United States to end interference “with any of the Middle East countries’ interior affairs.” He stated that the attack on the World Trade Center would be merely the first of such attacks if his demands were not met. In his letters Yousef admitted that the World Trade Center bombing was an act of terrorism, but this was justified because “the terrorism that Israel practices (which America supports) must be faced with a similar one.”

                  Of course, there were other nations that supported and recognized Israel, so what was it really? I am one of the people who take the view that it was the architecture of the building that made it the target. I was at Ground Zero, two days ago with my husband, vising the 911 memorial, as well as the charred remains of the globe.

                  Minoru Yamasaki had spent his life as an archetect in the middle east and grew to love and admire Islamic/Arabic archetecture. When he desiged the World Towers, he sought to honor that tradition with the tallest building in the world, and so he modeled it after the Kabba: The towers were two large minarets with a globe in the middle, depicting the great meteorite as a symbol for all the world, in the form of a globe. https://philebersole.wordpress.com/2010/08/25/islamic-architecture-in-the-twin-towers/

                  The Islamists were outraged at this “blasphemy” and could not see it for the GLORIFICATION of Islam tha it was n Yamasaki’s hommage to Islam. Thus, they wanted to destroy it.

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